Zoo Wars~Update-Baboon Dies after ODA Transferred to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

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Chimpanzee at Stumb Hill Farm

Pictured is Tootie-Chimp from Stump Hill taken by the ODA and contracted to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

Generally speaking, what Ohio is doing by seizing animals and then leasing them to facilities, out of the state of Ohio, is illegal; especially if those animal are on the endangered species list. That goes the same for any facility accepting those animals especially when those animals continue to be owned by their legal rightful longstanding owners so really, it’s not up to the ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture) or anyone else to decide where those animals will go other than the actual owners unless ownership was surrendered or thru court judgment, which in this case, was NOT!!! And FYI-no SUDI permits were issued to the ODA or Black Pine Animal Sanctuary. Frankly, I am not sure if any court in any capacity other than a court of law, has the right to take ownership -taking property is a constitutional protection to prevent witch hunts and to keep the government from taking or staking a claim to personal property. Laws of the state refer to public property and not property privately owned unless otherwise stated in the law.

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary that has accepted several animals, this past year, that still belongs to their legal and longstanding private owners after being wrongly seized-The animals taken to out of state facilities from the ODA are under contract with the state of Ohio but neither I, nor anyone else has been able to locate a USDA permit for the ODA. Accordingly, when there are business transactions, such as the occurrences relating to the ODA facility in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, where the ODA is involved in the care of animals and then, creating contracts with facilities across state lines where they transfer the animals, as a lease or transfer of ownership, without a court judgement, a USDA permit is required by federal law concerning Animal Welfare. I inquired with a FOIA request weeks ago, for all records pertaining to the ODA facility for permits, pictures and inspection reports and have yet to hear back from the USDA.

Every exotic animal owner in Ohio that has been subjected to the newly created illegal laws and illegal transactions concerning exotic animal ownership needs to know, that the ODA, has been operating illegally with no compliance with federal laws concerning animal enterprises.

Any facility accepting animals from the ODA for ownership or lease is also operating illegally by accepting those animals when actual ownership remains with the longstanding rightful owner. Those animals would be considered stolen property. Furthermore, any facility that has accepted animals and the animal dies as a result, is subject to suits being filed against that facility.

Black Pine as well as Big Cat Rescue [note: BCR is affiliated with GFAS/HSUS] are operating in the illegal trade of stolen animals as no ownership was surrendered or could legally be transferred over without a court judgement. *See Bloggers Note below


Ohio Farms Seized Baboon Dies at Black Pine

MASSILLON, Ohio (AP) — A 22-year-old baboon seized from a northeast Ohio farm in the state’s crackdown on exotic animal ownership died at a sanctuary while in state custody, and the owner is seeking answers about what happened.

Cyndi Huntsman of Stump Hill Farm told The Independent in Massillon the state informed her attorney late last week that a female hamadryas baboon that had been sent to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Albion, Indiana, had died. The state didn’t explain how, she said.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture, which oversees the state’s exotic animal rules, had been notified on Aug. 30 about the baboon’s death, department spokesman Mark Bruce said. The results of a necropsy aren’t yet available.

It is the third of Huntsman’s animals to die in state custody since the Department of Agriculture took five tigers, two pumas, two baboons and a chimpanzee from the farm in May, saying the farm hadn’t met Ohio’s tightened restrictions and permit requirements for keeping such creatures. One of the tigers gave birth to four cubs at the state holding facility in Reynoldsburg, and two of those cubs died.

Huntsman said the baboon, named Pandora, had been taken in by Stump Hill after a Pennsylvania family couldn’t care for her. The animal had anxiety problems but was otherwise healthy when she was seized, Huntsman said.

The baboon’s death further discourages Huntsman, who has legal challenges pending in an effort to get her animals back.

“It’s not real good odds,” she said. “By the time I am done fighting, there will be no one to come home. They’ll all be dead.”

Ohio enacted its stricter rules on ownership of dangerous wild animals after a suicidal man released lions, tigers and other creatures from a Zanesville-area farm five years ago. Many of the animals seized since then have been relocated to state-approved facilities elsewhere.

Bloggers note: Take action immediately!!!
Send complaint to the USDA-
Talking points:

Animals were placed in a facility operated by the ODA that does not met the requirements for a holding animal facility concerning Animal Welfare. The ODA does not have a USDA permit for operating a commercial animal enterprise business. The ODA should be charged with AETA for these violations.

*Copy of your complaint should be sent to the FBI in both Ohio and Indiana as well as the Attorney General for both states. Already an adult lion and 2 tiger cubs have died at the ODA facility; others dying at the facility is unknown but should be of concern.

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary has accepted animals illegally from the ODA and placed the animals into sub-standard conditions which the animals are not accustom. Black Pine is now caring for Huntsman’s chimpanzees without obtaining a USDI for proper transfer of endangered animals across state lines. Both Black Pine and the ODA are in violation for animals crossing over state lines as both as conducting official commercial business involving exotic and endangered animals. This is not the first time Black Pine has accepted animals and the longstanding rightful owners remain a their actual owners…Black Pines Animal Sanctuary is not qualified to have those animals and they are at that facility without owner consent…I hope these owners file suit against Black Pine for all animals alive or have died and of course the ODA!!!

It is rather hypocritical that the ODA who has taken on the responsibility of seizing animals that are not properly permitted by the state of Ohio for various reasons including but not limited to state permit. Lacking equal protection of the law, the ODA has broken several federal laws and lacks a proper USDA permit to conduct business involving the proper care of exotic and endangered animals at their facility, providing contracts for owner transfer or for leasing animals to another out of state facility or for transport across state lines and by not obtaining a USDI for each endangered animal they placed is another out-of-state facility.

