ZOO WARS-Biggest Sanctuary SCAMMERS of All Time!!!

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Biggest Sanctuary Scam in history -Numerous Scammers Stealing property or taking property under false pretense -ALL in the name of Animal Rescue Destroying the lives of longstanding and legal owners as well as the lives of animals-At taxpayer expense and at the expense of money scammed from financial contributions based on false pretense.


These are Homegrown TERRORISTs utilizing their emotionally generated pleas of lies of GIGANTUAN Proportions perpetuated under the guise of rescue for the collection of donations by duping the general public and politicians in this country the likes of which has never been seen before.

Animals are personal property and no one has any right to tell anyone what they can and can not do with private property-The creation of the Animal Welfare Act is nothing new and goes back to it’s creator-Adolph Hitler. People in this country enjoy American Animal Culture with their inherit right to feed themselves and their families as they see fit, own (and sometimes have) the very same type of animal as a pet. We partner with animals for both our enjoyment and the animals enjoyment.

The United States was created as a democracy protecting it’s citizens to God given rights to have domain over animals, State and US Constitutions and Civil Liberty rights for personal protection-ANY law created is to protect PEOPLE -there is nothing giving animals rights or that would insinuate that the government has any right of domain over animal owners or for the Welfare of Animals. Owners have the right to decide what they do for animals and in this country we have some of the finest animal owners, veterinarians and access to products for animal care than any other country. The creation of the Animal Welfare Act just might be the biggest lie and government scam ever to have been created and totally (100%) ILLEGAL  and All at TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!!

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Rescue (TCW) committed fraud perpetrated on a cancer stricken founder of a zoo, Serenity Springs of CO. and PROMISED to keep the facility open. They inspected the facility and the animals before creating a contract and going into agree with a man who is fighting cancer and trying to do the right thing. Instead, the small community zoo has been closed since TCW took over the zoo. Animals are improperly being cared for and the real animals cruelty began.

This is heinous fraud that our society has no business tolerating. Serenity Springs  zoo was sold to TCW under the conditions it would remain open for the community. There was a contract, a down payment and conditions intended for the animals, the zoo, the community and MOST important to the owner of the zoo who is stricken and fighting cancer. Those conditions equivalent to his last will and testament to his community, his beloved animals and most important conditional to his peace of mind that he was doing the very best thing and led to believe that his wishes were understood and would be carried out.

Instead, Turpentine sold off the animals at a profit, conducts an unnecessary surgery in an unsterile environment although there is a sterile animal hospital on site that was used by TCW on other animals, calls it a ‘rescue’ and to top it off begins calling it a rescue to take money from unsuspecting donors. They made a purchase of a zoo with a down payment and iron clad contract -this is NOT a rescue!!! And what they have done to those animals is committed Animal Abuse and inflicted unnecessary pain to the animals of that zoo.  This time the shoe is on the other foot because TCW hadn’t planned on being caught-

How is it that this happens and these so called animal sanctuaries commit  such heinous crimes against animals and get away with it?!? They think themselves so above the law that no one will pay attention with their IRS Not for Profit status-Well we are paying attention and my heart goes out to the previous zoo owners as this story began to grow as the truth surfaced with what is really going on. TCW claimed cubs still with their mother of having a bone density problem -That’s  a made up lie and impossible. From a top zoo veterinarian who stated “This is nothing but scripted animal abuse to make money to line their pockets….anyone with half a brain knows that a mother nursing cubs should be separated from the cubs before any possibility of moving her and her cubs together. TCW has no experience with cubs-They re not breeders. of big cats and therefore not experts with a mother tiger nursing her cubs. Those cubs didn’t have a chance in Hell of surviving the TCW take over as TCW was doing as they pleased and never mind the solid advice of the previous zoo owner or their state and experienced veterinarian. They were never taken from their mom as they had been instructed -The mother tiger could and did spook and then proceeded to eat her cubs-  But it doesn’t end there-not by any means I am sorry to say and the entire story of this outrageous scam is just the beginning-There will be more reported as it is brought to my attention but plenty more I am reporting today including an incomplete list as it is only being developed as I write this, of numerous 0ther sanctuaries are involved throughout the country and once again, crooked Bobbi Brinks name surfaces.

More of the reported Animal Cruelty and abuse of animals but TWC which is so shocking I am placing towards the end of this post and I will continue to write updated reports as the information is flying in from all over the country.

Two older tigers had their eyes cut out by an out of state vet from Louisiana (Inexperience Unlicensed CO vet); cutting out the eyes of tigers with corneal opacities which is not only not a proper procedure for corneal problems and doing so blinded both tigers who were still able to see shadows and get along on their own with proper human assistance-No one seems to know what has become of those tigers. These surgeries did NOT take place at the zoo’s sterile hospital but instead, were knocked down and done in their outdoor enclosures. There is no question that this is intentional animal abuse and the inexperienced vet to be reported for the crime.

The truth be known, allowing Cubs to get eaten instead of saving their lives by taking them from their mother is neglect. Zoo officials stated that the tiger demonstrated that she was agitated and becoming aggressive. TWC was advised and well aware that she would reject them. All three cubs were killed and eaten folks…I hope you think on this for sometime to come and realize that TWC has committed these heinous crimes that led to their demise.

The zoo owners are horrified, the animals now suffering and sadly I have to report that 4 of the tigers will be going (or already arrived at Big Cat Rescue (BCR).


Spirit of the Hills had a recent incident and found it necessary to shoot an escaped tiger-Now under seize…Several of Hetricks animals were at Spirit of the Hills who was hired by Ohio Governor Kasich’s Ohio Department of Agriculture. Hetrick’s animals have been relocated and the public was told animals were starving and that the facility was in poor condition (guess some are receiving payback already for their deeds) yet, all pictures reviewed so far appears animal of normal weight for their size and likely far from the truth. Hetrick’s animals are now in CO at Pat Craig’s Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keensburg, CO, well known to exotic animal owners, whose facility is less than satisfactory and has threaten to slaughter all the animals in his facility on numerous occasions if people didn’t contribute.

