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In this day and age of so much information at our fingertips, it appears that many people are disinterested or lax in getting their information “straight from the horses mouth” so-to-speak and most often hesitate, or just don’t ask questions because they BELIEVE what they are told without researching for facts, or going straight to the source to get first hand information they can think about and form opinions based on questions they asked that were answered.

The phenomenon in animal rescue known as “retail rescues” count on this happening, so they all know they can say or do nearly anything they want, whether real and factual (uncommon with these “rescues”), but as happens more often with these types of “rescues”, it is embellishment, lies, imaginary, fantasy, fictional escapades, adventures, and espionage, mixed with a dab of “almost truth”, designed to gain them money, celebrity, accolades, control, power, or whatever obnoxious, greedy, self-serving agenda…

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Tiger Ridge Under Attack – Just One Example of Over-Stepping the Laws by Government Agencies

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National attention on Tiger Ridge…No longer confined to an Ohio issue but instead has reach dramatic proportions from bloggers across the country to put an end to civil forfeiture of animals based on things that are easily corrected and when no cruelty ever existed.
Please join us and share these messages as what happens in Ohio can and likely will happen where you live.
This issue is over animals that maybe you don’t own or might not ever consider owning however, what happens to exotic animals can happen to domestic and livestock animals.
The efforts of the Animal Rights Extremists has a long arm extended to end all human relations with animals.

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Leo the Lion has already been killed while in government custody, and he was a lion that had lived his whole life of 20 years at Tiger Ridge with his FAMILY of other animals, and also his human-family too.

These people NEED to get their family-member animals back before more are killed with bogus explanations NOT backed-up with vet reports, euthanasia reports, necropsy reports, and without the owners of Leo being allowed to say “good-bye” or at least getting his remains back.
Over-stepping the laws and their authority by some government agencies, and also by what are known as “retail rescues” doing “seizure scams” and “rescue raids”, and also plain ol attention-seeking, narcissistic people that call themselves “rescuers” when they really are NOT, is happening in epidemic proportions in this country, and although people always say “they’d never take my animals away from…

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from TX-RPOA ~ Biased Reporting for UN-reasonable Bills Supported by None Other Than THLN -Sister Organization to HSUS

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Nothing like wasting your time for an interview and not be heard over bad proposed bills that are supported by Animal Rights Extremists organization like SPCA of Texas (remember the SPCAs of Texas are animal killers), THLN, and HSUS. Some of the bills would lead to bad laws which would allow enforcement to seize even more animals or fine animal owners because someone didn’t approve of how the animals are being cared for (or disgruntled neighbor). Remember laws beyond concern for public safety issues are created for the sole purpose of limiting ownership and provides one more reason to not own any animal.

Contact your state representative and state senator IMMEDIATELY so they will know you are against these bills and any law created to limit ownership as you consider them illegal and unconstitutional besides do absolutely nothing to protect Rover or the general public. Remind them they are in office to represent things that concern you and that the legislature has no business creating laws that concern animals other than the limitations for public safety. Your animals are your property and do not have the same rights as citizens of the state.

Already there is an unreasonable animal cruelty law that serves no purpose other than to provide free merchandise for retail animal rescue and dog flipping…Unless you remind these lawmakers of their actual responsibility that they were voted into office by people not animals.

Contact them before it’s to late and these bad bills become laws.

Link of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/04/08/from-tx-rpoa-2015-texas-legislature/


from TX-RPOA


Britney Martin, Dallas Morning News reporter, contacted RPOA’s Mary Beth Duerler and Tom Lundberg (with the Endangered Breed Association) regarding the misnamed “Tethering Bill” mentioned below and several other animal bills being proposed at the Texas Legislature this session.

Then Martin proceeded to write this biased one-sided article supporting the Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) tethering proposal that actually regulates ALL outside unattended dogs, with unreasonable provisions. Somehow we had an idea where our interview would go since Dallas is the stomping grounds for THLN’s Skip Trimble. We don’t know why she wasted her time and ours.

Read the article at the link in its entirety for a classic example of media “animal rights” propaganda just to get legislation passed … but doesn’t tell readers what any of the legislation actually says. Dallas’ SPCA of Texas now enforces Texas animal laws? Who knew?



Lawmakers give animal lovers’ protection proposals a hearing.
By BRITTNEY MARTIN Follow @beedotmartin, bmartin@dallasnews.com

Austin Bureau
Updated: 24 April 2015 10:36 PM

AUSTIN — Troy Willmon pulled a thick chain out of his bag and held it up
for lawmakers to see, estimating it weighed 30 pounds. He said it was
used to tie up a dog outside.