While it might not seem terribly important, I assure you this is extremely serious and constitutes itself as a crime; especially when the state of Ohio is operating without the proper federal permits themselves.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Following surgery, posts will continue to be limited…It is not because there is nothing to report but instead, sadly, due to too much to report. In the case of the ODA, it has become of extreme importance to me that the numerous illegal and wrongful seizures be stopped. The only way that will happen is by keeping the public informed and expose Governor Kasich for his actions against citizens of the state of Ohio. -B

Zoo Wars-How Long Has Big Cat Rescue NOT Been Paying State Sales Tax?

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NOTE-State of Florida offers a reward for reported violations: “Rewards for reporting tax violations are authorized by section 213.30, Florida Statutes, Compensation for information relating to a violation of the tax laws and Rule 12-18, Florida Administrative Code, Compensation for Tax Information

Sometime ago and in several posts back, I have questioned whether Carole Baskin, ceo Big Cat Rescue (BCR/Wildlife on Easy Street/WOES), has ever paid any sales tax on the admission tickets to take a tour-Ticket sales are taxable income aside from Not for Profit donations. I also wonder if BCR/WOES has ever paid any state sales tax on any sales!!! Tickets purchased for tours and products purchased on line and thru their gift shop are taxable. Parties and special events are also taxable. It makes no difference if BCR/WOES has a NFP or not…The only item not taxed would be donations…Even sodas purchased are taxable-no matter who it’s sold to.

Going back a few years when Baskin called her facility Wildlife on Easy Street (WOES), people paid to sleep with cats in a cabin-Guess what?!? -That would constitute a cabin rental and is taxable income!!!

Exactly how many years have gone by without paying sales tax or has paid sales tax on some things but not on others (just to make it look good to have paid something) has Baskin been cheating the state of Florida by not paying sales tax?!? How long has she gotten away with this?!! Just how much of the millions that BCR has in holding, actually belongs to the state of Florida? WAIT-Does she even have a sales tax number? Far as I’m concerned her books and business needs to be monitored closely  to make certain she’s paying her share!

Bad enough that Baskin has gotten away with other issues including using money collected for animal care for paying lobbyists but there can be no excuse for not giving the state of Florida money due! Or is the sale of a t-shirt, ball cap or stuffed animal now somehow part of her educational program or a donation?!? No zoo considers it’s ticket sales or gift shop sales as donations-When it’s a set price/fee, it’s NOT a donation!!!

Bigger question-Why was there no sales tax charged for on line purchases?!? (see below)

Well, inquiring minds want to know Carole -I think an audit of all your books and gift shop inventory is in order-


from the above link:

“In Florida, the state imposes a 6% sales tax, and determines the class of taxable goods; local governments are able to impose up to an additional 1.5% sales tax. Often, local governments impose this surtax to finance specific projects or programs.”

Sales taxes are assessed on the retail sale of goods, repairs of property, rentals, leases, charges of admission, goods manufacturing, operating vending machines, and a very small set of services. Sales taxes are not charged on groceries, prescription medicine, most services, intangible property, or on many purchases made by an array of nonprofit organizations.”


“Aside from lost revenue, not collecting those sales taxes distorts consumer choice between purchases from local brick-and-mortar establishments and online or catalog sales.Revenues are also lost in the form of uncollected taxes on online sales (and other similar purchases) from out of state sellers. In 2008, collecting these taxes would have likely increased revenues by around $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion 2. Aside from lost revenue, not collecting those sales taxes distorts consumer choice between purchases from local brick-and-mortar establishments and online or catalog sales. That is, for any given level of total tax revenue, the excess burden would be lower if taxes on these sales were collected.”

BCR-Hover toteFurthermore, BCR is not only exploiting the cats with tours but taking their likeness and plastering it on giftware sold in their gift shop and listed for on-line sales. Sales on-line do NOT include sales tax:

BCR-Sales TaxActual invoice from on-line sales purchase.-She’s making ALL sales appear as a donation which they are NOT!

from Baskin: “We continue to be very happy with Zerve as our ticket retailer. In 2013 they sold 12,752 tickets that netted the sanctuary $435,323.00. In 2014 Zerve sold 18,553 tickets that netted the sanctuary $712,093.00. The increase was due to selling more of the higher priced tours, ticket price increases and Zerve reducing their fees.”-Will she change that statement once caught for NOT paying sales tax on those tickets?!? Most zoos have IRS 501-c-3 tax status but also pay sales tax!!! And what about the tickets sold at the door and what about before Zerve?



You just can’t make this stuff up…Baskin calls it harassment…I call it making certain that a business is operating within the law just as all other businesses do and have for years. Her books need to be reviewed for years!!!

FREE Food for the animals…FREE vet care…OLD, out-of date caging but they don’t pay for anything and leave the cats living like crap in those cages and the professional beggar claims she needs more money to add to the millions in reserve. You just can’t make this stuff up…

File your complaints with Florida state here:


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of MANY others…Stay tuned-FOLLOW-LIKE-SHARE -B



Zoo Wars~Politics of Animal Rights-Does More Harm to Animals Than Good!

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Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists/’Rescuers’ don’t want you to know what happens to the animals they steal from their longstanding, rightful legal owners so, I’m readdressing this issue. Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists/Extremist have been leading you down the wrong path for helping animals by using existing laws, creating new laws and pulling heartfelt strings to get you involved for helping animals. Lies beget Lies often in the media and even reaching into the court room but mostly presented to legislatures to develop laws to change the parameter to end all relationships with animals.

