You Owe Them NOTHING!!!

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Let me start with YOU ARE NOT FREE-The signing of the constitution separated our country from another for a free government within the United States to be pure and free.

The Bill of rights pertains to individual freedoms which are being challenged daily by people putting morality above individual rights; moral rights do not exist concerning changing the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. Laws are created concerning public safety and concerning issues that effect people NOT animals (beyond food, water and shelter). Laws exist against illegal gambling -no criminal law can exist to protect an animal yet those laws against animal usage now exist and have contaminated the law as it is supposed to be for the protection of people.

In the case I am referring to below, no law existed and no law was ever broken-Liberty was lost when this case was never investigated and no one was charged with a crime against a US citizen although those crimes happened and remain unresolved.

At this point the FBI needs to be flooded with letters to finally open a case where crimes were committed against US citizens and no charges were ever filed because no investigation ever happened because US citizens were indeed violated and crimes were committed against their right for Liberty.


Now comes the Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists who have managed to create NON-constitutional laws because these laws negatively effect public safety and dishonor a US citizens of their right to Life, Liberty and Property. Warrants are being illegally obtained and court cases are being held with prejudice judges who take these cases although out of their jurisdiction and no legal probable cause ever existed.

Essentially the Property that was taken when taken thru illegal means, then that property can only be considered to be STOLEN by the government.

Kangaroo Court

Sometimes an individual will cry foul and file complaints with the FBI yet because the individual didn’t have ‘Clinton Clout’, no investigation would ever occur.

Bloggers Note: ‘Clinton Clout’ can go both ways-Powerful people have ‘clout’ to start an investigation-Powerful people have enough ‘Clout’ to break numerous laws and not be investigated and prosecuted such as what has just occurred with Hillary Clinton with the FBI denying prosecution although that investigation cost the American pubic millions in Tax-Payer dollars.

I had no clout, and certainly no ‘Clinton Clout’ when I wrote and requested that the FBI investigate what occurred in Marion County, Texas which began with 3 days of warrant-less searches and began over a complaint against noise, although that noise was non-existent and there remains no noise ordinance in Marion County, Texas and certainly the roaring of a non-existent lion, with a complaint filed with a fish and wildlife officer who had absolutely no authority to begin to investigate non-native exotic animals in Texas. This began with a phone call that came from a convicted felon who owned and continues to own a Not for Profit big cat *sanctuary in Wisconsin-Jeff Kozlowski, ceo of Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue who along with his mother and other family members (an entire clan of relatives reside in Marion County, Texas) were and are longtime residents of Marion County, Texas and apparently have ‘Clinton Clout’. From the start, they had enough ‘Clinton clout’, even back in 2010, to start a series of events the like of which should have never happened in the United States, thus less to a US citizen minding their own business residing in Marion County, Texas.

It went beyond warrantless searches to obtaining a warrant that LACKED PROBABLE CAUSE from a JP judge who had certainly been on the bench long enough to recognize that the affidavit for a warrant to be issued because it lacked probable cause, and certainly did NOT dismiss the previous three days of warrantless searches…Not a single animal was taken because it indicated an emergency however, an animal that had died before any of this occurred of a known medical condition and the veterinarian of record had been consulted, that was properly buried (Note: Although no law exists pertaining to the proper burial or disposal of any dead animal in Texas. To exhume a body on private property, would require a warrant.)  was exhumed during one of those warrant-less searches where law enforcement, a prosecutor, a Humaniac, a veterinarian and even a USDA/APHIS inspector who were all illegally trespassing on our private farm property were present.

Surely, I thought, this alone would be enough to begin an investigation by the FBI because that information alone demonstrated that a county government in Texas had broken the law and preceded to STEAL MY PROPERTY and more than enough to demonstrate that all involved went against my right for CIVIL LIBERTY.

My partner and I were jailed for a week for a none existent offence. Not a single law was broken to demonstrate that there was a need to jail us without any consideration for a PR Bond to not be considered for us to be released from jail. Bond was set for $30,000.00 for each of us for a non-existent crime against public safety where no pubic safety issue existed.

The FBI reused to investigate and I have always believed it was because we didn’t have any clout and certainly no ‘Clinton Clout’. Just as other such cases have  never investigated because the people making the request for an investigation was because they had no ‘Clinton Clout’. This in and of itself would have been enough for an investigation to have been opened regardless of other offenses against any US citizen that also included that no sign language interpreter was present at the serving of a warrant for a man that was deaf even though that was the only fact that existed that indicated there was a probable cause for one to have been present.


