Freedom-The Animal Welfare Act-Was It Designed to Protect Freedom or Take It Away?

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My thoughts…I am reminded of ‘fifty years’-The Animal Welfare Act-What as well as Why it was created and What it has become since it’s creation and enforcement. You wouldn’t thing that animal welfare would need to be enforced however, the Animal Welfare Act has little to do with the welfare of any animal.

The Animal Welfare Act is actually a regulatory system to provide a government form of issuing licensees to regulate businesses utilizing certain LIVE animals in three categories, Breeding, Exhibiting and Broker sales of warm blooded animals excluding livestock such as cows and horses.

Regulations were put in place that required businesses to comply within certain regulations supposedly for the protection of the live animals. Those standards have changed over the years and have provided a means to confiscate animals although that action goes beyond the intent as a licensing agency as it’s nothing more. It has the right to suspend or challenge a business’ right to remain in business but was not created to take property from legal longstanding owners of the animals…such action would be unconstitutional however the Animal Welfare Act is, by it’s creation, illegal and unconstitutional.

Throughout the United States, we are told we can trust in a system that has allowed the over-reach of the USDA/APHIS agency to regulate animal usage. However, cities, counties and states have also created their own set, a new set of animal usage laws that concern private animal ownership.

City, county, state, and more federal laws have been created since to regulate an already regulated federal government regulatory agency.

American Animal Culture allows for all animal usage. -That translates to all animal usage as guided by those constitutional rights provided in the amendments to those constitutions. The Animal Welfare Act is and of itself is an outreach of the government towards regulations that do nothing to help a single animal but instead, with the flip of a pen, can put any business utilizing live animals out of business. It is a fact that it is your God-given right to provide for your family whether that’s through a business utilizing animals as a means for income, eating meat, hunting, and even reaching for the American Dream of every family owning pets, is a major part for Americans living FREE from government intrusion into the lives of all American citizens; especially when there has been no crime committed against anyone. No crime can be committed against any animal as animals are not protected by the constitution and its amendments.

FREEDOM-What Does That Mean?

Freedom is the most important virtue in America. We not only strive to protect our freedom on our home front to be safe from anyone taking away our freedom but we strive world wide to protect the freedom in other lands with concern for human rights against atrocities.

American Freedom is the leader of the free world as exceptional with safeguards to protect that freedom.

American Freedom means that we strive to be the best that we can be.


The government decided that they needed the Animal Welfare Act so that certain standards are met but only for the purpose of regulating the business for consumer protection; in essence, created as an interest pertaining to public safety issues when none existed. Businesses registered, bought their permits and agreed to inspections of their facilities as part of that regulation; no matter where that business is conducted. From small businesses doing business from home to larger businesses doing business on a much larger scale; all businesses are required to operate within the same regulations…Forced to buy permits, to be licensed and subject to inspections with a warrant! There was no actual reason for concern from the get go…Most considered it a way to keep ARFs away but has since backfired as they infiltrate the agency and Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists using it to file complaints even when no violation exists with a waste of tax payer money-You bet you are paying the price of it!!!


The SPCA was the first to become concerned with animal welfare in all phases of animal usage and began to create laws concerning animal protection; deeply involved with the creation of the Animal Welfare Act just as PETA, HSUS and the numerous other vegan based Animal Rights organizations. ALL humane societies and animal rescues which included adopting (selling) out animals needing homes, flourished as a less expensive means to purchase an animal and at the same time giving an animal in need a home with an American family. Humane societies and some animal rescues remain un-regulated by the government.

Animals are purchased yet many (the majority) of these places do NOT pay sales tax on their sales of animals and therefore, not contributing in any way shape or form to the community where they are in residence or with the IRS allowing businesses to obtain a 501-C-3 status  for DONATIONS NOT SALES even though the same does NOT pertain to retail sales.

Pet shops had always sold animals, considered reliable places for purchasing animals and contributed by paying both state sales tax and federal tax as a business yet suddenly, in recent years, Pet Shops are being forbidden from selling companion animals that were purchased from USDA/APHIS permit holders, now referred to as ‘puppy mills’.

Now I don’t know about you, but as a US citizen, I am put off by the over regulation of businesses using animals and then forbidding places that would utilize animals for live animal or companion sales from pet shops and other places that were a reliable source for purchasing animals. It takes away my freedom and the freedom of free enterprise to ban the sales of pure-bred animals yet allow these so called recued mutts as the only available source to purchase companion animals.

Suddenly, there are other laws created to prevent those sales and limiting the freedom of each and every American of  a ‘choice’. The price on those ‘rescued’ animals now escalated and beyond what any breeder dared to charge for a purebred animal, thus less a mutt.

More laws to limit what US citizens are allowed to own and even how many animals that they are allowed. Other laws have now been created outside The Animal Welfare Act that insinuate that ownership of an animal, any animal, has translated to animal ownership being equivalent to abuse and that the USDA/APHIS form of regulation with the purchase of permits and licensing is in-reliable, not worth the paper the document is written on and their inspections scrutinized. No longer do people enjoy their freedom of animal ownership but instead choose to own no animals or be in a business partnered with animals. And this is helping animals…HOW???

As breeders are put out of business and with fewer places to raid, animals are brought in from other countries with the claim of rescue. Really, are animals from other countries more important than homegrown animals in need-NO! Yet animals are killed just to make room for more animals being brought in from other countries and out of state. The community mutt now regarded as less value and unadoptable when other animals are available and will cost more. Most animals coming from other countries are coming from breeders and never was a rescue to begin with…Those animals are un-regulated, not properly vetted before entering this country and bring unknown diseases to the US.  Animals from other states fetching a greater price with tell-tell stores of rescue. With fewer places breeding and animal owners to raid, it has become necessary to import the high demand puppies that fetch greater fees. That stray animal is now considered of no value and disposable -A quick injection covers that problem-PROBLLEM???