80% of the Mexican circus animals that were banned after the creation of bad laws were rehomed have died-80%!!! What this reveals is that Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists are the real abusers and murders. Mexican circus animals are in crisis. [Blogger note: The same can be said for American Circuses and their animals, many of which have been taken from their rightful owners as well as animals leaving the venue which they are accustom as laws are being created and enforced to ban them from the venue and their homes with their legal owners. Action and laws based on lies stimulated by Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists following fake rescuers who use their plight against human relationships with animals to provide funds reaching into millions with little going to actual animal care. BCR is one such Not-for-Profit generating donations and support laws and bans from a group of Animal Rights ‘minions’ that know nothing about animals. BCR was a major sponsor for HSUS -Taking Action for Animals Conference in 2014 and continues to attend their conferences.]

While no one knows the actual death rate and numbers of animals displaced from American circuses; it has been reported that a large number have died as a result. US circuses have tried to do away with the animals but many have felt the stabbing truth that their audiences are dwindling and shows are shutting down so the effects are far reaching and damaging to a traditional industry where the animals are dearly missed by the audiences and have always been considered an asset to the shows.

Mexican Circuses and Animals

From Mexican Circuses and Animals in Crisis:

In Mexico in March 2015, Animal Rights Organizations pushed through a ban by financing campaigns with the Green Party in Mexico (Partido Verde). It was aimed at preventing animal cruelty, and those who violate it will be fined nearly $225,000. Instead of fining individual cases of animal cruelty, which are more rare in circus than in normal domestic pet ownership, they decided to shut down the entire industry of traditional circus with animals.

A count was made last week that showed that 80% of the animals that were donated, given or sold to sanctuaries, zoos and private owners… Are now dead… It’s absolutely horrific!!!!

What was not taken into account is that circus animals are very much a unique species of animal, often 30 generations captive bred in the circus and these animals have very close connections to their animal handlers and the typical daily circus life and routines they live.

Mexico is now realizing the damage they have caused by this hasty and unfair ruling, as they have realized the mass carnage that has been left behind. People are now understanding the greens party and animal rights are extremists who acted on emotion and not based on any scientific facts and real peer reviewed evidence. They are talking about now reversing the ban.

[Bloggers note: Unless you help stop the bans and let people live their lives with their animals (Rightful property) as they had done for more years-More animals will die in the process.]

When the ban began, it was estimated that Mexico has approximately 700 circuses… The latest count revealed approximately that only 30% are left. We are not just talking animals have been affected by the ban, but thousand of workers (Owners, artists, tent hands, stage hands, technical crew) that travel with these shows, now out of work and unable to support their families.

Maria Fuentes Gasca and her circus, have lost 90% of their audience due to the ban. Their beautiful circus tent, which once held 1500 audience capacity, now on some days only has 50 people. Life has become hard and they are struggling to survive. The media attention the ban got in Mexico and thousands of dollars in paid newspaper and magazine reviews that were purchased on behalf of the Animal Rights organizations to taint circuses once great reputation, she says took away nearly 40% of their audience. As circus was suddenly slammed as cruel to animals. Many of the images and videos used in the animals rights videos and press releases, weren’t even from Mexican circus, many were taken in India and other third world countries, but the imagery was enough to shock much of the public. Then the rest of their audience they lost simply because the audience wanted to see animals in their show. This particular circus, tours the north of Mexico, where hardly any zoos exist, so the animals are the locals only way of ever having knowledge or an interaction with such unusual and beautiful species.

Circus animals are very well known to not survive well once taken away from their circus habitat. The connection the animals have to their trainers and the enrichment these animals get by learning new things and exercising in their act are things these animals cannot live without. It would be the equivalent of a loving pet dog owner, who plays with the dog all day and has no other job, but to care for that dog and teach it new things. Suddenly the dog is taken to a zoo and put in a cage or enclosure, with no more human interaction… One can imagine how this affects the animal psychologically.

When the ban took place, Maria tried to donate her tigers firstly to a Tiger encounters show in USA, as she knew that this would be the next best thing for her animals, where the animals could still have human connections and day to day training and travelling, what these animals know as “normal”, with the help of Felicia Frisco, one of the Tiger trainers at the show. But Mexican authorities and US authorities made any exportation quite impossible. So she had to donate the animals to a zoo in Tijuana, 11 Tigers (white and yellow) and five horses. Shortly after, all horses died and four of the tigers have now died since last year.

It was not the zoos fault these animals died, the enclosures were quite good for zoo standard, simply, the lifestyle just was not what these animals were accustomed to… No loving human mommy or daddy to give them cuddles and talk with them throughout the day, no exciting new smells of the next cities turf, no exercise for their brains learning new skills.

The death of an African Elephant, by the name of Mary was also covered widely by the press. Elephants are one of the most sensitive creatures and have probably the most difficult time out of all circus animals, adjusting to zoos and sanctuaries.

The trainers that have been affected are also in crisis. [Bloggers note: The same can be said about US animal trainers and circus artists!] What continues to be a problem, is that these trainers, now with so many circus artists unemployed and with only their skill as a trainer to rely on, have no way to support their families. One of Maria’s closest friends fathers needs urgent kidney surgery, but there is no way to pay for this. Friends from the circus have tried to help, but all circus artists are now suffering due to the crisis, so the trainers father will die.

