ZOO WARS ~ Arson at GW Zoo – Please Help Rebuild the Recording Studio

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Fire at GW5

Fire at GW6

I’m sick over this shot. Zoos are supposed to be safe havens for animals and provide educational venues for families to learn about animals. Ownership of animals should NOT be so damn controversial and political that people go into a zoo and burn down it’s recording studio and killing animals in the process. Was this done by some Animal Rights Fanatic trying to progress their agenda by shutting down this studio while lawmakers and the government are making important decisions over animal ownership or was this because someone has a personal vendetta against Joe Schreibvogel ???

Fire at GW2Fire at GW4

No matter who did it-it is a great tragedy for the zoo and it’s just lucky there weren’t more deaths than the gators. If you would like to help, clean up is this weekend…Below is a link to a page collecting donations to rebuild the studio.

from Joe: “Calling for volunteers this weekend to help take down this mess so building can be started. We are the voice for the people who choose to own animals and we will not go down without a fight. This is going to cost to re-build but we are not going to let this stop us. So please jump on this ship with us and let’s show them they can not take away our animals, our rights or our voice…”

Fire at GW


Fire at Wynnewood zoo kills reptiles, damages recording studio

WYNNEWOOD, Okla. — An arson fire Thursday morning at the GW Interactive Zoo killed several reptiles and burned a recording studio.

Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes said there are still no suspects in the arson, but they’re hoping that’ll change once they review surveillance video.

The building that houses the alligators was completely destroyed by fire.
Entertainment Director Joe Schreibvogel, also known as Joe Exotic, says it will cost a quarter of a million dollars to fix, and federal court records show he’s already in bankruptcy.

“The building can be replaced the equipment can be replaced but Michael Jackson’s alligators cannot be replaced,” Schreibvogel said.

Schreibvogel maintains that one of two alligators killed in the fire was once owned by the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The other alligator reportedly once owned by Jackson suffered severe smoke inhalation and is recovering.

Schreibvogel says he’s still in shock that someone could intentionally set fire to this facility. “Devastated, heartbroke,” he said, describing his feelings. “It is more of disgust if somebody has an issue with the zoo or an issue with me personally then take it up with me. These animals didn’t deserved to be burned to death.”

Rhodes said while there’s no suspect right now. He hopes that surveillance video will lead them to a person of interest. Rhodes says whoever set this fire would have to have knowledge of the animal park and plan the crime in advance.

He also says items were stolen…but wouldn’t comment on what exactly was taken. “Many times an arson fire may be used to cover a burglary or a theft to destroy evidence,” Rhodes said. “And that is a very strong possibility in this case.”

Schreibvogel says he’s received threats before, and said this may be a form of harassment. “There’s been allegations that these are results of animal rights group that may be targeting the park in the form of harassment and even vandalism,” Rhodes said.

Schreibvogel says the park will remain open. “Starting tonight (Friday) we have a security company who will have armed security guards on the park 24/7.”

Rhodes says he believes more information will be available next week.



Rebuild Zoo Studio After Fire

Tragedy at the GW Zoo. On March 26th, 2015 we woke to discover that sometime in the night our television studio and alligator house had been burned to the ground. Complete devastation. Years of work lost. A heart break that will not be easily mended.

We need your help. We need to rebuild the studio and the alligator enclosure. The building was named the Steve Irwin Compound, in honor of the late Crocodile Hunter. Aside from the strife we feel for this loss, we of course want to heal our monument built to a great man. We need to heal our park after this attack.

We are asking for $150,000 for this endeavor. $125,000 to rebuild the ruined piece of our zoo, our home. $25,000 as a reward for bringing the culprit to justice. This was not random. Someone targeted our zoo. We need your help to right this wrong. For the baby gators who died in the fire. For the memorabilia turned to ashes. To make the zoo whole again. Give what you can. Thank you.


There is no such thing as a donation too small- Whatever you can spare will be greatly appreciated-Let’s do this and get the studio up and running once again. Maybe you know someone who would be interested in helping…


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

ZOO WARS ~ Update ~ Tiger Ridge-ALARMING!!!

