Zoo Wars ~ Investigation Reveals Piss-Poor Training-Trending NOW!!! [UPDATE]

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Scott Lope’s career got off the ground before he was slammed in the face by his on true agenda and on further reveal, demonstrated that he knew little to nothing in properly handling animals…Scott Lope was trained and was in charge at Big Cat Rescue, trained by Carole Baskin before he left his employment at BCR for what he thought was going to be his television career as The Repo Man and failed after numerous complaints went to the Discovery Channel that he was a fraud and the truth surfaced…the program was pulled. Now no one wants anything to do with him although no one seemed to mind he was trained by Carole Baskin-who still remains with a facility built on fraud-Carole Baskin is not a Big Cat expert by any means.

On close examination of one of the videos from The Repo Man that was aired by the Discovery Channel, it was noticed that his help in this FAKE bear rescue was none other than PAT CRAIG HIMSELF!!! OK, who’s Pat Craig?!? Pat Craig OWNS  Wild Animal Sanctuary in Denver, Colorado and was assisting Lope with the FAKE rescue. PAT CRAIG KICKED the bear to get him in the transport cage-Obviously agitating the bear and stressing the bear even more than what transporting bears normally does when they are not accustom to being transported or away from their enclosures and from their rightful owners…See for yourself!!!

How dare these facilities claim to be specialists with rehoming animals when the people they put out there for the purpose of rescue don’t have clue and create potentially dangerous situations.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

BLOGGERS NOTE: This post was corrected to reveal who actually kicked the bear.


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This came in an email that I just received and thought sharing this information might encourage you to take back the conversation with your legislatures and share this with them…Someone did a lot of work on this and it’s very well done!!! I’ve  hit every link to open in a new page so that you can follow the conversation…Send this to your state and federal legislatures-Just C/P into an email
The following is a factual compilation of the questionable activities of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), as well as their own admitted sister organization The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). This letter has already been sent to the Attorney General of Louisiana. You are encouraged to send a copy of this letter to all livestock and animal owners, to all elected officials, judges, legislators, and most importantly, to your state Attorney General.

After reviewing this compilation, ask yourself, as an elected public servant that has sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, as well as the constitution of your home state, if you want to be associated with an organization that has deliberately and systematically attacked our Constitution in every way possible.

Ask yourself if you want to be associated with an organization that has flagrantly abused its 501(c) 3 tax free status, and currently has a Treasury Department Case Number on file concerning their 501(c) 3 status, pending further investigation. Ask yourself if you want to be associated with an organization that paid Feld Entertainment 15.75 million to settle a RICO (Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization) lawsuit. Do you want to aid and abet legislation sponsored by an organization that paid its way out of a RACKETEERING LAWSUIT ???? Do you want to be associated with an organization that is on public record, enclosed as a pdf file below, for bribing a witness in a Federal lawsuit, resulting in the aforementioned RICO settlement ????

Do you want to go on record as supporting and sponsoring laws that are anti-agriculture, anti-animal ownership, and anti-capitalist, all lobbied for illegally with Tax-Exempt 501(c) 3 money ????

With all due respect, do you really want to sponsor legislation associated with a radical animal rights agenda that is designed to erode the American Constitution and deprive hard working Americans of their right to free enterprise, property, and use and enjoyment of that property, often with no regard for due process ???

Please take the time to review the information contained in this communication. It is all factual, and is easily verified by the links and pdf files contained within. Refuse to sponsor ANY legislation proposed by HSUS or one of its many affiliates.

Thank you for your consideration of the following information:

The entire Missouri Congressional delegation has sent a letter to then IRS Dept. head, Lois Lerner, asking for an audit of HSUS for illegal lobbying activities, due to it’s 501(c) 3 status, which does not permit lobbying at the multi-million dollar level that HSUS engages in. Please see the pdf attachment below entitled “Luetkemeyer Letter vs. HSUS.pdf ” and the pdf attachment entitled “Luetkemeyer_Letter_to_Lois_Lerner”. Ms. Lerner stated in her biography that she is an “active” member of HSUS. A link to two web sites are also provided.



The U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration is reviewing the manner in which Lois Lerner handled U.S. Rep. Luetkemeyer’s request. A link is provided below.


An HSUS lobbyist is the subject of an un-ethical lobbying investigation. Link below.


The ASPCA paid Feld Entertainment ( Feld is the parent company of Ringling Bros. Circus) 9.3 million dollars in a settlement in a racketeering (RICO) lawsuit. HSUS and co-defendants paid 15.75 million in the same racketeering lawsuit, which was filed under the RICO act, in which Judge Emmitt Sullivan found that both ASPCA and HSUS were “bribing” a “paid plaintiff”. Web link below. Also see the pdf attachments entitled “Feld vs. HSUS Rico Lawsuit” and “Feld vs. HSUS Evidence Packet No. 1 “.



Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has issued a “Consumer Alert ” against HSUS and is conducting an investigation as to what happened to the money that HSUS raised with it’s emotional appeals to the well-meaning public in the aftermath of terrible tornados in Oklahoma. Link below.


HSUS is refusing to comply with legal civil procedure and has instead filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Pruitt in an effort to stonewall the court system. Typical HSUS legal smokescreen. Link below.


Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, along with attorney generals from Alabama, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Oklahoma have filed a lawsuit against the state of California concerning Proposition 2, a ballot initiative concerning egg production that was levered into place with millions of HSUS dollars. The lawsuit charges that this law, so loudly applauded by HSUS, violates the Constitution of the United States of America. HSUS, among their many other Un-Constitutional and illegal activities, backed a second law in California to extend Prop. 2 beyond the borders of California. Links below.




HSUS deposits millions of dollars in off shore accounts while spending only 1% of it’s budget on actual animal welfare. Link below.


The link below is to Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners Voting Alliance. You will find numerous links and downloads available that clearly demonstrate that HSUS is lobbying nation-wide and internationally ILLEGALLY !!!


HSUS DOES NOT CARE ABOUT ANIMALS !!!! They only care about money and pursuing their agenda of eroding the Constitutional right to own animals, which are considered private property according to numerous Supreme Court rulings.

HSUS spends millions of dollars on ballot initiatives to ban hunting. Links below.



HSUS President Wayne Pacelle’s wife Lisa Fletcher works for Al Jazeera News, who according to the Wall Street Journal is funded by the government of Qatar, who also, according to the Wall Street journal, fund and arm Hamas, and ISIS, known terrorists groups. Strange bedfellows for so-called “animal lovers”. Link below.


But not so strange when you dig a little deeper. Links below.








And now for the truly bizarre:


With all due respect, do you really want to sponsor legislation associated with a radical animal rights agenda that is designed to erode the American Constitution and place hard working Americans with Traditional values towards animals in prison ???

Do you want to support and sponsor laws that deprive hard working Americans of their Constitutional Right To Property and their Right to use and enjoy their property ??? Do you want to support and sponsor a group that often destroys the private property of hard working Americans with no regard for due process ???

As an elected official who has sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and your own state Constitution, do you want to permanently go on record as supporting these types of anti-agriculture, anti-animal ownership, and anti-American activities, illegally lobbied for with Tax-Exempt 501(c) 3 money ???

Based on the information above concerning a possible Congressional and Treasury Dept. investigation into the activities of HSUS and other animal rights groups, do you want to be associated with these people when that eventually happens ??? Remember, the political pendulum will swing the other way and this country will at some point have an Attorney General who will enforce the law and uphold the Constitution.

After reading all of this information, do you really believe that HSUS cares about animals ??? Or do they care only about growing their own bank accounts while illegally using the legislative process to further a radical animal rights agenda that compromises and erodes the Constitution of the United States ???

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


I hope you will do as I have done and followed each link. I’m asking that you share this letter and send copy to your state and federal legislatures -An opportunity to have something so each to copy and send doesn’t come around all that often that’s filled with pertinent facts.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Zoo Wars ~ Help Save Tiger Ridge

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There’s so much you can do from your home to help animals!!!

This time, it’s Tiger Ridge where the community has gone in and done all the hard work, in the cold, with ice and snow on the ground, in seeking the return of the animals who are now at the **Animal Penitentiary they built in Ohio (9.3 mil at taxpayer expense) but there’s no windows and no fresh air and certainly the Hetrick animals are not being cared for by their owners; as a matter of fact, they are barred from entering the facility to see or visit with them…

I’ve seen your efforts to have dogs returned to their rightful owners; I know just how heart wrenching this is for Kenny Hetrick and his daughter, as do you, so get on this for the big cats and bears to be returned to them. These animals were STOLEN by the Ohio Department of Agriculture with no due process-It’s not a matter of too little done to late-It is a matter of the government controlling people rather than people controlling the government as intended by the constitution and the Bill of Rights. This was all done with taxpayer money and is of concern for each and every taxpayer to take back the conversation.

Below is the address where to send your support of Tiger Ridge Exotics and a phone number that you can call -Monday morning, and throughout the week let’s start the phone ringing off the hook and tie up the phone lines demanding a return of the animals immediately!!! Let them know the world is watching their actions-These are mean spirited people who don’t care about animals but instead, enjoying their power to control the lives of people.

