Zoo Wars~Liberty Summit 2016

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Joe Exotic 2016 2

message from Joe Maldonado (Joe Exotic)

Dear Lawmaker,

My name is Joseph Maldonado and I am running as an Independent for President of the United States of America.
Not only would I encourage you to see what my platform is all about, but would very strongly encourage you to listen to the 62 plus million people in this country that you work for, they don’t work for you and we are holding the Liberty Summit in St. Charles MO, on June 24th and 25th.
It is time you not only listen to the people of this country, but more it is time you learn what Constitutional rights you are taking away from not only the 62 million people your laws you pass for an agenda to take campaign money from special interest groups but the 350 million people that live in this country because it is America, the land of the free.
Free from unjust laws.
Free from living by others opinions.
Free to own private property.
Myself along with Congressman Steve King and many others will be speaking at this summit and you will be able to hear the truth about what is happening out here in the real world, outside of the comfort of your office and leather chairs.
There is a war out here in America and you the people we entrust in preserving our rights are the ones taking them away with the stroke of a pen, the push of a vote button and receiving money in the form of contributions.
I have also invited Mr. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders to this summit.
We are the people of America and we are requesting your presents on June 24th and 25th in St. Charles Missouri.
Thank you Joseph Maldonado
U.S. Presidential Candidate
This invite is not exclusive to lawmakers-You are also invited to attend-Make your plans accordingly and make them now-follow the link for more information.
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B
This blog endorses Joe Exotic 2016
Joe Exotic for President 2016 info poster

Zoo Wars-Just 5 (of the MANY) Reasons That Demonstrates that BCR is Just Another (Roadside) Zoo

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With the making of this Amazing video…The truth is ‘in your face’ exposed with no disrespect or insult intended towards any zoo…
BCR is a roadside zoo and there’s more than 5 reasons that demonstrates the truth-but the video below deals with 5…
Shhhhhh-don’t tell Baskin that you know, she might have a temper tantrum and take it out on the cats…
from BCR Watch-5 reasons -Big Cat Rescue is No Different Than a Zoo:
Thank you BCR Watch for taking the time to make this video!!!
 Tiger scam
(click for a larger view)
You bet there are more than 5 reasons but these are the most logical reasons of all the numerous reasons demonstrating the conditions are far from natural for the animals housed at BCR-An intricate design for a money SCAM done by a SCUM-tuary with a stamp of approval from Wayne Pacelle and his HSUS along with his Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, BAHAHAHA-
“Here Kitty-Kitty”
Sad for the animals on BCR ‘death row’ but sometimes the fucking truth is funny as Hell!!! Baskin laughing all the way to the bank…Carole Baskin’s Retirement Fund
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B
Baskin retirement fund

The Masquerades of East Texas- Not Confined to Marion County, Shelters in East Texas will Continue Abusing Animals and Their Owners

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Shelters in East Texas have a long history of abusing animals and animal owners. Animals mysteriously disappear for it only to turn up that they were whisked off to kill facility in the next county (Marion County to Harrison County Animal Control by Carolyn Wedding president of the The Humane Society of Marion County now DBA The Dixie Humane Society of Marion County)

To quote myself  “It actually seems very little to nothing is being done about it and If anything, the corruption is supported by the local yokels so called government officials…Maybe the big boys are scared-These towns are famous for their KKK and lynching’s now aren’t they!!?

East Texas so full of it…err…I mean so full of corruption!!! Retail Animal Rescue businesses are alive and well; from seizing animals to the ultimate sale at PetSmart…There is one with contracts for as many as 15 counties and doing a fine job -NOT…Hey, Hey, Hey- with a 45% Kill rate-

Then again, with the Humane Society of Marion County, Texas, you can’t keep track of their kill rate without doing an extensive search of the Animal Control of Marshall, Texas, the records of the Jefferson Animal Clinic and any other vets that have ever been used by this humane society…If Wedding is now certified to kill-watch out, I believe she might actually enjoy the bloodlust of it, admitted under oath she helped Veterinarian Carol Hedges to proceed with euthanizing animals even tho they had no medical test to indicate that it was necessary or permission from the judge or the owners of those animals…approximately 50-55 animals all is a couple days work of unnecessary and pointless euthanasia’s under ‘the guise of animal rescue’-That sure was some rescue now wasn’t it!?!. I venture to say at least 75% of ALL the lives ‘touched’ by HSMC are gone…It’s not a rescue when 1/2 the animals die in their hands!!!