Bobbi Brinks has been doing all the transporting, over-paid for her services and taking animals from their rightful legal owners to whom ever she can find who will take them (and/or sell them?)

It is unknown but doubtful that any proper paperwork REQUIRED by the USDA/APHIS/USDI was ever done for the proper transfer of any animals to be transported across interstate lines and ALL of this appears to be in violation of the AETA laws governing owners rights to their animals.

Seems some of Serenity Springs animals are now at In-Sync Exotics in Texas as well. All these sanctuaries are busy slandering the zoo owner suffering with cancer who thought he was doing the right thing. I hope he and his wife sue TWC for breach of contract and the slander used for the purpose of emotionally generated donations to all these sanctuaries: places with MILLIONS in reserve-Before donating ask for a full view of their IRS NFP 990 report or do not donate. There are only a few sanctuaries that exist that are legit but they are out there so unless they produce their 990-Do NOT donate and become part of the SCAM.

“This is Julie from Serenity Springs. Please correct your story.” https://www.facebook.com/insyncexotics/posts/1323924667620417?pnref=story

“First of all Turpentine Creek bought our facility with the intention of another location. We did not have to sell. Yes, Nick was looking for someone to take his place but all animals were cared for and doing well. We had three prominent veterinarians available and animals were under excellent care. I don’t know when you received him but Turpentine Creek was running facility from Sept 18tb. If he wasn’t eating they should have called our vet of record which they never had! In that picture he also has green water which never happened when our keepers were there but they were all fired. I believe they made conditions bad to get more donations. Our facility was beautiful. Yes our cages not a million dollars but they were clean and safe and larger than most. Jamma was over 20yrs old. Kidney failure was not reversible. You don’t have to make it sound like Serenity Sprimgs neglected him as that is not true! Please update your post and don’t help them try to smear a mans reputation who has dedicated his life to saving animals just to raise money.”


There exists a history of these violations by Not for Profit organizations breaking this law for years due to the emotionally generated plea for funds…Most of these places already have money in reserve; BCR is valued at over 4 million dollars and files frivolous law suits against exotic animal owners, slanders every legal and rightful exotic animal owners due to her I want to be a hero psychosis and accumulate millions as she continues to attempt to control all exotic cats in the world -Carole Baskin and her husband Howard remind me of Anamaniac’s ‘Pinky and the Brain’ to rule the world…or is that Bill and Hillary Clinton?!?

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Follow this blog for updates and search thru for more posts of interest -B

Documentation-Marion County inmates sue jail, sheriff

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WOW!!! 2 judges recluse themselves from this case and likely have experienced issues from black mold in the building as anyone exposed in that jail could be experiencing respiratory problems from exposure.

Those buildings are old and the jail sealed from allowing in fresh air. The women’s cells are upstairs and in the oldest section of the jail that fail to provide proper heat and A/C and remarkably freezing in the winter as they close off access to heat in the winter and the ventilation system antiquated and inefficient. Inmates are denied their medications and access to medical care frequently. Mind you, I am speaking first hand…This is a known FACT!!! Written of my experience in Marion County, Texas.

People accused of a crime are innocent unless proven guilty…just not Marion County, Texas

The sign in the jail read: “This is what you get for what you did”

Not in America anymore

The Welcome Wagon on arrival to Marion County, Texas will take you off to their jail for a free week in their “Bed and Breakfast” with 3 square meals a day at Tax Payer Expense…following 3 days of warrantless searches and inviting other agencies to participate in a mobbing of your property UNINVITED mind you…Just nosing around your property and likely expecting refreshments (cookies and doughnuts) which you do not supply; apparently, the Welcome Wagon forgot their basket of goodies to help with hurricane relief…Preparing to take your most valued possessions with a warrant that lacked probable cause and failed to list what they were to take (might as well take it if not nailed down, will break you with the taking and end your life as you knew it, wanted it and entitled to because you had done absolutely nothing wrong.

They will invite the press onto your property whether you want them…invited or not…so they can take pictures and gather a community story that will make International news while providing an aerial view of your newly purchased property yet all you wanted was to get settled and now giving that a second thought!!!

To further welcome you to their community they will loot you and dispose of your most valued property and ‘poof’ there won’t be any criminal charges. The judges in Marion County are NOT smart enough to recluse themselves as they hear your cases which by the way, ahem…are outside their jurisdiction yet award your valuable property to someone else.

NOTE-JP Judge and County Judge are elected officials in Marion County, Texas without training in law and bared by the state to hear cases concerning your property.

Kangaroo CourtGo ahead and try to prove you’re not guilty -doesn’t matter you won’t win the case and your appeal is going to cost you big bucks even though you are filed indigent and they gave you attorneys at Tax Payer expense-Kangaroo Court!!!

They will provide you with an attorney who was a previous DA and County attorney who is at odds with the current DA who controls what happens in Marion County and even freely invites himself onto your property and invites people from neighboring counties, bring inmates from the jail onto your property for the mobbing and looting of your property.11146595_10153555299235250_9093706723838195595_n

District Attorney Bill Gleason-Was this at Tax Payer expense or did he volunteer for his life long dream of caring for big cats?

All done at Tax Payer expense and no Justice was ever obtained for the protection of your God-given rights and Civil Liberties granted to you by the state and US Constitution.

They are all in collusion with each other, neighboring counties and even the federal court in Marshall Texas (New appointment of Federal Judge was Harrison County Judge…All members of the only local golf course I’m sure.) No Justice will ever be served and the corruption and criminal offenses will continue. FBI won’t be bothered looking into the corruption and criminal offenses in one of the smallest and distant counties in Texas so, I guess it’s rather insignificant to expect them to investigate the numerous complaints from residents in Marion County.