“Under the current law … a dog that’s tethered may suffer for months or
years before we’re able to take action,” said Willmon, an investigator
for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas. “We
have to make better laws to protect our animals.”

A House committee heard testimony this week on a bill by Rep. Kenneth
Sheets, R-Dallas, that would allow police to cite people who tie up dogs
and leave them unattended.

Sheets’ bill is one of several measures that lawmakers have proposed
this year to protect man’s best friend. The bills call for police
training to reduce dog shootings and creation of a commission to study
animal welfare and suggest legislation….


More at the above link

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UPDATE Review ~ Tiger Ridge Fighting for the Return of Their Animals ~ MORE SHOCKING INFORMATION

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court date

“Please Pray for Tiger Ridge Exotic Rescue in Perrysburg, Ohio to have their exotic animals returned home! All over A Permit. A fine would be the lawful way to handle someone being late. No Abuse, Never escapes, always fed and enriched with toys, food and pools. Almost 40 years he has been handling exotic animals and so many were rescues. April 27th is court in Columbus, Ohio. Now Leo the Lion was put down at the Ohio Department of Agriculture holding facility, instead of leaving the arthritis ailing old lion at home to live out his days. ODA never asked health of animals or age, weight, diet or if on medication. A sad affair for someone that rescues animals and gives them a loving home to live out their life. Please Support! Thank You Kindly.”


Imagine the state removing your animals over a permit!!! The Hell you would go through for them to be returned…Not knowing what the outcome of a court hearing-Imagine it being up to a judge to decide whether they will be returned even though you are their rightful owner-It’s really sad and pathetic when they can take your property because of a permit violation or because you are accused of a crime you didn’t commit. Please help Tiger Ridge succeed in the return of their animals by sharing this message and making calls about this illegal and unconstitutional government action.**below

from Kenny Hetrick -Owner of Tiger Ridge Exotics

“Erica Hawking’s said nothing has ever gotten loose, but maybe it could.
Then the other ODA Woman said if they were property motivated they may get away, now just what does this mean.?
I applied for my Permit, they refused to help me in any way. In fact they wouldn’t even speak to me.
They came here wearing masks and lots of guns and took all my Animals with a search warrant that said they were only going to look at the Animals, and their search warrant was not complete, making it worthless. These people are thefts and liars.
My Federal inspector has always said everything is in compliance, with never any serious problems.
They almost killed my little cougar by putting her in a little cage with sharp edges and almost bled to death, then they kill Leo my Lion, because they were not giving him proper care.
Instead of giving me his body to bury him with his mom and dad, they choose a acid tank to destroy all evidence.
No one is allowed to view the animals in there cruel prison.
The Judge ordered them to return the Animals but they refused.
The State is wasting millions building there prison, and making rules that are near impossible to comply with.
Right now I have a 14′ fence with a four foot overhang, electrified, two eight foot perimeter fences, four feet apart, plenty of room for the Animals to run and play and they were very happy here always.
I had surveillance Cameras going when they were here dragging my animals threw the snow, shooting darts everywhere, my bear was in hibernation when they shot him 5 times then started hitting him with a stick. They never asked if any of the animals were in bad health, or anything what so ever. At the end they were running because they heard the judge said leave them alone.
These thugs need punished for what they did, and my Animals need returned home where they are loved and cared for.
The Governor has to be aware of this, but is doing nothing, and he wants to run for President . Said he was waiting for God to tell him, I’m afraid God is very upset with him on the way he has been treating Animals and people in his State.”

Wanted for Murder

“We need to be aware of what is really happening with this Tiger Ridge Exotic case.

It’s so much more than just about a late permit. It’s not about so called dangerous animals. It’s about government control and MONEY……It’s about the signs of the times.

It’s about big government taking over to rule every aspect of our lives.

One world wide government and false religion, one world wide economy…..it’s coming to us faster than a speeding train.

The Common Core system being implemented in our public schools is an example of how the government wants to take over the minds of our children and making all things relevant and destroying the concept of absolutes…… There will be 7 years of great tribulation coming to all the wicked people and organizations of this world that are out of control.

Government control will bow their knees……when judgment comes. I can feel it in the air. I pray for this case of Tiger Ridge to be won as a matter of principal to bring truth and justice to the fore front!

ODA and their actions are just the beginnings of sorrow!!!!!!!