Sanctuaries and zoos are being raided and ownership shifted to another that could also end up in a raid and shifted once again. It goes on and on with wild stores of abuse and improper care which began with the creation of the Animal Welfare Act and the regulatory USDA/APHIS passing judgement based on personal opinion. Exotic animals shifted from their legal rightful owners that they enjoyed a relationship with are stressed each time they are relocated to anther facility and most are no contact facilities.

So, as I am reminded of the conflict of laws and over-regulation of animals. I am reminded of the harm it has brought to animals and their owners rather than the intent of the creation of the act.

Animals are being destroyed to accept more either to exhibit or sell, and I haven’t even addressed all venues that are effected by the Animal Welfare Act…Anywhere where animals are used for business purposes are under attack including your sources for food and what will be on the dinner table tonight.

from Protect the Harvest:


“Your rights and ability to feed your family are under attack.
Most Americans are completely unaware.
Sign up for our newsletter to keep informed: special interests in America have evolved into a wealthy and successful attack industry determined to control our farmers, eliminate hunting, outlaw animal exhibitions (like rodeos and circuses), and restrict animal ownership. The result is an America that is less free and less prosperous, with reduced access to affordable food.
Protect The Harvest was created to defend and preserve the freedoms of American consumers, farmers, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts, and animal owners.
Our Mission: Inform. Protect. Respond.

We have three objectives:

INFORM America’s consumers, businesses and decision-makers about the threats posed by animal rights groups and anti-farming extremists.

PROTECT our freedoms and way of life by creating lasting legal safeguards for farmers, ranchers, hunters, anglers, and animal owners.

RESPOND to the activities of radical groups by opposing their efforts to pass laws or enact regulations that would restrict our rights, limit our freedoms, and hinder our access to safe, affordable food.”

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

Zoo Wars-Animal Cruelty Caught in Video at Big Cat Rescue

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I’ve said all along that the things Baskin claims that others do, are the things Big Cat Rescue does themselves!!!
This is the video that is Carole Baskin’s nightmare come true!!! CEO Big Cat Rescue/BCR

Expose the Real Animal Abuser-Big Cat Rescue

Let me use a hot shot on you and see how you react!!! Hot shots are for trainers protection against ARFs not their animals!!!
This is an example as to why you don’t piss off an animal that can kill you!!! Send your complaint to the USDA/APHIS East Coast -ask for a case number and reply to ur complaint!!!
This video has been removed once so share this post quickly before the video is taken down once again!!!-If you can download it and then share it so it can not be removed as it travels thru the internet like wild fire which, by the way already is happening -Do it NOW!!!
Anyone working closely with animals knows that a natural response would be to run or turn towards the pain to protect themselves If trapped in a small cage or area will turn to protect themselves-Neither Carole Baskin or her daughter Jamie, manager of BCR and married to a veterinarian (!!!), can claim that they were unaware that this was going on at the facility-That’s Jamie standing on the cage holding the door open and  appears bothered that the tiger doesn’t want to leave the transport cage so fast-What cat doesn’t like a roomy ‘den box’ of not trained to go in and out of a transport cage?!? To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a ‘rescue’  of any circus animal at BCR -Ringling placed tigers there and she was paid to provide for those animals!!!
Obviously, Baskin KNOWS what is going on in that facility!!!
If you donate to BCR, then you are helping them to continue to abuse animals and condoning this type of human behavior-They do NOT need your money with over 4 MILLION in reserve and little to none of that money going towards animal care, with no updates done to the old cages that can not even be considered natural habitats as those cages ARE insufficient to provide proper space and/or to provide proper shelter!
The tiger in the video:
Was happily in residence at Serenity Springs, Colorado…
This tiger was actually stolen property by way of Turpentine Creek who claimed it and other animals as a rescue but it isn’t…let’s be clear about this…WASN’T, no matter the claim!!!
Turpentine Creek PURCHASED Serenity Springs with the promise that the doors would remain open. The only reason the facility was sold was due to the owner being stricken with cancer and concerned was for the welfare of his animals as well as that the community would continue to have a place to view and learn about the animals. Instead after the down payment was made and a contract was signed; Turpentine Creek began stripping the property of it’s assets-I can only imagine how horrifying this is for Nick and Julie who loved each and every animal in their facility and had close relationships with each animal.
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

Interesting Development as Nebraska Now Joins Other States to Prevent Civil Forfeiture without Conviction

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dangerous humans

Earlier this year…Nebraska joined other states in creating laws that prevent civil forfeiture without conviction of certain crimes but does not include conviction of animal cruelty…Would have to be prescribed by the law itself or the civil forfeiture of animals will come to an end.

Bloggers personal note-Already in Texas, the animals are to be returned without conviction of animal cruelty however, the Judicial system in Texas apparently does not and nor is it required that law enforcement or judges follow the law and instead do as they please-Just ask Marion County sheriff or previous County/District Attorney Bill Gleason how they are getting away with the abuse of the citizens that live there-Feel free to toss my name in the mix-HA!