These folks don’t have a chance in Hell of this case making the light of day and being properly heard.

The Black Mold and HORRID conditions in the Marion County jail will continue; as will the corruption-mark my words!!!

Seized Kenny[1]


Marion County inmates sue jail, sheriff

By Robin Y. Richardson

Inmates in the Marion County Jail have filed a $12 million lawsuit against the Marion County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff David McKnight, claiming that the jail facility is infested with black mold that’s making them ill.

“There’s a black mold contamination,” Derrick Hunt, the first plaintiff listed on the lawsuit, told the News Messenger in a telephone interview. “It’s all over the jail.

“It’s everywhere – in our HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) vents that provides our fresh air, in our showers where we bathe,” the 41-year-old said.

“There’s people in here that’s got very bad health and they’re going down,” said Hunt, who is one of five plaintiffs in the suit.

His co-plaintiffs are: Jeffrey Harper, 56; Reynaldo Campos Jr., 39; William Loflin, 55; and Preston Thompson, 20. According to the petition, the plaintiffs are seeking relief of pain and suffering and mental anguish. They are accusing the defendants of being negligent by failing to assess, remediate and/or perform an abatement of a black mold infestation or contamination in the jail, located in Jefferson.

Sheriff McKnight told the News Messenger in a phone interview on Friday that his office is aware of the lawsuit and categorically denies all the allegations made in the suit.

“It’s in litigation and will be turned over to our attorneys,” McKnight said, advising that they are represented by Flowers and Davis, out of Tyler, in the case.

“We definitely deny that is an issue,” McKnight said of the mold infestation claims.

Despite the denial, the plaintiffs in the case assert that the sheriff and his staff have known about the alleged infestation for more than two years.

“We have a jailer up here that’s been working here several years. He’s told us this black mold has been here for years and sheriff knows about it and he just paints over it,” said Hunt, accusing them of also just wiping the “hot spots.”

“I filed a suit for negligence. I’m not saying it because I’m in jail but if they are going to put us in jail, they need to keep us somewhere safe,” said Hunt. “It’s not a safe environment, not a healthy environment, not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.”

The plaintiffs additionally claim in the lawsuit that they have been denied proper medical attention. Investigating Harper’s complaint, Anthony Mikesh, a program specialist for the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, noted that the jail is in compliance with jail standards.

“After reviewing the allegations with the staff of the Marion County Jail, it was determined that no violation of jail standards has occurred,” Mikesh wrote to Harper.

for the rest of the story follow the above link


DO I believe that there is black mold in the Marion County jail, actually, yes I do. Are the conditions horrid-Yes they were…I too was denied my medication…begged to see a doctor and sent several complaints t the captain…Needless to say, I know he was glad to see me go!!!

They had no TTY for the deaf, There wasn’t a single fire alarm system for the deaf, and no interpreter was provided for arrest, meetings with court appointed attorneys or the hearing where one f the accused was denied because the DA said he didn’t have to and would cost too much…He has been corrected although I wonder if anyone at the jail knows the needs and duty he is required to protect civil liberties to inmates and to people in the court room…in general and I have a complete understanding of those men feeling that they need to be protected after speaking up! Bet that restraint chair is still in place and they don’t think twice about using it and tazing someone while being restrained…I wish I had better things to say about a place I thought was going to be my home and home for my retiring animals but no, it was my Hell on earth that I wasn’t well informed about this place!!!

On the outside appears as a quaint old town but hiding in those woods is some of the most evil people I have ever encountered anywhere in my travels with nice members of the community hiding behind closed gates with no trespassing signs and know better than to talk about it or they to just might end up getting three squares at the town’s free Bed and Breakfast at Tax Payer expense.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B



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The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS/HSLF) is a vegan based Fanatical Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists organization that is a threat to human relationships with animals. HSUS donates LESS than 1% to helping any animals-They do not operate a single animal shelter. HSLF is the Humane Society Legislative Fund-money donated for the intent of helping animals supplies HSLF with funds. HSUS/HSLF is in association with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and ALF (Animal Liberation Front) all vegan based Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists located within our borders that seek to end all human relationships with animals.

“One generation and out” Wayne Pacelle-ceo HSUS.

HSUS/HSLF stands a huge financial loss if Trump takes office-Don’t befooled There is a real difference between Animal Welfare and vegan based Fanatical Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists.

Surely I am not the only Animal Welfare blog that you follow or read!!! If Hillary Clinton is elected president there will be little reason to follow this blog as Animal Owners and Animal Lovers will suffer even more losses; many as sever as the loss I encountered in Marion County, Texas when my presence was a threat to the local humane society that sells animals for big bucks and raping more animal owners of their animals.

Not all local humane societies and rescues are interested in your God-given rights and your civil liberties and not all communities obey the law or have law enforcement doing a good job protecting their community from REAL crimes because they are poorly trained, if trained at all, and lack the ability to fight real crime.

Not all judges are trained in law and many have minimal training at best. The JP judge and county judge are forbidden to hear civil cases valued at over $100,000.00 in Marion County, Texas and not all judges respect the laws that bar them from hearing cases where they lack subject matter jurisdiction. NOTE-If you find yourself fighting a case where you find yourself fighting for your God-given rights and civil liberties 1) Seek immediate representation 2) Motion for a jury and 3) Demand a Court of Constitutional Law!!!-CRUCIAL!

Animal Rights1

The truth is Trump is pro-animal usage-ALL usage…Pets, Zoos, Circus, Elephant Rides, hunting, rodeos, performing animals, breeding and will protect your right to eat meat rather than the vegan based Fanatical Animal Rights HSUS Extremist/Terrorist group who want to control what’s on the dinner table tonight.



