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My computer recently dumped on me so,  I’m now trying to figure out how to use a tablet in general thus lest for writing on this blog…

I’ve also had surgery quite recently requiring me to take some pretty strong pain medications the last couple of weeks. No where near the top of my game but promise to return shortly…I just need to figure out how to use this thing…Not as easy as I had hoped for. UGH -B

On a Personal Note ~ REALLY ??? SERIOUSLY ??? Marion County, Texas Officials are More like Wild and Dangerous Animals than the Animals

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Jade Helm1



So, let me see if I understand this correctly: The folks with Operation Jade Helm are from the government, and they are there to help. Do I understand that right? Government tells us we have nothing to fear, yet


Sounds GREAT to me! Conservative Tribune  reports:


and Army Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, says, “Operation Jade Helm poses no threat to any American’s civil liberties.”

Sure… and monkeys might fly out of my butt [Eyes Rolling].”


Jade Helm2

Just how much are the pay-offs for allowing the government to come in and make test runs in the county?!? Wait, doesn’t this stuff sound way out there ??? And what could possibly be the reason I have this up on this bog ???

Suddenly I am swamped with calls and emails about an article in the Longview news about Marion County…Good ole Marion County is up to something again, yawn…OK, I’ll go see and decide to take a look…OMG !!!

Keep in mind, Like UN-Agenda 21, no one is paying attention to the military invasion in their counties or are they?!? Gregg Abbott (Governor of the state of Texas) sure is and he’s against Jada Helm 15 but here’s a article in the Longview Journal where Sheriff David McKnight is not only for it but approves that Marion County is under a military invasion!!!-WTF!?!  Doesn’t he and his clan still live there?!?

“Do you believe what’s going on in Marion County?” I am asked. I reply that I haven’t a clue what she’s talking about and then she proceeds to tell me about helicopters and military vehicles going down Hwy 59. WTF?!? A little research goes a ong ways and I find out it’s Jade Helm 15-I don’t know what that is but I’m sure glad I’m not living there!!!

This certainly answers a lot of questions for me as to why the federal courts have looked the other way with our case and will likely look the other way if anyone files suit against Marion County and/or certain of a rigged jury as I am convinced that they were when a jury voted not guilty after the sheriff department invaded a woman’s home, tied her to a restraint chair at the jail and tazed her over and over and over again in her abdomen…WHAT ??? YES!!! All because she was suspect as suicidal-Not guilty my ass !!! Elizabeth Lawson sure doesn’t agree with that verdict!!! No one agrees with that verdict-come on!!! Why would they do such a thing?!? And why would a jury not vote in favor of Elizabeth Lawson-OMG!?!

Links of Interest:

Don’t be fooled by this sleepy little county in far east Texas; it is NOT what it appears to be-the corruption runs rampet and no one is safe even driving thru. Mark my words, when we go back for our things and we’ll be putting our lives in danger unless we take a large entourage with us or hire people and accompanied by body guards hired for our protection which is likely the only way we’ll go back and of course, with live streaming video broadcast as it happens…you bet the lengths I will go to for my personal safety!!!

Sheriff David McKnight was the led officer in our case resulting in a loss of $207,000.00 for no good reason accept that they could and did get away with it-and now I know how and why!!! Funny thing is both he and Gleason still brag on trampling PROTECTED Civil Liberties-Small men in small towns-easy to control a small pond-obviously!!!

McKnight becomes Humanitarian of the Year by the (cough) Humane Society of Marion County -now doing business as the Dixie Humane Society of Marion County…after they literally stole a man’s dogs from him with no due process what-so-ever -they do these things because they can and I finally understand how and why they continue to get away with it!!! But it doesn’t come without a price, the price paid for by the residents of Marion County.

Jade Helm

Marion sheriff on Jade Helm: No reason to worry

Federal military exercises that riled some Texas conservatives in recent weeks will include Marion County, where the sheriff is confident federal officials in Washington aren’t planning something more sinister.

“We went to great efforts to verify credentials and information as it was presented to us,” Sheriff David McKnight said of himself and county commissioners who signed off on welcoming a small portion of Jade Helm 15 to their county.