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There was no public safety issue-it was a permit violation…They had no right to take the animals without due process and  the animals nightmare began with the taking-


Former state employee testifies cougar at Tiger Ridge Exotics was “fighting for her life”

We are following new developments in the Tiger Ridge Exotics case out of Wood County.

A former state employee testified on Tuesday that Kenny Hetrick’s cougar was not fully tranquilized and not safely transported from Stony Ridge to the holding facility near Columbus when the state seized the animals on January 28th.

The Hetrick family and their supporters, who are fighting for the return of the exotic animals, released their audio recording of the witness testimony to 13abc. In that recording, the former state inspector says of the cougar: “She was awake and fighting for her life.”

The testimony is from a man who had worked as an inspector for the Ohio Department of Agriculture. He is not a veterinarian, but was on the scene as a member of the team that confiscated Hetrick’s exotic animals.

According to Ohio Department of Agriculture spokesperson Erica Hawkins, the state fired him shortly after the seizure of Hetrick’s exotic animals for “performance issues.”

“Now I don’t know what to believe,” says Corrina Hetrick of Tiger Ridge Exotics along the Fremont Pike in Stony Ridge.

Hetrick was in Columbus on Tuesday attending an administrative hearing by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

The topic of the public hearing was the transfer order the state executed on her family’s property January 28th.

One witness ,who Hetrick is not naming, testified about how the state crew — which he was a part of — handled Hetrick’s cougar named Cindy. The witness said when they got word a ‘stay’ was coming from a Wood County Judge, “It was now … hurry up, hurry up, hurry up. Let’s get them out of here.”

He went on to say about the cougar: “One of the guys was carrying her out in a net out of the barn and she almost got away. She was like basically fighting for her life wrapped up inside this net.”

The witness testified, “She was not completely sedated when she was put in her transport cage. She was struggling … … while placed in a really small volume metal box with sharp … with kind of an un-sanded sharp grading on the inside.”

The former state inspector said, “When we got back to the Department of Agriculture, there was pretty much blood everywhere in the cage and raw bits of flesh from her nose and her paws, so that was something I had to deal with in the next few days.”

Before the ODA terminated him, the witness said, “I would go in and clean her cage every day and hose out the blood that was all over the walls and the tracks of blood all over the enclosure from her pads being raw.”

“It’s animal cruelty,” says Hetrick.

Erica Hawkins, the spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, calls the testimony of the now-fired employee “overblown exaggeration.” Hawkins says the former inspector was a witness called to testify by the defense counsel.

Hawkins also says his account does not match with the other inspectors the state also had in Stony Ridge that day, as well as a veterinarian from the Columbus Zoo.

Hawkins released this statement on Wednesday: “Dr. Randy Junge, a veterinarian from the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium with more than 25 years of experience caring for exotic animals, was on-site when the animals were removed from the property and testified that he did not observe anything that gave him cause for concern when the animals were physically transferred to their transport cages. Assistant State Veterinarian Dr. Melissa Simmerman acknowledged that the cougar did have a scratch on her nose when she arrived in Reynoldsburg, but it healed quickly. Dr. Junge testified that he observed all of the animals in the state’s Reynoldsburg facility the next day and that they all appeared to be in good condition, calm, with no evidence of any illness or injury.”

“I’m so mad. I’m hurt,” says Corrina Hetrick. “It’s heartbreaking.”

There are several legal proceedings happening simultaneously.

A Wood County judge has not yet made his ruling about the animals.

Also, the Ohio Department of Agriculture is holding another administrative hearing next week regarding Tiger Ridge Exotics. This will be for the formal process of officially denying Hetrick’s request for a state permit.



The animals can now call their dungeon, you know, the animal penitentiary with no windows, sunlight or fresh air… their ‘home’ while the owners are devastated and joined by the community begging to bring the animals back. So, can we accuse the state of Ohio of animal cruelty for having done it ??? You don’t actually believe a vet hired by the state is going to testify against the state do you ?!? -course not…especially if he was hired to be in charge of the animals during the move.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

EXCLUSIVE-The Power of One-Our Lawsuit Moves to the Supreme Court Requesting Review-for Documentation

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Supreme Court case filed

The power to fight any ruling is up to you and how far you take it-Just as it was up to us and we did…The power of one. I don’t imagine that most people could afford for an attorney to go to the Supreme Court with Protected Civil Liberty abuse even though this is the most important issue of any case!!!