Speak up and spread the word this needs to be stopped!!!!!!!



from Kenny Hetrick:

“Monday will be coming up Quickly, back down to the oda headquarters, its a no win situation down there,. People are being issued permits that were late in applying, there getting permits to keep there Animals in the house, others have permits, that are not close to being in compliance, yet they singled me out, even though I have a Federal License. Its hard to deal with people that are not truthful.”


Tiger Man Fights for the Return of Seized Animals to Sanctuary

STONY RIDGE, Ohio — The maze of steel cages where bears and black leopards roamed for more than three decades are quiet now. The growls and roars of tigers and lions no longer echo across Kenny Hetrick’s backyard and into his neighbor’s windows.

All of his animals, save for a wolf, have been in the custody of Ohio’s agriculture department since January after it said he ignored warnings that he needed a permit for the exotic animals and that his cages weren’t secure enough to prevent an escape.

Hetrick, who has been taking in abused and unwanted animals since the mid-1970s, is challenging the seizure, backed by neighbors who insist his menagerie doesn’t pose a threat. They have organized car washes and handed him envelopes stuffed with thousands of dollars to pay legal bills. Some spent the winter shoring up his cages with taller fences and netting, hoping the animals will return.

“He’s lost without them,” said Josh Large, who lives four houses away. “A lot of us are lost without them.”

So exactly WHO is actually taking care of the animals health now?!?


All 10 animals seized from the Tiger Ridge Exotics are in good health. That’s the word from State Veterinarian Dr. Ryan Powell who takes care of the animals on a daily basis at the Ohio Department of Agriculture in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

The animals, which include six tigers, one liger, one black leopard and one bear are kept in a secured pull barn on the grounds of the Ohio Department of Agriculture just outside of Columbus.

Powell says he consults on a regular basis with the Columbus Zoo, about the care of the animals. “We check to see if they’re greeting us like they normally do, are they playing with their enrichment items,” says Powell.

The most recent controversy surrounds Leo the Lion who had to be euthanized after failing health left him unable to stand, walk or eat. “It was very difficult trying to find a fine line between are they suffering, are they in pain, is there quality of life still there,” says Powell.

Powell insists that Leo was doing reasonably well despite pre-existing health concerns before being put down. “He was eating he was drinking he was trying to get up, he was moving around and we had plenty of soft bedding for him and made sure he had sure footing.”

13abc asked why Kenny Hetrick wasn’t allowed to be with his animal and say goodbye before he was euthanized. Dr. Powell says that wasn’t his decision, there is a standard procedure and that everybody has to follow it. “I would assume it’s a case of security and logistics of getting people in there and we’re dealing with dangerous wild animals,” says Powell, “It was just a call the administration made, and I don’t have a good answer for you otherwise.”

The same goes for Hetricks inability to see his animals at all while the state hearings take place to find out if they’re even going to get them back. “We’re not dealing with dogs and cats, we’re dealing with tigers and lions and dangerous wild animals and you can’t have a hands on approach with these animals you have to maintain public safety and my safety and the safety of everybody in our group.

The Hetricks go back to Reynoldsburg on Monday to continue the state hearings on whether or not they’re allowed to get their animals back. 13abc will continue to follow this story and have the latest for you on 13abc.com and on the air. 13abc has made several requests to take video of the Hetricks animals at the Reynoldsburg facility. Those requests have all been denied, citing safety.


Small animal vet no experience with these types of animals:

“So, news you didn’t hear from Dr. Ryan Powell. He is a small animal vet, has been for 9 years. He works in Grove City, Ohio and sees the animals once a week. He has no experience in handling or treating exotics, not even a class. I do NOT for one second believe Leo was ‘eating fine’ until one week ago. They let him suffer for two months without proper medication. Had he continued on them he most likely would have had 6 to 8 months. I do not believe the animals are ‘greeting’ them or playing. Give us video and we’ll believe you. I mean that’s pretty much what you need to have in other court cases so why can’t we demand the same?”


Link of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/04/14/zoo-wars-update-tiger-ridge-state-kills-leo-the-lion/

**Marion County, Texas did the same to us in 2010 and one of many reasons for the suit filed-We were held in jail for a permit violation although no violation ever existed as we were registered with the state of Texas and Marion County refused to recognize the exemption provided by the state although accepted by other counties within the state (Hatari Safari and others remain in various counties throughout the state of Texas with the same exemption), those types of animals allowed by the county-bears in residence. We had only recently arrived on the newly purchased property as a result of Hurricane Dolly.

