Zoo Wars-Over My Dead Body!!!~ Local Organization Pleads to get Ringling Circus Animals Once Curtain Closes

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In the news-Ringling set to close-Another great American business is closing and comes of no surprise, not really after the protests and lengthy court case, and opposition of the constant court cases against the bans on animals with changes in laws and bans on animals which have always been the heart of the show…After a 146 year run the last performance is set and announced.


For many, animals and humans alike, the show closed when the elephants left the ring and were sent to sanctuary. The losses were greater than just the people employed by the show or the shows loss of an act and then the obvious happened; a drop in ticket sales.

I’ll list just a few off the top of my head but the economic losses is far reaching and far greater than my list : Advertising sales, feed sales, fuel sales, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, education, rentals and purchases, fabric, seamstresses, and the list goes on and on to include the farmer who grows the hay, bales the hay and sells the hay that the show would purchase along the route where the show played…All due to the loss of animals from the show.

The obvious, for the show: The loss of ticket sales, novelties and concessions as there was a serious drop in attendance for people who would no longer be so interested in seeing a show without their beloved elephants; some saying the show lost it’s sole when the gentle giants of the Greatest Show on Earth would remain home.

The benefit, economically speaking, would be to the businesses where the sanctuary is located for the elephants residence. But getting down to brass tactics, so to speak, WHO really benefits has to be questioned because it wasn’t the show, the elephants, their trainers or their handlers from the win that was achieved by the bullying and hate crimes ALL done by the vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist Organizations that proclaimed victory-as the general public lost.

The greatest loss is what this has taught children about the power of bullying and loss of freedom to make a choice of whether or not they would buy a ticket to the show…It would appear that, to some, that maybe these Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists were deserving of leadership because they are looking out for animals however, that couldn’t be further from the truth…HSUS, PETA, ASPCA and others are NOT a charity but instead use the money collected thru donations where they hold an IRS 501-C-3 as a charity based not-for-profit for political purposes that do not help animals and instead infringe on civil liberties for laws and regulations to end all human relationships with animals-ALL of them proclaiming victory.


These vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists stood and still stand outside arenas where the shows will be held with their signs and their voices HARRASSING people wanting and trying to enter to see the show; some deciding not to go; some afraid to cross the line as if it were a union on strike or gave a second thought to entering for a family evening of fun, entertainment and education that the show provides, as terrorists will be terrorists, homegrown or from foreign lands, do what they do, as we have seen so many times done before by Animal Rights Fanatics.

Exactly how many parents literally believe that the show might be an unsafe place to go or take their children when they have to file past fanatics harassing a business?!? Of course it also appeared as if the show was tired of the fight and the expense of it, economically speaking on behalf of the show…with the creation of bans, laws and regulations making it a battle all in the name of entertainment-and has since no longer enjoyable to come to town and then to be confronted with yet another battle for their rights to be there. Just how willing would you be to go to work each day if you were confronted with such a battle and a loss of financial gain (wages earned).

The very same people are protesting zoos, and the real animal sanctuaries, how chickens should live free-range, claim that cows farts are polluting the air, against breeding of any animals, attack individual animal owners with false claims of abuse and cruelty, the keeping of birds and even fish, attacked Sea World who is now suffering from an economic loss in ticket sales (as well as surrounding businesses-Fanatics aren’t buying tickets or providing any type of support so Sea World will likely also shut down, and the list goes on AGAINST all human relationships with animals.

So Feld announces that circus days for Ringling Bros will be coming to an end soon…It was just a matter of time for the pleas to Feld to provide them with free animals…Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) never misses a beat or an opportunity to hit the media and advertise (Professional Beggar) for money even thou they have MILLIONS in reserve with a big bulk of the money they receive is used for political purposes, salaries to their families…with very little going towards the animals and their care.

the headline reads:

Local Organization Pleads to get Ringling Circus Animals Once Curtain Closes


TAMPA — ‘The show must go on.’ For years this was a phrase echoed throughout the circus tent.

“Of course we’re sad. It was a difficult decision to make,” says Kenneth Feld, CEO of Feld Entertainment.

But now the greatest show on earth is coming to a stop in May.

-Follow the link for the rest of the crap spewing from Big Cat Rescue -I just don’t have the stomach to put the rest of such propaganda on this blog-Below my response and Action Alert Petition below:

Over My Dead Body
I have to ask why WTSP considers this news worthy or demonstrates any reason to run this story and providing Tampa Bay with FAKE NEWS just so Big Cat Rescue can attempt to attach their name to  The Greatest Show on Earth. It’s rather distasteful as many others agree!
There are numerous reasons why NOT to place any big cat at BCR.
You know this is a SCAM right?!?
[Note the donate buttons on everything published by BCR yet they get the food-FREE Vet care-FREE or at the end of the article as all articles; pleas for money-If it’s not going to make a buck then why bother doing it according to BCR sources. In this case, I must assume that WTSP supports SCAMING and BILKING the public for donations]
However, here’s why NOT even thou all this really is, is a SCAM for more begging the public for donations:
(1) Vet care at BCR is questionable at best with the latest slew of deaths. Demonstrates you get what you pay for but what does it matter? As long as the donations and attention continues to pour in for a particular cat; said cat will survive another day…Otherwise, death occurs and a new SCAM campaign for donations begins with another fur to be placed on display in the party room at BCR-No mention of a grave or the disposal of the actual body or body parts…Charaka Tiger, the latest victim and then to claim there is no cause for death just as numerous others that died at BCR…Once the money runs out, so does the cat’s life-Just hand it over to the vet. Just a quick look at the recorded record of questionable deaths is a tell all. Note: Charaka’s death was noticed by a cam viewer Charaka appeared lifeless-NOT noticed by an employee as one would suspect for a recovering animal. So cam viewers that morning watched a tiger die.  https://www.facebook.com/BCRWatch/photos/a.1467132686856554.1073741828.1464769890426167/1863797083856777/?type=3&theater
FACT (2) BCR is built on an old landfill and the water provided for the cats contaminated run off. Note: Was a landfill when Nick Nuccio was mayor and private property was used and piled high in a heap of stinking garbage, asbestos and old batteries for landfill purposes on the outskirts of Tampa at that time and now likely loaded with PCBs. https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/zoo-warspcbs-and-other-waste-materials-and-toxins-can-be-found-in-landfills-contaminate-the-land-and-water-goes-unchecked-at-big-cat-rescue/  
(3) Carole Baskin, ceo Big Cat Rescue joined PETA to remove the animals from the circus and helped with writing campaigns against the circus.
Ringling Bros (Feld Corp.) had a contract with BCR to provide for the care of the tigers they had placed there previously while Baskin fraudulently begged for donations for their care.
(4) BCR only takes cats they consider to be a ‘HEADLINER’ to bring in more paying customers and exploitation purposes. Just how much money does BCR plan to gain off the backs of retired Ringling Bros cats?
(5) And most important reason to NOT place any more animals at BCR is that Carole Baskin hears voices and acts on what the voices tell her…This could present itself as a public safety issue with what is considered potentially dangerous animals in the care of someone so mentally unstable. -Seriously…Baskin needs to be evaluated -Santiago said he heard voices before going on a killing spree in an airport
-HELLO…Isn’t anyone paying attention to the blog posts from Carole Baskin? I guess I need to do the investigative reporting because this wasn’t newsworthy and just another ploy from BCR to get another free mention in the news. Don Lewis was presumed dead and then declared dead for Carole Lewis (now Carole Baskin) can inherit millions and leave his children with nothing. His body has never been recovered.
Sign the petition:

baskin-hears-voicesWords written by Carole Baskin poses a serious question to FFW if they should revoke BCR’s permit and rehome the animals as quickly as possible-Once you know of a potential danger, it becomes your responsibility to act on it-Sign the petition. 