McKnight said that portion of the military exercise will involve five or six soldiers taking a Jeep ride from one part of a private landowner’s property to another, where they will be picked up by a helicopter.

The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is staging the two-month exercise beginning in mid-July in nine Texas counties and at two Army camps.

The exercise, designed to train U.S. military for anti-terrorism campaigns, became the target of right-wing conspiracy bloggers describing it as a prelude to martial law, gun seizures and even the use of closed Wal-Mart stores as staging facilities.

Gov. Greg Abbott fueled those speculations when he ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor the U.S. Army’s activities.

Such concerns were being laughed off by most Texans.

“At lunch in the barbecue joint, there were some comments about it,” Gary Endsley, Friends of the Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge trustee, said Friday. “I was laughing it off. … And I said, ‘Yeah. I’ll bet the U.N. is trying to build a fort down there (in the refuge) right now.’ The Friends of the Refuge are not all stirred up about it.”

McKnight said he met in the fall with special operations command representatives who outlined the coming exercise, which will occur in Texas and six other Southwestern states. He added that the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas also vetted the Army’s presentation last month.

“As a rule, Texas sheriffs are very protective of their respective counties,” McKnight said this week. “Personally and professionally, I am a strong supporter of private property rights. I am convinced that no infringement of those rights will occur during this exercise and that there will be no negative impact on anyone’s daily activities or livelihoods.

[Bloggers Note: Hold it right there-I take offense to that statement made by McKnight-He has no respect for personal property He and his men took well beyond the limits of a very confusing-if not contradicting search warrant on my property after 3 days of warrantless searches, taking many things not even listed on the warrant and some of it never returned.

He certainly did a number to the Wilson property and who knows who else’s property has been invaded by McKnight and/or his lawless crew of “Good Ole Boys’-Does he just not know what PROTECTED Civil Liberties are and didn’t he take an oath that above all else he would protect them…Does he even know he took an oath ???-HA! What about those other East Texas Counties ??? Do they have some of the same issues as residents of Marion County???-WTF???]

“I have spoken with the landowner, and he very willingly consented to the use of his property and supports this exercise to better train our military men and women to defend us against today’s terrorist threats.”

[Bloggers Note: Would the landlord happen to be his father’s property or his brothers-How much are they being paid by the government to use that property ???]

Information provided at the sheriffs’ association’s May 6 meeting indicated that no live ammunition will be used in Jade Helm 15, nor will any foreign military be involved.

The association reported the exercise primarily will take place on private land in Marion, Bastrop, Burleson, Howard, Hudspeth, Kimble, Real, Schleicher and Tom Green counties. Camps Bullis and Swift, respectively in Bexar and Bastrop counties, also are participating.

[Blogger Note: Participating freely or being paid for the use of their county!?!]

The sheriffs’ association information concluded by encouraging residents to “use legitimate mainstream news sources” for information about Jade Helm 15.


Holy Crap-does McKnight even know what Jade Helm 15 is?!? [I bet NOT]

Is he aware that his job is to protect the community ??? [I think not!!!]

Wondering if he’s learned yet how to serve a search and seize warrant ?!? Is he providing the affidavit when he issues the warrant (as required by law) ??? Is he aware that property rights means you do NOT come on the property without a warrant yet ???

This guy is NOT trained for the position of sheriff and furthermore not trained to be a deputy.

Once you’ve experience McKiight’s ‘brand’ of protection’ you never want to deal with another cop again-He’s still the ‘high-school bully’ -Bet he makes his mama proud-NOT!!!


Now the REAL comedy is exposed in an editorial-WOW-He’s now working extra hard to be re-elected sheriff. Actually, I think he’s just a ‘patsy’ for the people who really run the county-It’s NOT Sheriff McKnight running the county-Corrupt little counties like Marion County is not run by Dumbo’s like McKnight…He’s gained even more weight with his big Texas belly covering his belt buckle…the voice of reason, LOL!!! He knows more than the Governor of the state of Texas-right…I think NOT!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, NOW THAT’S FUNNY!!!