Animal Rights Activists promised the world they had an exit plan for Mexico. They lied to their donors, to the circus, to the world. Now we have thousands of families in poverty, hundreds of beautiful animals, many endangered… Dead and probably more will die over the coming year.*

The circus industry in general, globally has witnessed a growing number in animal rights extremism over the past few years. Vandalism, threats, stolen property, physical abuse by protestors towards trainers and circus owners, verbal abuse thrown at not only them, but their patrons by protestors/activists. We feel, as an industry, very misunderstood, we feel victimized and bullied. These animals are very much loved by their owners. Newspapers and magazines are constantly printing articles that are pushed through by activists with millions of dollars to fund their views, that spread lies and inaccuracies about our circuses, using imagery that isn’t from the circuses in question.

We want individual cases of cruelty to be addressed individually, as they would do in any case of domestic violence between a human couple, or violence from a let owner to an animal. Abuse is not common in our industry and we do not support animal abusers. We support animal welfare and want the best for our animals and want animal rights to stand up and accept that they did the wrong thing in the case of Mexico, we want an apology for all of the animals they indirectly killed with the law they pushed through with the Green Party.


Fact or Opinion

FAKE rescues must be stopped and the best way is to stop supporting them-If these so called rescuers can’t afford to own the animals, provide a place to care from them or provide proper food and vet care as well as the time it takes to interact with the animals; then they should never have taken them to begin with.

Happening in Mexico and right here in American.

Owners of circus animals have been raided and accused of made-up lies as to what the animals ‘endure’-What they endure with their rightful owners is proper care and affection and should never have been questioned thus less forced into retirement or being placed in an improper environment of a fake rescue referred to a sanctuary which in reality is providing far less that what the animals are accustom.


*Got that Gleason/McKnight/Wedding/Hedges/Judges Lex Jones and Phil Parker/Culver!?! This comes as no surprise to me as the lives of our animals were compromised with the taking-Out of the Big Cats STOLEN from me by Marion County, Texas, only 4 survived the ordeal and only the youngest…the people to blame are those mentioned who were directly responsible.

Through a civil dispute with a warrant that lacked probable cause, where not a single animal required emergency care, with warrantless searches, no ASL interpreter and denied a jury and motions, (just for starters) and lacked any evidence for any criminal offense. We were put thru the ringer-and what happened to the animals even worse than it was for us, their human companions. As the result of the so called rescue was more than 1/2 the animals died in the process, out of work living on the poverty level ever since.

It’s been 6 long hard years and as painful today as it was back then for us. It would not surprise me that all the animals want is to be returned to their rightful legal owner where they had received hands-on care as opposed to the animal sanctuaries were they were sent (3 went to and are abused at the Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue owned and operated by Jeff Kozlowski, a convicted bank felon who started the entire ordeal with his sights on taking the animals and aided by Lynn Culver, FCF who asked no questions of the rightful LEGAL owners and instead aided and abetted to have the animals removed and taken to no hands on care. I directly hold Culver responsible for aiding fake rescuers including an offer to Ohio’s Governor Kasich, appearing to be in support of the ban of exotic animals in Ohio and all bans on private ownership where through the FCF Safety Fund, aided in the removal of many animals from their private owners which has led to animal deaths as well as the destruction of facilities which the safety net does not support or aid in animals care or facility updates as well it should but instead, promotes it’s NFP status using the very same Animal Rights Extremists ploy for funding.


Speaking of fake animal rescuers and the lies perpetrated to the public as well as a movement to create policies that effectively ban animals-How about we expose how Big Cat Rescue that not only lies about private animal ownership and zoos but also committing actual offenses against the law for support of the bans as well as not paying sales tax to the state of Florida; sales of tickets and products is NOT a donation and is taxable by law…see my next post…

While on the topic of bans:

Carole Baskin, ceo of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) owns and operates 911 animal abuse.com where she promotes the bans on exotic animal ownership including circuses and zoos-Accreditation or experience with the animals has no bearing on the topic unless you’re a member of GFAS -an organization affiliated with Wayne Pacelle, HSUS.

She perpetuates the lies to legislation to ban private ownership furthermore she has pre-written letters to go to legislatures including Governor Rick Scott of Florida. She has a zip code finder so if you don’t live in Florida, for example, you can look up a zip code and file a pre-written letter to be sent to Governor Scott.

This is on each and every form whether it be for Florida, Missouri or the federal legislatures so anyone from anywhere can send out a plea to some legislation to increase laws and promote bans.

Attorney Generals of each state needs to be notified that she is supplying a zip code finder for contacting state representatives and the Federal Attorney General for encouraging people from other countries to be involved in US policies!!!

You are not required to put in you name and address with your zip code as normally is expected on such forms. Instead look-up a zip code and WALA, a message will be sent to some legislature or Governor supporting her cause. Here’s how it works:

They use an in-line company that goes beyond ‘finding your legislatures’ and instead allows Baskin ‘minions’ to locate a zip code to suit their need to flood legislatures where they want legislation to happen-I for example, can put in any place to receive a zip code and target legislatures within that district as opposed to me putting in my zip code to locate my legislatures. While seeming to appear innocent and totally legal; this is a form of Internet fraud that is creating bad laws and bans perpetrated on you the Taxpayer-You certainly don’t believe that a Not-for-profit (NFP) cares about Taxpayer money do you? Furthermore, no one is supposed to be involved in targeting legislation that comes from unreliable sources and means. Baskin 911 animal abuse should be shut down for fraud!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned for my next post-Lets talk sales tax shall we?!? -B


ZOO WARS~Montana Monkey Owner Alert!!!