Without conviction and without a court with proper subject matter jurisdiction they took and kept my animals…However the ACTUAL law for animal cruelty in Texas requires conviction!!! There was none-no criminal case exists…They tried to fool us ad fool the court however a Justice of the Peace Court is not allowed to hear class A misdemeanors in Texas…Midway, the case changed without any notification of the defendants…Note-There is a saying, a criminal case is criminal ad a civil case is civil and never the two shall meet-Two different sets of rules *NOTE-Argument regarding the JP Court and the taking of property-Civil Procedure:

The case went on appeal to the County Court as a civil matter however the County Court in Marion County is forbidden from hearing civil cases-Judge Phil Parker knew this although he is not trained in matters of law…Marion County Judge was required to sign a document regarding TX Government Code 26.258 when taking the assignment:

“The County Court of Marion County has the general jurisdiction of a probate court, general criminal jurisdiction, and juvenile jurisdiction as provided by Section 26.042(b) but has no other civil jurisdiction” Acts 1985, 69th Leg., ch. 480, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1985. Amended by Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 187, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 2003

The value of the animals and other property taken even though was not listed on the warrant exceeded $307,000.00-Civil Liberty abuse massive from law enforcement from day one from entering my farm property without a warrant to the jurisdiction and judgment of 2 courts that heard the case.

[NOTE: Phil Parker is an accountant and likely was looking for the extra money he would receive as County Judge-likely was already doing the accounting for the county as the County Judge is largely an administrative job in Marion County-nothing more beyond what is specified-I venture to say this was the biggest case ever heard in that court to this day. Likely he receives a retirement income from his time on the bench-He did not work within the parameters of the laws and rules that govern his court]

…and the very reason he was not allowed to hear the case-the judgement was carried out which was an illegal procedure.

I will not allow them to hide from this truth and never has any two defendants suffered from so much civil liberty abuse-Yes, I rant on this blog from time to time in hopes that someone will notice and start asking those questions as the suffering and duress continues from civil forfeiture without conviction of any crime as prescribed by Texas law.




“are you aware that animal seizures and rescues are being conducted by a very sophisticated network of organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which they are criminalizing longstanding animal owners; divesting them of ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals. ~all of this done at taxpayer expense?!?”

Nebraska Just Abolished Civil Forfeiture, Now Requires A Criminal Conviction To Take Property

Institute for Justice-Nick Sibilla, contributor

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts signed a bill on Tuesday that eliminates civil forfeiture, which allows law enforcement to seize and keep property without filing charges or securing criminal convictions. The bill, LB 1106, passed the unicameral legislature last week by a vote of 38 to 8.

Civil forfeiture has ensnared a wide swath of victims in Nebraska. A Peruvian pastor once had $14,000 seized during a traffic stop. Only after the local chapter of the ACLU intervened was he able to recover his cash. Last year, a federal appellate court upheld forfeiting more than $63,000 in  savings from a decorated Air Force veteran, even though he was never charged with a crime.

The newly signed law provides sweeping reforms. First and foremost, Nebraska now requires a criminal conviction to forfeit property. The accused must be convicted of an offense involving illegal drugs, child pornography or illegal gambling to lose their cash, vehicles, firearms or real estate. Nebraska joins just nine other states that require a criminal conviction as a prerequisite for most or all forfeiture cases. Following North Carolina and New Mexico, Nebraska is now the third state largely without civil forfeiture. In addition to the criminal conviction requirement, LB 1106 also enacts new reporting requirements for seizures and forfeitures.

Financial Incentives in Civil Forfeiture Laws

pfp figure 6States collect 0% of financial incentives from civil forfeiture are those in white.

Other percentages are shown state by state

Grading State & Federal Civil Forfeiture Laws

Institute for Justice-Nick Sibilla, contributor

Just in time for the Fourth of July, states are declaring their independence from civil forfeiture.

Enabled by civil forfeiture laws, police can seize and keep property without the government ever filing criminal charges. Innocent Americans actually must prove their own innocence in court if they ever hope to regain their property. Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies routinely seize property and pad their budgets with forfeiture revenue. Outlets as diverse as The New Yorker and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver have detailed this travesty of justice.

But thankfully, civil forfeiture’s days may soon be numbered. Starting July 1, two major reforms from Montana and New Mexico will go into effect.

Earlier this year, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock signed a law that requires the government to first obtain a criminal conviction before taking and keeping someone’s property through civil forfeiture.  This legislation also shifts the burden of proof onto the government—where it belongs—when spouses, neighbors and other innocent owners try to get back property used by a suspect without their knowledge. Montana’s civil forfeiture reforms are vital to restore due process and protect the property rights of the innocent.

New Mexico went even further and abolished civil forfeiture outright. As in Montana, law enforcement can only forfeit property after a criminal conviction. Crucially, this new law requires that all forfeiture money be deposited in the general fund, preventing it from becoming a police slush fund. Without a single vote cast against it, Gov. Susana Martinez (and a former prosecutor) signed this landmark reform on April 10.

Impetus for reform came after the Institute for Justice and The New York Times uncovered unsettling comments made last fall. Speaking at a forfeiture conference, Pete Connelly, then the city attorney for Las Cruces, New Mexico, called civil forfeiture “a gold mine,” and told attendees, “We could be czars. We could own the city.”


I guarantee you that the homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists that have gotten away with stealing animals (property) from their legal and rightful owners will not like the change in these states and states that will join in adopting anti-forfeiture laws -Laws that require conviction of a crime for forfeiture must meet the requirements as prescribed by law.