Editorial: Marion sheriff a voice of reason amid Jade Helm hysteria

Thanks to Marion County Sheriff David McKnight for injecting a bit of calm into the Jade Helm hysteria nonsense roiling those prone to believing every conspiracy theory that comes to their attention.

McKnight’s county, which is just a few clicks from here, will be involved — slightly — in the military exercises and, as such, he has been privy to a bit more information than most of us.

And McKnight says there is nothing to worry about.

[Bloggers Note: If McKnight says it, then it must be true-BAHAHAHAHAHAHA That might be the funniest thing I have read in a very long time!!!]

Most of us didn’t need the sheriff to tell us that. The whole idea that U.S. troops would swoop into Texas to “take over the state” is so bizarre that it’s difficult to find an adjective to accurately describe its absurdity.

Indeed, the people mongering this fear should be ashamed of themselves. We don’t care what they think of the political figures involved, but they highly disrespect our troops — a good number of whom certainly come from Texas — and, like most Americans, we don’t take kindly to that.

Do you really think those brave men and women who joined the armed forces to protect you from harm are now going to turn their arms against you? Are you buying into the theory about tunnels under closed Wal-Mart stores? If so, we genuinely feel sorry for your delusion and hope you can find a way to work through your irrational fears.

[Bloggers Note: Frankly, I am unaware of what is being said about tunnels under a de-funk Walmart Store-I am unaware that a Walmart Store ever existed in Marion County]

Having said that, we must express our disappointment that, while Sheriff McKnight speaks about the situation with such lucidity, the governor of Texas is using it to score political points.

Bloggers Note: Abbott was just elected to that position-He doesn’t need to collect brownie points. McKnight on the other hand most definitely needs to collect a few after all he’s done in the past and now this-OMG!!!]

We’re pretty sure Gov. Greg Abbott knows better than he let on with his order to the Texas State Guard to “monitor” the exercises. We aren’t as convinced U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert gets it. He’s been tossing fuel on such fantastic and unfounded conspiracy theories for years.

Jade Helm will be much the same as other military exercises that take place regularly in the United States. If we did not conduct exercises, our troops would be seriously hampered when faced with a real emergency.

Yet instead of showing support, many are showing their ignorance. All of this is stirred by what some misguided folks said on the Internet and whipped up by pandering politicians and pundits. It’s absolutely amazing so many people believe them.

But McKnight, at least, has been a steady voice speaking in the near wilderness of Marion County. We wonder whether he might have an interest in further political office, say, governor of Texas or as the U.S. representative from this area. On this, at least, we could use a fresh, rational voice.

[Bloggers Note: Who wrote this editorial anyway??? McKnight’s mother???]


I just had to leave a comment to that editorial-Truth hurts…

Then you don’t know how Marion County operates or David McKnight or how the county operates to destroy lives without blinking an eye for having done it-Or do you so quickly forget Barbara Lawson who was tied to a restraint and tazed in her abdomen over and over and over again-They thought she was suicidal-huh?!? They why wasn’t she taken to the hospital-HELLO!?!

Want to see a general warrant served by McKnight following three days of warrantless searches?!?

Tell me, who has court appointed attorneys for a civil case and the paperwork sent us to JP Court for a class ‘A’ misdemeanor and how about that the case was appealed and changed from a criminal case to civil when Judge Parker doesn’t have the authority in his court, by Texas government code, to hear a civil case (a statute does NOT take president over government code-…ALL of it ignored by the federal court for the PROTECTED Civil Liberty abuse…and now we know why!!! OMG!!!