A chain of events existed that demonstrated that the rights of a deaf man were completely ignored from the warrant-less searches, serving of the warrant, the reading of his rights, his right to place a phone call, nothing in the jail existed for someone who was deaf including a TTY phone so that he could place a call or a fire alarm to alert him had there been a fire, no interpreter for his arraignment, his visits with his court appointed attorney, release from jail and all the way thru a court case in a court that had no jurisdiction to hear such a case according to Texas laws. -The FBI refused to investigate!!!

That alone should have been reason for the FBI to open a case which it did not because a deaf man had no ‘Clinton Clout’-all of that on top of the fact that no law had been broken to even justify 3 days of warrant-less searches; ALL WARRANTLESS SERCHES ARE ILLEGAL WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE TO ENTER PRIVATE PROPERTY.

Furthermore there was never an actual criminal case brought forward against either of us (Texas law allows for criminal charges to be filed for two years beyond the date of the offense-never happened in this case.) yet over $207,000.00 of actual property was STOLEN by the very same people and gave that property away, with no compensation, including for all the things not listed on the warrant that were also taken…ALL THIS BEGAN FROM A PHONE CALL FROM A CONVICTED FELON WHO WAS THEN AWARDED SOME OF THAT PROPERTY INCLUDING PROPERTY THAT WAS TAKEN THAT WAS NOT LISTED ON THE WARRANT that we were unable to recover.

Seized Kenny[1]Carolyn Wedding, ceo of the Humane Society of Marion County, Texas (DBA Dixie Humane Society of Marion County) taking property not listed of the warrant to convert the property for personal usage.

What happen since is so unbelievable and has led to the destruction of our lives as we knew it; just as ‘Clinton Clout’ has allowed for the FBI to not press charges against Hillary Clinton. I am beyond angry at this new development from the FBI and demand that our lives matter. Frankly, little time would even be needed to investigate our case and file criminal charges against Marion County, Texas as both state and federal laws were broken. The people involved, both law enforcement and members of the Marion County, Texas judicial system, who went out of their way to illegally twist and use laws to steal property; to use their positions with local law enforcement and positions with the local county government to STEAL my property walk free and have continued to abuse other members of the community; just as Hillary Clinton will also be allowed to walk free and run as a candidate for the presidency-What a slap in the face for ALL US citizens!

Two law abiding US citizens matter yet no investigation was ever opened to see if the facts were as I stated with numerous laws broken including 3 judges who broke their oath of office to protect people against the abuse of law enforcement and the government. No criminal case was filed against us -There was no criminal trial, there was no criminal judgement-There is nothing stopping the government from STEALING PROPERTY legally or as in this case, illegally when the FBI does not investigate such cases.

no justice when thee is none

This recent event to not prosecute Hillary Clinton confirms the truth of the matter that the lives of US citizens do NOT matter when it concerns either investigating or  pressing charges when laws have been broken and can continue to be broken when a US citizen does or does not have ‘Clinton Clout’. THEY KNEW THAT THEY WERE INVOLVED IN A CRIMINAL OFFENSE WHEN THEY DID IT! Justice was never sought and the FBI never pursued an investigation-so much for civil liberties granted to a US citizen by the Bill of Rights…–not-respect-not-loyalty-not-obedience-n2186865

from the above link:

You Owe Them Nothing – Not Respect, Not Loyalty, Not Obedience

“Sometimes in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another. It is high time to declare our personal independence from any remnant of obligation to those who have spit upon the rule of law. We owe them nothing – not respect, not loyalty, not obedience.”

“Think about it. If you are out driving at 3 a.m., do you stop at a stop sign when there’s no one coming? Of course you do. You don’t need a cop to be there to make you stop. You do it voluntarily because this is America and America is a country where obeying the law is the right thing to do because the law was justly made and is justly applied. Or it used to be.”

“The law mattered. It applied equally to everyone. We demanded that it did, all of us – politicians, the media, and regular citizens. Oh, there were mistakes and miscarriages of justice but they weren’t common and they weren’t celebrated – they were universally reviled. And, more importantly, they weren’t part and parcel of the ideology of one particular party.”