Note-Court cases and police reports are public information pay a visit to your courthouse and see for yourself what’s going on…just ask for animal cruelty cases and for civil forfeiture cases.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

Animal Rights1

Justin 302407_234365913266554_1122968575_n

Justin-forced to live out his days without me-Ripped from loving and caring arms

Zoo Wars~BCR v Court ORDERS-Update the Return of the Tiger Ridge Animals

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Amazed that a government agency-the ODA- thinks they are above the law and the ruling of the court. An appeal will cost MORE tax payer money to tie it up with more litigation when there is already an issue for the safe return of the animals that exists once animals crossed state line-The state of Ohio lost control the second the animals left Ohio and now will be open to federal suit-Never mind an appeal there is a storm brewing with a claim of abuse.

BCR received several of the Tiger Ridge animals AFTER a lengthy stay with the ODA in charge at the Ohio Animal Penitentiary…ANY ABUSE OBSERVED WOULD BE THE ABUSE FROM THE OHIO DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE NOT TIGER RIDGE…The following demonstrates the abuse as documented by Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) and now blaming it on Hetrick which couldn’t be further from the truth and also documented as well as in numerous posts that can be found on this blog.


bcr-ohio-cats-arent-going-anywhere-statementCarole Baskin has been enjoying the money coming from Ohio from tax payer money to care for the animals-Wala-the creation of more lies begins to keep the money coming and no matter where it comes from-Help pay for their care-Help BCR fight a court order…Oh yeah, people gullible enough to donate to help her be in defiance of a court order-Baskin gets creeper by the minute with her professional techniques to beg for more money-The BCR 990 IRS reports reveals more than 4 million in reserve.

Tiger scamWho has so many IRS 501-C-3 corporation’s registered to themselves? And you didn’t think there is money in a Not for Profit business to be made-HA!


Who will ever be able to forget Leo and all the images that came from the ODA?

11998925_10205911240319086_4978623254050456191_nAfter suffering at the Ohio Animal Penitentiary-Leo

Carole Baskin is NOT so innocent herself of abuse-She’s the Mastermind behind 911 Animal Abuse

baskin-mastermind-behind-911-animal-abuseThe TRUTH Carole Baskin doesn’t want YOU to know!!! Put into a concise format with links documenting every single entry-Carole Baskin exposed and a fraud!!!

For more documented information 


Carole Baskin will always claim that the people behind exposing her for the liar that she is are lying however each and every claim is documented and Baskin is unable to dispose of this evidence. There is more to be found at the above link…These are some strong words:

  • Maintain compatible groups of animals in the same enclosure.
  • Handle animals in a manner that prevented physical harm.
  • Maintain structurally sound housing facilities for dogs.
  • Clean water receptacles.
  • Clean the premises and keep it free of accumulations of trash.
  • Maintain complete records on the premises showing the acquisition, disposition, and identification of animals.
  • Provide a suitable method for the rapid elimination of water from outdoor housing facilities.
  • Clean primary enclosures as required.
  • Store supplies of food in an adequate manner.
  • and Maintain a sufficient distance or barrier between animals and the viewing public.

And while she has been able to fly by under the radar…She can no longer hide HER PAST and her claim that only she is qualified to care fore those animals WRONG!!! No one has this much history behind them so start asking questions and see for yourself how she tries to get out of it…

baskin-pants-on-fireDrain the Swamp people from people making false claims-Stop donating!!! BCR is NOT a charity no matter the IRS status.
Tiger Ridge Ruling here: tigerridgeexoticsruling
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog -B
Special note of gratitude to Big Cat Exploiters and BCR Watch for the tremendous amount of hours devoted to exposing the truth! Both have websites and dedicated FB pages-Both recommended!

Zoo Wars-BREAKING NEWS-Judge Orders ODA to RETURN the Animals to Tiger Ridge

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Now the question of whether the ODA will go on appeal and delay the inevitable longer. I can’t wait to read the ruling-This is BIG news and the abuse of animal owners and their owners come to an end with an illegal and in-Constitutional law across the board.

“Now the question of Leo’s death comes into play-They made it impossible to return him   Maybe they won’t appeal and open that door…unless they decide it best to cut a deal however there is duress to also be considered both human and animal.”

I doubt they actually have a reason for appeal-Appealing comes at great risk depending on the actual ruling from the judge -One thing for sure is the case is moving in the right direction!

Wood County Judge Orders Animals be Returned to Tiger Ridge


A Wood County judge has ordered that all the animals taken from Tiger Ridge Exotics be returned.


On Monday, a judge ordered that the Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture return what they called Kenneth Hetrick’s dangerous wild animals no later than 5 p.m. Tuesday, November 29, 2016.

Court documents say that the ODA must cover all of the costs in care, confinement and transportation of the the quote “dangerous wild animals” from January 28 of last year until they are returned.

Wood County will be responsible for the court costs.

Documents say many animal holding facilities were not in compliance with regulations for up to a year or longer after their wildlife shelter permits had been granted.

The ODA has released a statement saying they will be appealing the judge’s decision to return the animals to Tiger Ridge Exotics.

“ODA will appeal Judge Kelsey’s decision to the Court of Appeals. ODA attorneys will also file a motion delaying the ordered movement of the animals until the appeal process is resolved.

The department finds the law, and subsequent court decisions across the state, are clear regarding the scope of Ohio’s Dangerous Wild Animals Program. The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled the Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture has sole authority in determining DWA issues, as specified by Ohio Revised Code.”

Stay with WTOL 11 for the latest on this developing story.  


How strong of an appeal they can create will depend if his ruling stands. For the most part, Judges do not like to over rule each other especially since this could delay the return of their animals costing the state more money and increasing the value of a suit that can be filed for the duress.

The court obviously made a strong ruling/judgement providing the cost of animal care back, confinement and transportation on the ODA-The county to absorb court cost-This is HUGE!!!