(New York, NY) August 16, 2016 – Donald J. Trump is pleased to announce his new Agricultural Advisory Committee. The men and women on the committee will provide pioneering new ideas to strengthen our nation’s agricultural industry as well as provide support to our rural communities. Mr. Trump understands the critical role our nation’s agricultural community plays in feeding not only our country, but the world, and how important these Americans are to powering our nation’s economy.

The formation of the board represents Donald J. Trump’s endorsement of these individuals’ diverse skill sets and ideas that can improve the lives of those in agricultural communities. Mr. Trump has received widespread support from voters who understand he is the only candidate with the best interests of the agricultural community at the heart of his policies.

Mr. Trump said, “The members of my agricultural advisory committee represent the best that America can offer to help serve agricultural communities. Many of these officials have been elected by their communities to solve the issues that impact our rural areas every day. I’m very proud to stand with these men and women, and look forward to serving those who serve all Americans from the White House.”

The executive board members will convene on a regular basis.

Advisory board members include:

Charles Herbster – National Chairman of the Agricultural and Rural Advisory Committee for the Donald J. Trump Campaign for President

Sam Clovis – National Chief Policy Advisor for the Donald J. Trump Campaign for President

Rebeckah Adcock –CropLife, Senior Director, Government Affairs

Robert Aderholt – Congressman from Alabama; Chairman, Subcommittee on Agriculture

Jay Armstrong – Kansas Wheat Commission; Chairman, Farm Foundation

Gary Black – Commissioner Agriculture, Georgia

John Block – Former Sec. of USDA

Mike Brandenburg – State Legislator, North Dakota

Terry Branstad – Governor of Iowa

Sam Brownback – Governor of Kansas

Chuck Conner – CEO, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

Mike Conaway – House Agriculture Chairman

Jack Dalrymple – Governor of North Dakota

Dennis Daugaard – Governor of South Dakota

Rodney Davis – Congressman from Illinois; House Agriculture committee and Subcommittee Chair of Bio Tech

Mary Fallin – Governor of Oklahoma

Eddie Fields – Senator, Oklahoma; Chair Senate Ag and Rural Development

Steve Foglesong – Former President National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

Jim Gilmore – Former Governor Virginia; Chairman of Report on Terrorism and Agro-Terrorism

Bob Goodale – Former CEO of Harris Teeter

Bob Goodlatte – Congressman, Virginia; Former Chairman House Agriculture Committee

Mike Green – State Senator, Michigan; Appropriations Agriculture Chair; Senate Agriculture Committee Vice Chair

Helen Groves – Rancher; daughter of Robert Kleberg (King Ranch); Well known in TX/ranching world

Ron Heck – Iowa farmer and Past President of the American Soybean Assoc.

Dave Heineman – Former Gov. Nebraska

Hans Hunts – State Legislator, Wyoming; Wyoming House Ag Committee; Rancher

Cindy Hyde – Smith – Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, Mississippi

Brent Jackson – State Senator, North Carolina

A.G. Kawamura – Former Sec. Food & Agriculture, California

John Kautz – California wine producer; CEO Ironstone Vineyards

Charlotte Kelly – Tennessee cotton grower along with her husband (14,000 acres) plus operating a cotton gin processing 30,000 plus bales and a leader in the cotton industry

Mark Killian – Commissioner of Agriculture, Arizona; Farmer and rancher AZ

Brian Klippenstein – Protect the Harvest

Tsosie Lewis – Former CEO of Navaho Nation’s Agricultural Products Industries

Forrest Lucas – CEO Lucas Oil; Protect the Harvest

Mike McCloskey – CEO Fair Oaks Farms- one of largest dairies in U.S.

Beau McCoy – State Senator; Nebraska Nat. Chr. Council State Govts

Ted McKinney – Former Director of Global Corp. Affairs for Elanco Animal Health

Sid Miller – Commissioner of Agriculture, Texas

Jim Moseley – Former consultant on agriculture at EPA; Former Deputy Secretary of USDA

Brian Munzlinger – Chairman Missouri Senate Ag Committee

Casey Murdock – State Senator, Oklahoma

Tom Nassif – President Western Growers; Former Ambassador

Garry Niemeyer – Former President National Corn Growers

Bill Northy – Secretary of Ag, Iowa

Sonny Perdue – Former Gov. Georgia

Rick Perry – Former Gov. Texas

Ryan Quarles – Commissioner of Agriculture, Kentucky

Bruce Rastetter – Summit Ag Group of Alden, Iowa; Hosted first Republican Presidential debate

Jim Reese – Secretary of Agriculture for Gov. Mary Fallin of OK

Larry Rhoden – Senator South Dakota; House Majority Leader and Sen Majority Whip; Chair Senate Ag Committee

Pete Ricketts –Governor of Nebraska

Pat Roberts – U.S. Senator Kansas

Marcus Rust – CEO Rose Acre Farms- second largest egg producer in U.S.

Leslie Rutledge – Attorney General, Arkansas; Co-Chair of the National Association of Attorney General Agriculture Committee and is married to a soybean producer

David Spears – Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Dole Ag Advisor; Senior Vice President, Mid-Kansas Cooperative, Inc.