Follow the above link for more of this article.


11146595_10153555299235250_9093706723838195595_nThe prosecutor of Marion County providing care for seized animals who was not experienced or knowledge of the proper care for any animal.

Well there you have it all, nicely wrapped with a fancy bow on top because the people who did that to us remain in office and part of the general public in their official positions and as regular people committing crimes against US citizens and is a public safety issue. Our lives matter and the FBI had enough information to have opened the case.

Instead, the lives of members of that community are still living with the danger that their rights to live free could, at anytime, be violated because no investigation occurred and because no criminal offense was ever noted by anyone, including the lack of investigation by the FBI.

Justice was never served to protect anyone from it occurring again and again and again and should be noted-Files exist that are documented as official records which demonstrate this as fact but why bother filing with the FBI, the Attorney General of the state of Texas, the Texas Rangers, the Department of Justice or any other of the numerous agencies we contacted who did nothing because we lacked ‘Clinton Clout’ to open such a case.

You Owe Them Nothing – Not Respect, Not Loyalty, Not Obedience



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Freedom’s Not Always Fun!

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We celebrate the Fourth of July as a reminder of what makes our nation so great. With respect to your rights comes with the responsibility of respecting mine and while it would be so easy for me to go into one of my rants-I respectfully refrain and instead reblogging a very important message from another blogger:

“If we believe in freedom, we believe in the sanctity of each individual to own and control the fruits of his labors. This means that freedom naturally encompasses the six or seven commandments that deal with how we treat others.

Thou shalt not steal, kill, lie, covet others’ possessions, or dishonor others.

We must understand that in order for our own freedom to be respected, we must equally respect others’ freedom. Once we start eroding the edges of freedom, no matter how “morally justified,” freedom itself has been infringed.”

Happy Fourth of July

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Freedom ain’t free.  We’ve all heard that.

But freedom is also tough to take at times!

Living in a land of liberty ensures that we hear things we vehemently disagree with – things that would never be thought, let alone said, in our own home.

It means that the rock band next door might have daily jam sessions.

Flag burning

It guarantees that a symbol of freedom which we love dearly will be burned or stomped on.

It means that our neighbor will use his property in a way we know to be harmful to the land or in a way that offends our own sense of taste.

It allows for the possibility that a woman might own 235 cats and have no way of taking care of them to the extent we deem they should be cared for.

But freedom cannot be qualified.  Either people are free to do with their own…

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HSUS Desperately Misleads Congress…Again

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Politicians go into congress and lie so why wouldn’t a private citizen go before congress and use a bit misdirection  when answering about deceptive advertising that occurred in Oklahoma-I found the transcript of the hearing but the video has gone vital You can see for yourself. I wonder how helping the polar bear has anything to do with helping OK following the tornado!!! It’s all about deception for HSUS

from Humane Watch:

HSUS Desperately Misleads Congress…Again

Following Humane Society of the United States CEO Wayne Pacelle being grilled at a recent U.S. Senate subcommittee hearing, one Senator submitted follow-up questions to Pacelle about HSUS’s deceptive fundraising. We received a copy of Pacelle’s responses—and he is doubling down on deception and blaming us for his problems.

HSUS is facing tough questions. But as expected, Pacelle submits carefully crafted responses that often don’t answer the questions. It will soon become clear from his rhetorical maneuvering that Pacelle has not been conducting himself or his organization in an honest manner. (After all, this is the same Pacelle who wrote a check to pay a witness in an alleged racketeering scheme that cost his organization and donors millions to pay the legal settlement.)

Let’s be clear about one thing up front: Following Pacelle’s responses, we stand by our previous conclusion that he lied to the subcommittee. Pacelle testified regarding HSUS TV ads that “Those ads say that we’re not giving the money to animal shelters” and that there is “explicit language” to that effect. But as Pacelle admits in his response to the follow-up questions, there is no explicit language in HSUS TV ads (or direct mail, or telephone solicitations) to that effect.

Now for the mental gymnastics that Pacelle offers. The heart of his argument is that HSUS 1) offers a disclaimer in some of its advertising, but not all of it, and yet 2) is confident that its donors know full well what HSUS does. If that makes any sense, we have a beachfront villa in North Dakota to sell you.