Revoke Florida Fish and Wildlife License Before Another Tragic Accident Happens

If a person is so delusional to hear voices, print it online and has been a suspect in feeding her husband to her tigers, protection orders filed against her and giving money to Domestic Terrorist (Per says the FBI), do you think she is safe to have close to 100 dangerous animals in a busy retail part of Tampa Florida?


Zanesville is an example of what an unstable person might or might not do and she is obsessed with using Zanesville as an example of all of her online post, that the threat could be real right there in the Tampa Florida area next.

Sign the petition that if someone can post all over the internet how people should not own exotic animals because they are so dangerous and the people that own them are so dangerous and unstable that what Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue can admit to in her own words about hearing voices and sometimes even hears God himself, should not be the one to own exotic animals in the middle of Tampa Florida.

If she thinks a stable person in her eyes should not own one. What do you think about someone of this caliber owning nearly 100 big cats in a heavy populated area.

This petition will be delivered to: Florida Governor Rick Scott

TAKE ACTION NOW!!! Please sign the petition to alert the authorities that there is a potentially dangerous situation that needs to be dealt with immediately…If we are to accept that Terry Thompson released his animals and committed suicide then we must consider the possibility of a reoccurrence involving Carole Baskin and the animals at Big Cat Rescue.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

Zoo Wars-HATE and FAKE NEWS Continues to Be Promoted by BCR and other Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists Organizations-What Does This REALLY Mean?!?

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So Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily Circus, a circus GIANT  has announced the will be shutting down in May shortly after announcing they now have, for the first time in what, 145 years in business, a Mistress of ceremonies. Many shocked with the news….others like myself not so surprised. The vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists have spoken-The circus lost their ‘sole’ taking the elephants to sanctuary rather than keeping them happily on the road performing in a wholesome family based entertainment. Economics and homegrown terrorists have been lead to this…Expecting Ringling to stand and fight on it’s own as so many businesses and private owners have been forced to do; fighting in corrupt courts and against a sea of voices to end ALL human relationships with animals. Today and yesterday rejoicing with this news and likely will continue their protests until day zero when they will proclaim their win and go after another one which has already begun-How much longer before there won’t be a circus coming to town?!?

Each and every donation to HSUS, PETA, ASPCA and many many others has given them a voice to create laws against ALL facets of animal usage including pet ownership. YOU donate then YOU have given them the power to destroy businesses and private owner rights. You decide that you are against cruelty to animals -who isn’t?-and allowed the creation of both civil and criminal laws that have led to the destruction…They want more…they want anyone accused to be found guilty proclaiming the animals don’t have a voice and themselves the voice for the animals-BULLSHIT-now want it to be a felony like Michigan and Rhode Island.

It takes the fall of a GIANT to get your attention and now another casualty in the fight for animal ownership-When they finally have the meat removed from your dinner table will you then be shocked and bewildered (?!?) because it’s going in that direction -Already started with chickens…the prices escalating as farmers are forced to make changes that have cost them thousands…The price of chicken and eggs has escalated with CA being the major supplier in the US with additional laws created dictating to farmers how they will raise and keep their animals.

Already there are laws in place to stop the sale of pure bred companion animals in pet stores-Mostly an attack on ‘pet stores’ against the sale (ban) on the sale of companion animals…The national cry of adopt (PURCHASE) a ‘rescue’. -Do you now own a mutt and exclaim “I have a rescue dog?!!”  -BULLSHIT!!! You have a dog stolen from it’s owner thru the mis-use of laws and mostly occurred because YOU allowed for those cruelty laws and the over-regulation of businesses using animals. Bans already in place on exotic animal ownership with the  false claims of public safety issues or that it’s cruel-BULLSHIT!!!


So take a good hard look at the FAKE NEWS and the contagious spread of lies that have brought about knee-jerk emotional reactions for YOUR money that has gone to help with the creation of laws and regulations -Your money has helped no animal and done harm to animals and their owners!!!

If you are reading, this I dare you to share this information and get involved…Just a click away from FB or Twitter…Follow this blog, read thru it and share the posts contained in it. Find other bloggers and follow them -Share the information as animal owners must dig their way out…If you own one dog or one cat, this is important to you and your pet!!!-Soon you might not be able to get another least I even mention the S/N laws have begun-They don’t grow on trees!!! It’s one thing to suggest S/N and another to make it law-The research demonstrates it’s not for animal health issues-It’s to prevent breeding and can be harmful to your animal…You have one animals, contained in your home is S/N because… -BULLSHIT!!!

A circus GIANT has fallen like two others before it that went by unnoticed…Take fucking notice!!! I refuse to stand alone any longer I refuse to accept the destruction of human relationships with animals!!!


Carole Baskin ceo Big Cat Rescue….Wayne Pacelle ceo HSUS…Ingrid Newkirk ceo PETA and many other vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists Organizations including the ASPCA with their ads and commercials claiming that animal owners commit abuse and showing set-up pictures of abused animals-Reporting on their blogs and on their FB pages, their lies and deceit for the sole purpose for the collection of donations-All FAKE NEWS and HATE CRIMES targeting every animal owner.

One generation and outWayne Pacelle now ceo HSUS has never swayed from his intent to end animal ownership and all human relationships with animals.

Those sites are written by private citizens that have no government authority are stating their opinions and spewing FAKE news and lies in an attempt to end human relationships with animals. Within their ads and commercials are their claims of animal cruelty while they themselves are committing acts of animal cruelty that are somehow overlooked and somehow considered reasonable to be filmed or recreated; leaning towards some sort of urgency over a dog needing a haircut, or just a bath is cruel and needs rescue. FACT-It’s unreasonable and should not be overlooked that they are accusing people of animal cruelty for something so easily corrected as a bath, long mails and/or a haircut-There can not be a double standard when there are laws created concerning animal cruelty -Shelter, Food and Water are the basic requirements-Nothing more and animals receiving food, water and shelter are usually pretty happy…even if they have flea, worms, need a haircut, etc…

The creation of the Animal Welfare Act and the creation of APHIS within the USDA as a federal agency in place to guard against cruelty for commercial purposes which includes animals used for ads and commercials-and in the circus-animals used for entertainment purposes. Laws are in place that concern animal bookers requiring they be permitted, follow regulations and be subjected to regular inspections. Laws concerning animals that are bred to sell their off spring…There can be no double standard where the law is concerned yet these IRS 501-C-3 Not for Profit status organizations are given a free ride…not likely the animals you see in those pictures or videos from the ASPCA or HSUS or other vegan based homegrown Animal Rights Terrorist Organization has a USDA connected to it yet they collect money off the unregulated animals proclaiming it’s to help animals that, in turn, use your money for propaganda and the creation of more laws that don’t help animals. DEMAND THAT ALL RESCUES HAVE A USDA/APHIS permit…after all, an adoption of an animal is a sale of an animal and the law is for ALL animal businesses be regulated!!!