In a way, we are lucky that we are pro se with full knowledge of the issues of the case and the case law involved. Whether we wrote it to the court’s liking or understanding might be another matter considering that the appellate court sure didn’t address the issues properly and now being brought before the Supreme Court for review.

Unfortunately, as important as we consider the issues of this case and that you might consider the issues of this case, the Supreme Court can not and does not review all the cases that it receives and can easily be dismissed.

What I find interesting about our case is that it raises so many red flags…including in the district court’s timeline. The timelines of the original cases are of concern and are in question but also, the timelines of the federal district case are at issue as well and noted in the writ and stated below.

How people can get lost in the very system that was designed to protect them becomes of great concern with animal cruelty cases involving ‘perishable property’ that have specific timelines as both the accused and the ‘property’ can be victims of the system. The original case began with warrantless searches, a warrant which lacked proper codes and without probable cause, the warrant is general rather than specifically describing what was to be seized, an arrest for non-arrest able cause, held in jail without consideration for PR bond and held until property was converted, illegal and unapproved agreement, breached agreement, etc. The whole thing is a complete shame all the way thru an appeal of the JP court decision -criminal(CR) to changing the case from CR (because the JP court is not allowed to have heard it) to civil (CV) but forgot that the county court of Marion County is BANNED from hearing civil cases-What a mess!!! Marion County is being either being run by amatures calling themselves law enforcement and with judges who don’t know what cases they are allowed, by government code, to hear or is as we stated, a conspiracy to STEAL property!!!

Timeline of the federal case:

Original Complaint was filed on January 11, 2012 with the Fifth District in Marshall, Texas.

The first and ONLY court appearance was for a scheduling conference was on October 12, 2012-10 MONTHS after the case was filed and accepted by the court and the only time there was any court appearance The terms of the Docket Control Order were discussed and AGREED upon by ALL parties-Mediation was mandatory which we jumped on as we were the plaintiffs and our responsibility to find a mediator as well as to set a date that was agreeable for all parties involved. We secured a judge from Texarkana for meditation on December 11, 2012. However, the state representative (assistant attorney general of TX-I assume there are several handling cases filled against the state) and the vets representative were excused INSTANTLY from mediation on December 10 without good cause with the remaining respondents, through their counsel refused any meaningful and good faith mediation and walked out.

Here’s the kicker-SIX DAYS later following the mediation date on December 11, 2012 the court vacated the Docket Control Order without discussion or hearing or any advance notice thereby eliminating everything after January 31, 2013 so once again the case went into limbo, this time for SIX months.

On July 16, 2013, out of no where, the court issued a partial FINAL judgment even though we demanded a jury trial and on September 30, 2013 issued a Memo and Final Judgment dismissing the case and “all remaining claims” with prejudice without trial or hearing on the issues of the case. NOTE: This  how cases get dismissed without trial.

Nothing in the case went according to how most cases are handled. A mandatory docket order being abruptly changed with no motion ever receiving a hearing is way out of the ordinary for any court, thus less a federal court with rules designed to assist and with the rules of the court being mandatory. It’s not that we didn’t ask for a hearing because we did and each ruling was objected to as well as providing more information as to why we were objecting.

We then set out to appeal the decision of the district court. A 5-page unpublished judgment was issued by the appellate court upholding the decision of the district court although that judgment reads as if written by an attorney of the defendants (Appellees).

Our next step was to file a writ with the Supreme Court with our issues that are of extreme concern to us as this could effect how others are treated with their cases.

I am certain that the district attorney in Marion County didn’t believe we could file the federal case or even handle one but I also believe that he remains thinking that he’s above the law and/or simply doesn’t care. I can’t help but wonder about cases in Marion County and how many others were mishandled during his ‘reign of terror’.

