ZOO WARS~Great News for Louisiana-Tony the Tiger Won Case Against ALDF

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This is such great news and hope it starts a FIRE-STORM in all states!!! Its up to YOU to share with your lawmakers.


Another Victory for Tony the Tiger -Tiger Truck Stop!!!

April 21, 2016. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Louisiana HB 1084 To give Wildlife & Fisheries (LDWF) the authority to prohibit big exotic cats. This would make it constitutional for what LDWF has done to Tiger Truck Stop. We maintain in our current pending lawsuit against the state that the current rules & regulations limiting private possession of big cats & non-human primates are unconstitutional. This bill was an attempt to derail our argument.
This bill was written and sponsored by ALDF. 

This Bill has been Defeated!!!

Watch the video here: http://house.louisiana.gov/H_Video/VideoArchivePlayer.aspx?v=house/2016/apr/0421_16_Day24_2016RS#.VxqZfhmIduc.mailto

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ZOO WARS~ Transparency at Big Cat Rescue MY ASS…

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Over the YEARS I have been pointing out the many problems that exist at Big Cat Rescue along with other so called ‘sanctuaries’ throughout this country but none compare with the lies, mis-information, incidents and death rate of the animals as Big Cat Rescue; and funny, they use her as the model for raking in donations with mis-information as to exactly how much money will be needed. There is even a Big Cat Rescue in Wisconsin DBA Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue owned by a CONVICTED FELON yet Carole Baskin does nothing about his use of the name and the implication that it is in association with BCR and likely collecting donations that were actually intended for Big Cat Rescue of FL.

Carole Baskin, CEO for Big Cat Rescue, is NOT above the law and she’s made herself very public. Carole Baskin is CEO for a large number of NFPs including Big Cat Rescue and Wildlife on Easy Street-WHY!?! She claims that she is transparent but the truth of the matter is that she is NOT!!!

Joseph Maldonado also known as Joe Exotic, Independent Presidential Candidate 2016, Posted a note this morning on his FB Wall of interest that I’m sharing for you to be the judge and for documentation purposes.

The Logic of Big Cat Rescue Supporters-They think this is the next best thing


Transparency At Big Cat Rescue My Ass….

Joe Schreibvogel-Friday, April 22, 2016

The following is how Carole runs to her own rescue to cover up her own un-told stories.

BCR-Transparency Is Critical at Sanctuaries and Zoos:

As I was watching the inept way the Palm Beach Zoo was dealing with the death of a zookeeper, it made me think about the way  we always try to be completely transparent about what happens behind closed gates at Big Cat Rescue. The very day our critics, those backyard breeders and tiger cub pimps, were sending private messages to our fans on Facebook, alleging a cougar bite at Big Cat Rescue, there was a tragedy reported at the Palm Beach Zoo. As you can imagine, the story of a zookeeper being mauled to death at a well known zoo, caused an international media flurry that resulted in our phones ringing off the hook with requests for comment.
Joe- Tiger cub pimps? ROTFLMO, and she is the one bringing in another tiger from Peru when last week she was raising money saying there are too many tigers in America now. Let’s talk about pimps and exploiting tigers. Have you ever seen someone in a sanctuary sell this many kinds of tours? http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fbigcatrescue.org%2Fvisit-the-big-cats%2F&h=_AQETWiRQ&s=1 and she starts her transparency off with leading you to a horrible story once again about someone getting killed somewhere else so right off the bat you are not thinking about the real story and that is her covering up her own story about what happens at Big Cat Rescue.
BCR- If I have to write the same email more than once, it is probably worthy of being a blog post to our site, so that I don’t have to keep writing it. The media can find it online, if they do any research at all, and can take their quotes from the article. That is the genesis of this article and the one I wrote called When Tigers Kill Keepers. Our PR Director Susan Bass and I spoke this morning about the fact that the zookeeper’s death, while horrific, would typically only have resulted in a two day news cycle, but it was being handled so poorly that it was still in the news today; a week later. Meanwhile, our opponents to legislation that would end the private possession of big cats, were accusing us of not being forthcoming about what they called a cougar bite.