Animal owners, when using their animals for commercial purposes, are regulated and required to purchase a permit thru the USDA/APHIS agency and this should also include rescue organizations. This should include the making of ads and commercials for donations or selling animals especially if they are using rescued animals in consideration that we are led to believe that the animals in those ads and TV commercials are suffering and would then be subjected to being EXPLOITED for commercial purpose by a NFP organization. The USDA/APHIS, in charge of making sure that the regulations of the Animal Welfare Act has neglected to their responsibility to provide for ‘rescued animals’ and of great concern in consideration that these animals are being sold…The USDA/APHIS government agency has stated that no matter what it’s called-including adoption-it is the sale of an animal!!!

The Secretary of Agriculture in charge of the USDA/APHIS agencies left his post as of Friday-Tom Vilsack, largely connected to vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists Organizations, is largely to blame for allowing the agency to be infiltrated by Fanatics and pushed for outrageous laws and regulations while ignoring the cries from Ohio about the abuse of Governor Kasich’s ODA abuse of animals and their owners, ignoring the abuse at certain rescues and sanctuaries…The Secretary of Agriculture is the most important figure concerning American Animal Culture. The cries of people falsely accused have gone by ignored by the FBI even though their job to defend and protect the rights of US citizens.

Animal GreedHSUS is the eye at the center of extreme FAKE NEWS and HATE CRIMES against ALL animal owners.

Has no one paid attention to the new law created by President Obama concerning Fake News or that there are laws written concerning Hate Crimes?!? While I don’t like FAKE news I believe in freedom of the press and my right to write in this blog to point out the FAKE news and HATE crimes…

Focus on exotic animals and exotic animal ownership:

Carole Baskin/Big Cat Rescue/BCR will be the focus of this post demonstrating her FAKE NEWS and Hate CRIMES against private exotic animal owners and anyone who doesn’t side with her and her opinion. Baskin has targeted businesses and against commerce the utilizes animals.

Baskin’s actions are a federal offence of the Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act (AETA) which are both Criminal and Civil Offenses. That’s not to say that the other Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist Organizations are of less importance -Wayne Pacelle/HSUS along with Ingrid Newkirk are also at the center of this ‘shit storm’ with their promotions against people having relationships with animals and ALL animal usage. HSUS is NOT a government agency but instead a NFP TERRORIST organization committed to their cause dictating for more useless illegal and unconstitutional laws and regulations from small towns to federal creation.

These organizations are completely against all animal ownership and usage. They promote the creation of illegal and unconstitutional laws against all animal owner usage…None of those and many others should be allowed to continue to be considered a charity and/or hold an IRS NFP 501-C-3 and/or C-4 status which allows for paying lobbyists and involved in the election process or the creation of laws and regulations with donated money-By no means are those organizations involved in charity work especially when they utilize FAKE NEWS in the process. HSUS has no animal shelters and provides less than 1% of the funding collected to help animals-Might as well say none of the funding helps any animals but instead will pay high salaries, law suits, commercials and ads, lawyers, retirement funds, etc.-animals, their ’cause’ is overlooked by themselves, the IRS and the Animal Welfare Act.


Take a look at Carole Baskin’s 911 Animal Abuse.com site. The site has been an issue of concern for years by exotic animal owners. Baskin claims the site is educational…How can it possibly be considered educational when there are so many false statements, slanders people and promotes issues concerning Criminal AETA offenses?!? I say the slander and deceitful intentional lies demonstrates it as FAKE NEWS and a HATE CRIME…much of it is repeating non-factual news (FAKE NEWS) and promoting for the readers to take action against animal owners and businesses where no crime exists and is an AETA offense!!! This includes the website and all social media as well as all media outlets these types of organizations utilize.

Tiger scam

Web of Not-For-Peofits created by Carole Baskin as CEO

Baskin also writes FAKE complaints to the USDA and encourages her readers to do the same. This should also be considered an extreme offense (AETA); A waste of both donated and taxpayer money-YOUR MONEY!!! Each and every complaint is required to be investigated yet the complaints themselves are not investigated and nor is anyone punished for false claims and filing FAKE reports. Fake reports equivalent to FAKE NEWS and definitely an AETA offense!!!


What is 911AnimalAbuse.com?

For those of you that aren’t already aware of Big Cat Rescue’s wall of shame, 911 Animal Abuse, despite the name, it’s a website basically created for the sole purpose of smearing the name and reputation of people and businesses that don’t align with Big Cat Rescue’s ideology. Upon hearing the name, most people would think 911 Animal Abuse is a website dedicated to exposing animal abuse and cruelty, they wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that, but the truth is a little different. You don’t even have to abuse an animal or own an exotic animal to have your business or personal information splattered across multiple pages of that website…

[More from the above link-Follow the link for the entire article]

Why is Juan Garcia Being Targeted?

I, one of their most recent additions, was added for simply speaking against Big Cat Rescue. I can only assume by adding me to their website they’re attempting to discredit my good name by associating it with animal abuse. Among other things, they claim I’m simply a voice for those that own and exhibit big cats which couldn’t be further from the truth, but the truth and Big Cat Rescue don’t go hand in hand. The fact that I was added onto that website and essentially labeled an animal abuser for only being outspoken against Big Cat Rescue and for visiting multiple facilities to see how they compare, proves just how deceitful and erroneous that website truly is.

Unsurprisingly, the page dedicated to me has gone through many recent changes in the course of little over a month. You can view the changes yourself by clicking HERE and navigating through the archived history of that page.

They even resorted to stealing a picture of me from my Facebook account from the time I was still attending high school and posted the city I resided in along with the full address of my residence. I’m sure we can all agree that that was a very dishonorable thing to do as I, myself, haven’t stooped low enough to do that on my website even though I could have done that quite a while back which would likely please many disgruntled people. Before I retaliated I found that my address was removed. I can only speculate that it was removed because it made them look like the aggressor when they wanted to paint my image as one…

Who Runs 911AnimalAbuse.com?