Yeah, if David McKnight said it you best believe it because the federal courts will certainly agree-BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Just how much did the county get paid for this and what has McKnight received for supporting this is his home county. Did you know he was known as the class bully and I guess he’s never changed in my opinion.
How about we talk to the residents of Marion County when this is all over and see how they felt about it-HA!
This is my opinion and I am allowed to state my opinion when it is a community issue according to Judge Ralston for Marion County

Far as I’m concerned my new neighbor in January 2010 McKnight became the lead deputy in a case against me in January 2010 just a few weeks after moving to Marion County, living less than a mile from my newly purchased private farm property on Lewis Chapel Road…David McKnight is my worse nightmare come true-He’s a lying sack of shit and he knows it…his family knows it-God knows it and one day will have to explain his actions AGAINST his INNOCENT neighbor(there never was a REAL criminal trial or civil for that matter to his maker-About the animals and other property that was stolen and he was ‘in charge’ I can live with that…can he??
Guess he’s lucky this is the ‘new west’ and not the ‘old Wild West’ where they hung horse thieves…although you wouldn’t know that by the actions of enforcement and the judicial system in Marion County and the state of Texas. Just because he comes from an influential family in Marion County who got him that job so that maybe he could channel all that bullying for some good-Doesn’t mean that he has or is or even capable-OBVIOUSLY!!!
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Please note: This turned up in my search for information on Jade Helm in Marion County-Seems rather odd and out of place for a commissioner of Marion County…

Marion County commissioner resigns after theft arrest

“A Marion County commission has resigned after being arrested on theft of property charges.”

“Pct. 3 Commissioner C.E. Bourne was arrested Thursday on two counts of theft of property after an investigation by the Texas Rangers and state Comptroller’s office involving allegations of removing and using fuel from county-owned fuel tanks, according to Marion County District Attorney Angela Smoak.”


follow the link for the rest of the story


Zoo Wars ~ Reward for Information Leading to the Arrest of an Arsonist

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Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

ZOO WARS ~ Get the Picture now?!?

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The creation of laws to PROTECT animals has done little for their protection and more to hinder owners from protecting their animals. While this post is concern for animals considered endangered species; the same could be said for the intent of the animal cruelty laws which are being used to take animals from their rightful owners. These are bare topics that have been and will also be continually explored by this blog to expose the truth behind the creation of the laws and the reality of how them have been and will continue to be abused as long as those who are supposed to be properly enforcing these laws and don’t and as long as the courts ignore their OBLIGATION to protect PROPERTY OWNERS from this form of ‘color of law’ animal seizures where abuse NEVER existed in the first place.

Private Property: The Real Endangered Species?

In 1973, Congress passed and President Nixon signed into law the Endangered Species Act (ESA) with the intent of protecting threatened species such as the bald eagle. Since then, close to 2,000 species and subspecies (1,400 of which are in the United States), have been added to the listing under the Endangered Species Act.

While the original Act was well intended, the Endangered Species Act has become the Trojan horse that sneaks in property-thieving regulations and a “sue and settle” lawsuit scheme while pretending to be beneficial to conservation. This threat to animal owners, animal based businesses, and private property has expanded significantly in recent years with animal rights groups hijacking the conservation aspect of the ESA to advance their radical agenda.

These groups make up a $400 Billion global coalition of organizations that raise money under the guise of promoting the welfare of animals, while using that money to buy lawyers and lobbyists to fund misleading, emotionally driven campaigns to pit the public against animal owners and breeders.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) is one such radical animal rights group based in San Francisco that files lawsuits against privately owned animal businesses with no intent of winning in court. Rather, the lawsuits are used to propagate a false narrative against their targets (typically animal based small business owners) in order to force them out of business. Instead of doing the work of raising, breeding, and caring for animals, the victims of these lawsuits must spend scarce resources on lawyers and public relations experts to clear their good name, and defend their livelihoods and their animals. Many cannot afford this burden and simply close up shop.

Recent reports from the House Committee on Natural Resources have uncovered that an entire cottage industry exists around filing lawsuits based on the ESA. As a result, funds that were once intended to be used to protect species in danger of extinction are now being diverted to fund frivolous lawsuits against animal owners who are the targets of extremist animal rights groups.

In addition, government bureaucrats often act unlawfully through a tactic called “sue and settle.” They settle litigation with their allies in environmental and animal rights groups behind closed doors in a way that advances the activist’s radical agenda, and in the process block out citizens, states, and local governments affected by their decisions and their subsequent rules and regulations.

This “sue and settle” tactic funnels millions of settlement dollars from the Federal Government to the animal rights and environmental activists to fund their continuing efforts to game the system and wrongfully attack animal enterprise ultimately. The result is the destruction private property, businesses and lives.