Another point that should be noted is that TWO public defenders, one the previous district attorney for Marion County, didn’t tell the JP court that it was a class ‘A’ misdemeanor and couldn’t be held in his court per as stated on the PR Bond-or why the judge hasn’t spoken-up and said he wasn’t allowed, by government code, to hear a class ‘A’ misdemeanor-Of course Gleason, the district attorney at the time, had to put it in JP court in order to make it work out the way he wanted it to; being in control of both the JP and county courts as where the case would/could be appealed, and he, was the county courts advisor as the county attorney and the district attorney for the state of Texas the stooges listened and obeyed his bidding. Those judges know it now for sure, yet remain on the bench and have still said nothing to no one although, as elected officials, they both have a responsibility to the community. The court appointed attorneys have done NOTHING about it and remain in private practice; got that, neither court appointed attorney have ever spoken up about this yet is an obligation of their oath and still remain in private practice and at least one of the two is still a court appointed attorney. [How do you like me now….]

Isn’t it easier to state the truth rather than help cover it up ?!?

Just how many lawyers and judges have been involved in this case and know the truth yet have sat back and ignored it ??? Why has the FBI ignored all of our complaints ??? If our justice system is to work, then it is more their obligation to report this than not. I wrestle with this day after day, night after night and if I am to believe in our justice system, then it’s the federal court obligation to right this absurdity rather than ignore it or say it is moot. However, so far, TWO  federal courts have ignored their obligation to private citizens-Now just why is that ???

Kangaroo Court

Petition-for-Writ-of-Certiorary Supreme Court

[Click on the link to read this document]


Neither Marion County judges, who both remain on the bench, both layman -non lawyers, have ever spoken up that they erred in hearing the case, making amends for their mistake as mis-guided by the county advisor-Ever so easy it would be to put the monkey on Gleason’s back for having done it and as stated and noted in the sheriff report; it was Gleason’s search and seize, indicating that otherwise the sheriff’s department might not have gotten involved and done it. So what it came down to is an evil, self absorbed Humaniac along with her assistant in crime, the Angel of Death joined with Gleason focused on ‘awarding’ our animals to the humane society and a sheriff deputy using these cases for political gain. Maybe they were promised something in return-Maybe complete ignorance  [BLOGGERS NOTE: Either people in Marion County just don’t care or they are part of it by looking the other way and ignoring what happens there] likely they just don’t give a crap how they so easily wrecked the lives of people they are supposed to protect-It’s no wonder that people more and more these days have lost respect for law enforcement and the judicial system…even fear it at that

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Note: Humane Society of Marion County is now DBA Dixie Humane Society of Marion County, Jefferson, Texas.

Not in America anymore

from HumaneWatch ~HSUS Caught Lying to Congress

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HSUS Lies to Congress

There were some fireworks this morning at a U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing about the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2015, a bit of legislation that would help hunters. At the hearing, Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma used the opportunity to confront HSUS CEO Wayne “I love my pension plan” Pacelle, who was testifying against the legislation, about some matters involving Oklahoma’s investigation in HSUS’s fundraising. And Pacelle lied.

Inhofe zeroed in on the fact that HSUS raised $1.7 million in Oklahoma between 2011 and 2013 and yet only gave $110,000 back to Oklahoma groups (according to HSUS’s general counsel). In response to Inhofe’s inquiry about the nature of HSUS’s advertising—those ads full of poor dogs and cats—Pacelle retorted that “Those ads say that we’re not giving the money to animal shelters” and that there is “explicit language” to that effect. (Watch the full exchange below of Pacelle getting grilled. The key moment starts around 6:00.)