For the most part any law that inhabits the keeping of any and all animals is illegal and unconstitutional…Any animal seizure is also illegal and unconstitutional as laws are written to pertain to public property and not privately owned property-Ohio is a sovereign state recognizing the sovereign rights of Ohio citizens and their God-given right to property (animals) ownership.

Jack Hanna with Kasich signing SB310 as lawGovernor Kasich signing into law-Jack Hanna congratulating the governor for BAD LAW costing Ohio taxpayers MILLIONS!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned! -B

Animal Rights1


But What About My Goldfish!?! Yes, they are animals too…

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Image result for pictures of goldfish+cartoon

Vegan, home grown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists want NO human contact/relationships with ANY animal which includes my goldfish (tropical fish)…Don’t eat them, don’t abuse them thru ownership with a fish tank in your living room and most importantly, when they die…DON”T FLUSH!!! They contend it’s cruel and want the practice of fish ownership to stop.

SATIRE or REAL is a very serious act of terrorisum  to claim that any animal has been abused and as a result, label it as a rescue. You loved those fish in that tank or fish bowl…Taxpayers wake-up to the SCAM and stop supporting the cruel laws putting animals above the rights of people.  American Animal Culture is supported by both state and US Constitutions and the amendments that support your God-given right to animal ownership. What are you going to do when they break your door down to raid your home and take all your animals including the goldfish? They are going to claim rescue-You’re going to claim foul which won’t do a heck f a lot for you in a court room!!!

Instead of supporting animal raids, go help a farmer or a little old lady to keep her ‘cat ranch’. Try to enjoy animal usage so that breeders will continue to bred their animals and you will continue to be able to own an animal and your right to choose where you will purchase that animal and/or what kind of animal you want to own.

Instead of supporting animal Raids, support animal exhibitions and go see them at the zoo or in some other form of family entertainment. AND…It is your right to choose what will be on the dinner table tonight and your right to hunt in order to provide for your family…

There are so many reasons to stop supporting cruel and illegal cruelty laws to STOP the Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists from creating more laws which led to giving animals more rights than your right to live free from the over-reach of the government creating even more UN-constitutional illegal laws about animals…This goes well beyond ethics, stop the government outreach to destroy animals lives and you from enjoying your life as you wish to LIVE it!!!

If you choose to make Fido equivalent to a child, that’s your choice and not up to any government agency or some armchair Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist to tell you how he will live.

I am so tired of the threat from the governments bad laws of inflicting terror and paranoia due to a simple act of ownership. Let’s go back to a time when every American would have a dog and/or a cat, maybe a goldfish…as a goal and your right to life, liberty and property (happiness)!!

Image result for pictures of goldfish+cartoon

The State of the Goldfish

“Goldfish are too often treated in an inhumane fashion. People forget about them, ignore them, and allow their tank conditions to become downright unlivable. It is not uncommon to hear about fish being flushed. I heard an account of a frustrated person throwing a fish out a second-story window.

Fraternities still practice the barbaric ritual of swallowing goldfish. A person I talked to offered to sell me a tank. When I commented that it had fish in it already, he said, “Don’t worry, I was thinking of dumping them all in the driveway anyway.”

This kind of total disregard for the lives of Goldfish is what caused our organization to form in the first place. Unlike dogs and cats, for which people have some conscience (and at least they will deliver these animals to a local shelter) Goldfish are more often flushed or plain ignored when the owner becomes tired of caring for them.

First of all, most people are not aware that a place exists to help them place the fish they are no longer able to care for. People rarely even think about offering fish for adoption. As a result, we have many people interested in adopting, but few actually placing their fish up for adoption. Why is this?

Part of it is the mindset on the part of the owner that it is not worth the effort. Part of it is the fact that people just don’t know that options are available. Options are available.

It is our mission to educate people about this fact, and to recreate in the public awareness a sense of the true worth of Goldfish life.

It is only through education (of the goldfish’s needs, habits, and worth) that this goal will be achieved. The Goldfish Sanctuary has a growing network of good people who are dedicated to this very goal. We are seeking representatives in all areas to help us with the education about, and placement of, goldfish. We accept members in all capacities.”


Think this absurd -Just ask the people accused of a CRIME, lost their fish and forced to plea guilty of the CRIME and then lost their Goldfish in the process…YES, it has happened and will happen again.


Many people have been falsely charged with animal cruelty; falsely accused of animal abuse-jailed and put thru a hearing…suffer from the loss and end up paying fines, jailed and/or placed on probation and them, caught up in a system, left wondering what had just happened to their lives and what was to become of the future. Laws that were written to apply to intentional cruelty are now used to include the presence of fleas, long toe nails, worms and even Rover needing a haircut and a bath…

The TX civil forfeiture law for example pertains to the process of ownership of your animals taken as evidence for the case to continue as a ‘criminal crime’ based on the evidence although no actual crime was ever committed-ALL of it done at taxpayer expense. Without charges, their determination of keeping the animals from you would be deemed an illegal action…Stolen property by virtue as a raid to be taken as evidence and YOU the taxpayer paid for the wrongful action of law enforcement and the judicial system.

Bloggers Note: I don’t have a Goldfish…I never abused a goldfish by virtue of ownership and I have no intentions of owning a goldfish anytime soon…Just so you know.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

Action Alert-Appointment of Presidential Cabinet Member-Secretary of Agriculture

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Trump Campaign announces agricultural advisory committee

August 16, 2015

From the campaign trail:

Donald J. Trump is pleased to announce his new Agricultural Advisory Committee. The men and women on the committee will provide pioneering new ideas to strengthen our nations agricultural industry as well as provide support to our rural communities. Mr. Trump understands the critical role our nations agricultural community plays in feeding not only our country, but the world, and how important these Americans are to powering our nations economy.