One such victim of these attacks is Pam and Tom Sellner, owners of Cricket Hollow Zoo in Iowa, are one of many faces of victims of these attacks. Pam and Tom have been bringing joy to families for years with their privately owned collection of tigers, lions, pumas, and other exotic animals. Their zoo provides learning opportunities for students in rural Iowa who may otherwise not have access or contact with these animals. However, that will never satisfy the animal rights extremists who believe that these animals don’t belong in captivity.

Tom and Pam are now faced with mounting legal fees to fight this frivolous lawsuit from an animal rights activists group (ALDF) radically out of step with American values, but funded and well staffed with attorneys to do the dirty work. The Sellers are just one of the many faces of the victims of ESA-based lawsuits that have sprung up across the country.

While well intentioned when written over forty years go, the ESA has become a weapon for lawyers to beat small animal businesses over the head, all at the taxpayer expense.

Ultimately, the abuse of power under the ESA puts at risk the very animals it was intended to protect, as private property rights are trampled under the hooves of this Trojan Horse, and the system attacks the animals it was intended to protect.

Animal rights groups are using the ESA and our court system as a weapon to destroy those who aren’t in line with their ideology. If this works on animal enterprise, what is next?
– – – – – – – – – – – – –
Mindy Patterson is the President of The Cavalry Group, a member based company protecting and defending the Constitutional and private property rights of law abiding animal owners, animal-related business, hunters, and agriculture concerns legally and legislatively nationwide. Follow Mindy Patterson and The Cavalry Group on Twitter: @cowgirlathart and @TheCavalryGroup


This is what happened to Michael Sandlin, owner of The Tiger Truck Stop. And certainly what happened to us as there is no other explanation as to why courts are ignoring laws, case law and Supreme Court rulings. DENIED A JURY TRIAL!!! DENIED an interpreter for a deaf man!!! Warrant-less searches!!! Extortion…Conversion of Property!!! An endless list of crimes…They take an oath to protect civil liberties and obligated to report the abuse and arrest the abusers yet nothing is being done about it.

No agency that exists for the protection of citizen’s PROTECTED rights investigates these cases…all swept under the rug except by the victims of color of law raids of animals. Those guilty of these crimes against PROTECTED Civil Liberties are not being punished for their crimes, allowed to walk free and continue to inflict more abuse against private animal owners and their animals.

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda produced by the press and the end result of the loss of property-The Witch Hunts continue.

Time to take back the conversation-Expose the Animal Rights Extremists for what they are doing by abusing these laws to take property from their rightful owners!!! The animal in question were bred, born and raised by their owners if the United States-They do not belong in the wild or sent to a sub-standard ‘SCAN-tuary’ with conditions that are far less that the standard and certainly with less than what a private owner can and does provide for their most cherished position!!!
If anyone actually believes that a hurricane victim would go to the trouble of 2 relocations-one more than a 1,000 miles away and the expense of purchasing property, the transport and all new facility cages for their animals and owned many of those animals for more than 20 years would abuse those animals is nuts.
That’s exactly what happened and the owner left with nothing except the burden of knowing and carrying around the truth for the rest of their lives.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

ZOO WARS ~ Flood Emergency ~ Dig Deep My Friends, “We Need Your Help”

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GW Flood Emergency 2015The flooding in Oklahoma, Texas and now begun in Arkansas has been horrifying!!! Water spilling over the edge of dams, cars being flipped by the fast moving water, the rescues from flooded homes, road closures, people being caught in flash floods has ALL already occurred in Texas and Oklahoma.

GW Zoo needs your help to help the animals. This is not to be taken lightly and I ask my friends to dig deep. Business was way off before the flooding began and now facing a financial strain.

from GW Zoo:

Dear Zoo Friend,
We are in a State Of Emergency
We have hauled in 38 tons of gravel, lift pumps running 24 hours a day and we need your help with purchasing more gravel and keeping the utilities on as there are no customers during this flooding.
Please call in your donation today 405-665-1003

What we are offering is to double your donation in gift cards to use on tours, admissions to the zoo anytime you can come visit the animals over the next year.