Here are some excerpts from Pacelle’s responses. We encourage you to read the full replies, but this should give you a taste of how he continues to mislead and deceive—to say whatever it takes to justify ripping off Americans to fund his radical, PETA-like agenda. All questions are from the Senate.


Question: In the course of the hearing, you said that your ads have a disclaimer stating that the money will not be used to fund animal shelters. What percentage of your 2014 TV ads explicitly (not implicitly) state that none or only a portion of the funding raised by your ads will be used to support local animal shelters?

Pacelle: “We run limited TV ads.”

Our response:  That is not an answer to the question. Additionally, if that is HSUS’s position on transparency then why doesn’t HSUS include disclaimers in its more voluminous direct mail campaigns? Pacelle was asked this, and responded in a way that can only be described as laughable. (See below.)

Pacelle: “all of [our TV ads] state that local humane societies are independent from The HSUS – including 100 percent of our ads in 2014.”

Our response: The question is what percentage of ads “explicitly” has a disclaimer that donations to HSUS don’t go to pet shelters. So, the answer should be 0%. Pacelle, of course, goes out of his way not to say this.

And what of the disclaimer Pacelle mentions? Here’s a screen-cap of an ad from 2014. There’s a disclaimer here. See if you can find it. No, it’s not the tiny font at the bottom of the screen. That says “Adopt a pet” and “Buy animal friendly products.” It’s the even more miniscule line under HSUS’s logo. It’s fine print of fine print. You practically need a magnifying glass to read it. If you can’t read a disclaimer, it’s not a disclaimer. It could just as well have been printed in Japanese and would have been of equal value as a warning. Pacelle could still claim it was in the ads—even if you can’t read it.

Pacelle: “This whole issue is a contrivance of [HumaneWatch].”

Our response: Wayne often whines about us shining a bright light on him. Not much of an answer. Look at our recent poll of over 1,000 self-identified HSUS donors. The vast majority say they feel misled by HSUS once they learn how little of their donations go to pet shelters. We received similar responses in 2013 and 2012 from HSUS donors.

Further, HSUS itself conducted internal polling of its donors, published in 2011, which discovered that about two-thirds of HSUS donors believe that their contributions will go towards funding “local animal shelters for unwanted, injured or stray animals.” For Pacelle to claim that this issue is a “contrivance” shows he rivals the state of Nebraska for output of bovine excrement. Simply put, HSUS is blaming the victim: its own donors. 

Question: Do you have similar disclaimer language on all of your direct mail solicitations? If not, why do you have it on some television ads but not on fundraising letters?

Pacelle: All of our direct mail solicitations are absolutely clear about the mission and work of our organization.

Our response: Huh? Again, Pacelle does not answer the question. How many direct mail appeals have a disclaimer? We’ve obtained copies of many HSUS appeals and have yet to see a disclaimer on any of them.

Pacelle: “Indeed, it is telling that neither [HumaneWatch] nor our other adversaries have ever cited a single piece of our direct mail that suggests we run local animal shelters. We are confident that no donor who opens and reads our mail could have any doubt whatsoever about our mission.”

Our response: In fact, in our 2012 report on HSUS’s deceptive fundraising we pointed to HSUS solicitations as perpetuating the deception that HSUS is primarily about caring for pets. For instance, in a 2010 direct mail letter HSUS stated “You can help us save unwanted puppies, kittens, cats and dogs from becoming grim statistics”—referring to the number of cats and dogs put down in shelters every year. (Read other examples in our report.)  Here’s a copy of a 2013 direct mail appeal that states, “I know you are a person who is appalled and outraged about animal cruelty, abuse and neglect, and the terrible things that happen to puppies, kittens, dogs, cats and other animals. That’s why you joined HSUS in the first place!”

Exactly. HSUS simply thinks it can throw in the words “other animals” or the image of a cow into its advertising, while flooding the ads with dogs and cats, and then say its fundraising is clear. This is excuse-making for manipulation. People think they’re primarily helping cats and dogs with their donations when that is not the case at all. And surveys which Wayne has seen bear out the deception.

HSUS direct mail appeals most certainly do perpetuate confusion. If they didn’t, why do so many HSUS donors think they’re funding pet shelters?


Question: Do you have similar disclaimer language offered upfront in all of your telephone solicitations? If not, why not?