The formation of the board represents Donald J. Trumps endorsement of these individuals diverse skill sets and ideas that can improve the lives of those in agricultural communities. Mr. Trump has received widespread support from voters who understand he is the only candidate with the best interests of the agricultural community at the heart of his policies.

Mr. Trump said, “The members of my agricultural advisory committee represent the best that America can offer to help serve agricultural communities. Many of these officials have been elected by their communities to solve the issues that impact our rural areas every day. I’m very proud to stand with these men and women, and look forward to serving those who serve all Americans from the White House.”

“I am honored to have the opportunity to work with each member of the committee to support Donald J. Trump and his campaign to be the next President of the United States of America,” said Charles W. Herbster, who will serve as National Chairman of the Agricultural and Rural Advisory Committee. “As a fifth-generation farmer, Owner of Herbster Angus Farms, and Owner and Chief Executive Officer of the Conklin Companya company that specializes in agriculture and animal health products, among othersI look forward to working with this esteemed group of individuals. Each of these committee members has a diverse background in agriculture and do not take lightly the responsibility we have to keep the American farmer in business and profitable. Those who put food on our tables and keep our economy growing need our continued support and as the National Chairman on this committee, I will make it my goal to take care of those who make it their livelihood to take care of us.”

Executive board members will convene on a regular basis. The more than 60 advisory board members…Please continue at the above link.



from SAOVA:

“As President-Elect Trump considers his choice for Secretary of Agriculture (which oversees the Animal Welfare Act), you can send your personal stories to this site: If you, as an animal breeder, have had problems with over-regulation, we urge you to tell them your story. If the Retail Pet Store rule changes from 2013 caused problems for you as a small breeder, please let them know.”

The following is the document I submitted to demonstrate the seriousness of the situation of attacks on American Animal Culture although I am not a breeder, I do have concerns that need to be addressed.

Dear President-Elect Donald J. Trump- Congratulations on the successful election and a brighter future for all US citizens.

I was asked if I was interested in proving my personal experience and concern for the future of agriculture in the United States with an accounting of my experience. I hope for the establishment of the best possible choice for the Secretary of Agriculture.

American Animal Culture is under attack and threated from vegan, homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists, AR Extremists and AR Organizations such as The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), numerous Animal Sanctuaries such as Big Cat Rescue (BCR) and others; all in association with each other with a huge following and an accumulation of millions of tax free dollars collected under the guise of  ‘animal rescue’ when in truth, none of these organizations provide a large percentage of the funds collected for helping animals.

HSUS provides less than 1% and is under investigation by several state Attorney Generals. HSUS also has lost its charity rating due to an out of court settlement with the Feld Corporation for RICO violations, although I have yet to see criminal charges brought to trial.

Money collected for helping animals has been converted for use for paying lobbyists to promote a change in laws to limit animal ownership and usage. State laws are being created for harsher penalties although no crime against anyone had ever been committed with laws that will not help a single animal but instead, create harsher penalties due to the broader use of the cruelty laws which, when used improperly, and in many instances, create a society of law breakers because they were/are animal owners. In most instances of intentional cruelty, there are other laws in place that address the issues such as gambling, public health and public safety- although it is a fact that many of the animal cruelty cases, no law was ever broken with people enduring the strong arm of the law being served in an unlawful manner for a crime that they never committed.

This is my accounting of what happened to us:
I was an exotic animal owner who has been abused by both law enforcement and a judicial system that acted outside their jurisdiction with multiple violations of my God-given right to my expected privacy on my private farm property and my God-given right for ownership/usage of my property (animals) with massive civil liberty abuse against us; the likes of which have gone by completely ignored.

There exists a serious threat to all animal ownership and usage and requires the attention of the Secretary of Agriculture with the disappearing American Animal Culture that this country was built upon.

The use of emotionally generated claims and the mis-use of what can be considered illegal and un-constitutional state laws has led to a serious attack on all phases of animal (property) ownership with serious violations of AETA law. However, private citizens (animal owners), myself included, for the most part, are not in a financial position to secure legal representation for filing a civil suit for the lack of concern by law enforcement (FBI) for criminal charges and therefore, the actions against animal owners continues and is escalating as no check and balance exists.

[It should be noted that I contacted the FBI, US Attorney General, the Texas Rangers and the US Marshals office with my concerns. Their response was less that satisfactory; when there was a response that is, including advising me to take civil action; which we had already begun and is addressed in this letter of concern.]

Animal ownership and usage does not automatically make people animal abusers no matter what the usage. Animals are being sold as adoptions with no attention given to state sales tax ever being paid for those so called adoptions and rescues even after clarification from the USDA that stated that no matter what it’s called, is a sale of an animal (property).

When an exotic animal is involved, it escalates to a new form of civil liberty abuse as animals are confiscated under the guise of ‘rescue’, under the ‘color of law’ and given away after the conversion of property and is usually done under duress -which violates justice being properly served.

I have more than two decades of professional exotic animal ownership without incident, utilizing my animals in both the circus and in educational venues while traveling throughout the United States and Canada. No one so much as ever even insinuated animal cruelty in all that time.