Dr. Mike Strain – Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, Louisiana

Red Steagall – Official Cowboy Poet of Texas

Annette Sweeney – Former Iowa House Agriculture, Chair; Farmer; Agriculture Advocate

Kip Tom – CEO, Tom Farms LLC-Largest Agri-Business farm operator in Indiana; Operates farms in South America

Johnny Trotter – CEO of BarG- 125,000 feedlot operation and farms 10,0000 acres in TX

Steve Wellman – Former President of the American Soybean Association

Walt Whitcomb – Ag Commissioner, Maine

John Wilkinson – Chairman, Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee Georgia State Senate


Forrest Lucas, founder of Protect the Harvest, an organization focused on fighting the Humane Society of the United States and in opposition of any legislation that is aimed at restricting animal practices in the production of meat, dairy, and eggs-Trumps choice for his cabinet. Protect the Harvest website can be found here: http://protecttheharvest.com/


Before you vote remember, Rover and Fido are hoping that they are your best friend and a major issue in their life so you will take them into consideration in your decision to vote TRUMP!!! This is not new news but instead a reminder. If you love animals DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON!!! Politics has become intertwined with animals and when you read an endorsement for one of the candidates, liberal Hillary Rodam Clinton and that HSUS considers Republican Donald Trump a threat; there’s a major reason to be concerned for the power and value of your vote!!!

DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY (who is in bed with HSUS/HSLF) and here’s why: NOTE-Even the following publication report is HSUS -Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists slanted report…as most media reports are (liberal media reports)…


Humane Society launches ad: Trump presidency a ‘threat to animals everywhere’

The political arm of The Humane Society is mobilizing against Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump with a new ad campaign warning that a “Trump presidency would be a threat to animals everywhere.”

The Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) announced its endorsement of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and the launch of a new attack ad against Trump on Wednesday.

“One ticket has a clear, compelling record of support for animal protection, while the other has assembled a team of advisors and financial supporters tied in with trophy hunting, puppy mills, factory farming, horse slaughter, and other abusive industries,” HSLF President Michael Markarian wrote in a blog post.

“The names that Trump’s campaign has floated for engagement on Interior and Agriculture department issues are a ‘who’s who’ of zealous anti-animal welfare activists.”

The ad takes aim at the Republican nominee’s sons for big-game hunting and notes that Donald Trump Jr. has publicly expressed interest in serving as Interior secretary in his father’s administration.

The 30-second video also notes that oil tycoon Forrest Lucas, an adviser to Trump who is also reportedly a candidate for Interior, supports puppy mills, dog-breeding operations that The Humane Society denounces as cruel for the conditions that they impose on the animals.

The HSLF was established in 2004 to lobby on behalf of The Humane Society of the United States and the Fund for Animals. Since then, it has actively sought to sway lawmakers to support legislation that would protect animals, wild and domesticated.

Joe Maxwell, senior political director at the HSLF, said that while the group endorses House and Senate candidates from both parties, this is the first time it has endorsed a presidential candidate.

“We know this is a big step, but one that we felt we needed to make on behalf of our constituency and on behalf of our membership to encourage a vote for Hillary Clinton,” Maxwell said.

Maxwell noted that Clinton’s voting record in the Senate largely aligned with the HSLF’s stances on various animal protection issues.

After every session of Congress, the group puts out a legislative scorecard that grades each lawmaker’s voting record on these issues. Clinton scored a 100 in the 108th and 109th Congresses, and an 83 in the 110th Congress.

In his blog post, Markarian pointed out that Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, had “more of a mixed record on animal protection.”

The Indiana governor, who served in the House for 10 years, had scores ranging from 0 to 53 and opposed a variety of wildlife conservation measures.

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond when asked for comment.

Trump’s policy agenda is not the only thing that worries the animal rights group. Markarian noted that, if elected, Trump would be the first president since Harry Truman not to have a pet in the White House.


Trumps take on animal usage…no need to hold your breath because it is totally pro animal ownership/usage!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others -B








ZOO WARS-Update/ALERT-Tiger Ridge

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“I’m literally sick over this. Physically sick.
So few concrete answers, no update on the conditions of the animals but let me say this, the Ohio dept of agriculture is responsible or this travesty.
They were to ensure the safety and care of the animals until the final outcome of this case. Now the animals have been suffering for who knows how long, Unknown and untreated medical conditions, been tranquilized, dragged to another unfamiliar facility.
Nobody will ever love nor care for those animals like my dad did and would…this is just surreal and absurd to think of how these beloved animals have been treated since being ripped out of their safe, secure, healthy home on a cold 13 degree day almost 2 years ago. Oda you have failed, you failed the animals, the community, and you have tarnished the department of agriculture. We hold you 100% responsible and you will answer for your total lack of regard to not only civil rights violations but to your community as to what you have cost the tax payers of Ohio for paying a man who was letting animals suffer horribly on your watch. You will answer for what you did to Leo…you will be held accountable!!!” -Corrinna  Hetrick-Dankert


Everyone everywhere is exasperated, worried and concerned for The Tiger Ridge animals and the abuse inflicted on those animals by Kasich’s Ohio Department of Agriculture. Easier to have gone ahead and accepted Kenny Hetrick’s application and given him a permit for his animals especially after seeing their community coming together to improve the facility to meet the new standards that were required for permit in the state of Ohio; frankly, no facility can match the upgrade Kenny Hetrick and the community did that exceeds those requirements. Life saving and hearts a flutter would have been what I would have wanted for longstanding animal owners of my community -in my state!!! It has cost Kasich plenty and will ultimately destroy what’s left of his political career. The republican agenda is respect for private property and against civil forfeiture on the most part…Kasich is one of the exceptions and has absolutely nothing to do with public safety or the health and safety of any animal.

Seems government officials are taking themselves too seriously with their new found power, neglects any reasoning to give a member of the community within a state, a chance. While this unemotional stance is the reason they have denied providing Hetrick the necessary permit however, considering the decision was based on laws written due to an emotional stance of one single incident where no one investigated for the truth of what actually happened; it would certainly seem reasonable that any decision to accept or deny a longstanding owner would also be based  on the emotional commitment of an animal owner to his animals.*


Some Tiger Ridge animals moved to new sanctuary

SPEARFISH, S.D. — Some of the exotic animals seized from a Stony Ridge facility in 2015 have been moved again after a tiger got loose and bit a man at the wildlife refuge keeping them in South Dakota.