Link of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2013/12/20/zoo-wars-animal-nazis-are-preparing-to-fill-the-penitentiary/

Stop this breach of the American way of life. We are entitled to the promise of Life, Liberty and Property-

Save Tiger Ridge!!!Thank you so much for your help in this matter as it is important to so many people world wide as well as a community afraid of loosing a facility where they could have a family outing for FREE, I might add, to learn and see the animals that belong to Hetrick’s NOT the state of Ohio.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Animal Owners v Animal Rights Extremist Nazi Gestopos

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Pictures are worth a 100 words-Animal owners are the largest group of ‘like people’. Take back the conversation There is no definition for ‘puppy mill’ -We do not have 1000s of ‘puppy mills’!! There are only animal breeders both commercial and backyard. Stop allowing Animal Rights Extremists from controlling the conversation with our lawmakers!!!

Dear Politcians

Stop banning animal ownership-it is a preference of an individual as to what animal he or she choses to love and care for.

Dear politicans 2Stop allowing the Animal Rights Extremist from controlling the conversation and take back our Protected Civil Liberties to Life, Liberty and Property…Know the truth about animal ownership before believing the lies from the Animal Rights Extremists.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Zoo Wars ~ Carole Baskin Hears Voices

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So if I said that I hear voices, even as a cliché, or that I “Always listen to the little voice” you might say I am crazy right!?!

I can’t help but wonder why no authorities are concerned about the delusions of Carole Baskin!!! She even admits that she hears voices in her head…Aren’t those the words of serial killers?!?-Did anyone know this when Don went missing?!?

I have multiple concerns when I see her lost in the delusions of her own making based on her own experiences and behavior!!! Allowed to own big cats and in a financial position (from donations provided for animal care) to encourage lawmakers to ban animals or make criminals out of animal owners when she herself owns big cats-WOW!!!

There is a certain amount of craziness connected to Animal Rights Extremists so I suppose that I understand why she has followers that trust and believe her every word but on close examination I also have to question it.

My biggest concern is for the welfare of those animals at Big Cat Rescue when I see the money donated towards animal care going to hire a lobbyist to push her agenda of hatred and greed.

Does this sound like an expert ???

“MyKinga, a two month old baby and lion and Elsa, a four month old baby lion were being introduced to each other as life long mates. They had to have a fence between them, until it could be determined that they would not kill each other, but both were so eager to check out the other, that they rubbed raw, oozing spots on their noses and eyebrows.” -Carole Baskin

Or this ???

“Many X rays later with no results the Vets have decided to open him up and in addition to peritonitis they discover that his intestines are laced and permeated with purple nylon and the worst of it is a rupture where the harness buckle he has swallowed has burst through the intestinal wall, causing massive internal bleeding. For hours they cut away at the tangle of ¾ inch nylon that has frayed and spread like a cancer through his little gut. I have raised hundreds of cats and never had I seen one chew it’s harness off. I had never seen Fleetwood even seem to notice that his wasn’t a part of him. The day I found the purple harness all chewed up, I just assumed that Enya had helped him out of it. I didn’t notice the buckle was missing as I threw away the slobbery remains a month or better ago. I have no one to blame but myself.” -Carole Baskin

Or this ???

“Nirvana has eaten a $70.00 silk shirt, a bra, all of the tops off of Don’s socks and chewed holes in his underwear.”       -Carole Baskin

More about her ‘voices’

“I hear voices. Countless times in my life I have been spared some terrible fate, because I heard some small voice warn me ahead of time. I cannot think of one time that the little voice warned me of something, that later seemed needless. I have ignored this voice and paid the price for stubbornness, but most of the time I listen and I have always been grateful later. I ALWAYS question the little voice, and I don’t know why it hasn’t given up on me a long time ago, but I usually give in. I could speculate on the origin of this voice, but I think that all of possibilities are intertwined into a web of something that no mortal can fully know. Most often I refer to it as my Guardian Angel, a phrase I picked up from my mother’s commenting on why I am still alive, and we even named our company Guardian Angel. Sometimes I think it is my conscience. Sometimes it is so loud and authoritative, like in really dangerous situations, that I am sure it is the voice of God himself. It usually seems to be a group effort and when it says “Don’t ___.” I hear my stubborn self say “Guys… I’ve done this a thousand times” I’ll be fine. Well what makes you think this time is going to be different?. Oh, come on, I’ll be really careful. How am I supposed to get anything done with you guys getting all hysterical every time I try to do something.” I’ve been told that not everyone hears little voices and I don’t know why. Maybe they do and just would never admit it out loud. Perhaps if I were normal I would just follow the advice, not argue and then take the credit for just having good judgment. Even knowing that the little voice has never lead me wrong, I still argue and tonight was no exception. The little voice said “The next time that car passes you, take note of the license plate.” I immediately responded with “What for?” To which the voice replied “Just do it.” Again I questioned “Why, Am I going to see this on America’s Most Wanted? Are these people murderers that I’m going to identify? Or are they notorious for leading unaware travelers astray” I was mocking and being my usual sarcastic self. Just as calmly the voice came back again “You are really going to want to remember the tag. Pay attention and slow down”. You can’t argue long with someone who won’t yell back, so I resigned, “Fine. I’ll look as they pass me on the next uphill grade, but I can’t afford to slow down.” -Carole Baskin