My late husband was an 8th generation performer, and we established a rather untraditional form of training which we utilized as our training technique, that demonstrated our relationship with the animals and extreme close contact with each and every animal that we presented. At times, this too was objected to by AR Extremists although no animal was ever subjected to a whip or the use of fire but instead, was an extreme form of gentleness with the largest mixed group of big cats of various species in the US at that time; all assembled together, utilizing spotted leopards, black panthers, royal Bengal and Siberian tigers as well as white Siberian tigers and cougars (15) in the steel cage, all at the same time. Currently, there is no performance on the United States being produced of it’s kind and with the way things are going, it likely will never be again.

Education about the animals was our priority goal, often performing at state and local county fairs as our main venue. There are communities that exist through out the United States where people and children have never seen these types of animals; which demonstrates the need for travel to those communities. We focused on our style of training as well as the species of animals that we utilized.

Shortly after the loss of my husband and being forced into retirement, I encountered Hurricane Dolly in South Texas which led to seeking hurricane relief elsewhere. I had filed with the Texas Secretary of State as a Not-for-Profit so that I could retain ownership of my animals in order to remain committed for their welfare in a lawful manner.

I realized early on that after working in extreme close contact with that group of animals had actually created a group of extremely exceptional animals to the norm, so to speak, and required exceptional care in a manner with which they were accustomed. My animals deserved to remain with me, the only caregiver that most of the animals had ever known, hand raised and bottle fed.

After inquiring with the county and seeking to remain legal within the boundaries of Texas law, I purchased property outright in Marion County, Texas where those types of animals would be allowed.

Within two weeks of finally relocating to the property in January 2010, more than 1,200 miles from South Texas, I experienced an attack from law enforcement and a ‘self proclaimed’ CEO and president of the local humane society (‘Humaniac’).
[Note: Their local Humaniac had no official status or state training as required by law in matters concerning animal ownership and was not the county animal control officer as she had been introduced as and forced upon us by law enforcement who threatened us and my animals (especially the animals) by a state official who was outside his jurisdiction by Texas law. Had we not allow her onto our property (without any warrant)I was led to believe the consequences would be far less than what I wished for my safety nd the safety of my animals.

Civil liberty violations included but are not limited to 3 days of unannounced warrant-less searches without due cause onto private farm property without our permission, law enforcement and the local district attorney (extrajudicially), state agents, and one federal USDA agent who was working outside his jurisdiction as I no longer needed or held a USDA permit which was not required by Texas state law.

There were no extenuating circumstances to justify any emergency and/or any emergency condition of any animal, yet on the fourth day of their searches, a search and seize warrant was issued that lacked probable cause and was non specific as to what and where they were to seize [Note: “All animals alive, dead and unborn” with absolutely nothing addressing any other property to be taken as evidence, is not a legal description of property or where it was to be found/searched for] Property was to be taken as evidence; some of which was converted in the taking for their own usage.

There was no federal participation with the serving of the warrant as the USDA and US Marshal refused to participate -which speaks for itself regarding the USDA inspection with those agencies turning down involvement; No USDA report was ever written.

My new partner, who is legally deaf since an early age; “deaf” was noted on the warrant yet, throughout the entire ordeal, his rights were severely violated as no ASL interpreter was brought in, all the way through the first court hearing concerning ownership of our property. What is extremely odd in this case, was that all criminal charges were dropped prior to any hearing, and it suddenly morphed into a civil seizure case, with the court working under a law that states if there are no pending criminal charges, they are to return the (animals) property that were taken as evidence.

My partner was booked (no phone call provided as no TTY was made available), charged,  arraignment, meetings with court appointed attorneys and the first hearing went without an interpreter. This in and of itself is an extreme violation of both state an federal ADA laws.

President-elect Trump, I believe that you are well aware of the difficulties that deaf people face each and every day in the normal function of their day-to-day lives. O believe that this accounting will be considered unacceptable on many levels that law enforcement and the judicial system are still ignoring ADA laws that were established for the deaf for proper communication more then 20 years ago. This case should also be of concern for the appointment of the Attorney General as an area if extreme concern. ‘Access denied’ can not be allowed to continue.

The animals were taken as evidence yet, 1/3 were destroyed by the vet hired by the sheriff’s office, joined by and assisted, was the ‘Humaniac’ with out permission from the judge, not us as the owners and without due cause according to the vet records and in other documents. Not a single animal was in duress or a public safety issue before the taking. Nothing was noted on any records that would indicate a reason to euthanize ANY animal, much less the numbers that were killed in the process before the first hearing.

The total value of the animals and other property taken was in excess of $300,000.00 yet went before the same Justice of the Peace who issued the warrant and was not trained in matters of law.

[Please note of extreme importance is that the animals were severely abused once taken as no proper care provider was skilled in proper animal husbandry of these types of animals. The poor handling of the animals that began with the taking, continued until death occurred or they were sent to places for ‘rescue’ and noted on intake the new animal conditions -Animals had remained in the county’s care, with the ‘Humaniac’, the state district attorney unqualified to provide for animals, inmates from the county jail and the vet in charge for more than 2 months. -Yes, the district attorney himself, rolled up his sleeves and provided care, feeding, and cleanup of the big cats after confiscation!]

We appealed the case which went to the County Judge, who also ruled on a case outside the jurisdiction of his court by Texas Constitutional Law, who was also untrained in matters of law; The case was never heard in a Court of Law as required by Texas Law concerning property rights. His judgement further lacks the court’s state seal as required by law.

We had filed as indigent, yet it was required that we pay a fee for the appeal, even though Texas law states that persons filed as indigent would not be required to pay a fee for the appeal as it was a trial de novo. State law in such cases does not allow for further appeal even after two judges acted outside the jurisdiction of their courts in a civil matter concerning property rights of ownership. In essence, their judgements were nil.