Three tigers and one bear originally from Tiger Ridge Exotics were among 18 animals removed from Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary in Spearfish, S.D., after a tiger there bit the sanctuary director Monday, said Tanya Espinosa, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The tiger that bit the director was not one of the Tiger Ridge animals.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary of Keenesburg, Colo., has taken in nine tigers, one lion, one wolf, and seven bears this week from the South Dakota facility, Executive Director Pat Craig said.

Nearly all of the animals were underweight and some had medical issues that had been left untreated, he said.

Ohio Department of Agriculture spokesman Mark Bruce told The Blade said federal officials notified Ohio authorities over the weekend about the South Dakota issue. He said he not aware of the medical conditions of the Ohio animals, but he expected to know more after officials in Colorado preformed full medical exams of them.

“The animals are adjusting well to their new environment and feeding schedule,” Mr. Bruce said.

Corrina Hetrick Dankert, daughter of Tiger Ridge owner Kenny Hetrick, said the family blames the Ohio Department of Agriculture for choosing a poor home for the animals.

“We’ve had concerns about this place from day one when they went there. Now we find out this happened, and it’s horrible,” she said. “This is the worst-case scenario. This kind of thing didn’t happen at my dad’s house. To see that they took them from a healthy, happy, secure facility and put them in this guy’s facility … this is as bad as you can get.”

Ms. Dankert said the ODA is directly responsible for what has happened to the Tiger Ridge animals.

“They should have been following up more closely on the care of animals,” she said. “The animals are absolutely suffering at the hands of the ODA. They are making very poor decisions.”

Authorities were alerted late Monday that a tiger was loose. Officials found a staff member bitten several times by the tiger, and a deputy fatally shot the animal to prevent it from escaping, Chief Deputy Paul Hansen of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office said.

Sanctuary Director Michael Welchynski, who was injured by the tiger, is making a full recovery, according to a Wednesday sanctuary statement. The statement said the tiger, named Boomer, attacked Mr. Welchynski during a regular feeding.

Ms. Espinosa said the Department of Agriculture conducted a routine inspection of the sanctuary Sept. 28. Since then, 18 animals have been transferred from the sanctuary to a Colorado facility, said Ms. Espinosa, who declined to offer many details but said more information will be available in a later inspection report.

The agency was unhappy with some of the animals’ conditions, and the sanctuary thought it was best to relinquish their care to a different facility, sanctuary board president Fred Erdman said.

The state agriculture agency transferred 10 animals removed from Tiger Ridge Exotics to three out-of-state wildlife sanctuaries in September, 2015. The animals were sent to facilities in Arizona and Florida along with the South Dakota sanctuary. Meanwhile, a case in Wood County Common Pleas Court regarding their care remains unresolved.

A liger and a cougar were transferred to Keepers of the Wild in Valentine, Ariz. Three tigers and a leopard went to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fla., and three tigers and a Kodiak bear went to Spirit of the Hills.

After initially being seized and before going to the out-of-state facilities, the animals had been in a state facility in Reynoldsburg, near Columbus. Another animal originally taken from Tiger Ridge, a lion, was killed in April, 2015, because of health problems. State agents took the animals Jan. 28, 2015 from the Stony Ridge property because Mr. Hetrick had not obtained a permit to keep the animals as required by state law.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others-Stay tuned  -B

*Note- I was denied the opportunity myself by a local government that lied in order to make any claim against myself and my partner so I know a little about this topic. Hetrick’s animals are accustom to personal contact (as were mine) which has been and will continue to be denied unless those animals are returned to their rightful owner.

Hurricanes Are Life Changing…Please ask for Help /Please Provide to Someone Who Might Need Help

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ALERT!-If you wish to donate money to help victims of Hurricane Matthew; do NOT donate to a NFP!!! Anyone needing help can leave a comment to this blog post on how to get in touch with you and I will post your comment in an effort to get help to you…If you don’t need help and wish to get a message out that you’re OK,  feel free to leave a comment to this blog post! Wishing best for whether you remained to ride out the storm or evacuated…

hurricane dolly 002

Born and raised in FL and traveling throughout the United States where Hurricanes make landfall, I have experienced numerous hurricanes and tropical storms…Donna, Camille, Andrew, Katrina and Rita just to name a few and some of the worst and took smaller storms to take me out…I don’t even remember the name of the storm that took the roof off our home…
What was supposed to be a Cat-1 hurricane came in as Cat-2; Hurricane Dolly hit while we were building a new facility, housed in San Bonito, TX…22 miles from the coast (as the crow flies).
I never expected the massive flooding that began after the storm was concluding-Our celebration that the barn we were housed in was still standing, and all the animals were dry and safe from harms way came to an abrupt hault, as it became a nightmare that ultimately led to my demise when seeking ‘hurricane relief’ more than a year after purchasing property and relocated to Marion County, Texas…Instead of taking pride of the animals and new members of the community; they went for our throats and sucked the life from us and literally killed half the animals with the gaul to call it a rescue-Stole my life and my animals NOT because we had done anything wrong other than to trust we would be safe; had the balls to call it a rescue…no one charged of a crime and only did what they did because of the corruption so they could…
Kangaroo Court
A Cat-4 hurricane is approaching FL and looks like the entire state will be effected by Hurricane Matthew…Please be prepared for the worst if u have chosen to remain…Supplies are important because you will only be able to count on yourself during and following the storm…and considering that there is a possibility of a second strike by the same hurricane, you must remain aware that this hurricane experience might become your worse nightmare for months and even years from now…
Important posts about Hurricane Dolly from 2 pages of this blog:

I hope everyone is prepared for what they might be facing-If you have friends and family I beg that you make contact and ask that they stay in-touch with you. Give to individuals and NOT to some NFP that might not pass all the money along to a hurricane victim needing help. HSUS, PETA, RED Cross, ASPCA liars and thieves…to name a few…HSUS provides less than 1% of the money it takes in…

If you are so lucky to not be impacted by this storm please prepare to help someone who might be in need whether they have animals or not. The financial strain and rebuilding is one of the hardest things I have ever faced; with not one relocation but two and both lied about accepting us with open arms and instead led to our demise that cost the lives of many animals.
We were able to ride out natures storm but not the fury of inhumane people looking to gain from our demise. People who should be ashamed of what they did but sadly, these are people  know no shame; such is life in Marion County, Texas!