If you’re new to all of this then I’m sure you’re wondering how exactly do I know 911 Animal Abuse is run by Big Cat Rescue, specifically Carole Baskin, Founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue. Well, here’s how I know, the front page of that website says so. Susan Bass is Big Cat Rescue’s PR person.
To read the rebuttal, please follow the link-
In closing, Juan Garcia states: “On a side note, it seems like people who have Hispanic names and comment negatively about Big Cat Rescue will now end up on the 911 Animal Abuse website probably because they think they must be connected to me. Check this page out that popped up at around the same time they created a page about me.”
All those groups connected-BCR is GFAS which is unverified as it can’t be verified yet accepted as a member. GFAS connected to HSUS and if you look at the chart you can see they donate to each other somewhere along the way. This is dangerous to not only exotic animal ownership but to ALL animal ownership-Consider yourself well informed.
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned…Follow this blog and SHARE it’s posts…Find the others find people who fight against Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists from taking away your rights!!! -B

from Humane Watch- Detroit Zoo CEO Aligns with PETA and HSUS—and Against Zoos

•January 5, 2017 • 2 Comments

It’s more than likely that the Detroit Zoo does not stand alone considering the laws in Michigan. As is, the Michigan cruelty laws are, as well they should be of great concern. Michigan has made the issue of animal cruelty a felony making anyone accused and appears simply by accusation, guilty and the non-existent ‘crime’ with a far greater penalty. Many an animal owner will now become a felon with a victimless crime that does nothing for the concern of animal welfare in fact, helps no animals.

This past year, an inexperienced Michigan Animal Control officer with minimal training, accused private exotic animal owners of cruelty and without any ownership hearing, without any actual criminal cause as there can be no crime against a persons property and therefore, a victimless crime; the animals (their property) were seized and given to a Michigan Zoo and an out of state animal sanctuary; both desiring the gain of the animals, held ill-intent towards the property’s actual legal longstanding owners. The results became the gain of the very expensive animals who had never been abused to become additions to the Binder Park Zoo and Black Pine Animal SanctuaryThere was no crime ever committed other than the crime of accusing the owners yet imposed punishment on the owners and the ‘gift’ in the taking of their animals and awarding them those establishments  as if some sort of reward. Animals were sent from full on contact with their owners to places that support no contact and against private exotic animal ownership although was what those animals were accustom.

Links of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/zoo-wars-call-for-action-protest-binder-park-zoo-killing-innocent-crippled-animal-be-that-voice-for-animals/


Michigan’s Detroit Zoo is far from being alone against private ownership of exotic animals least anyone forget the outright bans in some states and the outrageous laws that are improperly applied in Ohio since the creation of Kasich’s new laws and near outright ban supported by Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo.

Jack Hanna with Kasich signing SB310 as law

There was no ownership hearing but instead a hearing concerning the ultimate outcome of placing animals and gives rise for real concern.


from HumaneWatch:


Detroit Zoo CEO Aligns with PETA and HSUS-and AGAINST Zoos

Last month, Harvard’s “animal law” program hosted a two-day event on the federal Animal Welfare Act whereby activist lawyers plotted how they would change the law so that they could start a deluge of litigation against animal owners. The Harvard program is run by a former PETA lawyer and a former litigator for the Animal Legal Defense Fund (more PETA lawyers, essentially), so its agenda is exactly what you’d expect: Using the legal system to push animal liberation. But there was one speaker who, at first glance, would seem out of place: Detroit Zoo CEO Ron Kagan.

It seems odd that a guy in charge of a zoo would show up to hobnob with radical activists who want to shut down these facilities. But after a little digging, it begins to make sense. The only mystery is why the Detroit Zoo’s board continues to keep him around.

The first thing you should know about Ron Kagan is that he’s a known liar. Kagan was docked pay in 2007 when it emerged that he had lied about receiving a Ph.D. from Hebrew University. The Detroit City Council—the city owns the zoo’s land and animals—gave the non-doctor a public vote of no confidence. Yet despite that flap, in recent years Kagan’s pay has skyrocketed. In 2014 he earned $767,000, a jump of 162% in just 3 years, and he even gets housing on the Detroit Zoo grounds. Keep in mind that taxpayers from this recently bankrupt city are supporting the zoo in part.

But more disturbingly, Kagan has chosen to ally himself with PETA. In a Tedx speech last year, Kagan calls PETA his “partner”:

You’ll notice here just a small handful of partners that we work with on lots of issues. PETA is one of them. If people who work in zoos and aquariums don’t define themselves as people for the ethical treatment of animals, who would? So we don’t view them as the enemy, we view them as partners.

PETA as a partner for zoos? PETA wants to shut down all zoos. PETA calls zoos “prisons” and claims zoos are a form of “slavery.” PETA would rather—by its own admission—see elephants killed than be cared for in a zoo, much as the group has killed 35,000 animals by its own hand. Kagan has also received a “Backbone Award” from PETA, which he boasts about in his LinkedIn profile.

Kagan’s also been an ally of PETA’s big brother, the Humane Society of the United States—even going against the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to do it. Kagan brought HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle out to Detroit in 2011 for a symposium, and HSUS gave Kagan a slot at its Taking Action for Animals conference the following year. Detroit Zoo also signed on to a petition, alongside HSUS and other radical groups, submitted to the USDA in 2013 to ban people from taking pictures with baby tigers or bear cubs. Not a single other zoo was a petitioner—in fact, the AZA has serious concerns about the petition.

At the Harvard law event last month, Kagan argued for enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act to move from the USDA to the Department of Justice. Think about that for a second. Instead of inspections and enforcement being done by USDA staff, does Kagan think they should be done by the FBI, US Marshals, or DEA? Does he want the Hostage Rescue Team to helicopter in armed with automatic rifles if a bonobo’s cage isn’t clean? We’re being a tad facetious, but the idea that we should move animal welfare enforcement to a more militaristic branch of the federal government ought to concern everyone, to say nothing of the wisdom of diverting resources that are better spent fighting drug cartels and terrorists.

At the end of the day, there are people who believe in zoos—that is, most of society—and a small band of radicals that wants to do away with our ability to have animals. It’s clear which side Kagan is on. The question is, will the zoo community leadership keep letting this fox in the henhouse?


As bad as the USDA/APHIS is, I am having trouble rapping my head around giving authority to the Department of Justice for Animal Welfare issues-Kagan is completely out of his mind for even coming up with that idea, and then promoted it-seriously!?!

Jade Helm2

 The issue of animal ownership can not and must not be taken so lightly as to take animals from one animal owner and placing it into the hands of another.

BCR Watch poster


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

Bye 2016-Hello 2017…Happy New Year

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I just abandoned my end of the year post-Deciding instead to just wish you a Happy New Year and to speak of a few things on my mind…January 20, 2017 is just around the corner and I welcome a new president and the new administration…

Bye-Bye UN Agenda 21/2030 and the idea of the New World Order leaning towards the total destruction of the American Way of Life and our American Animal Culture…Their will be a new sheriff in town adhering to US policies, the US Constitution and a devote respect for Civil Liberty rights.

HELLO 2017, now just hours away and I’m compelled to say that I’m looking forward to hearing who the new Secretary of Agriculture will be and the changes that are about to take place to protect our American Way of Life. I am hopeful that there will be protection of our American Animal Culture by putting a halt to animal owners being terrorized by vegan based, homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists -Their groups and organizations of untrained, non government individuals with their emotionally generated opinions of their claims of animal cruelty and making every attempt to be a crime when no crime has been committed considering there isn’t a victim-only people can be victims by law, not animals…Time to recognize this fact and to put an end to laws that help no animals while criminalizing people.