So let me clear that up now

There wasn’t a cougar bite at Big Cat Rescue

The Florida Wildlife Commission report, that is being posted by our haters, and sent to our supporters, has been blurred out in the sections that negate the earlier report of a cougar biting a volunteer. These same bad guys filed a false report with OSHA and an online petition. Since I had to take the time to respond to OSHA, I am posting here for anyone who has been contacted by those who seek to discredit us.
Dear OSHA Rep.,
Can you print this email as a response to your request, as accessing a fax machine is a huge hassle and mailing this simple answer seems like a waste of paper and postage?
First; the volunteer in question was never an employee of Big Cat Rescue. None of the animal care work at the sanctuary is done by employees. It is all done by volunteers. Paid staff are only paid to to administrative work but she has never even been paid staff.
Joe- You see as long as she keeps them as volunteers, OSHA cannot govern them unless they are paid employees. Loophole number 1. But the USDA must govern volunteers and the public so let’s see what they have to say? But than again she has the USDA in her pocket because you will never see her written up by them for all this junk, trees built as support for cages etc.

transparency BCR

BCR- While the original hospital report stated that she had been bitten, it just wasn’t possible given her description to me after the fact and the quarter inch long, minor surface cut to her hand. She said her hand never went in the cage so when the cat moved toward her, she probably just dragged her hand across the cage wall quickly, in order to avoid contact, and caused the scratch on the wire. The galvanizing can cause an infection, which is probably what happened.
Joe- Let’s see so the Florida Health Department and the Professionals at the Hospital are all lying right? And Carole never does no wrong. Let’s see if her Transparency ever on her website shows all of these accidents and injuries?
About Big Cat Rescue
911AnimalAbuse.org brings you the other side of the story!
[Bloggers note-Carole Baskin has never disputed any of the following information because she can’t! Big Cat Rescue not only has a high death rate for the cats placed at that facility -many with no explanation or cause of death but when DBA Wildlife on Easy Street had a high number of incidents-all documented and hidden from the general public and law makers by changing the name of the facility]

Attacks at Big Cat Rescue

Subject: Big Cat Attacks at Big Cat Rescue Sources: St Petersburg Times, Court Documents, Releases Signed By Victims, Staff Who Lived Onsite:
Carole Lewis Baskin, CEO of Tampa Florida’s Big Cat Rescue, loves to report on statistics of big cat attacks. Baskin has one of the worst records of exotic cat attacks and escapes in the state of Florida, if not the country, although most were kept quiet and none are ever reported on her website where she so smugly posts accidents occurring at other facilities.
As with the buying, breeding and selling of exotic cats, Baskin likes to blame these attacks on her missing millionaire husband Don Lewis but as you can see, most of the incidents occurred after Don went missing in 1997.
Here is a partial list…the ones we’ve read or been told about by staff living on the property.
1995/Timothy Evans: This North Carolina man (case # 97-08896-B) was attacked by a South American cougar named Tobi and was severely bitten on his left forearm after Baskin irresponsibly invited him to pet the cat which she claimed was “tame and friendly.”
1998/Mindy Harrel: Mindy age 46 was attacked by Baskin’s daughter’s pet black leopard, Jumanji who was born at BCR. This very serious wound required 451 stitches to her right arm and removed the skin from her elbow to her wrist.
1998/Leah Dixon: Leah required hospital treatment after being attacked by a cougar which almost scalped her. By this time Baskin had learned to have the victims sign a release and then paid them to keep quiet. We have a copy of the release signed by Leah Dixon.
1998/Jennifer Adair: Jennifer was bitten in the thigh by Baskin’s pet snow leopard Hercules, bought for her by husband Don Lewis for her birthday. This bite went unreported.
1999/Daniel Caprio: This live-in lover of Baskin’s daughter, was attacked by a brown lemur named Co Coa. The wound required stitches to repair his ripped ear. The attack was not reported and Daniel was ordered by Baskin not to talk about it.
1999/Jason Hasford: Jason was injured by the same brown lemur, Co Coa. The wound in his arm took seven stitches. He too, signed a release and was told not to talk about it.
1999/Jennifer Lowry: Jennifer Lowery was bitten by an Ocelot. (Case # 3632) It looks as though she sued and it was settled out of court. view document here.
2000 or 2001/Cabin Guest: A cabin guest was bitten three times while interacting with a serval named Esmerelda after paying to sleep with the cat. He was made to sign a release, was compensated, and the injury was not reported.
2001/Carolyn Thompson: Carolyn was bitten on the hand by a cougar named Casper. The injury was treated at a hospital and there was some permanent nerve damage. Carolyn signed the release and was ordered not to talk about it.
Date Unknown Sometime after Don disappeared a man and his child wandered into BCR through a broken front gate and a lynx tore the child’s ear.
2006 There were emergency instructions for staff members printed on the BCR website. Under the heading for what to do if a tour group member is bitten by a cat, the last instructions say; “have person sign release form and give them compensation, to make it legal. This must be done immediately before outside influences encourage them to sue.”
These are just the attacks that we know of and this report does not include the many escapes of cougars, servals, lemurs and other animals at WOES. Carole Lewis Baskin was a completely irresponsible exotic animal owner when it came to safety protocol or properly training her volunteer staff. Unable or unwilling to handle her animals responsibly, Baskin then proceeded to cease with her cabin cat idea and public contact business and instead invent stories of abuse and rescue to exhibit her private collection of cats to the public for money. Baskin now advocates for passing laws against anyone…but Big Cat Rescue…owning the exotic animal of their choice.