Pacelle: “Our very limited telephone solicitations are also absolutely clear about the mission and work of our organization. Our callers describe actual HSUS programs and ask donors to support them. We are confident that no donor who has a conversation with one of our agents would think we are an organization that runs local animal shelters.”

Our response: Pacelle again refuses to say yes or no to a simple yes-or-no question. The answer is no. No disclaimer is offered upfront over the phone in any solicitation we’ve ever read (solicitations must be filed with some states). Once again we have Pacelle asserting—with no evidence—that HSUS donors are not confused, when mountains of evidence points to the contrary. Here’s a copy of a script for a tele-solicitation from 2014-2015 that is all about pets, for instance.


Question: Do you think having “Humane Society” in your name coupled with ads featuring mostly dogs and cats perpetuates confusion among donors who think HSUS is actually running pet shelters?

Pacelle: “The notion that our television ads are in any way misleading is a fiction invented by political opponents of the HSUS and propagated by [HumaneWatch].”

Our response: If they aren’t misleading in any way, why did HSUS decide to start putting disclaimers in its ads that it is independent from local humane societies? Such a change came in 2011—after we launched and complained publicly of HSUS’s misleading advertising. Such an inclusion of a disclaimer must be regarded as an admission of guilt that, at the very least, HSUS’s older ads were deceptive. Of course the “disclaimers” are a farce but the tiny words give Wayne his cover to say that he is informing the public.


Question: Would you be willing to include a clear message in all of your fundraising, advertising and materials that clarifies that HSUS doesn’t run pet shelters?

Pacelle: “Our messaging focuses on the positive accomplishments of the HSUS and the work we are actively engaged in to help all animals. … Moreover, the notion that the government, acting at the behest of groups like the CCF [ed.: that’s us again!], would try to dictate the content of our materials is alarming.”

Our response: Pacelle missed another opportunity to answer yes or no. It seems that HSUS is unwilling to voluntarily include such a disclaimer. And notice the straw man argument attacking us: This has nothing to do with free speech. The question was whether HSUS would voluntarily add a disclaimer to clear up common confusion. There is no First Amendment protection for deceptive practices or consumer fraud.


Question: Do you have any reason to believe that your donors are unaware of how little support HSUS gives in direct funding to shelters?

Pacelle: “Our donors support the HSUS because they believe in our mission to help all animals. Our donors know this is our mission … Our donors also know that we provide extensive support to local shelters.”

Our response: Yet again Pacelle fails to answer a simple yes-or-no question with a yes or a no. The answer should clearly be “yes.” As we said before, HSUS conducted an internal poll that found most donors thought they were funding animal shelters. In fact, Pacelle himself admitted in late 2013 that “I think there is some confusion among the general public and I think there’s occasional confusion with, with donors.” (Audio at the link.) Pacelle’s claim that “our donors know” is false, no matter how many times he makes it—and he knows that.


Question: Do you believe that your fundraising takes away from local humane societies?

Pacelle: “Absolutely not. Americans are charitable people, and their compassion and generosity is not a zero sum game.”

Our response: He knows the valid answer is absolutely yes. Charitable giving is a zero-sum game. People only give so much money to charity every year. We have documented that HSUS donors think they are funding pet shelters. We have documented that HSUS knows through internal polling that donors think they’re helping animal shelters. Pacelle himself has admitted that there is confusion with donors. Of course HSUS’s fundraising takes away from local pet shelters. Pacelle obviously continues to believe we’re all stupid.


Finally, Pacelle addressed a few issues about hunting. Pacelle claimed that “The Humane Society of the United States and I are not opposed to hunting.” However, “not opposed to” is not the same thing as “support.” Note that HSUS never really says what it would do “if it could.” However Pacelle is on record saying “If we could ban all sport hunting in a moment, we would.”

Pacelle also claims that his critics recycle “a series of old quotes of questionable provenance that I allegedly made while in college and in my first job out of college.” There’s nothing “alleged” about his quotes against hunting. They come from a book, an Associated Press article, and essays Pacelle wrote. These are hardly Internet rumors. And out of college Pacelle was in charge of the anti-hunting group Fund for Animals, which merged with HSUS once Pacelle took over HSUS.

Pacelle has never disavowed his earlier views. He has only said they are “old.”  That’s hardly a disclaimer of the “old” Wayne.


If you do not support HSUS then why would you support any candidate that supports HSUS or their policies and bills that do nothing for animals?