Bye Bye to untrained non government people who create the illegal and unconstitutional laws. Laws should never be created that are based on emotionally driven politics that don’t help animals but by creation make criminals of animal owners…Repeating myself-There can be no crime when there is no victim-Laws are created and needed to protect people…period!!! Right to life, liberty and PROPERTY-YOUR ANIMALS are YOUR PROPERTY-No one has the right to take property when no crime has been committed and let me add, it is completely unlawful to seize property with no criminal charges.


Hopefully Carole Baskin ceo for Big Cat Rescue will finally be exposed by the authorities and to the public for the lies and destruction of the lives perpetuated on animal owners…I am hopeful they will find out what happened the actual bodies of 179 animals MISSING-Just as I am hopeful the body of her late husband will be found. Baskin has furs on display in her party room but lacks any explanation for what happened to the rest of their bodies-There is no explanation to be found of laying their bodies to rest. Did she sell the bones and other body parts with a high demand for tiger bones and body parts-possibly their flesh went for human consumption!?! Will her PETA/HSUS/GFAS supporters continue with their support under such circumstance as missing animal bodies continue to accumulate?!? I hope that she is forced to show actual proof of where 179 animals have been laid to rest-and wondering if she can!!!-HA!

Just answer the question1

One of Obama’s recent executive actions is against FAKE news-What about Carol Baskins 911 animal abuse site against animal owners and her reproduction of Fake News?!? How about all those dreadful deceptive ads and TV commercials produced by HSUS/PETA/ASPCA and all the other Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists Organization and their filing false reports of animal cruelty?!? New laws for 2017…Where do we report Fake News?!?



PETA still attacking animal owners in 2016-Will things change in 2017?



PETA Threatens beloved Family Zoo

In the latest animal rights outrage, the misnamed People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is attacking two American businesses and using taxpayer money to remove animals from our lives.   In the first case, PETA is threatening to sue the family owned DeYoung Family Zoo in upper Michigan owned by Bud DeYoung and Carrie Cramer because these vegan extremists just don’t like how experienced animal owners are caring for their animals.

The DeYoung Zoo which opened in 1990 has many large natural habitat areas and was featured on the My Life is a Zoo television show on National Geographic recently.   The downside to being featured in the media is that it invites urban animal rights hysterics to believe that the DeYoungs need PETA’s keyboard warrior permission to care for their animals.  Surprising no one, a reporter from New York City was outraged when Carrie Cramer kissed a hyena on the show. How dare she! How unhygienic! I wonder if he stays up at night stressing over the millions of Americans who allow their dogs to sleep on their beds.

Fortunately the public has a vastly different opinion of animal care than the media and these out of touch activists.  Over 70,000 people a year visit the DeYoung zoo to interact with their big cats, bears, chimpanzee and a multitude of other animals. The zoo also successfully bred endangered Siberian tigers in the past, helping the species to avoid extinction. Today, Michigan has outlawed breeding.  The breed ban now contributes to the extinction of these beautiful big cats.

PETA is also threatening to sue the Missouri Primate Foundation in Missouri. The Missouri Primate Foundation is a 15 acre USDA licensed, charitable sanctuary for unwanted chimpanzees. Owner, Connie Casey takes in retired performing animals and animals that have lost their homes through exotic animal bans in other states. To raise money to care for all the animals, in the past the Casey’s ran a company called Chimparty in which the younger more social animals were used as actors on commercials, for ads such a series of Hallmark cards, or paid educational visits to nursing homes and schools. Activists who are against animals being used for entertainment were outraged and the business closed after numerous activist attacks.

In both cases, PETA recently sent out their typical threatening letters bullying these two organizations over ownership of their chimpanzees. Slandering their reputation and defaming the DeYoung Zoo by characterizing them as a “notorious roadside zoo,” PETA is threatening to sue them under the federal Endangered Species Act. Show me a zoo in America that you can’t get to by a road? Using the typical animal rights hypocrisy and talking out of both sides of their mouth, PETA claims that visitors are allowed to gawk at Louie the chimp yet at the same time he lacks an active stimulating life.   Get serious!

This is the same PETA who believes that people do not have the right to own pets and recently told a Virginia court that dogs are worthless and that stealing and killing a little girl’s dog was not “outrageous” conduct on their behalf. In their Notice of Intent to File Citizen Suit against the Missouri Primate Foundation,  PETA claims “the Chimpanzees are confined to cages that lack sufficient space, both horizontally and vertically, to allow them to express the physical behaviors of a chimpanzee.”  As if PETA would know. Nothing but a cult made up of largely urban vegans, PETA has no expertise in what chimpanzees need. PETA does not run a single animal sanctuary anywhere. PETA further offered to transport the chimps to a PETA approved Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) facility that does not allow the public to see the animals in their care.

For more please follow the above link


BREAKING: Surrender is not an option-Taking Action Against the Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists


Wallace, Michigan – In response to the People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) recent threats to sue the family owned DeYoung Family Zoo, Harold DeYoung, owner and operator of the zoo, filed a lawsuit today, December 27, 2016, for declaratory and injunctive relief and defamation against the radical animal rights organization.

Kurtis B. Reeg, the managing partner of Goldberg Segalla, LLP’s, St. Louis office, and his colleague Lynn A. Lehnert, both attorneys representing Cavalry Group member, Harold DeYoung, filed the lawsuit in response to PETA’s false claims that the zoo’s possession of certain chimpanzees is in violation of the federal Endangered Species Act.
Mark Patterson, CEO of The Cavalry Group, LLC stated, “PETA’s false allegations against the DeYoung family zoo is nothing more than an effort to run a successful and law abiding animal enterprise out of business while at the same time using it’s slanted media reports as a fundraiser for this  radical animal rights group. PETA’s false claims are rooted in emotionally charged propaganda aligned with their radical animal rights ideology, and PETA has repeatedly used this tactic and their fundraising to attack small business owners.”
The DeYoung Family Zoo, a mainstay business and attraction in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for many years, has provided outstanding care and habitat for the chimpanzees who would perish if introduced back into the wild.   PETA, which is considered a militant animal rights group, advocates banning private ownership of exotic animals, and claims the DeYoung’s chimps would be better off living out their lives in a so-called animal sanctuary, typically run by like-minded animal rightists who know little about proper care of chimpanzees.   PETA’s track record shows very little interest in the negative consequences of their actions.
The DeYoung Family Zoo, a member of the nationwide animal enterprise advocacy group The Cavalry Group, is fighting back in court to protect their lawful business against the abuse from this activist animal rights group.

The Cavalry Group is a member based company working to protect and defend the Constitutional and private property rights of law abiding animal owners, animal related businesses, sportsmen, and agricultural concerns legally and legislatively, nationwide.  


But you need a serch warrant to do that


No search warrant it’s called TRESPASSING!!!
Personal Note-Never forget-sending my message-Hopefully Sheriff McKnight got the message loud and clear!!! Breaking the law with no criminal action and there was no victim accept the people abused thru unlawful procedure of the law…John Wilson-Theft of his animals without due process…Teresa Reynes…theft of her animals with unlawful due process making her a criminal…and the list will continue in Marion County until he gets the message loud and clear so, I’ll keep sending it -Protect the community and the real victims of a crime LAWFULLY!!! And I’ll keep reminding him as long as he remains a law enforcement officer and maybe thereafter, considering the duress continues!!!