It was after these many attacks and escapes that Baskin decided it was time to change the name of her self-proclaimed sanctuary from Wildlife on Easy Street to Big Cat Rescue. She then decreed that no one should be permitted to own or have physical contact with an exotic cat.

Wow Carole that is quite a list of real documented injuries don’t you think? Since I have copies of these reports and where you paid some of the people injured $10.00 to keep them from suing you, I would say you need to work on that transparency theory a bit more.
transparency BCR2
transparency BCR3
BCR- When the FWC inspector came out on March 7, 2016 we found a couple tiny points of galvanizing on the cage wall that could have caused a scratch, of the insignificance of that shown to me. I’ve had paper cuts that were much, much worse.
Joe- I can’t even believe this women believes her own crap. Paper cut? Sharp wire? The volunteer was admitted to the hospital for several days. Can Carole not even read the reports herself without being in dream land of lies and misconception. OH WAIT, that’s right, she hears voices in her head. For God sake people wake up to this women.
BCR- I flicked the shards off with my finger nail to prevent any future incident. The FWC inspectors and I ran our hands over the rest of the area and didn’t find any other sharp edges. We have checked the other cages to make sure there are no flecks of galvanizing that could scratch a person or a cat.
Joe- If I can read right, does this report not say there are also sharp edges all over this facility? Carole you are so busted this time. Just admit your no better than anyone else in this industry and you damn sure can’t lie very well…..
BCR- Please let me know if this was sufficient to lay this to rest.
Joe- No this is not going to lay to rest no more than your ex-husband Don Lewis who’s body has yet not been found but you refuse to take a polygraph test to clear your name. If you ever want this cloud of you possibly killing your husband and feeding him to the tigers, take the polygraph test……
Notice below, this is her ex-husbands will. Have you ever thought about putting in the first paragraph the word DISAPPEARANCE in your will? Then look at the second picture where is says who made this will. Carole Lewis, which is now Carole Baskin…
transparency BCR4

BCR-So, that was the extent of the event, or non event as it turns out.

 Joe- This is just the beginning my dear friend, just the beginning. My life is now dedicated to exposing you and your bullshit friends.
Once again this is solely my freedom of speech to get the truth out there about this women. I have no connections with anyone or any company while doing this. Carole gave me all this free time to research her and show the world the proof you need to put a stop to using animals for scams and exploitation using the word sanctuary when she is classified by the United States Government as a exhibitor just like any zoo.
Joseph Maldonado
Links of Interest: Most Recent:
Interested in more information?!?! Earlier Posts in no particular order and does not include all posts or letters of complaint that have been sent:
Follow BCR Watch blog posts! http://www.bcrwatch.com/blog
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ZOO WARS~ Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists Kill Circus Animal Setting It Free

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Yeah-Let’s free all the animals-Then we can all watch as they are hit by cars, starve to death and/or destroy our environment not to mention the public safety hazard!!! Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists busy killing another animal:


Ostrich is freed from a circus by animal rights activists… and is immediately killed when it runs in front of a car

  • Nala was released along with her partner Zawo and a goose called Fred
  • The birds were allegedly released by known activists from Kaiser Circus
  • A campaign against animals used in entertainment targeted the circus
  • Police say three men and a woman were responsible for her death

An ostrich freed from a circus by animal rights activists enjoyed 10 minutes of freedom… before it was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Nala was sprung along with her partner Zawo and a goose called Fred from the Kaiser Circus in Munich on Monday evening.