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Montana Monkey Owner ALERT:
***During this meeting, the Commission will hear a proposal to add marmosets and tamarins to the prohibited list.
Fish and Wildlife Commission to meet Aug. 11 in Helena
The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission will make final decisions on a variety of proposals and hear information on a handful of others at their regular monthly meeting Aug. 11 at Montana WILD in Helena.
The meeting will include a regular morning session followed by an afternoon tour to the upper Clark Fork River where the commission will see re-vegetation efforts, the Racetrack Pond Fishing Access Site acquisition and tour the Warm Springs Pond Wildlife Management area.
The meeting will begin at 8 a.m. with the approval of minutes, commission reports and report from FWP director Jeff Hagener.
Also on the agenda for final decisions are:
Future Fisheries Project approvals
Bass fishing contest petition
Duck Creek Fishing Access Site construction closure (R6)
Blackfoot Clearwater forestry project
Keogh Conservation Easement addition
Selection of organizations to auction 2017 moose, sheep, goat, mule deer and elk licenses
The Commission will hear the following proposals:
Administrative rule of Montana proposal on the classification of exotic wildlife, specifically as it pertains to primates including Tamarins and Marmosets.
2017 fishing regulations
The Commission will also hear updates on the following items:
Statewide water conditions as it pertains to stream flow, fishing restrictions and flow levels
Bighorn sheep health
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

You Owe Them NOTHING!!!

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Let me start with YOU ARE NOT FREE-The signing of the constitution separated our country from another for a free government within the United States to be pure and free.

The Bill of rights pertains to individual freedoms which are being challenged daily by people putting morality above individual rights; moral rights do not exist concerning changing the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. Laws are created concerning public safety and concerning issues that effect people NOT animals (beyond food, water and shelter). Laws exist against illegal gambling -no criminal law can exist to protect an animal yet those laws against animal usage now exist and have contaminated the law as it is supposed to be for the protection of people.

In the case I am referring to below, no law existed and no law was ever broken-Liberty was lost when this case was never investigated and no one was charged with a crime against a US citizen although those crimes happened and remain unresolved.

At this point the FBI needs to be flooded with letters to finally open a case where crimes were committed against US citizens and no charges were ever filed because no investigation ever happened because US citizens were indeed violated and crimes were committed against their right for Liberty.



Now comes the Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists who have managed to create NON-constitutional laws because these laws negatively effect public safety and dishonor a US citizens of their right to Life, Liberty and Property. Warrants are being illegally obtained and court cases are being held with prejudice judges who take these cases although out of their jurisdiction and no legal probable cause ever existed.

Essentially the Property that was taken when taken thru illegal means, then that property can only be considered to be STOLEN by the government.

Kangaroo Court

Sometimes an individual will cry foul and file complaints with the FBI yet because the individual didn’t have ‘Clinton Clout’, no investigation would ever occur.

Bloggers Note: ‘Clinton Clout’ can go both ways-Powerful people have ‘clout’ to start an investigation-Powerful people have enough ‘Clout’ to break numerous laws and not be investigated and prosecuted such as what has just occurred with Hillary Clinton with the FBI denying prosecution although that investigation cost the American pubic millions in Tax-Payer dollars.

I had no clout, and certainly no ‘Clinton Clout’ when I wrote and requested that the FBI investigate what occurred in Marion County, Texas which began with 3 days of warrant-less searches and began over a complaint against noise, although that noise was non-existent and there remains no noise ordinance in Marion County, Texas and certainly the roaring of a non-existent lion, with a complaint filed with a fish and wildlife officer who had absolutely no authority to begin to investigate non-native exotic animals in Texas. This began with a phone call that came from a convicted felon who owned and continues to own a Not for Profit big cat *sanctuary in Wisconsin-Jeff Kozlowski, ceo of Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue who along with his mother and other family members (an entire clan of relatives reside in Marion County, Texas) were and are longtime residents of Marion County, Texas and apparently have ‘Clinton Clout’. From the start, they had enough ‘Clinton clout’, even back in 2010, to start a series of events the like of which should have never happened in the United States, thus less to a US citizen minding their own business residing in Marion County, Texas.

It went beyond warrantless searches to obtaining a warrant that LACKED PROBABLE CAUSE from a JP judge who had certainly been on the bench long enough to recognize that the affidavit for a warrant to be issued because it lacked probable cause, and certainly did NOT dismiss the previous three days of warrantless searches…Not a single animal was taken because it indicated an emergency however, an animal that had died before any of this occurred of a known medical condition and the veterinarian of record had been consulted, that was properly buried (Note: Although no law exists pertaining to the proper burial or disposal of any dead animal in Texas. To exhume a body on private property, would require a warrant.)  was exhumed during one of those warrant-less searches where law enforcement, a prosecutor, a Humaniac, a veterinarian and even a USDA/APHIS inspector who were all illegally trespassing on our private farm property were present.

Surely, I thought, this alone would be enough to begin an investigation by the FBI because that information alone demonstrated that a county government in Texas had broken the law and preceded to STEAL MY PROPERTY and more than enough to demonstrate that all involved went against my right for CIVIL LIBERTY.

My partner and I were jailed for a week for a none existent offence. Not a single law was broken to demonstrate that there was a need to jail us without any consideration for a PR Bond to not be considered for us to be released from jail. Bond was set for $30,000.00 for each of us for a non-existent crime against public safety where no pubic safety issue existed.

The FBI reused to investigate and I have always believed it was because we didn’t have any clout and certainly no ‘Clinton Clout’. Just as other such cases have  never investigated because the people making the request for an investigation was because they had no ‘Clinton Clout’. This in and of itself would have been enough for an investigation to have been opened regardless of other offenses against any US citizen that also included that no sign language interpreter was present at the serving of a warrant for a man that was deaf even though that was the only fact that existed that indicated there was a probable cause for one to have been present.