That’s 45% without the additional animals that they killed and still no one knows for sure what Carolyn Weddings one woman show does when no one’s looking…

There is something to be said when charges of cruelty are so frequent that those charged know one another and even more to be said when you receive information about Longview, Texas and the article came from Washington State…!!! and written by someone I met years ago whose ‘color of law’ animal seizure was brought to my attention and we became friends.

“Are you aware That animal Seizures and rescues are being conducted By a very sophisticated network of organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which they are criminalizing longstanding animal owners; divesting them of ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals. All of this done at Taxpayer expense?!?”

Let me introduce to you the new Executive Director in Longview-Shannon DeRosa…Looks like Longview is in for another scandal-Who hires these people?!? Shannon DeRosa AKA Shannon Delgado, Shannon Hemminger, Shannon Johnson, Shannon Rayton-Just how many times does a person need to re-invent themselves? But of course, this explains why…!!!


Longview Texas Scrapes the Bottom of our Abusive Animal Shelter Barrell

Good riddens to the biggest trashpile of a human creature that any pit bull, cat, or sick animal, has ever had the misfortune to know. Most of them have paid with their lives.

The queen of mass and malicious murders is Longview Texas problem now. Sadly they are going to release her on their own innocent helpless animals.

I hope she realizes moving to Texas doesn’t prevent her from being sued in Federal Court and there is no statute of limitations on civil rights violations. Maybe she can work on her Wexican skills down there.

She is starting on October 26th and she is obviously smarter then the whole town combined or she has brushed up on her lying skills, she was good at it before, seems she has gotten better…

Councilwoman Kristin Ishihara, who took part in Johnson’s final interview, said her experience operating a shelter the same size as what Longview is building played a part in her hiring. “She also operated it in a manner we would describe as no kill, which is not putting down animals for space purposes,” she said. Johnson started her animal welfare career in 1998 as an animal control officer for seven years before working in code enforcement for two years.  “She is someone who’s very passionate about animal welfare, as you would need to be as someone in that position,” Willard said.

So this guy just signed the death warrants of thousands of innocent souls

City Manager - Longview, TX 2015-08-30 05-22-41

Let’s just take a look at her “No Kill” philosophy…

1} She picked up a disabled woman’s dog and told her the dog had been killed, but she gave her to a rescue (One of the lucky one’s she didn’t murder)

2} She killed a senior dog that was wanted by a couple who found him after the owner signed him over so that the finders could keep him, they had already spent several hundred dollars to treat him but instead of letting him stay with the family Shannon Delgado or Johnson demanded he be brought to the shelter and threatened the family. KOMO 4 did a story about it as well…


3} She had a dog picked up with a litter of puppies and left the pups in the cold who were barely 2 weeks old, until I wrote a blog story about it and shamed her into getting the puppies, and she had the mom set to be euthanized saying she was “agressive” until she was publicly shamed and lambasted, (the mom was chasing folks away from her pups under a trailer) So she didn’t get away with murdering that whole family

4} She killed 81 cats at once claiming that workers came into the shelter one morning and there were dead kittens everywhere, the cats or kittens would’ve shown signs of sickness for days and days before just dropping dead. She wasn’t satisfied with just killing the cats at the shelter, she had all of the cats in foster care brought in and killed too, even though they had not been near the shelter and could not have been sick.

5} She killed a little pitbull (actually she has killed over 150 who had rescue asking for them), but this little one had been abandoned and was living in the woods, once EAS found out rescuers were trying to catch him to help him she sent her goons out to go catch him and immediately killed him.

6} She just recently ordered over 100 cats killed, all in 1 trailer, so that they all had to watch the others die, so they sat there trapped as they watched each one die, the kittens were killed first while the mothers watched and she lied about testing the animals, her story is different in every story. (It usually is)

7} She ordered the murder of a beloved family cat simply for being in the Everett Police parking lot

8} She has overseen the murder of over 8500 pit bulls but please keep in mind because she is such a retard she can’t even seem to correctly identify a “pit bull terrier type” so many of those dogs weren’t even pit bulls.