We have since made a third relocation where life has become easier with everyone we meet welcoming us with open arms and respect one another…Still in the process (years people, YEARS working at it); lacking the help so badly needed…But we’re fine…Concern now for others facing a nightmare of their own…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Zoo Wars~Update-Baboon Dies after ODA Transferred to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

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Chimpanzee at Stumb Hill Farm

Pictured is Tootie-Chimp from Stump Hill taken by the ODA and contracted to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

Generally speaking, what Ohio is doing by seizing animals and then leasing them to facilities, out of the state of Ohio, is illegal; especially if those animal are on the endangered species list. That goes the same for any facility accepting those animals especially when those animals continue to be owned by their legal rightful longstanding owners so really, it’s not up to the ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture) or anyone else to decide where those animals will go other than the actual owners unless ownership was surrendered or thru court judgment, which in this case, was NOT!!! And FYI-no SUDI permits were issued to the ODA or Black Pine Animal Sanctuary. Frankly, I am not sure if any court in any capacity other than a court of law, has the right to take ownership -taking property is a constitutional protection to prevent witch hunts and to keep the government from taking or staking a claim to personal property. Laws of the state refer to public property and not property privately owned unless otherwise stated in the law.

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary that has accepted several animals, this past year, that still belongs to their legal and longstanding private owners after being wrongly seized-The animals taken to out of state facilities from the ODA are under contract with the state of Ohio but neither I, nor anyone else has been able to locate a USDA permit for the ODA. Accordingly, when there are business transactions, such as the occurrences relating to the ODA facility in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, where the ODA is involved in the care of animals and then, creating contracts with facilities across state lines where they transfer the animals, as a lease or transfer of ownership, without a court judgement, a USDA permit is required by federal law concerning Animal Welfare. I inquired with a FOIA request weeks ago, for all records pertaining to the ODA facility for permits, pictures and inspection reports and have yet to hear back from the USDA.

Every exotic animal owner in Ohio that has been subjected to the newly created illegal laws and illegal transactions concerning exotic animal ownership needs to know, that the ODA, has been operating illegally with no compliance with federal laws concerning animal enterprises.

Any facility accepting animals from the ODA for ownership or lease is also operating illegally by accepting those animals when actual ownership remains with the longstanding rightful owner. Those animals would be considered stolen property. Furthermore, any facility that has accepted animals and the animal dies as a result, is subject to suits being filed against that facility.

Black Pine as well as Big Cat Rescue [note: BCR is affiliated with GFAS/HSUS] are operating in the illegal trade of stolen animals as no ownership was surrendered or could legally be transferred over without a court judgement. *See Bloggers Note below


Ohio Farms Seized Baboon Dies at Black Pine

MASSILLON, Ohio (AP) — A 22-year-old baboon seized from a northeast Ohio farm in the state’s crackdown on exotic animal ownership died at a sanctuary while in state custody, and the owner is seeking answers about what happened.

Cyndi Huntsman of Stump Hill Farm told The Independent in Massillon the state informed her attorney late last week that a female hamadryas baboon that had been sent to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Albion, Indiana, had died. The state didn’t explain how, she said.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture, which oversees the state’s exotic animal rules, had been notified on Aug. 30 about the baboon’s death, department spokesman Mark Bruce said. The results of a necropsy aren’t yet available.

It is the third of Huntsman’s animals to die in state custody since the Department of Agriculture took five tigers, two pumas, two baboons and a chimpanzee from the farm in May, saying the farm hadn’t met Ohio’s tightened restrictions and permit requirements for keeping such creatures. One of the tigers gave birth to four cubs at the state holding facility in Reynoldsburg, and two of those cubs died.

Huntsman said the baboon, named Pandora, had been taken in by Stump Hill after a Pennsylvania family couldn’t care for her. The animal had anxiety problems but was otherwise healthy when she was seized, Huntsman said.

The baboon’s death further discourages Huntsman, who has legal challenges pending in an effort to get her animals back.

“It’s not real good odds,” she said. “By the time I am done fighting, there will be no one to come home. They’ll all be dead.”

Ohio enacted its stricter rules on ownership of dangerous wild animals after a suicidal man released lions, tigers and other creatures from a Zanesville-area farm five years ago. Many of the animals seized since then have been relocated to state-approved facilities elsewhere.

Bloggers note: Take action immediately!!!
Send complaint to the USDA-
Talking points:

Animals were placed in a facility operated by the ODA that does not met the requirements for a holding animal facility concerning Animal Welfare. The ODA does not have a USDA permit for operating a commercial animal enterprise business. The ODA should be charged with AETA for these violations.

*Copy of your complaint should be sent to the FBI in both Ohio and Indiana as well as the Attorney General for both states. Already an adult lion and 2 tiger cubs have died at the ODA facility; others dying at the facility is unknown but should be of concern.

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary has accepted animals illegally from the ODA and placed the animals into sub-standard conditions which the animals are not accustom. Black Pine is now caring for Huntsman’s chimpanzees without obtaining a USDI for proper transfer of endangered animals across state lines. Both Black Pine and the ODA are in violation for animals crossing over state lines as both as conducting official commercial business involving exotic and endangered animals. This is not the first time Black Pine has accepted animals and the longstanding rightful owners remain a their actual owners…Black Pines Animal Sanctuary is not qualified to have those animals and they are at that facility without owner consent…I hope these owners file suit against Black Pine for all animals alive or have died and of course the ODA!!!