So Happy New Year!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

Zoo Wars~Governor Kasich Linked to the Killing of Another Big Cat-Shere Con

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A few years back, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed into Ohio law a ban on exotic animal ownership. The law has cost Taxpayers millions tat would be better spent of helping PEOPLE residing in the state of Ohio. And it’s not just Ohio Taxpayers but what goes on in Ohio costs all Taxpayers throughout the United States. Besides the money spent to create but includes and not limited to the creation of the law itself, an agency known as the ODA, an exotic animal penitentiary, staffing for an agency (ODA) for regulation and the penitentiary (the animals that are confiscated or surrendered when people can not possibly comply with the new regulations although many hold a USDA permit, have for years and well within or exceeding the USDA regulations), sending sway teams in and guards during the illegal and inhumane treatment of animals…The list goes on and beyond anything you would expect; ridding the state of exotic animals (Personal Property)  is rather extensive…The enforcement team is nothing short of a group of Nazi like state employees who have over-step the limits of the law that were set in place to keep US citizens from theft of personal property.

Jack Hanna with Kasich signing SB310 as lawSigning the Exotic Animal Ban-Governor Kasich being congratulated by Jack Hanna who supported the ban.

Governor Kasich is well aware of these FACTS yet he’s done nothing to stop the illegal enforcement by the ODA. Amy property seized in Ohio is to remain in Ohio especially when there  are laws in place to protect to protect the property-Property rights are a Civil Liberty as all IS citizens are guaranteed their right to life, liberty and property as established by the creation of the constitution and it’s amendments. Animals are of no interest to the government beyond a public safety issue and this law does not address the actual reason they claim as reason for the laws creation which was based on a lie. The day will come when the actual truth is exposed as to what happened the night Terry Thompson died-Remember, the FBI did NOT investigate the matter but instead was instead by the local sheriff over a situation where the evidence, simply put, just doesn’t add up. There is still a reward out there for information concerning the Thompson’s death and one day someone will step forward to provide that information and to collect that reward.

This is a meltdown of humane treatment of animals by the state and the unlawful treatment of Ohio citizens with an illegal and unconstitutional law…That truth already exposed and thousands of US citizens are appalled.

11998925_10205911240319086_4978623254050456191_nLeo died at the Ohio Exotic Animal Penitentiary due to poor animal husbandry skills of the ODA.

The facility does NOT provide for the basic needs of any animal thus less large habitats, air or sunlight.
This facility can be and has been compared to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp* used by Hitler during World War II.

I am saddened to learn another animal has died away from her owners and a death that could have been possibly prevented had proper vet care been provided. A death that could have been prevented because ripping animals from their actual owners and caregivers most certainly would have notice their was a health issue rather that being moved numerous times adding additional stress imposed on animals caught in a system of bad wrongful laws.

shere-con-3 shere-con shere-con2

RIP Shere Khan

“Then the devil spawn ODA struck again. I really think they are trying to push us over the edge, well I got news for them.. I jumped off that cliff a long time ago, and climbed back up. Twice. So keep pushing, me and my army are pushing right back at you. You may enjoy the power trip your on now but your decisions and actions will be judged not only by a court of law and your peers but by God. You will have to justify your sins against a man and community that just loved and wanted to care for HIS animals. how any of them sleep at night is beyond me.
It’s time to fight back harder than ever or they are going to pick off the animals one by one. We need to be heard loud and clear all the way to Kasich’s office. Tomorrow I declare war…”


Tiger Ridge tiger dies at Colorado sanctuary

One of the tigers seized by state agents in early 2015 from a Wood County man was killed at a Colorado sanctuary Sunday, according to a statement released this afternoon by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Veterinarians had diagnosed the tiger known as Shere Khan with malignant melanoma after a biopsy of a mass in her mouth.

“Five veterinarians, representing Colorado State University, the Wild Animal Sanctuary, and ODA, examined the animal, reviewed its medical condition and spoke to the tiger’s regular caretakers,” department spokesman Mark Bruce said in the emailed statement. “The group unanimously decided humane euthanasia was the appropriate course of action for the animal.”

Corrina Hetrick Dankert, daughter of owner Kenny Hetrick of Tiger Ridge Exotics in Stony Ridge, said the female tiger should have been at home in her final days.

“She should never have had to have died in a place she didn’t know,” Mrs. Dankert said, noting she blames the department and not the Colorado sanctuary that was caring for the animal recently.

Shere Khan was one of three tigers and a Kodiak brown bear that in October had been removed from Spirit of the Hills sanctuary in South Dakota after an inspection by the U.S. Department of Agriculture revealed serious problems, including the poor conditions of Shere Khan and Kody, the bear.

“Had the ODA been watching her care more closely, they may have been able to catch this earlier and taken care of it,” Mrs. Dankert said. “That cancer’s growth didn’t occur overnight. Who knows how long she had it before the USDA came in, saw it, and said they had to do something about it.”

The other remaining animals are in sanctuaries in Arizona and Florida.

A necropsy is to be completed at Colorado State University.

“There is no amount of animal husbandry or medical care that could have prevented this diagnosis or prolonged the animal’s life in a humane way,” Mr. Bruce said.

The Hetrick family has been embroiled in a number of legal battles after the ODA seized 11 large exotic animals from the Tiger Ridge property in January, 2015, because Mr. Hetrick did not obtain a permit as required by state law.

An elderly lion in failing health known as Leo was killed at the ODA’s holding facility in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, in April, 2015.

“It just reopens everything,” Mrs. Dankert said. “If we win this, how many animals are we actually going to get back?”

A Wood County judge in November ruled on two cases regarding Mr. Hetrick’s permit applications, ordering the animals returned and permit applications granted, but the orders were stayed pending the state’s appeal in the 6th District Court of Appeals.

Another appeal regarding the state’s original transfer order for the animals is pending in Franklin County, as is a third action in the Wood County court regarding the 2015 search warrant.


The kicker-Did Shere Con actually receive the most up-to-date care in the treatment of a malignant tumor? Thanks to research done by my dear friend-it is questionable that the vets in CO at TWAS considered what the best treatment would be and certainly wouldn’t have been to put her to sleep as the first option!!!