9} She has no problem holding people’s pets hostage and blaming it on everyone else but herself

10} Perhaps the strangest thing is this: When I was pulling pit bulls from the shelter they were all coming out beaten and maced, 1 was so bad that he had to be euthanized but as I was going through the paperwork I realized I have many kennel sheets for dogs I never picked up or got from them. So she had either murdered these dogs illegally, prematurely or was selling them to research labs OR it could’ve simply been that other shelter workers were sneaking dogs out and just added those dogs paperwork to mine so that no one would notice but I only ever remember seeing one of the dogs in our paperwork because I put an IP (interested party) hold on him and was told later he was euthanized. Yet he was in my paperwork as a dog released to me the week before.

If you look at any picture she takes with any animal they all look terrified, always trust an animal’s sense of a person, they are usually right

Longview cat killer

Let’s hope she takes her buddy Carolyn Weikel that signed the death sentence for thousands of dog with her to the hell of Texas. Anyone who sacrifices a dog’s life for 5 bucks is as worthless as the person abusing these dogs at the shelter.

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ZooWars~Sign the Petition and SHARE!!!

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Seized property being converted under color of law leaves animals in poor health or dead can not be tolerated. There are very specific laws pertaining to seized property-the animals; both state of Ohio and federal laws would apply to any animals taken by the state, housed in an unsuitable and sub-standard facility and then brokered out to other facilities out of state including animals waiting for court decisions concerning ownership.

“Are you aware That animal Seizures and rescues are being conducted By a very sophisticated network of organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which they are criminalizing longstanding animal owners; divesting them of ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals. All of this done at Taxpayer expense?!?”

Considering that the two remaining alive cubs were then transported to the Columbus Zoo after two died; they have been effectively been converted for the zoos usage which can not be tolerated or considered an acceptable practice.

I can not help but wonder if Jack Hanna is making plans for using those cubs for his special appearances that he is paid for including; his TV shows, TV appearances as well as private engagements…’Conversion of Property’ under ‘Color of Law’ before court date in August-All eyes on the Columbus Zoo and Jack Hanna!!!


John Kasich petition photo

Stop Governor John Kasich From Killing More Tiger Cubs

  • BY: Joseph Maldonado
  • TARGET: Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, FBI, President Obama

Governor John Kasich of Ohio has now killed 3 endangered species 2 tiger cubs and one male lion named Leo. He has also sent many more to be killed in exchange for tax payer money.

Governor John Kasich has teamed up with some of his friends out of the State Of Ohio and sending in swat teams to take animals away from zoos, sanctuaries and private homes that are even licensed by the USDA (Untied States Department of Agriculture) but only exempted his little team of friends.

He should be arrested for laundering exotic and endangered animals which violates the Endangered Species Act of compensating his friends with tax payers money to the tune of 6.4 million dollars. Some of his friends have received over $250,000.00 to take them to their private homes out of State.

He is responsible for killing two endangered tiger cubs and one adult male lion named Leo.



We do not have to put up with crooked politicians using tax payer money for self gain or for an agenda that is laundering money to his buddies.

The question you should be asking is- Does the man have that much power to keep the news media at bay? No news media will confront this man. I want to confront this man. What do you think he would do as President of this country if he is stealing from the tax payers of Ohio for just animals?


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are on my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B



Zoo Wars~Of my opinion and the opinions of others…!!!

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How many times have you come and looked over this blog and thought, crazy bitch, doesn’t know what she’s talking about? WRONG!!! I know exactly what I’m talking about and there’s been plenty reason for my screaming since 2010.

What does it take for the USDA to send me a response to my complaint with a case number?

Links of Reference and Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/zoo-wars-its-beyond-my-comprehensionwtf/


I’m not alone Joe Exotic wants some answers as well and so do his 1000’s of followers-Bet those GFAS facilities are bitching too as it diminishes their chance for receiving a tiger cub…

Where’s the chimp and the rest of those animals and where’s the paperwork allowing them to take endangered animals across state lines and placing them in someone else’s facilities?!?