All three fled into the night after the door keeping them captive was removed from its hinges. But circus staff who went looking for them found Nala dead in the road a short distance from the big top.

Nala the Ostrich

The two other birds were recaptured. Police say three men and a woman – known animal rights activists – were responsible for her death.

‘It’s really affected me, I live with my animals,’ said circus director André Kaiser, who was looking after some camels when the intruders set the birds free.

The circus has been the target of a campaign against animals used for entertainment with poster defaced with the words: ‘Animal torturers. Free all animals’.

Police have mounted extra patrols at the site of the circus big top to discourage any more misguided attempts to help free the 80 animals in cages there.

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Inspector General of the State of Florida
Via e-mail: inspectorgeneral@myfwc.com

I am filing an official complaint in-regards to Officer Donald Hough with the Florida Fish and Wildlife and the owner of Big Cat Rescue of Tampa Florida for lying on an official law enforcement document that investigated a Cougar Attack at Big Cat Rescue on February 24, 2016.
The victim, Sue Messineo, was seen at the Emergency room and admitted to the Hospital for several days for treatment and observation. The cougar involved in this incident was to be placed in quarantine according to the Health Department records. “Preventative hospital admittance for several days for wound care/prevention received at Oak Hill Hospital, Brooksville, Florida”.
FWCC was notified by John Campbell, State Department of Health/Hernando County Health Department. That report states that FFC doesn’t care and is noted on the report; “FWC DIDN’T CARE” -Only animal bites are reported to a health department and seems awfully strange that this matter wasn’t properly looked into, including speaking with hospital personal and what the actual records show. Animal bites are a public safety issue. It should be noted that Sue Messineo has recently been promoted to ‘Keeper Coordinator’ since this occurrence and her recanting her original information provided to the hospital.
The public needs to know what is really going on at Big Cat Rescue and just how safe this ‘Florida Attraction’ really is for the animals, visitors, neighbors, businesses and the general public as it is reflective of the standards of the state of Florida.
On the official FFC report both the officer and Carole Baskin said it was an accident due to a sharp wire. The officer did not issue a citation for the bite or even the sharp wire which does exist throughout this facility; leaving both people and animals exposed to unsafe conditions from sharp rusting wire. There are signs posted in the facility concerning sharp cage wire and that in and of itself, should have been cited to be corrected immediately.
I believe that you will find that the Health Department is telling the truth along with the hospital.

I not only would like to know why, but demand to know why all of her accidents and continued violations at Big Cat Rescue are always covered up by either the FWC and/or the USDA/APHIS? No citations are ever issued or written for repairs. Inspection reports have been changed/altered to suit Carole Baskin.

All licensees are to be treated fairly and not singled out however, she has changed documents. Baskin is able to have law enforcement always cover up for her and it is time to find out why, how, and immediately corrected! Conditions at Big Cat Rescue are questionable with caging in poor condition, sharp edges on caging and fencing, no or poor drainage in most of the enclosures and more. It should also be noted that there is no evacuation plan in place for Big Cat Rescue and should be of concern considering the weather threats in Florida and the condition of the caging.
Last year Carole Baskin placed leopards in an unapproved open top cage. She was caught through her on-line posts yet no citation was ever written. This would have been a critical with any other licensee. By placing those cats in that enclosure she put the staff and the general public in possible harms way. She had written for a variance to be able to use the enclosure for leopards months earlier and then lied to FFC officers stating she didn’t know it needed to be approved or that it is addressed in the regulations; leopards have never been allowed in open top cages without a variance; it has always been in the regulations. It is required that all licensees review and be aware of all laws concerning their ownership of those kinds of animals. After my filing a complaint about releasing leopards into the unapproved enclosure on at least two separate occasions, Baskin complained to Capt Hooker about me directly yet recently, Capt Hooker responded to me saying that she had never heard of me. I was mentioned in several correspondences between Hooker and Baskin. My complaints are not about me; they are about what is really going on at Big Cat Rescue and concern.