It is rather hypocritical that the ODA who has taken on the responsibility of seizing animals that are not properly permitted by the state of Ohio for various reasons including but not limited to state permit. Lacking equal protection of the law, the ODA has broken several federal laws and lacks a proper USDA permit to conduct business involving the proper care of exotic and endangered animals at their facility, providing contracts for owner transfer or for leasing animals to another out of state facility or for transport across state lines and by not obtaining a USDI for each endangered animal they placed is another out-of-state facility.

While it might not seem terribly important, I assure you this is extremely serious and constitutes itself as a crime; especially when the state of Ohio is operating without the proper federal permits themselves.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Following surgery, posts will continue to be limited…It is not because there is nothing to report but instead, sadly, due to too much to report. In the case of the ODA, it has become of extreme importance to me that the numerous illegal and wrongful seizures be stopped. The only way that will happen is by keeping the public informed and expose Governor Kasich for his actions against citizens of the state of Ohio. -B

Zoo Wars-How Long Has Big Cat Rescue NOT Been Paying State Sales Tax?

•August 10, 2016 • 3 Comments

NOTE-State of Florida offers a reward for reported violations: “Rewards for reporting tax violations are authorized by section 213.30, Florida Statutes, Compensation for information relating to a violation of the tax laws and Rule 12-18, Florida Administrative Code, Compensation for Tax Information

Sometime ago and in several posts back, I have questioned whether Carole Baskin, ceo Big Cat Rescue (BCR/Wildlife on Easy Street/WOES), has ever paid any sales tax on the admission tickets to take a tour-Ticket sales are taxable income aside from Not for Profit donations. I also wonder if BCR/WOES has ever paid any state sales tax on any sales!!! Tickets purchased for tours and products purchased on line and thru their gift shop are taxable. Parties and special events are also taxable. It makes no difference if BCR/WOES has a NFP or not…The only item not taxed would be donations…Even sodas purchased are taxable-no matter who it’s sold to.

Going back a few years when Baskin called her facility Wildlife on Easy Street (WOES), people paid to sleep with cats in a cabin-Guess what?!? -That would constitute a cabin rental and is taxable income!!!

Exactly how many years have gone by without paying sales tax or has paid sales tax on some things but not on others (just to make it look good to have paid something) has Baskin been cheating the state of Florida by not paying sales tax?!? How long has she gotten away with this?!! Just how much of the millions that BCR has in holding, actually belongs to the state of Florida? WAIT-Does she even have a sales tax number? Far as I’m concerned her books and business needs to be monitored closely  to make certain she’s paying her share!

Bad enough that Baskin has gotten away with other issues including using money collected for animal care for paying lobbyists but there can be no excuse for not giving the state of Florida money due! Or is the sale of a t-shirt, ball cap or stuffed animal now somehow part of her educational program or a donation?!? No zoo considers it’s ticket sales or gift shop sales as donations-When it’s a set price/fee, it’s NOT a donation!!!

Bigger question-Why was there no sales tax charged for on line purchases?!? (see below)

Well, inquiring minds want to know Carole -I think an audit of all your books and gift shop inventory is in order-


from the above link:

“In Florida, the state imposes a 6% sales tax, and determines the class of taxable goods; local governments are able to impose up to an additional 1.5% sales tax. Often, local governments impose this surtax to finance specific projects or programs.”

Sales taxes are assessed on the retail sale of goods, repairs of property, rentals, leases, charges of admission, goods manufacturing, operating vending machines, and a very small set of services. Sales taxes are not charged on groceries, prescription medicine, most services, intangible property, or on many purchases made by an array of nonprofit organizations.”


“Aside from lost revenue, not collecting those sales taxes distorts consumer choice between purchases from local brick-and-mortar establishments and online or catalog sales.Revenues are also lost in the form of uncollected taxes on online sales (and other similar purchases) from out of state sellers. In 2008, collecting these taxes would have likely increased revenues by around $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion 2. Aside from lost revenue, not collecting those sales taxes distorts consumer choice between purchases from local brick-and-mortar establishments and online or catalog sales. That is, for any given level of total tax revenue, the excess burden would be lower if taxes on these sales were collected.”

BCR-Hover toteFurthermore, BCR is not only exploiting the cats with tours but taking their likeness and plastering it on giftware sold in their gift shop and listed for on-line sales. Sales on-line do NOT include sales tax:

BCR-Sales TaxActual invoice from on-line sales purchase.-She’s making ALL sales appear as a donation which they are NOT!

from Baskin: “We continue to be very happy with Zerve as our ticket retailer. In 2013 they sold 12,752 tickets that netted the sanctuary $435,323.00. In 2014 Zerve sold 18,553 tickets that netted the sanctuary $712,093.00. The increase was due to selling more of the higher priced tours, ticket price increases and Zerve reducing their fees.”-Will she change that statement once caught for NOT paying sales tax on those tickets?!? Most zoos have IRS 501-c-3 tax status but also pay sales tax!!! And what about the tickets sold at the door and what about before Zerve?



You just can’t make this stuff up…Baskin calls it harassment…I call it making certain that a business is operating within the law just as all other businesses do and have for years. Her books need to be reviewed for years!!!

FREE Food for the animals…FREE vet care…OLD, out-of date caging but they don’t pay for anything and leave the cats living like crap in those cages and the professional beggar claims she needs more money to add to the millions in reserve. You just can’t make this stuff up…

File your complaints with Florida state here:


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of MANY others…Stay tuned-FOLLOW-LIKE-SHARE -B