Maybe I’m expecting too much from an agency that inspected and approved of INTENTIONAL ANIMAL CRUELTY…!!! Stump Hill was a far better facility that Reynoldsburg with the ODA ‘providing’ or guessing


It’s OUTRAGEOUS to see government sponsored and government supported INTENTIONAL cruelty with YOUR taxpayer dollars. Said it before and I’ll keep saying it -The government has no business with animals however in Ohio, it’s become big business…Oh, they aren’t making money-they’re spending it as fast as they can collect it from YOU…The employees for the Ohio Department of Agriculture are making their income stealing animals from Ohio residents…then there’s the people making big bucks transporting them but left out one very important issue-The issue is ownership. And if Ohio is assuming responsibility of those animals including ownership then a USDA is required and CITES permit for placing endangered species across state lines. 

Any government agency seizing animals from their rightful and legal owner needs to stop…!!! Give back the animals as it was illegal and unconstitutional to take them in the first place.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Zoo Wars~This is NOT Okay…!!! Two Stump Hill Tiger Cubs Die At Reynoldsburg ODA Facility

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dangerous humans

So where is the USDA?!?

No where to be found-I wrote complaining of the facility with extreme concern for the cubs-Guess no one was paying attention to my complaint-Apparently it takes multiple complaints to the USDA for action -Please file YOUR complaint immediately for the animals and the sake of animal ownership.

Talking points: Multiple deaths of animals staying at the Reynoldsburg facility, intentionally placing animals in harms way with inexperienced care providers, it was not OK to leave cubs with their mother after recently tranquilizing  her and relocating to an unfamiliar place with inexperienced people providing care-or not providing proper care.

You should ask why the USDA has not already intervened considering the death and poor care already demonstrated at that facility!!! Remind them they are responsible for animal welfare.

Report that the ODA is NOT obeying federal laws and regulations that govern these animals including the endangered species act as well as state and federal laws concerning seized property!!! The Attorney Generals of both state and federal should be contacted about the movement of seized property over county and state lines as illegal, unconstitutional and unlawful with regards to seized property and International laws concerning endangered species.  

Link of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/zoo-wars-its-beyond-my-comprehensionwtf/


Stinks of a Jack Hanna political move if you were to ask me!!! Furthermore, where is the chimpanzee with no report of his condition before being moved!?! The state of Ohio has no business seizing animals with illegal, unconstitutional regulations attached to ownership of animals with longstanding owners!!!

Jack Hanna with Kasich signing SB310 as law



Two of four cubs born to seized Stump Hill tiger have died

State Department of Agriculture officials say the remaining two cubs have been removed from the state’s facility in Reynoldsburg and taken to the Columbus Zoo.

Two of the four tiger cubs born last week at a state facility where their mother is being housed after she was taken from a Perry Township animal sanctuary have died.

The remaining two cubs have been removed from their mother’s care.

Erica Hawkins, communications director for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, said the cubs were found dead Friday morning. Officials are not sure what happened to the animals and autopsies will be completed. The remaining two cubs have been taken to the Columbus Zoo.

Angel, a tiger seized from Stump Hill Farm on May 4, gave birth to two cubs on May 6, and the other two the following day. Last week, Hawkins said the animals were thriving.

Angel, along with four other tigers, two pumas, two baboons and a chimpanzee were removed from the farm by state officials per an administrative order from the agriculture department director. The state said Stump Hill owner Cyndi Huntsman does not have a permit required by Ohio’s new dangerous wild animal law. Huntsman believes a permit issued by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources allows her to keep the animals.

The animals were taken to the state’s facility in Reynoldsburg until they could be placed in sanctuaries contracted by the agriculture department. The chimpanzee already is in an out-of-state facility.

Hawkins said caretakers at the facility did not intervene with the mother’s care of her cubs.

“It was important for the mother to get the opportunity to rear her cubs,” she said. “We knew she (Angel) was capable of giving birth but what we didn’t know is if she could care for the cubs. This tiger may have never had an opportunity to raise cubs.”

Veterinarian Randy Juge, vice president of animal health at the Columbus Zoo, said sometimes mothers will unintentionally or intentionally harm their cubs both in captivity and in nature.

“It’s not unheard of for a mother to lose part of her litter and then go on and successfully raise cubs later,” he said. “We don’t know anything about the babies or the mom. All we know is something happened. We know nothing of the mother’s history. Was she hand-raised, mother-raised? Did she have cubs before?”