Taking it a step further, we took the issues of civil liberty abuse to the federal district court in Marshall, Texas. The federal court stated the claim of ADA law for an ASL interpreter doesn’t pertain to federal courts. We had a hearing before a federal judge, and once again, in court without an ASL interpreter.

My partner was required to provide proof that he, in fact, is totally deaf for consideration for an interpreter should the case go to trial, but this would not include any other hearings or mediation. Mediation took place with yet another federal judge who acted as a mediator from Texarkana, Texas without concern for an interpreter in a matter concerning civil liberty abuse which included the denial of ADA compliance…. Imagine that, how ironic!

The case however, was allowed to continue and did continue with ourselves acting as pro se litigants for 2-1/2 years until finally the case met it’s demise when the judge, simply put, with the stroke of his pen, dismissed the case when we missed one of the rules of the court yet was done without consideration that we were pro se litigants although, those very same rules state the court will work with pro se litigants on such issues. Our protest for reconsideration went by and the dismissal remained in place.  So, with conflicting affidavits presented to the court by the defendants, our case was dismissed without any concern that this too would be considered a breach of civil liberties concerning the rules set by the court for pro se litigants.

I believe the dismissal was a knee jerk reaction to the ‘claim of rescue’ with the defendants bringing issues to the case that simply put, was not a matter of rehearing the original animal abuse case but instead a case brought to the court with concern for civil liberty abuse which included a constitutional question concerning the state animal cruelty law as illegal and unconstitutional. There was no evidence ever presented in any court at anytime that would be sufficient for charges of animal cruelty although those laws were used in Marion County by it’s judicial courts as directed by the Texas District Attorney in Marion County. The federal judge just wiped out the case without addressing a single issue of civil liberty abuse or responding to the question brought before the court that was raised in the filing of the suit.

The federal judge was a new appointment from the Obama Administration which allowed for severe civil liberty abuse to occur. The judge was an appointment from a sister county; the Harrison County judge was promoted after the filing of our federal case.

We exhausted all attempts for the federal case to be heard with the exception of AETA and RICO that can still be addressed by law enforcement (FBI or the US Marshal service) for both criminal and civil charges to be properly served in defense of US citizens that remains suffering from what occurred and the loss of property however, without a statute of limitations.

Citizens residing in Marion County are still subjected to civil liberty abuse with at least two other animal cruelty cases demonstrating the ‘color of law’ abuse and wrongful charges and usage of the Texas animal cruelty law under the guise of ‘animal rescue’.

There is little doubt that other unlawful abuse still exists concerning law enforcement and the judicial courts with consideration paid to this case that stands alone with such severity of US citizens abuse that is well documented.

The shocking remedy of the judicial courts in Marion County was to turn a wrongly titled criminal case of a class ‘A’ misdemeanor went to the JP Court and somehow changed midway as the JP Courts in Texas are not allowed to hear cases beyond class ‘C’ misdemeanor. The case  mysteriously became a civil hearing even though the JP Court is also forbidden to hear cases valued greater than $100,000. The warrant issued was criminal and we had were arrested.

It then went on appeal to the County Court, that has no jurisdiction in civil matters; the judge of the County Court is not trained in matters of law. Neither of the lower courts in Marion County are courts of law. So in essence, the rule of law that criminal cases remain criminal and civil cases remain civil as procedures contain a separate set of rules occurred and covered up along the way.

What I haven’t yet mentioned is the use of the media and social media by homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists/Extremists. The media was invited to our property before and during the search and seize without our permission or permission from the judge who issued the warrant.

Helicopters circled the property and several news organizations were forced upon us under the threat for our lives, the animals lives and a threat of bodily harm as well as to our personal freedom as the warrant did not call for our arrest. Arrest was used a threat from the officer serving the warrant who detained us with an armed guard left to watch over us.

Marion County law enforcement was dressed in full swat team attire as if two older people that they had dealt with the three previous days and had made every effort to cooperate, would somehow resulted into some sort of Waco-style affair. Law enforcement brandished their weapons to us and the media. The emotionally driven media reports would be used later for fundraising off the backs of the seized animals and continued in the media for emotional driven responses; including death threats and for the collection of donations.

Due to our concern for the treatment of some of the animals (poultry) that were about to be killed in place, on our property; led to our protest of such action by the state health inspector, we were then arrested. We were denied our freedom on extremely excessive bail, and with no consideration for our release on personal recognizance until the extortion began, forcing me to agree to giving up ownership of my big cats after a week’s stay in the County Jail.

I believe that it is extremely important that the Secretary of Agriculture be aware of these issues and to recognized that while states are allowed to create their own laws concerning the animal cruelty issue; both state and US Constitutions address concern for people, not property, and must remain in compliance with Constitutional Law.

Obviously, another area of grave concern is that law enforcement as well as judicial courts operate in accordance to state jurisdiction of the law and their courts with all cases.

Animal cruelty laws were established to address matters of intentional animal cruelty and not issues that can be created to make any animal owner guilty when no intentional crime had ever been committed against any person thus less an animal. For example, currently, an animal owner can be charged with abuse if a water bowl just happens to be empty or was tipped over when the “inspector” visits, or if they fail to see the water/food dish.  Cruelty laws are to address issues that an animal must be in such severe distress as a threat to its life.

If there is any question or if further information be needed please feel free to contact me with this matter that is of extreme importance to me as I remain suffering from such abuse and the loss of property. Lets Make America Great Again!
Barbara Hoffmann

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


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