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Ebony’s Owner Requested Euthanasia at MAS, All Ebony Got was a Cage to Suffer In

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High priority to euthanize, does not mean left alone to suffer. By all means when an animal is near death owners usually chose a safe and swift euthanization or to die naturally in their arms. Ebony was not so fortunate and her story is heartbreaking.

from YesBiscuit:

“Ebony was left alone in a cage to suffer until she finally died at some point before someone on the next morning shift noted she was dead.”

“I hope your 15 years on this earth were beautiful and happy, Ebony. I’m sorry your death at MAS was so needlessly cruel. There are such things as monsters and you should not have had to find that out at the hour of your greatest need. How many more, Memphis?”
follow the link for the full story…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B


End of life decisions for pets are painful and difficult.  None of us wants to take a pet in for euthanasia too soon and at the same time we don’t want to wait too long.  On the one hand, there is hope the pet could possibly rally once more and have a little bit more quality time in this life.  On the other hand, when the vet has told you there is no reasonable hope for recovery and you believe your beloved family member has no rallies left in her, you don’t want her to needlessly suffer through to the natural end of life.  Nature can be cruel.  Euthanasia is the final kindness we can offer to our pets.

Speaking for myself, once I’ve made the decision that it’s time, I don’t want to delay.  I want the suffering to end as soon as possible.  My vet has always been…

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Zoo Wars~Exposing the USDA for Wrongful Target Enforcement

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Rather than do a proper job and see that AZA zoos have followed the regulations to protect the animals and the public-The USDA would rather conduct pointless and might I add, totally senseless investigations on privately owned zoos and owners-Rather than follow the letter of their regulations for proper inspections, they seek to destroy ownership with Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists now working within the agency and following HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) rather than Government Regulations that were approved and developed for proper Animal Welfare.

One generation and out

Even when I was licensed by the USDA, I felt secure that government regulations were followed and proper inspections would be conducted. However, I knew something was wrong back in 2010 when I no longer had a license and not conducting any business that would require a USDA license yet a USDA inspector showed up on my property and never asked for permission to enter the property or state he was there for an inspection (Trespass). No official inspection report was ever written and there was no record of anything-the trip was made from New Orleans to Marion County Texas, nor was there a report of an inspection therefore; this inspection was illegal and outside the realm of his authority. Interesting enough, not long after this occurred, his supervisor retired and ran off to Costa Rico for an extended vacation and the inspector that came on the property…well, he was arrested for drinking and driving after killing someone from behind the wheel in his official USDA vehicle (Dr. Les Bourgeois dvm…I’m Wondering just how crappy a vet has to be to work for the USDA rather than be in private practice.!?!)

ALL this is a complete waste of  YOUR MONEY-TAXPAYER MONEY!!!

from Joe Exotic (Joe Exotic 2016):

“This right here is Bullshit and why this Country and the Politicians in this country need to pull their head out of their asses to the corruption in the USDA.”

“Why is it Carole Baskin can have 169 cats die, people hurt, cages like crap and diseases after diseases and never be written up, under investigation or anything else?””

“I will tell you why and you bet your ass I am going to expose all of this and that is she is a part of the Humane Society of the United States who owns the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries who runs the USDA.”

“Once people have had enough of this, selective law enforcement will stop.

But we need an investigation opened by Congress into the USDA and lets see who is taking a pay off and who ain’t.”

“It is time to start sharing this stuff on every politicians wall you can find and lets get that hearing done.”
“This huge story is about ringworm and one tiger that passed away and she skins hers? The hell with this.”


Note the Headline reads-Federal Investigation…for ringworm and a tiger that died someplace else a year later…WTF?!?

Myrtle Beach animal exhibit under federal investigation

by Matt Moore

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Myrtle Beach Safari is involved in a federal investigation.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has conducted 23 inspections at the facility since April 2013. That’s more than three times the number of inspections at any other Horry County facility.

A USDA spokeswoman told WMBF News APHIS typically visits a facility once a year.

Businesses are visited more often if there is repeat noncompliance, or if complaints are filed.

The agency said it has 130 inspectors for about 10,000 facilities across the country. It largely relies on people who visit the facilities to point out any issues.

The most recently filed USDA report is currently under appeal. It spells out concerns of a recurring problem of ringworm.