A chain of events existed that demonstrated that the rights of a deaf man were completely ignored from the warrant-less searches, serving of the warrant, the reading of his rights, his right to place a phone call, nothing in the jail existed for someone who was deaf including a TTY phone so that he could place a call or a fire alarm to alert him had there been a fire, no interpreter for his arraignment, his visits with his court appointed attorney, release from jail and all the way thru a court case in a court that had no jurisdiction to hear such a case according to Texas laws. -The FBI refused to investigate!!!

That alone should have been reason for the FBI to open a case which it did not because a deaf man had no ‘Clinton Clout’-all of that on top of the fact that no law had been broken to even justify 3 days of warrant-less searches; ALL WARRANTLESS SERCHES ARE ILLEGAL WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE TO ENTER PRIVATE PROPERTY.

Furthermore there was never an actual criminal case brought forward against either of us (Texas law allows for criminal charges to be filed for two years beyond the date of the offense-never happened in this case.) yet over $207,000.00 of actual property was STOLEN by the very same people and gave that property away, with no compensation, including for all the things not listed on the warrant that were also taken…ALL THIS BEGAN FROM A PHONE CALL FROM A CONVICTED FELON WHO WAS THEN AWARDED SOME OF THAT PROPERTY INCLUDING PROPERTY THAT WAS TAKEN THAT WAS NOT LISTED ON THE WARRANT that we were unable to recover.

Seized Kenny[1]Carolyn Wedding, ceo of the Humane Society of Marion County, Texas (DBA Dixie Humane Society of Marion County) taking property not listed of the warrant to convert the property for personal usage.

What happen since is so unbelievable and has led to the destruction of our lives as we knew it; just as ‘Clinton Clout’ has allowed for the FBI to not press charges against Hillary Clinton. I am beyond angry at this new development from the FBI and demand that our lives matter. Frankly, little time would even be needed to investigate our case and file criminal charges against Marion County, Texas as both state and federal laws were broken. The people involved, both law enforcement and members of the Marion County, Texas judicial system, who went out of their way to illegally twist and use laws to steal property; to use their positions with local law enforcement and positions with the local county government to STEAL my property walk free and have continued to abuse other members of the community; just as Hillary Clinton will also be allowed to walk free and run as a candidate for the presidency-What a slap in the face for ALL US citizens!

Two law abiding US citizens matter yet no investigation was ever opened to see if the facts were as I stated with numerous laws broken including 3 judges who broke their oath of office to protect people against the abuse of law enforcement and the government. No criminal case was filed against us -There was no criminal trial, there was no criminal judgement-There is nothing stopping the government from STEALING PROPERTY legally or as in this case, illegally when the FBI does not investigate such cases.

no justice when thee is none

This recent event to not prosecute Hillary Clinton confirms the truth of the matter that the lives of US citizens do NOT matter when it concerns either investigating or  pressing charges when laws have been broken and can continue to be broken when a US citizen does or does not have ‘Clinton Clout’. THEY KNEW THAT THEY WERE INVOLVED IN A CRIMINAL OFFENSE WHEN THEY DID IT! Justice was never sought and the FBI never pursued an investigation-so much for civil liberties granted to a US citizen by the Bill of Rights…


from the above link:

You Owe Them Nothing – Not Respect, Not Loyalty, Not Obedience

“Sometimes in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another. It is high time to declare our personal independence from any remnant of obligation to those who have spit upon the rule of law. We owe them nothing – not respect, not loyalty, not obedience.”

“Think about it. If you are out driving at 3 a.m., do you stop at a stop sign when there’s no one coming? Of course you do. You don’t need a cop to be there to make you stop. You do it voluntarily because this is America and America is a country where obeying the law is the right thing to do because the law was justly made and is justly applied. Or it used to be.”

“The law mattered. It applied equally to everyone. We demanded that it did, all of us – politicians, the media, and regular citizens. Oh, there were mistakes and miscarriages of justice but they weren’t common and they weren’t celebrated – they were universally reviled. And, more importantly, they weren’t part and parcel of the ideology of one particular party.”

Follow the above link for more of this article.


11146595_10153555299235250_9093706723838195595_nThe prosecutor of Marion County providing care for seized animals who was not experienced or knowledge of the proper care for any animal.

Well there you have it all, nicely wrapped with a fancy bow on top because the people who did that to us remain in office and part of the general public in their official positions and as regular people committing crimes against US citizens and is a public safety issue. Our lives matter and the FBI had enough information to have opened the case.

Instead, the lives of members of that community are still living with the danger that their rights to live free could, at anytime, be violated because no investigation occurred and because no criminal offense was ever noted by anyone, including the lack of investigation by the FBI.

Justice was never served to protect anyone from it occurring again and again and again and should be noted-Files exist that are documented as official records which demonstrate this as fact but why bother filing with the FBI, the Attorney General of the state of Texas, the Texas Rangers, the Department of Justice or any other of the numerous agencies we contacted who did nothing because we lacked ‘Clinton Clout’ to open such a case.

You Owe Them Nothing – Not Respect, Not Loyalty, Not Obedience



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Freedom’s Not Always Fun!

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We celebrate the Fourth of July as a reminder of what makes our nation so great. With respect to your rights comes with the responsibility of respecting mine and while it would be so easy for me to go into one of my rants-I respectfully refrain and instead reblogging a very important message from another blogger:

“If we believe in freedom, we believe in the sanctity of each individual to own and control the fruits of his labors. This means that freedom naturally encompasses the six or seven commandments that deal with how we treat others.

Thou shalt not steal, kill, lie, covet others’ possessions, or dishonor others.