Juge said even in a carefully monitored situation with much more information, it’s hard to predict why one cub survives and another doesn’t.

The vet said the two remaining cubs — a male and female — were examined and blood and glucose samples were taken when they arrived at the zoo. Both are stable and in an intensive care unit receiving round the clock care.

The cubs, who still have closed eyes, will be bottle-fed about every three to four hours for several weeks.

State officials do not expect the cubs stay at the zoo to be too long. Hawkins said plans are being finalized with a contracted sanctuary where they intend to send Angel and her two remaining cubs. The cubs will not be put back with their mother, she said.

The death of the cubs came as another blow in a line of setbacks for Huntsman.

When contacted by phone, Huntsman’s response to the news was, “imagine that.” She referred The Independent to her attorney, John Juergensen who cited the deaths as further evidence that the state should never have removed the animals from Huntsman’s care.

“There was absolutely no reason to take them,” he said. “Cyndi would have cared for them like they’re her own children. They are not being taken care of by the state and this is just proof.”

Juergensen said he will consider with Huntsman additional legal action “for the mistreatment of the animals.”

On Wednesday, the Ohio Supreme Court sided with the state in ruling that Stark County Common Pleas Judge Frank Forchione did not have the authority to order the return of the seized animals to Huntsman. The justices said Forchione’s authority in the matter did not extend beyond granting a search warrant giving the state permission to enter Huntsman’s property.

Forchione had issued the order to return the animals after discovering that Huntsman was working with the state to resolve permit issues and that a hearing had already been set for August. The state had filed, and won a legal challenge through the higher court blocking Forchione’s order.


What they didn’t know…?!? Let’s see no one knew the tiger was pregnant which is already a BIG question…They tranquilized her, she gives birth is a strange place with strange people at a place that offers no sunlight and fresh air and they say they didn’t know if the animals was capable or not of caring for her cubs-How about that they need to be inspected regarding animal welfare and obeying all laws and regulation concerning animal welfare and illegally moving seized property against state and federal regulations…!!!

The Ohio Department of Regulations seems to know very little about exotic animals, enforcing regulations and obeying current laws and regulations for seized property-Seems to me the ODA doesn’t have a clue about much…!!!

We can all thank John Kasich for the creation of these regulations and the improper responsibility he has assumed when he signed into law.



Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

Zoo Wars~ It’s Beyond My Comprehension~WTF…!?! UPDATE-Stump Hill

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Kangaroo Court

Is it me or did I eat something very bad that just came back up…???

So a judge who had the authority to order the removal of animals is not allowed to order that they be returned?!? Then it seems to me that he didn’t have the authority to seize them in the first place…WHAT THE FUCK…!?! Yeah I just said it and you’re thinking it…



Ohio Supreme Court: Judge had no jurisdiction in Stump Hill case

  • Ohio Supreme Court sides with state Agriculture Department in ruling Stark County Judge Frank Forchione had no authority to order animals returned to Stump Hill

By Amy L. Knapp
Independent staff writer
Posted May 18, 2016 at 2:47 PM
Updated at 6:10 PM

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled a Stark County judge did not have the authority to order a state agency to return animals it had seized from Stump Hill Farm.

An opinion issued by the high court judges Wednesday, granted the state Department of Agriculture’s request to block Common Pleas Judge Frank Forchione from proceeding with a hearing that was scheduled for Thursday regarding the seizure of 10 animals from the Perry Township farm earlier this month. The ruling also orders Forchione to vacate his previous order for the state to return the animals.

State Department of Agriculture officials along with local police and the Ohio Highway Patrol removed five tigers, two pumas, two baboons and a chimpanzee from Stump Hill owner Cyndi Huntsman’s care after obtaining a search warrant signed by Forchione.

The state said Huntsman lacks permits required under the Ohio Dangerous Wildlife Act.

Huntsman and her attorney, John Juergensen, contend a permit previously issued by the state Department of Natural Resources provides an exemption that should allow Huntsman to keep her exotic animals.

At a hearing May 5, a day after the animals were removed, Forchione said that he signed the paperwork allowing the state access to Hunstman’s Klick Road SW property, not knowing that she was working with her attorney to try to resolve permit issues. An administrative hearing with the agriculture department had been scheduled for August. Huntsman is appealing the quarantine order issued by the agriculture director in March and the transfer order executed earlier this month.