According to the report, two tiger cubs were moved from a facility in Florida to Myrtle Beach in February 2016. The cubs had ringworm-like lesions on their paws. Treatment worked, but it was not a treatment the attending veterinarian signed off on.

Myrtle Beach Safari was given three weeks to update a written treatment plan. It was supposed to include environmental measures to take and public safety issues to address.

In a phone call, the facility’s director, Bhagavan Antle, refused to turn over that plan or acknowledge a plan exists.

PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is concerned infected tigers are coming into contact with people.

Antle said that isn’t happening. He gave a written statement saying animals treated for an illness do not interact with the public.

The statement also reads, “We have strong objection to many of the statements made in that report.”

Antle called its release a violation of procedure because of the appeal underway.

However, WMBF News found the USDA investigation started months before the report of possible ringworm.

It was launched in November 2015.

Antle first denied knowing anything about an investigation during a phone call. The USDA said it informs facilities when any investigation is launched.

In a follow-up email, Antle called the investigation, “part of an investigation into a different facility.”

He went on to say, “It is my understanding that they have visited a number of facilities as part of that particular investigation,” Antle said. “No info was given to us other than that.”

The USDA simply stated, “We currently have an open investigation into T.I.G.E.R.S.”

It said it cannot release more information until the investigation is over.

The same month the investigation started, PETA and the Humane Society filed complaints against the facility.

PETA raised concerns over Antle’s request to move 18 tigers to Mexico. The Fish and Wildlife Service has yet to grant or deny that request.

“Animals are routinely transported,” Antle said in his email to WMBF News. “There are literally hundreds of permits issued every year by USFWS for animal transport.”

The Humane Society’s issue is a dead tiger.

The tiger, named Sarabi, passed away at a facility in Oklahoma, according to a USDA report filed in October 2015.

According to the Humane Society, it was Antle who sold the tiger to that zoo a year earlier.

WMBF News cannot confirm that transfer, but through this investigation, it was learned the Oklahoma zoo is also under a USDA investigation.

The agency said an investigation can be launched by an inspector. It can also come from tips from organizations like PETA and the Humane Society.

A regional office reviews material and then sends the investigation request to the agency’s investigative and enforcement services section.

[Inspection Report and video can be viewed at the above link]


This is the first I am hearing that an INVESTIGATION can be launched by PETA and the Humane Society-They are ORDINARY PEOPLE/PRIVATE CITIZENS who have had NO TRAINING or any regard for ownership of any animals-Not Antle’s tigers, not my cat or your dog. Their GOAL is to end all relationships with humans and animals.

Members of a Fanatical Animal Rights Organizations who want to END ALL HUMAN RELATIONS WITH ANIMALS-No Ownership is their goal-A complaint to the USDA does not open an investigation-Instead, it sends inspectors out for an inspection-Neither ringworm or the death of one animal that you no longer own but instead someone else owns, would not be reason for an open investigation however, it seems that there is something at play here and from inspection to investigation over the least little complaint, is the mis-use of TAXPAYER MONEY!!! Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists are using TAX MONEY to proceed with their own agenda-no matter the cost and all the better that it costs them absolutely nothing…So false complaints are right up there with the real ones…However, some facilities are not properly inspected and PETA couldn’t give a crap about 169 dead cats at Big Cat Rescue or the conditions the cats are forced to live in…After all, Carole Baskin ceo for Big Cat Rescue (BCR) has paid her dues to belong to the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) and GFAS is HSUS…HSUS is PETA with ties and lawyers…Simply put, they are ALL in association with affiliated members infiltrated in a government agency created for Animal Welfare.

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Zoo Wars~How Baskin Justifies Herself-Skinning Cats and Admits to Having Done It~The Headlines Should Read-Carole Baskin Big Game Trophy Hunter

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Every cat that has died at Big Cat Rescue is skinned and bones are collected-Carole Baskin ceo, Big Cat Rescue plans on opening a DEAD museum and in the last month, has packing away two more for her next great claim to fame -Carole Baskin-Big Game Trophy Hunter.