It’s important to me that the Tiger Ridge animals are returned-Not a single animal of ours was returned -resulting in an estimate of $207,000.00 of animals and other property illegally stolen from us by the local government thru kangaroo court hearings as they lacked jurisdiction.



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Do You Celebrate Earth Day?!? Created by a MURDERER!!!

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Essentially Earth Day is a UN Agenda 21 Event that I do not support…It gives rights to NFPs and takes away yours…But did you know this event was created by a murderer?!? I did not until it came across my news feed and I’m an old fart-go figure.

Not a hoax and confirmed-Holy Crap-the things we don’t know right?!?

from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ira_Einhorn


Ira Samuel Einhorn (born May 15, 1940), known as “the Unicorn Killer”, is an American environmental activist convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend Holly Maddux. On September 9, 1977, Maddux disappeared following a trip to the apartment that she and Einhorn had shared in Philadelphia to collect her things. Eighteen months later, police found Maddux’s partially mummified body in a trunk in his closet. It had been packed with Styrofoam, air fresheners and newspapers.

After his arrest, Einhorn fled the country and spent 23 years in Europe before being extradited to the US. He took the stand in his own defense, claiming his ex-girlfriend had been killed by CIA agents who framed him for the crime because he knew too much about the agency’s paranormal military research. He was convicted and is currently serving a life sentence.

His moniker, “the Unicorn,” came from his name, Einhorn — unicorn in German


Link of Interest: For the full story http://www.nbcnews.com/id/42711922/ns/technology_and_science-science/t/earth-day-co-founder-killed-composted-girlfriend/#.VTgnuJVFDVL

So now you have more than one reason to ignore this date and do nothing!!!

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Thank you Sherry for the heads up on this

from HumaneWatch

•April 21, 2015 • 4 Comments

Would You?!?

Make sure if you make a donation to an animal cause or organization that they are NOT associated with any Animal Rights Extremist organization-HSUS, PETA, ASPCA, and many others…That means not all local rescues and shelters deserve a donation especially if their main mission is to limit animal population and stop animal cruelty…That’s the BULLSHIT story from FAKE rescues!!!

Most REAL shelters are No Kill shelters and are not involved with either as their main mission and are totally truthful about the animals that thy take in-push for education. Take your time rather than donate because they tell a great tall tale about how they shed a tear or touched the soles of animals-If they have to say it, then they aren’t doing it…Action speaks volumes!!! What they have done or are doing answers a lot of questions-Don’t be a mark-They don’t give refunds on donations…

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ZOO WARS ~ UPDATE-Tiger Ridge -State KILLS Leo the Lion

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Save Tiger Ridge ExoticsIf the state had nothing to hide in making this decision, then why didn’t they consult with his RIGHTFUL OWNER before KILLING Leo the lion and give Leo’s RIGHTFUL OWNER the opportunity to say goodbye to an old friend ??? Mr. Hetrick didn’t have a say in this matter and I truly doubt they will even return Leo’s dead, lifeless body back to him. The comments on FB are rather expletive with how the state of Ohio has handled this matter from the start…People who weren’t supporters before are being driven by the news of how badly the ODA has provided for the animals that began with a raid on Mr. Hetrick’s property; removing his animals.

Leo the lion and Kenny Hetrick 2

RIP Leo the Lion


Lion Seized From Animal Sanctuary Euthanized By State

“Leo” the lion was euthanized this afternoon by the Department of Agriculture.

The state was holding the Lion and other animals after they were seized from Tiger Ridge sanctuary near Toledo.

In a statement to 10TV, the Department Of Agriculture said: the lion was humanely euthanized this afternoon after experiencing complications from his chronic arthritis. Last week, department animal health staff began to observe signs of prolonged lateral recumbency, loss of appetite, increased rate of breathing, and decreased ability to move.  The State Veterinarian (Dr. Tony Forshey) and Assistant State Veterinarian (Dr. Melissa Simmerman) consulted with Dr. Richard Carstensen, Leo’s long-time veterinarian, and Dr. Randall Junge, Vice President of Animal Health for the Columbus Zoo and The Wilds.  All four veterinarians recommended to humanely euthanize the lion given his condition and how long the ailments have been present.

The lion, Leo, was documented to be weak in the rear end and not walking correctly on August 28, 2014 by an inspector from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  When the animal was transported in January, the lion had open lesions on his rear limbs due to his reduced mobility.  For these reasons, Leo’s veterinarian actually had scheduled him to be euthanized on January 26, though weather prevented procedure from occurring.