We have made different ways you can do this.
1- Go to the website and make a donation and memo it double gift card and we will mail it to you.
2- Call the office and the girls will help you do it over the phone at 405.665.1003
3- Or mail you donation to G.W. Zoo 25803 NCR 3250 Wynnewood OK 73098

We will get your gift card in the mail.
Right now we are well over $35,000.00 behind normal operation budget and anything would help. – G.W. Zoo

Worst Flood In 16 Years

No one can ever predict the weather. Nice weather is where the zoo and the animals count on making money from visitors to the zoo in order to make it through the winter time. The spring storms has hit worse this year than anytime in the last 16 years. Still we have one more week of the continued rain which will set us back even more. Right now all the animals are safe however we need to purchase sand and gravel to raise many of the low spots we have in the zoo which is causing flooding.
Please help us at


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Texas ALERT ~ HB 234-Help KILL the Bill

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You do NOT have to live in Texas to send your message to the committee members-email addresses below-It will only take a few minutes to help safeguard PROTECTED Civil Liberties-Please get it sent right away and share the message!!!

from TX-RPOA

Just one more week! BLOCK HB 234 (by Jessica Farrar, D-Houston) from moving
out of the Senate Justice Committee, chaired by Senator John Whitmire.
Everyone’s tired at this stage of the game, so let’s keep it brief! Please
email, call, and fax (if possible) the committee members below.
This is the THIRD “ANIMAL RIGHTS” BILL sponsored by Farrar this legislative


Criminal Justice Committee
and Staff:
Imagine it-You’ve been accused of animal cruelty and you did no such thing-They take all your animals yet they can not prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you were cruel to a single animal but they keep them and there’s no recourse because you can’t afford an appeal-
Texas legislature’s can not make up their minds-Currently the laws state if you can’t afford an appeal you are not required to pay but now they are considering an increase with the fees-Already, at least one case was denied a jury trial and no one gave a shit…That appeal went to a court that lacked jurisdiction to hear a civil case-No one gave a shit-So how dare they outright deny PROTECTED Civil Liberties at this level as if animals are more important that those rights…YOUR RIGHTS.
There’s no excuse for any of this-If anything, the civil forfeiture of animals should be stopped unless they can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that a person intentionally committed a crime-Remember-This is America and they seem to need to be reminded-Help remind them!!!
Disclaimer connected to this blog…things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

from USARK ~ Educate Yourself or Suffer Tomorrow-Understand the Animal Rights Movement

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USARK – United States Association of Reptile Keepers

Educate yourself today or suffer tomorrow! You need to understand the animal rights (AR) movement. You should understand it’s a serious threat to Americans (the FBI has) and you should educate others. There is a basic principle to the animal rights ideology: a goal to end all interactions between animals and humans which benefit humans. This trickles all the way down to petting a dog because the person is benefiting (happiness, mood enhancement, stress relief, etc.) from this interaction. In essence, the AR movement is a belief that all animals are slaves.

There are extremists, but there are also many who wear suits and push this AR agenda through government lobbying, manipulative propaganda and sensationalized campaigning. While the extremists distract our attention, the “professional” AR activists are removing your freedoms in multiple arenas, not just pets.

The animal rights movement has been called the “most serious domestic terrorism threat” by the FBI. John Lewis of the FBI stated the following in reference to the AR movement, “There’s been no other movement that has brought as much violence and destruction and vandalism.”

Are all AR groups extremists? No. However, the problem lies in the fact that many high-ranking officials with so-called “animal welfare” groups have beginnings in radical AR groups such as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and like-minded groups. Do a simple internet search for “animal rights” along with any of the following names: John Goodwin, Michael W. Fox, Bruce Friedrich, Ingrid Newkirk, Rodney Coronado and Wayne Pacelle. These are just a few examples of people who now have well-paying careers with, or have received substantial money from national “animal welfare” groups and PeTA. They all have ties to noted AR extremist groups. They may wear suits now, but their hands have been dirty in the past.