That’s a lie. Here’s why:

  1. HSUS ads do not contain such a disclaimer. Period. Case closed.
  2. Some—but only some—HSUS TV ads do contain a disclaimer that “Local humane societies are independent from HSUS.” That does not say that money given to HSUS will not go to such local groups. In fact, our polling of HSUS donors from 2013 found that 84% of donors think “HSUS misleads people into thinking that it supports local humane societies and pet shelters.”
  3. Some TV ads contain this disclaimer that HSUS is independent from local humane societies in tiny print for a few seconds. And we mean tiny. (A screenshot is below.) We doubt all those little old ladies who are writing checks to HSUS can read it. A very small portion of HSUS TV ads have a slightly larger disclaimer.
  4. Not a single piece of HSUS direct mail contains a disclaimer that HSUS is independent from local humane societies so far as we’ve ever seen. We’ve looked at dozens of pieces from the last few years.
  5. None of HSUS’s fundraising has a disclaimer that HSUS does not run a single pet shelter. When you call yourself a “humane society” and know that you are confused with pet shelters, that’s quite the sin of omission.

Our survey found that 87% of donors think HSUS should be required to disclose in ads that it only gives 1% of the money it raises to pet shelters; 88% of donors think HSUS should be required to disclose in advertising that it isn’t affiliated with local humane societies.

HSUS Ad Screenshot DisclaimerGuess what? HSUS doesn’t do the first one at all. And it only does the second one in some ads—probably solely out of “CYA” concerns. It’s a recent addition; our review of HSUS TV ads that ran between and Jan. 2009 and Sept. 2011 found a disclaimer in less than 1% of HSUS’s ad airings. So HSUS did as little as possible for as long as possible, and it’s continuing that trend.

Let’s not forget that HSUS is an organization that secretively paid a witness who lied under oath and then paid $6 million to settle the subsequent bribery and racketeering lawsuit it was slapped with. HSUS relies on deception to raise $100 million a year to attack farmers, hunters and others, because Americans don’t support HSUS’s vegan agenda. Pacelle himself admitted in a talk that “I think there is some confusion among the general public and I think there’s occasional confusion with, with donors.” He needs his donors to be in the dark or he’d probably lose tens of millions in revenue to local pet shelters.

Wayne Pacelle must think he’s slicker than everybody else. But today his pants were on fire in front of Congress.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

from TX-RPOA

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From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
Texas Outreach
March 18, 2015

We’ve been so busy with the state Legislature that local animal news for
Texas cities has staked up for this year! Eternal vigilance … remember?
RPOA opposes Breed Specific Legislation, Mandatory Pet Spay/Neuter and
Mandatory Microchips — all mentioned below. These decisions should be made
between the pet owner and their personal veterinarian.

KERR COUNTY “PIT BULL” INCIDENT Good job by the RPOA Chapter members in
A “Pit Bull” was declared a “dangerous dog” after killing a neighbor’s dog
in December and set off a chain of events. A Kerrville resident named
Sherry Egloff made local news, asking public asked officials to consider
special requirements for “pitbull” owners, to be neutered, never bred, and
microchipped. The local newspaper stated that state law forbids breed
discrimination. But she wasn’t satisfied and invited others to join her in
petitioning their state representatives to repeal the state law banning
Breed Specific Legislation. Our RPOA Kerrville Area Chapter members
continue to monitor the situation and have responded with calls to county
commissioners and letters to the editor. One letter included a reminder
that “Petey” in the old “Little Rascals” comedies was a purebred UKC
registered American Pit Bull Terrier. It also mentioned how many “Bully”
Breed owners live in the area whose dogs have never bitten anyone and never
will. They urged: “Punish the deed, not the breed.” The newspaper poll
asked if state law should be changed to impose special regulations on
certain breeds of dogs, especially “pitbulls.” Results: 64% OPPOSED and
33% FOR Changing state law.

“Undercover” HSUS video is being distributed to Texas news outlets of what
HSUS labels as a “puppy mill.” Belo Corporation TV Stations are showing
HSUS video in McAllen with dogs “packed in rusty wire cages, covered in own
feces, with almost no food or water, saying breeders can crank out hundreds
— sometimes thousands — of puppies a year, and are giving incorrect
medications.” RPOA is aware of media picking up this story in San Antonio
and McAllen; probably in all major Texas cities. The KRGV story posted
12/30/2014 stated “these are the same puppies you buy at the pet store.
There are virtually no laws in Texas protecting pets before they make it to
your house.” State Rep. Eddie Lucio III says he’d like to create “standards
and license and regulate breeders.” Perhaps Rep. Eddie Lucio isn’t aware
that a Dog and Cat Breeder Licensing program passed in 2011! Or perhaps
HSUS isn’t satisfied with it and is coming back for even more restrictions!