Diagnosis and treatment of a dermal Malignant Melanoma in an African lion (Panthera Leo)

ArticleinJournal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 44(3):721-7 · September 2013with55 Reads

DOI: 10.1638/2013-0023R2.1 · Source: PubMed
A 13-yr-old intact male African lion (Panthera leo) presented with a 4-mo history of left maxillary lip swelling. On physical examination, a 10-cm-diameter, ulcerated, round, firm, and pigmented mass at the level of the left maxillary canine tooth was noticed. All other organ systems examined were within normal limits. Multiple biopsies of the mass were collected and fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin. Histopathologic evaluation of the biopsies revealed a malignant dermal melanoma. Hematologic and plasma biochemical parameters were within normal reference ranges. Thoracic radiographs taken 3 days following initial presentation showed no evidence of metastasis of the tumor. Computed tomography of the skull and neck was performed to evaluate local tumor invasion and to plan for hypofractionated radiation therapy. Therapy included four weekly treatments of 8 gray external-beam hypofractionated radiation and four bimonthly immunotherapy treatments. Following this treatment regime, the tumor size was reduced by 50%, and surgical excision was performed. No major side effects associated with radiation or immunotherapy were seen. Six months after diagnosis, hematologic and plasma biochemical parameters were within normal limits, thoracic radiographs showed no evidence of metastasis, and the lion showed no clinical signs of disease. The lion will continue to receive immunotherapy every 6 mo for the rest of its life. To the authors’ knowledge, this is the first report of a successful treatment of a malignant dermal melanoma with external-beam hypofractionated radiation, immunotherapy, and surgical excision in an African lion.
Apparently Pat Craig’s vets are not up-to-date yet that article was written in 2013!!! I contend that Shere Con did not have to die because only an actual owner would have done all the research to make proper treatment possible. Pat Craig is not the actual owner of those animals and likely a low priority on his list.
TWAS should be held responsible for this senseless death where no attempt was made to continue her life.

Neither Dead or Alive, Shere Con’s remains will not be returned to Tiger Ridge…Her owner Kenny Hetrick will not be seeing Shere Con again. Note: Carole Baskin collects the skins and even bones of her animals and on display in the BCR Party Room and trophy hunters collect the remains of the animals they kill; both prime examples that indicate the value of these animals after their death. Whether Kenny Hetrick would collect some of the remains before laying her to rest will remain unknown. It is a FACT that he and his family are suffering and grieving over the losses that the Governor of Ohio is responsible for once he signed that bill to become [BAD] law. Anyone who has lost a pet knows what this family is feeling right now. Governor Kasich should be held libel for the senseless deaths of the Tiger Ridge animals even if the court case is lost. The Hetrick family remains the legal longstanding owners of their animals. YOU the Taxpayer should be alarmed no matter where you live in the United States as YOUR tax money is paying for the abuse of US citizens and their animals (Valuable property).


Meanwhile, Pat Craig’s Wild Animal Sanctuary who was paid with Taxpayer dollars, YOUR MONEY, to provide for the transport and care of the Tiger Ridge animals yet has used their likeness to produce one of those heart-wrenching rescue videos for the collection of funds for the animals transport and care…Can you say F-R-A-U-D?!? This should be reported to Charity Navigator

Video can be found on The Wild Animal Sanctuary FB page, November 16, 2016…He did not have permission from the animals actual owner to use their animals in the making of a video to collect donations-It’s legally libel and The Hetricks should pursue a lawsuit for the use of their animals in the making of “Anatomy of Rescue” published 11/16/2016 as a promotion to collect donations which in this case would be FRAUD as he was paid by taxpayers…Remember, this the guy who threatened to kill all his animals if he didn’t receive donations-Just how was it responsible for the ODA to place those animals in the care of a crazy person?!?

Over 17,000 likes…Over a 1.6 million views…No telling how much money was collected as donations with this heart-wrenching professional video similar to others put out and promoted by others and was made intentionally to gather finds for TWAS; however, that money should go to Hetricks because this video was made for the collecting of funds based on a lie-TWAS was paid for transport and is being paid to provide for those animals!!! No permission or contract was ever made with the Hetricks family who are the actual owners of the animals by law NOT the ODA!!!

Anatomy of Rescue can be found here: WARNING-You might just puke in your mouth over this shot!!! https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheWildAnimalSanctuary/videos/?ref=page_internal

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog-Share wildly -B

*”Nazi Germany is the common English name for the period in German history from 1933 to 1945, when the country was governed by a dictatorship under the control of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Under Hitler’s rule, Germany was transformed into a fascist state in which the Nazi Party took totalitarian control over nearly all aspects of life.”

Freedom-The Animal Welfare Act-Was It Designed to Protect Freedom or Take It Away?

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My thoughts…I am reminded of ‘fifty years’-The Animal Welfare Act-What as well as Why it was created and What it has become since it’s creation and enforcement. You wouldn’t think that animal welfare would need to be enforced however, the Animal Welfare Act has little to do with the welfare of any animal.

The Animal Welfare Act is actually a regulatory system to provide a government form of issuing licensees to regulate businesses utilizing certain LIVE animals in three categories, Breeding, Exhibiting and Broker sales of warm blooded animals excluding livestock such as cows and horses.

Regulations were put in place that required businesses to comply within certain regulations supposedly for the protection of the live animals. Those standards have changed over the years and have provided a means to confiscate animals although that action goes beyond the intent as a licensing agency as it’s nothing more. It has the right to suspend or challenge a business’ right to remain in business but was not created to take property from legal longstanding owners of the animals…such action would be unconstitutional however the Animal Welfare Act is, by it’s creation, is illegal and unconstitutional.

Throughout the United States, we are told we can trust in a system that has allowed the over-reach of the USDA/APHIS agency to regulate animal usage. However, cities, counties and states have also created their own set, a new set of animal usage laws that concern private animal ownership.

City, county, state, and more federal laws have been created since to regulate an already regulated federal government regulatory agency…ALL of it illegal and unconstitutional!

American Animal Culture allows for all animal usage. -That translates to all animal usage as guided by those constitutional rights provided in the amendments to those constitutions. The Animal Welfare Act is and of itself is an outreach of the government towards regulations that do nothing to help a single animal but instead, with the flip of a pen, can put any business utilizing live animals out of business. It is a fact that it is your God-given right to provide for your family whether that’s through a business utilizing animals as a means for income, eating meat, hunting, and even reaching for the American Dream of every family to own family  pets. This is a major part for Americans living FREE from government intrusion into the lives of all American citizens; especially when there has been no crime committed against anyone. No crime can be committed against any animal as animals are not protected by the constitution and its amendments.

FREEDOM-What Does That Mean?

Freedom is the most important virtue in America. We not only strive to protect our freedom on our home front to be safe from anyone taking away our freedom but we strive world wide to protect the freedom in other lands with concern for human rights against atrocities.

American Freedom is the leader of the free world as exceptional with safeguards to protect that freedom.

American Freedom means that we strive to be the best that we can be.


The government decided that they needed the Animal Welfare Act so that certain standards are met but only for the purpose of regulating the business for consumer protection; in essence, created as an interest pertaining to public safety issues when none have ever existed. Businesses registered, bought their permits and agreed to inspections of their facilities as part of that regulation; no matter where that business is conducted. From small businesses doing business from home to larger businesses doing business on a much larger scale; all businesses are required to operate within the same regulations…Forced to buy permits, to be licensed and subject to inspections without a warrant! There was no actual reason for concern from the get go…Most people and businesses are considered in to keep ARFs away but has since backfired as they have infiltrated the agency designed to permit and regulate with Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists gaining control over the USDA and are busy using this agency it to file complaints even when no violation exists with a waste of tax payer money-You bet you are paying the price of it!!!-from complaints, sending inspectors for investigation and writing reports-I venture to say EVERY facility is now under investigation with the few exceptions of those in association with HSUS, PETA, ASPCA and other homegrown vegan based Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist organizations.