The animals were taken after the state claimed the owner, Kenny Hetrick, failed to apply for the proper permits. Hetrick is fighting the order.

The state said the Lion had to be put down because it was not walking correctly and had lesions on his rear limbs which reduced his mobility.Previous Report: Exotic Animal Owner Battles State To Get Bears, Tigers Back At Animal Sanctuary  

For more than 40 years, Kenny Hetrick has devoted his life to the care of wild animals – providing a sanctuary for bears, tigers, and leopards.  He says the fight over his for-profit Tiger Ridge compound has cost him around $40,000 to $50,000 in legal fees.

Now, the Toledo man is fighting to get his animals back.

Tiger Ridge sanctuary was raided in January after the state says he failed to apply for an exotic animal permit.  The state says his application “was 289 days late.”

Under Oath during an administrative hearing at the Ohio Department of Agriculture, he said complying with the exotic animal law was confusing.  His attorney told the judge when he tried to ask for guidance from enforcement officials he got nowhere.

“She wouldn’t answer the phone,” Hetrick explains.

When asked by his attorney Tim Waleruis if he tried leaving a message, Hetrick replied “about 10 times.”  Hetrick goes on to explain that none of his calls were ever returned, either.

Hetrick says before Department of Agriculture agents removed his animals, they had never requested to visit his property.  The state says when seized the animals, they found less than ideal conditions including pools of water with algae.

“It was your testimony that you felt this water was clean enough, because you can scoop it up in your hand and look at it and it looked clean to you.  That was your testimony,” said Attorney Jim Patterson representing the state.

“That’s what I said”, Hetrick replied.

Hetrick argues the USDA has been inspecting his property since 1989.

“USDA doesn’t enforce Ohio’s dangerous and wild animal law do they?” asked Paterson.

Hetrick replied “no.”

The state argues Hetrick was sent repeated letters warning him he was in violation and that he wouldn’t get a permit unless he complied.  But Hetrick argued he was never given an ultimatum and felt that gave him time to get his property in compliance.

Hetrick denied receiving a letter that provided a final cut-off date to apply for a permit with ODA.

The state says it sent Hetrick a letter last year, saying he had to respond within 10 days.

Meantime, during the removal of a female cougar from the property, a former ODA employee testified earlier this month that it wasn’t fully tranquilized and was injured.  He claimed there was blood everywhere in the cage.

However, a vet from the Columbus zoo who was there said it didn’t happen.  The employee was fired for performance issues.


One less old lion to place-Will they kill more before this is over?!? One less mouth to fed-PETA WANNABEES!!!

Leo the Lion“My name is leo, I was 19 years old and I was killed today by the Ohio dept of agriculture for no other reason than my owner was late applying for a permit. he has spent $60,000 on upgrades to ensure my safe return to tigerridge.. I was killed today because I was homesick and didn’t want to eat their food and thrown in a vat of acid. They took me away from the only home I have ever known from the only owner i have ever known..and litter mate I have ever known and threw me in concrete cell with no sunshine, fresh air or my medications I have taken for 2 years..now I cannot even be buried with all my family..I will be some trophy on some vets desk. I will not be forgotten nor will my death be in vain..trust me on this….

Every raid victim has experienced their animals being abused-When they KILL and MURDER the animals without medical testing/proof that it was necessary-after all, everyone has an opinion-everyone has an asshole, without permission from a judge for animals taken as evidence to be destroyed and without OWNER consent. The ODA demonstrates everything this country is against-GOVERNMENT INTRUSTION and they very reason for the creation of our constitution and PROTECTED civil liberties.When will this stop ??? -Maybe when you decide that you can no longer stay quiet and jump in to help those experiencing the loss of their animals.

Mr. Hetrick and his exotic animals are rather high profile and this occurs in every animal rescue-HOWEVER, Mr. Hetrick’s animals weren’t taken as a rescue-obviously, they had lived well and long lives-These animals were taken as a ‘permit violation’-a permit that is required but, this is not a reason for the government to STEAL property and try to make them something they are not-These animals were NOT abused and these animals do not deserve to be KILLED by the government-Fire the vet!!!

This is what happened with our animals although we were registered with the state of Texas and proves it can happen to anyone…anywhere for animals with illegally stolen by the government.

As long as laws are created with the express purpose to abuse citizens with the intent purpose to take property then anyone stands to be abused by those laws. Make sure your senators and representatives know that you are against the taking of property. BAN civil forfeiture not the property.

Leo the Lion and Kenny Hetick

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