We must understand that in order for our own freedom to be respected, we must equally respect others’ freedom. Once we start eroding the edges of freedom, no matter how “morally justified,” freedom itself has been infringed.”

Happy Fourth of July

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog -B


Freedom ain’t free.  We’ve all heard that.

But freedom is also tough to take at times!

Living in a land of liberty ensures that we hear things we vehemently disagree with – things that would never be thought, let alone said, in our own home.

It means that the rock band next door might have daily jam sessions.

Flag burning

It guarantees that a symbol of freedom which we love dearly will be burned or stomped on.

It means that our neighbor will use his property in a way we know to be harmful to the land or in a way that offends our own sense of taste.

It allows for the possibility that a woman might own 235 cats and have no way of taking care of them to the extent we deem they should be cared for.

But freedom cannot be qualified.  Either people are free to do with their own…

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HSUS Desperately Misleads Congress…Again

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Politicians go into congress and lie so why wouldn’t a private citizen go before congress and use a bit misdirection  when answering about deceptive advertising that occurred in Oklahoma-I found the transcript of the hearing but the video has gone vital You can see for yourself. I wonder how helping the polar bear has anything to do with helping OK following the tornado!!! It’s all about deception for HSUS

from Humane Watch:


HSUS Desperately Misleads Congress…Again

Following Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle being grilled at a recent U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing, one Senator submitted follow-up questions to Pacelle about HSUS’s deceptive fundraising. We received a copy of Pacelle’s responses—and he is doubling down on deception and blaming us for his problems.

HSUS is facing tough questions. But as expected, Pacelle submits carefully crafted responses that often don’t answer the questions. It will soon become clear from his rhetorical maneuvering that Pacelle has not been conducting himself or his organization in an honest manner. (After all, this is the same Pacelle who wrote a check to pay a witness in an alleged racketeering scheme that cost his organization and donors millions to pay the legal settlement.)

Let’s be clear about one thing up front: Following Pacelle’s responses, we stand by our previous conclusion that he lied to the subcommittee. Pacelle testified regarding HSUS TV ads that “Those ads say that we’re not giving the money to animal shelters” and that there is “explicit language” to that effect. But as Pacelle admits in his response to the follow-up questions, there is no explicit language in HSUS TV ads (or direct mail, or telephone solicitations) to that effect.

Now for the mental gymnastics that Pacelle offers. The heart of his argument is that HSUS 1) offers a disclaimer in some of its advertising, but not all of it, and yet 2) is confident that its donors know full well what HSUS does. If that makes any sense, we have a beachfront villa in North Dakota to sell you.

Here are some excerpts from Pacelle’s responses. We encourage you to read the full replies, but this should give you a taste of how he continues to mislead and deceive—to say whatever it takes to justify ripping off Americans to fund his radical, PETA-like agenda. All questions are from the Senate.


Question: In the course of the hearing, you said that your ads have a disclaimer stating that the money will not be used to fund animal shelters. What percentage of your 2014 TV ads explicitly (not implicitly) state that none or only a portion of the funding raised by your ads will be used to support local animal shelters?

Pacelle: “We run limited TV ads.”

Our response:  That is not an answer to the question. Additionally, if that is HSUS’s position on transparency then why doesn’t HSUS include disclaimers in its more voluminous direct mail campaigns? Pacelle was asked this, and responded in a way that can only be described as laughable. (See below.)

Pacelle: “all of [our TV ads] state that local humane societies are independent from The HSUS – including 100 percent of our ads in 2014.”

Our response: The question is what percentage of ads “explicitly” has a disclaimer that donations to HSUS don’t go to pet shelters. So, the answer should be 0%. Pacelle, of course, goes out of his way not to say this.

And what of the disclaimer Pacelle mentions? Here’s a screen-cap of an ad from 2014. There’s a disclaimer here. See if you can find it. No, it’s not the tiny font at the bottom of the screen. That says “Adopt a pet” and “Buy animal friendly products.” It’s the even more miniscule line under HSUS’s logo. It’s fine print of fine print. You practically need a magnifying glass to read it. If you can’t read a disclaimer, it’s not a disclaimer. It could just as well have been printed in Japanese and would have been of equal value as a warning. Pacelle could still claim it was in the ads—even if you can’t read it.

Pacelle: “This whole issue is a contrivance of [HumaneWatch].”

Our response: Wayne often whines about us shining a bright light on him. Not much of an answer. Look at our recent poll of over 1,000 self-identified HSUS donors. The vast majority say they feel misled by HSUS once they learn how little of their donations go to pet shelters. We received similar responses in 2013 and 2012 from HSUS donors.

Further, HSUS itself conducted internal polling of its donors, published in 2011, which discovered that about two-thirds of HSUS donors believe that their contributions will go towards funding “local animal shelters for unwanted, injured or stray animals.” For Pacelle to claim that this issue is a “contrivance” shows he rivals the state of Nebraska for output of bovine excrement. Simply put, HSUS is blaming the victim: its own donors. 

Question: Do you have similar disclaimer language on all of your direct mail solicitations? If not, why do you have it on some television ads but not on fundraising letters?

Pacelle: All of our direct mail solicitations are absolutely clear about the mission and work of our organization.

Our response: Huh? Again, Pacelle does not answer the question. How many direct mail appeals have a disclaimer? We’ve obtained copies of many HSUS appeals and have yet to see a disclaimer on any of them.

Pacelle: “Indeed, it is telling that neither [HumaneWatch] nor our other adversaries have ever cited a single piece of our direct mail that suggests we run local animal shelters. We are confident that no donor who opens and reads our mail could have any doubt whatsoever about our mission.”