The SPCA was the first to become concerned with animal welfare in all phases of animal usage and began to create laws concerning animal protection; deeply involved with the creation of the Animal Welfare Act just as PETA, HSUS and the numerous other vegan based Fanatical Animal Rights organizations. ALL humane societies and animal rescues which includes adopting (selling) out animals needing homes, flourished as a less expensive means to purchase an animal and at the same time giving an animal in need a home with an American family. Humane societies and most animal rescues remain un-regulated by the government.

Animals are purchased yet many (the majority) of these places do NOT pay sales tax on their sales of animals and therefore, not contributing in any way shape or form to the community where they are in residence or with the IRS allowing businesses to obtain a 501-C-3 status  for DONATIONS NOT SALES even though the same does NOT pertain to retail sales.

Pet shops had always sold animals, considered reliable places for purchasing animals and contributed by paying both state sales tax and federal tax as a business yet suddenly, in recent years, Pet Shops are being forbidden from selling companion animals that were purchased from USDA/APHIS permit holders, now referred to as ‘puppy mills’.

Now I don’t know about you, but as a US citizen, I am put off by the over regulation of businesses using animals and then forbidding places that would utilize animals for live animal or companion sales from pet shops and other places that were a reliable source for purchasing animals. It takes away my freedom of choice and the freedom of free enterprise to ban the sales of pure-bred animals yet allow these so called recued mutts as the only available source to purchase companion animals that I repeat, are unregulated!!!.

Suddenly, there are other laws created to prevent those sales and limiting the freedom of each and every American of  a ‘choice’. The price on those ‘rescued’ animals now escalated and beyond what any breeder dared to charge for a purebred animal, thus less a mutt.

More laws created for the sole purpose to limit what US citizens are allowed to own and even how many animals that they are allowed. Other laws have now been created outside The Animal Welfare Act that insinuate that ownership of an animal, any animal, has translated to animal ownership being equivalent to abuse and that the USDA/APHIS form of regulation with the purchase of permits and licensing is un-reliable, not worth the paper the document is written on and their inspections scrutinized. No longer do people enjoy their freedom of animal ownership but instead choose to own no animals or be in a business partnered with animals. And this is helping animals…HOW???

As breeders are put out of business and with fewer places to raid, animals are brought in from other countries with the claim of rescue. Really, are animals from other countries more important than homegrown animals in need-NO! Yet animals are killed just to make room for more animals being brought in from other countries and out of state. The community mutt now regarded as less value and unadoptable when other animals are available and will cost more. Most animals coming from other countries are coming from breeders and never was a rescue to begin with…Those animals are un-regulated, not properly vetted before entering this country and bring unknown diseases to the US.  Animals from other states fetching a greater price with tell-tell stores of rescue. With fewer places breeding and animal owners to raid, it has become necessary to import the high demand puppies that fetch greater fees. That stray animal is now considered of no value and disposable -A quick injection covers that problem-PROBLLEM???

Sanctuaries and zoos are being raided and ownership shifted to another that could also end up in a raid and shifted once again. It goes on and on with wild stores of abuse and improper care which began with the creation of the Animal Welfare Act and the regulatory USDA/APHIS passing judgement based on personal opinion. Exotic animals shifted from their legal rightful owners that they enjoyed a relationship with are stressed each time they are relocated to anther facility and most are no contact facilities.

So, as I am reminded of the conflict of laws and over-regulation of animals. I am reminded of the harm it has brought to animals and their owners rather than the intent of the creation of the act.

Animals are being destroyed to accept more either to exhibit or sell, and I haven’t even addressed all venues that are effected by the Animal Welfare Act…Anywhere where animals are used for business purposes are under attack including your sources for food and what will be on the dinner table tonight.

from Protect the Harvest:


“Your rights and ability to feed your family are under attack.
Most Americans are completely unaware.
Sign up for our newsletter to keep informed: http://protecttheharvest.com/newsletter-sign-up/Extreme special interests in America have evolved into a wealthy and successful attack industry determined to control our farmers, eliminate hunting, outlaw animal exhibitions (like rodeos and circuses), and restrict animal ownership. The result is an America that is less free and less prosperous, with reduced access to affordable food.
Protect The Harvest was created to defend and preserve the freedoms of American consumers, farmers, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts, and animal owners.
Our Mission: Inform. Protect. Respond.
We have three objectives:

INFORM America’s consumers, businesses and decision-makers about the threats posed by animal rights groups and anti-farming extremists.

PROTECT our freedoms and way of life by creating lasting legal safeguards for farmers, ranchers, hunters, anglers, and animal owners.

RESPOND to the activities of radical groups by opposing their efforts to pass laws or enact regulations that would restrict our rights, limit our freedoms, and hinder our access to safe, affordable food.”

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

Zoo Wars-Animal Cruelty Caught in Video at Big Cat Rescue

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I’ve said all along that the things Baskin claims that others do, are the things Big Cat Rescue does themselves!!!
This is the video that is Carole Baskin’s nightmare come true!!! CEO Big Cat Rescue/BCR

Expose the Real Animal Abuser-Big Cat Rescue

Let me use a hot shot on you and see how you react!!! Hot shots are for trainers protection against ARFs not their animals!!!
This is an example as to why you don’t piss off an animal that can kill you!!! Send your complaint to the USDA/APHIS East Coast -ask for a case number and reply to ur complaint!!!
This video has been removed once so share this post quickly before the video is taken down once again!!!-If you can download it and then share it so it can not be removed as it travels thru the internet like wild fire which, by the way already is happening -Do it NOW!!!
Anyone working closely with animals knows that a natural response would be to run or turn towards the pain to protect themselves If trapped in a small cage or area will turn to protect themselves-Neither Carole Baskin or her daughter Jamie, manager of BCR and married to a veterinarian (!!!), can claim that they were unaware that this was going on at the facility-That’s Jamie standing on the cage holding the door open and  appears bothered that the tiger doesn’t want to leave the transport cage so fast-What cat doesn’t like a roomy ‘den box’ of not trained to go in and out of a transport cage?!? To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a ‘rescue’  of any circus animal at BCR -Ringling placed tigers there and she was paid to provide for those animals!!!
Obviously, Baskin KNOWS what is going on in that facility!!!
If you donate to BCR, then you are helping them to continue to abuse animals and condoning this type of human behavior-They do NOT need your money with over 4 MILLION in reserve and little to none of that money going towards animal care, with no updates done to the old cages that can not even be considered natural habitats as those cages ARE insufficient to provide proper space and/or to provide proper shelter!
The tiger in the video:
Was happily in residence at Serenity Springs, Colorado…
This tiger was actually stolen property by way of Turpentine Creek who claimed it and other animals as a rescue but it isn’t…let’s be clear about this…WASN’T, no matter the claim!!!
Turpentine Creek PURCHASED Serenity Springs with the promise that the doors would remain open. The only reason the facility was sold was due to the owner being stricken with cancer and concerned was for the welfare of his animals as well as that the community would continue to have a place to view and learn about the animals. Instead after the down payment was made and a contract was signed; Turpentine Creek began stripping the property of it’s assets-I can only imagine how horrifying this is for Nick and Julie who loved each and every animal in their facility and had close relationships with each animal.
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B