Valley Morning Star reported 12/15/2014: Harlingen Humane Society made a
presentation at a City Commission about a possible ordinance requiring
residents to spay or neuter their pets. Mayor Chris Boswell said there is a
problem with too many stray animals and he appreciated the presentation.
But the mayor said “We need to look at both the direct and indirect costs
and benefits of such a program … one of the things we want to look at
before we consider taking this action is how such programs have worked and
what the results have been in other communities.”
MyMonitorNews.com reported that Port Isabel passed a mandatory spay/neuter
ordinance in September, and also requires pets to have microchips with
owner’s contact information. District 1 Commissioner Danny Castillo
expressed concerns that responsible owners who have intact animals would be
penalized for and would subsidize the irresponsibility of others. He said
the proposed license fee was “almost like a fine for being a responsible pet

This just in … from media reports yesterday. A proposal presented to the
Quality of Life Committee 3/17/15. The city official contacted today has
not responded to our request asking if the committee proposal had passed to
go forward to City Council for a vote.
We weren’t aware that San Antonio pays Pet Data $3.85 per license as a third
party vendor to administer the City’s Licensing Program, which was a
surprise! But that’s a story for another day. At a glance, the report says
that all animals impounded are chipped and licensed before being “outcomed”
per existing ordinance. This probably provides the bulk of income from
licensing. The report claims the “successes made in issuance of new
licenses is not reflected in the renewal rates. Although Pet Data mails out
renewal notices at 60-days and 30-days from pending expiration, only 25% of
licensed pet owners renew their licenses.”
It states that the current cost to run the licensing program is over
$100,000 annually and brings in $41,000. Some of the details are really not
clear. San Antonio has one of the highest poverty rates in the U.S. and to
believe low income pet owners can pay these fees is ludicrous. San Antonio
continues to have a tremendous “stray/loose dog” problem as do many other
Texas cities, especially in the low income areas. More regulations are not
the answer and result in more dumped dogs.


from HumaneWatch: HSUS ‘Lost Footing’ in CPAC

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Last week we questioned why the radical Humane Society of the United States would be permitted to exhibit at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). After all, would PETA be welcome at a conference of political conservatives? Probably not. It didn’t take long for HSUS to get the boot.

Once CPAC organizers got wind of HSUS’s anti-agriculture and anti-hunting agenda, HSUS quickly lost its spot at the convention. Plus, when it comes to political spending, 80% of HSUS money spent through its lobbying arm Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) and corresponding PAC goes to fund Democratic candidates and liberal causes, according to FEC records.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation explains:

The presence there of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) with its anti-hunting agenda made little sense — except that HSUS works to hide its true political nature under the guise of being a funder of animal shelters.

In fact, this group sends next to nothing to local shelters. So when the watchdog group HumaneWatch pointed this out to CPAC management, supported by NSSF, action was taken and HSUS was shown the door.

Even though HSUS was shown the door, HumaneWatch was there with our Pet Shelter Wheel of Misfortune inviting CPAC attendees to spin. Six spins landed on the magic 1% (representing the one penny of every dollar that HSUS gives to local shelters), meaning HumaneWatch will donate $600 to a shelter near the convention site. Incredibly, that’s $600 more dollars than HSUS gave to shelters in 11 states in 2013.

For those keeping score at home, HSUS has been kicked out of two conventions, is under investigation by the Oklahoma attorney general for deceptive fundraising, and has been forced to pay millions to settle a federal racketeering lawsuit. Will they ever learn?


HSUS has nothing to learn-they know exactly what they are doing-well funded and well organized and is about all that they have…Thanks to the persistence and the stead-fastness of HumaneWatch to keep up the fight against these terrorists within our borders!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

The Destruction of American Culture

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I am compelled to share the following information!!! The history of the destruction of American Culture has been in play for years -SHARE WILDLY!!!