Our response: In fact, in our 2012 report on HSUS’s deceptive fundraising we pointed to HSUS solicitations as perpetuating the deception that HSUS is primarily about caring for pets. For instance, in a 2010 direct mail letter HSUS stated “You can help us save unwanted puppies, kittens, cats and dogs from becoming grim statistics”—referring to the number of cats and dogs put down in shelters every year. (Read other examples in our report.)  Here’s a copy of a 2013 direct mail appeal that states, “I know you are a person who is appalled and outraged about animal cruelty, abuse and neglect, and the terrible things that happen to puppies, kittens, dogs, cats and other animals. That’s why you joined HSUS in the first place!”

Exactly. HSUS simply thinks it can throw in the words “other animals” or the image of a cow into its advertising, while flooding the ads with dogs and cats, and then say its fundraising is clear. This is excuse-making for manipulation. People think they’re primarily helping cats and dogs with their donations when that is not the case at all. And surveys which Wayne has seen bear out the deception.

HSUS direct mail appeals most certainly do perpetuate confusion. If they didn’t, why do so many HSUS donors think they’re funding pet shelters?


Question: Do you have similar disclaimer language offered upfront in all of your telephone solicitations? If not, why not?

Pacelle: “Our very limited telephone solicitations are also absolutely clear about the mission and work of our organization. Our callers describe actual HSUS programs and ask donors to support them. We are confident that no donor who has a conversation with one of our agents would think we are an organization that runs local animal shelters.”

Our response: Pacelle again refuses to say yes or no to a simple yes-or-no question. The answer is no. No disclaimer is offered upfront over the phone in any solicitation we’ve ever read (solicitations must be filed with some states). Once again we have Pacelle asserting—with no evidence—that HSUS donors are not confused, when mountains of evidence points to the contrary. Here’s a copy of a script for a tele-solicitation from 2014-2015 that is all about pets, for instance.


Question: Do you think having “Humane Society” in your name coupled with ads featuring mostly dogs and cats perpetuates confusion among donors who think HSUS is actually running pet shelters?

Pacelle: “The notion that our television ads are in any way misleading is a fiction invented by political opponents of the HSUS and propagated by [HumaneWatch].”

Our response: If they aren’t misleading in any way, why did HSUS decide to start putting disclaimers in its ads that it is independent from local humane societies? Such a change came in 2011—after we launched HumaneWatch.org and complained publicly of HSUS’s misleading advertising. Such an inclusion of a disclaimer must be regarded as an admission of guilt that, at the very least, HSUS’s older ads were deceptive. Of course the “disclaimers” are a farce but the tiny words give Wayne his cover to say that he is informing the public.


Question: Would you be willing to include a clear message in all of your fundraising, advertising and materials that clarifies that HSUS doesn’t run pet shelters?

Pacelle: “Our messaging focuses on the positive accomplishments of the HSUS and the work we are actively engaged in to help all animals. … Moreover, the notion that the government, acting at the behest of groups like the CCF [ed.: that’s us again!], would try to dictate the content of our materials is alarming.”

Our response: Pacelle missed another opportunity to answer yes or no. It seems that HSUS is unwilling to voluntarily include such a disclaimer. And notice the straw man argument attacking us: This has nothing to do with free speech. The question was whether HSUS would voluntarily add a disclaimer to clear up common confusion. There is no First Amendment protection for deceptive practices or consumer fraud.


Question: Do you have any reason to believe that your donors are unaware of how little support HSUS gives in direct funding to shelters?

Pacelle: “Our donors support the HSUS because they believe in our mission to help all animals. Our donors know this is our mission … Our donors also know that we provide extensive support to local shelters.”

Our response: Yet again Pacelle fails to answer a simple yes-or-no question with a yes or a no. The answer should clearly be “yes.” As we said before, HSUS conducted an internal poll that found most donors thought they were funding animal shelters. In fact, Pacelle himself admitted in late 2013 that “I think there is some confusion among the general public and I think there’s occasional confusion with, with donors.” (Audio at the link.) Pacelle’s claim that “our donors know” is false, no matter how many times he makes it—and he knows that.


Question: Do you believe that your fundraising takes away from local humane societies?

Pacelle: “Absolutely not. Americans are charitable people, and their compassion and generosity is not a zero sum game.”

Our response: He knows the valid answer is absolutely yes. Charitable giving is a zero-sum game. People only give so much money to charity every year. We have documented that HSUS donors think they are funding pet shelters. We have documented that HSUS knows through internal polling that donors think they’re helping animal shelters. Pacelle himself has admitted that there is confusion with donors. Of course HSUS’s fundraising takes away from local pet shelters. Pacelle obviously continues to believe we’re all stupid.


Finally, Pacelle addressed a few issues about hunting. Pacelle claimed that “The Humane Society of the United States and I are not opposed to hunting.” However, “not opposed to” is not the same thing as “support.” Note that HSUS never really says what it would do “if it could.” However Pacelle is on record saying “If we could ban all sport hunting in a moment, we would.”

Pacelle also claims that his critics recycle “a series of old quotes of questionable provenance that I allegedly made while in college and in my first job out of college.” There’s nothing “alleged” about his quotes against hunting. They come from a book, an Associated Press article, and essays Pacelle wrote. These are hardly Internet rumors. And out of college Pacelle was in charge of the anti-hunting group Fund for Animals, which merged with HSUS once Pacelle took over HSUS.

Pacelle has never disavowed his earlier views. He has only said they are “old.”  That’s hardly a disclaimer of the “old” Wayne.


If you do not support HSUS then why would you support any candidate that supports HSUS or their policies and bills that do nothing for animals?

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B