Many of the skins and bones are already on display it the PARTY ROOM at the facility-So with each death comes as a reward which must be the way she sees it-She has even erected a great wall of death and those cats bodies never go into the ground for peace in their lives. As they take their last breath, I can just see Baskin hauling the dead carcass to the taxidermist and on return to BCR, will be displayed…I wonder if she grinds the bones for Chinese medicine…

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Zoo Wars~ Breaking News-UPDATE-Tiger Ridge

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Appeals court set to hear Tiger Ridge animals case

Oral arguments are set for June 15 before the Ohio 10th District Court of Appeals in the ongoing Tiger Ridge Exotics case.

The arguments follow an October decision by the Court of Common Pleas of Franklin County denying the appeal of Tiger Ridge owner Kenneth Hetrick on a number of issues in the matter.

In an amended, 65-page brief filed with the 10th District Court, Hetrick’s attorneys presented seven assignments of error in the lower court’s decision, among them that Hetrick was “not notified or served” with an order transferring his 12 animals; that there were inconsistencies in testimony, as well as in the production of alleged orders by the Ohio Department of Agriculture; that Chapter 935 of the Ohio Revised Code, concerning the possession of wild animals, “is vague and was applied in an arbitrary and haphazard manner” in denying Hetrick’s permit applications; and that the court “erred in determining that the transfer order was valid and in accordance with the law because it violated (Hetrick’s) due process rights.”

In their 56-page brief, attorneys for the ODA argued in part that the trial court found the transfer order to be “supported by reliable, probative and substantial evidence and was in accordance with law”; that the court was correct in upholding a previous finding that the transfer order was properly served upon Hetrick; and that it was right in determining that Hetrick’s claim of vagueness and arbitrary application of ORC 935 “is irrelevant.”

In an 11-page reply to the ODA brief, Hetrick’s attorneys argued that there are multiple issues before the court, not just whether Hetrick was in possession of “Dangerous Wild Animals” on Jan. 28, 2015, and whether they were being unlawfully kept at Tiger Ridge without a permit. The reply stated again that “it is clear from the entire record that the transfer order was not served” and that it did not contain “all of the criteria mandated by statute.”

They also argue that the ODA’s assertion that Hetrick “had no legal right to possess his animals since he did not have a permit” is “incorrect.”

“Without a permit he was merely in violation of the statute,” the reply said. “When licensing for dogs is required and the deadline is not met the state does not take a person’s dog or deny them the ability to get the license. Instead a fine or penalty is imposed. (The ODA) wrongfully denied (Hetrick’s) application for the permit primarily because they felt that he filed past a deadline. The statute does not say permits cannot or will not be issued after a date certain. … Instead, (the ODA) wanted to make an example of” Hetrick.

The case has been ongoing since Jan. 28, 2015, when 12 animals — including tigers, a bear, a lion and a tiger/lion hybrid known as a liger — were seized from Tiger Ridge Exotics, on Fremont Pike in Stony Ridge, after the denial of a state-mandated permit for the facility. Wood County Judge Reeve Kelsey issued an order for the animals to be returned, which incited a sustained legal back-and-forth between the Ohio Department of Agriculture and Hetrick in multiple jurisdictions.

One of the animals, a lion named Leo, was euthanized by the ODA in April 2015. The animal had reportedly been in failing health. The animals have continued to be in state custody since the matter began.

Most recently in Wood County court, an evidentiary hearing was held in two related civil cases in February to determine if additional evidence would be allowed in the case. In the original civil case, Hetrick’s attorneys filed a request Wednesday seeking additional time to respond to a motion by the ODA to reconsider a previous motion to dismiss the case.

The oral arguments are set for 9 a.m. on June 15.


Great news from Kenny Hetrick and Tiger Ridge!!!

Tiger Ridge court document4

Here’s their post on FB:


Everything we brought into court in February, has been allowed in, this is HUGE!!! because it’s everything oda didn’t allow in the admin hearings. This is what PROVES our case!!!

We cannot be more happier right now AND the fact we can add additional evidence which we have a lot more of!!! Things are looking up!!! Thanks to all our supporters, we wouldn’t be here without you!!! Good news has been a long time coming but here is a big ray of sunshine. Attny Novak has been amazing and keeping up the fight for the animals to be returned home!!

Our final court date has been set for Aug 9th!!! Stay tuned, way more to come. Oda has not seen the last of us!!! share-share-share the great news!!! Every single supporter is a blessing!!!”

Tiger Ridge court documentTiger Ridge court document2Tiger Ridge court document3

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Leos life mattered



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