Animal GreedAs posted by BL Cozad:

“Do you really want to know who and what is behind the attacks on our hunting, fishing, farming and ranching industries? These are the same globalists that want to disarm Americans to continue their agenda.”

[BLOGGERS NOTE: This includes attacks on commercial breeders, small backyard breeders, owners of ANY animals…Restaurants that serve meat, exotic animal facilities, circus animal owners and any establishment that uses animals for entertainment purposes including tropical fish tank hobbyists and bee keepers…These attacks include any business or hobbyist that has a relationship with animals. Animals are considered a natural resource: Agenda 21 is an attempt to control all natural resources to create a New World Order.]

“Every person worldwide should watch this video. If you don’t have 30 minutes to spare at least watch the last ten  minutes starting at the 21 minute mark this video. Then go back and watch the full video because the information exposed during last 10 minutes will make you want to watch the first 20 minutes.”

“Exposing the truth about the globalist behind the international banking cartel and their UN Agenda 21 plan to seize control of all natural resources.”

The New World Order ( EU ) 2014

Please share this video with everyone you know.

“What is really behind the animal rights movement: Please view the video and read the article below. Then understand that U. S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has a long history of championing the animal rights agenda. According to HSUS’s Mark Markarian: “Vilsack has a solid record on animal protection, and he was the top choice of HSUS and HSLF to lead the USDA, the agency that oversees our federal laws on animal welfare, humane slaughter and transport, horse protection, animal fighting, and others.”

Full article available here: http://hslf.typepad.com/poli…/2008/12/cabinet_apppoin.html

“I think it is critically important at this point in time for us all to realize that the Animal Rights Movement is being embraced to facilitate the implementation of Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a UN mandate to create a “sustainable planet”. To better understand the word “sustainable” in this context just substitute the word “acceptable”. Agenda 21, once fully implemented, will dictate the manner in which all resources are used as well as define which of our behaviors are “acceptable”. Since we know that the use of animals must cease and domestic species must be eliminated according to the tenants of Animal Rights, then it is safe to assume that we animal owners, breeders, and farmers are in grave danger from Agenda 21. HSUS and other ARO’s are simply vehicles being used to implement the larger agenda- Agenda 21. The fracas that has been created about “animal protection, preventing animal enslavement, etc” is nothing more than a red herring to confuse and distract us away from what is really the root of this poisonous tree. In California, SB 917 and AB 1117 are not simply about preventing roadside sales nor the prevention of animal cruelty and neglect. It is about the destruction of farming and animal breeding just as we suspected all along. Likewise, the restriction of water to southern central valley California farms was not about the protection of the Delta Smelt. That was just the excuse used. What this is really about is power and control over the American citizenry by controlling the production of food.”

“Please share this information with everyone you know. We still have a slim amount of time to save our freedom but time is quickly running out.”


“Reagan stated that the plan of the government was “to imprison the farmers and ranchers” and “to remove two million farmers and ranchers from the soil”, but how do you imprison farmers and ranchers = the same way that Adolf Hitler did, communist supporters institute and enact unconstitutional animal welfare laws and then arrest the farmers and ranchers for violating the “rights” that the same communism supporting organizations gave the animals by passing the unconstitutional laws in the first place.”

“And two short years later in 1966 Congress passed the Animal Welfare Act. All of the animal welfare/animal cruelty laws are meant to force communism on the people of America exactly as Adolf Hitler used animal welfare laws to destroy private property rights and force communism on the people of Germany.”

“JFK warned about the globalists behind this communist plan in 1961 before it was ever called UN Agenda 21.”


Now I know that’s a lot of u-tube watching and time consuming but I promise it will become a compelling share for you as well!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

*I agree in the opinion that “only a complete fool will advocate that government agents should force rural Americans (farmers) into their arrogant opinion when it means agents may hurt, cripple and/or kill other people (farmers).”

*The agenda of the Animal Rights Extremist is not about animals-it’s about control which is against the American way of life-Stand against the abuse of your PROTECTED Civil Liberties before they are lost.


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