Baskin wants your pet

Information for this post came from Big Cat Rescue Watch and I strongly recommend following those blog posts and leaning about this non-expert crazy woman, Carole Baskin, as he delves into the psyche of this sociopath who is Hell bent on banning these animals from private owners and taking away Protected Civil Liberties concerning property rights.

Link of Interest: http://www.bigcatrescuewatch.com/ceo-of-big-cat-rescue-hears-voices-in-her-head.html

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

from HumaneWatch ~ Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt v HSUS

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HSUS Continues to Waste Taxpayer Dollars in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is fighting back against the Humane Society of the United States’ attempt to stonewall his investigation into the group’s deceptive fundraising practices. HSUS sued Pruitt instead of cooperating and providing documents he had requested under the Oklahoma Solicitation of Charitable Contributions Act. AG Pruitt’s response to the lawsuit said HSUS “cites little to no law’ to support its request for an injunction to stop Oklahoma’s investigation.”

In its 22-page response to HSUS’s lawsuit, AG Pruitt’s office stated:

Yet there are serious concerns that HSUS makes only paltry expenditures related to such shelters. Those concerns, along with the representations made, led the office to initiate an investigation of HSUS fund-raising practices and whether the expectations created by those practices have been met. Instead of cooperating with that investigation, the organization has decided to challenge a statutorily authorized civil investigative demand.

Courthouse News Service says Pruitt’s office became concerned with HSUS’s fundraising after reviewing a mailer that “’created the expectation’ that the money would be spent supporting local animal shelters”. As we have documented, only about 1% of HSUS’s contributions support local pet shelters even though it takes in $130 million in annual revenue. HSUS’s tax return shows that it gave only $13,000 to help Oklahoma pet shelters care for animals in 2013 — this from a group that probably raises hundreds of thousands every year from Oklahomans, if not more than $1 million.

One of Pruitt’s duties as attorney general is to protect consumers from fraudulent, unfair, or deceptive business practices. HSUS’s lawsuit against him is nothing more than an attempt to prevent him from carrying out this responsibility on behalf of Oklahomans.


Scott Pruitt is doing an outstanding job on behalf on Oklahoma citizens. He’s not backing down-Guess Wayne Pacelle is likely sweating bullets by now, ROTFLOL!!!

Wayne Pacelle Pathatic liar

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion ad the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

message from TX-RPOA ~ Texas Woman Acquitted of Animal Cruelty

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News is spreading like WILD FIRE over the loss that Linda Luker has suffered due to the illegal and unconstitutional Texas Health and Safety Code concerning animal cruelty-It’s not that this is the first case and it certainly won’t be the last where longstanding animal owners will endure a loss of property due to the wrongful seizure of their animals-At some point the taxpayers are going to start objecting to paying for these animal seizures where the government is intruding on property rights.

from TX-RPOA:

February 24, 2015

It took the jury less than an hour to acquit Linda Luker of animal cruelty charges.

There’s something wrong with an animal cruelty law that allows animals to be  seized “before” the owner is even found guilty of the charge. There’s also is something wrong when local humane societies become “law enforcement  agencies” for fundraising purposes. Three respected local veterinarians  testified defending Luker and contradicted the county prosecutor and SPCA of  Texas’s staff veterinarian, whose testimony conflicted with their own SPCA technicians’ written records of their findings. Justice prevailed, but where are the animals?


The animals went to the KILLING machine-The SPCA in McKinney-beyond that we can only assume they are all dead…insider sources have whispered about what happened to the animals and caught my attention-and is rather curious that this can be nether confirmed or denied…Maybe someone will look into this and report back as it is supposed to be open records-Rather curious thou that no one could answer that question at the trial or testified as to what happened to them…

LINKS OF INTEREST: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/02/24/tx-hs-code-821-abuses-protected-civil-liberties-again/


animal seizures and rescues are being conducted by a very sophisticated network of 

organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which they are 

criminalizing longstanding animal and livestock owners;

divesting them of ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals.

all of it done at taxpayer expense and thru a highly developed scheme to

collect donations.

follow the animals ~ follow the money!!! 

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B


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