The clean and manicured side of the AR movement consists of lawyers, doctors, scientists, lobbyists, and many other accredited professionals. They can use their titles an influence to push the AR agenda through scientific papers, medical research, government influence, etc. To be blunt, it’s scary.

While many groups were once legitimate animal welfare organizations concerned with the humane treatment of animals, many have strayed down the path of animals rights while posing as animal welfare groups. This allows them to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars annually through fraudulent fundraising. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), who runs NO local humane societies brought in $170,000,000+ last year with less than 1% going to local shelters. The ASPCA, who only runs one shelter in New York City and NO local SPCAs, brought in $160,000,000+ last year with less than 3% going to local rescues. Hundreds of other groups bring in additional millions while doing only enough actual animal welfare work to keep the money rolling in to push their AR agenda in our government.

For a bit more information, read the article below. While this article discusses PeTA, who fully claims to be an animal rights group, parallels can easily be drawn and similar articles written for the most financially lucrative of national “animal welfare” groups.

Animal rights is animal rights. It doesn’t matter if you are setting fires or lobbying politicians. The agenda is the same.

Pet owners are animal welfare advocates, not animal rights activists.

Note: Promoting and advocating for veganism/vegetarianism is much different than removing the choice and freedom of Americans through illegitimate lobbying practices, sensationalized propaganda and “junk science.”

Before reading the article, also realize that these groups are 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations. They receive substantial tax benefits and can easily receive funds through sources not accessible to other groups. Even PeTA is a 501(c)3 “charitable” association. Here is an example of where their tax-exempt money goes:

Rodney Coronado: long-time chieftain of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF); jailed over 5 years for torching a university research lab; known to flee jurisdictions after warrants are issued for his arrest; confessed serial arsonist. Coronado received over $70,000 from PeTA in “grants” which included giving talks at universities pushing a radical AR agenda.

FBI Anti-Terror Unit Investigated PETA

We previously reported on the bipartisan condemnation PETA received from Virginia lawmakers with the passage of legislation targeting its “animal shelter.” But PETA’s “shelter” that kills over 90% of the animals in its care is far from the organization’s only black eye—PETA was also the subject of an FBI investigation, according to documents published by the Department of Justice [DOJ].

In 2001, the FBI Domestic Terrorism Operations Unit wrote a report on the findings from various investigations into PETA’s operations. The report claims PETA provided, “what can be considered at least tacit support for the [Animal Liberation Front] and its illegal activity.”A summary of the FBI’s findings said that PETA had “financed or contributed to the legal defense funds of some of animal’s rights extremists charged with crimes.” Notably, that included $70,000 to the defense of Rodney Coronado, who was convicted of arson.

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF), to which PETA provided “tacit support,” is classified by the FBI as a domestic terrorist group. According to FBI testimony, the organization, along with its environmental counterpart the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), has carried out “more than 600 criminal acts in the United States since 1996.” News outlets are currently speculating as to the organization’s involvement in a recent firebombing at a Nevada KFC, because the initials “ALF” were spray-painted on the drive-thru menu. In 2002 the FBI estimated that criminal acts from the ALF/ELF had caused 43 million dollars in damages.

The FBI’s investigation revealed that PETA donated $1,500 to the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) in order to pay the legal fees of its press officer. But not only is the organization’s contribution to the ELF troubling, so are PETA’s statements regarding the ALF. On its website PETA states, “we realize that [the ALF] have different methods and we try not to condemn any efforts in behalf of animals in which no one is harmed,” while Ingrid Newkirk has said, “I will be the last person to condemn ALF.”

PETA also trivializes the consequences of ALF’s terror attacks by claiming, “ALF ‘raids’ have provided proof of horrific cruelty that would not have been discovered or believed otherwise.” Not exactly the kind of swift denunciation one would hope for when talking about a terrorist organization, but unsurprising given PETA’s financial support of an ALF press officer.

The DOJ report also contains details about the FBI’s investigation of Greenpeace, a group with a history of law-breaking. Read the full report to learn some things you might not know. Animal activists complain that tough anti-terrorism laws hurt free speech, but the report shows there’s procedure and oversight involved in making sure only legitimate cases are pursued.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


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