Forchione ordered the return of the animals to Stump Hill by Thursday.

The state asked the Supreme Court to intervene, arguing Forchione does not have jurisdiction in the matter; that his only authority was over the search warrant.

“We are pleased that the court issued strong support for the department’s transfer of the animals into state custody,” Erica Hawkins, communication director for the agriculture department, wrote in an email. “(The animals) will be kept in secure enclosures and will receive high-quality care from the department and the wildlife sanctuaries we contract with while we continue through the process of Ms. Huntsman’s right to appeal.”

The Supreme Court’s 4-2 ruling (one justice did not participate) agrees with the state’s argument. Forchione “had no authority to allow or require the ODA to seize the animals,” the court document states. The judge “patently and unambiguously lacks jurisdiction to order the animals’ return.”

The ruling said the director of the agriculture department has exclusive authority to implement and enforce the Ohio law regulating such animals, including the exclusive authority to order the removal and quarantine of dangerous wild animals being held by an owner without a permit to do so.

One thing that is concerning is they (Supreme Court) are saying the state can go to the judge to get a search warrant and say whatever they want to get it,” Juergensen said. “They don’t have to tell the whole truth. It’s been one misleading misrepresentation after another. It’s not justice and it is not fair.”

Juergensen has maintained that the state had no reason to take the animals while his client was working to resolve her permit issue. One of the tigers gave birth to cubs while in the Reynoldsburg facility.

“Those animals are going to be scattered across the country away from home,” he said.



Seeing as how the state is taking control of privately owned PROPERTY (the animals) then they are required to get a USDA; acting as animal brokers which would subject the Reynoldsburg facility to inspections to see that no other animals are abused at this facility. A USDI is required to transfer endangered species across state lines which would require a special permit from the federal government per animal to be transferred!!! Especially since the ODA is concerned permits and following regulations!!! (Comment submitted and awaiting moderation-Imagine that…Smz…)


Compliant letter sent

USDA Inspector General
Inspector General,
4700 River Road, Unit 84
Phone: (310) 851-3751
FAX: (310) 734-4978
Dr. Betty Goldentyer
920 Main Campus Drive Suite 200
Raleigh, NC 27606-5210
E-mail: Betty.J.Goldentyer@aphis.usda.gov
Phone: (919) 855-7100
Fax: (919) 855-7123
Office of Freedom of Information
Tonya Woods, FOIA Director
Legislative and Public Affairs
Freedom of Information Act
4700 River Road, Unit 50
Riverdale, MD 20737

Phone: 301-851-4102
Fax: 301-734 -5941
Email: foia.officer@aphis.usda.gov
As you know, the state of Ohio has built a holding facility for animals they seize within the state. There has been a steady influx of activity of
animals being sent in, held there and then sent out of that facility out of the state. Animals have died in the process and is of extreme concern.
This facility located in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, appears to be incapable of properly sustaining animals for any length of time and has also become an animal broker; sometimes transferring ownership to themselves, but always transferring animals out of the state of Ohio to other private owners-specifically, both verified and unverified GFAS facilities that may or may not have USDA permits.
Facilities operating with commercial activity sending animals throughout the United States would require a USDA permit to operate. These are not rescued animals but instead surrendered or animals that have been seized by the state that may or may not have a court judgement and therefore breaking federal laws concerning seized property.
USDI permit for transferring endangered animals out of the state would also be required to transfer endangered species across state lines per animal. The UDSI should be notified of the breech in moving endangered out of the state of Ohio.
This facilities is Operated by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Director Erica Hawkins.
Animals of immediate concern were recently seized from Stump Hill-five tigers, two pumas, two baboons and one chimpanzee.
One of the tigers named Angel gave birth to four tiger cubs at the facility and is of immediate concern considering the conditions
of the animals that have been housed at the facility previously, including the death of a lion that was seized from Tiger Ridge.
I have seen nothing exempting them from any of the above activities.
Please assign necessary case number regarding this inquiry.
This concern should be handled appropriately and quickly with an immediate inspection for the sake of the four tiger cubs and the female tiger.
I look forward to hearing from you as this matter is extremely important to me.
Barbara E. Hoffmann
Leos life mattered
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned ad follow this blog  -B
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