I believe that you will find that the hospital and the Health Department reports are conflicting to the FFC investigation report filed by Officer Donald Hough. No one is admitted for treatment and observation for a number of days for a cut from a cage wire.
Below you will find my letter previously sent over the weekend complaining about this occurrence; I have also cc’d this correspondence to David Michaels with OSHA, Dr. Goldentyer with USDA/APHIS and Major Curtis Brown with FFC.  
I would appreciate a response and please assign this a case number so I will be able to track it.
This is extremely important to me and I appreciate your time and effort to look into this matter to see that the regulations are properly followed by both licensees and your inspectors.
Barbara Hoffmann
David Michaels,
Assistant Secretary U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)
200 Constitution Ave.
Washington, DC 20210
Via e-mail: PublicMichaelsDavid@dol.gov

Elizabeth Goldentyer,
DVM Eastern Regional Director U.S. Department of Agriculture
USDA/Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service/Animal Care
Via e-mail: betty.j.goldentyer@usda.gov
Major Curtis Brown
Farris Bryant Building
620 South Meridian St
Tallahassee, FL 32399
via email: curtis.brown@myfwc.com


Dear Secretary Michaels and Dr. Goldentyer, and Major Brown :

I am requesting immediate inspection and imposition of appropriate enforcement action and penalties against Big Cat Rescue, AWA license no. 58-C-0814, in connection with an incident of a cougar bite that went by un-reported although, it resulted in the hospitalization of a volunteer. When first admitted to the hospital, Sue Messineo, Keeper Coordinator at Big Cat Rescue, said that she had been bit by the cougar yet later recanted her story to say that she was injured on the cage structure. Either way, had regulations been properly enforced, no incident would have occurred. Carole Baskin, CEO for BCR claimed she knew nothing of the incident but should be held liable that it occurred. The claim of a manufacture defect can be easily rectified by grinding off any rough edges to prevent injury to people and the animals exposed to it as I have done with all my equipment.
This incident is the latest of numerous incidents involving volunteers or employees of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) AKA-Wildlife on Easy Street, that remains a 501-C-3 facility owned by Carole Baskin.
Housing dangerous wild animals, appears to implicate the following federal laws and regulations:  
The General Duty Clause of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA), 29 U.S.C. § 654 (a)(1); and the Federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA) regulations including: o 9 C.F.R. § 2.131 (a), (b), (c), and (d), relating to adequately trained employees and safe handling; and o 9 C.F.R. § 3.132, relating to adequately trained employees and acceptable husbandry practices.

As long as employees work in dangerously close proximity to apex predators, a significant risk of serious injury or death can persist when regulations are not adhered to properly or enforced. Indeed, OSHA has recognized that the issue of workers exposed to large animals is a serious occupational health and safety concern.
See SeaWorld of Florida LLC –BNA OSHC —  , at 41-42 (No. 10-1705, 2012) (ALJ) (affirming SeaWorld’s violation of the OSH Act’s general duty clause in the death of Dawn Brancheau, who was killed while working in direct contact with an orca, and finding that “[p]roximity to the killer whales is the factor that determines the risk to the trainers.”).
The general duty clause requires employers to furnish employees with an environment and workplace that is “free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to [its] employees.”
29 U.S.C. § 654 (a)(1). An employer is liable for a recognized hazard that is likely to cause serious physical harm or death unless there were “no feasible means to eliminate or materially reduce the hazard.” Fabi Constr. Co. v. Sec’y of Labor, 508 F.3d 1077, 1081 (D.C. Cir. 2007) (internal citations omitted).

I have filed several complaints concerning BCR and repeatedly requested that the USDA impose specific standards to prevent these sorts of preventable incidents and tragedies from occurring there. No citations or corrections have been noted on inspection.
It is imperative that the USDA, OSHA and FFC take all preventive steps necessary to curtail these risks.
OSHA has recommend that exhibitors adhere to safety standards prescribed by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) as a recommended method of abatement in order to prevent such unsafe conditions, attacks, and fatalities.
Big Cat Rescue is a GFAS facility with unsafe practices and caging that has demonstrated numerous incidents over the years (see reports on Wildlife on Easy Street-Carole Baskin, CEO).
I have yet to see a proper or meaningful inspection, investigation and/or any citations written to BCR. BCR is NOT representative of high safety standards as an example for the entire industry. GFAS facilities are NOT without incident.
I am requesting that the USDA, OSHA and FFC take meaningful and proper enforcement action against Big Cat Rescue to ensure that no further preventable incident or tragedy occurs at BCR.

Please assign corresponding complaint numbers to this correspondence and advise me what those complaint numbers are via e-mail at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thank you for your attention in a matter that is extremely important to me.
Barbara Hoffmann
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*This is an actual E-mail; placed here for documentation.

Zoo Wars- It’s Another TIGER SCAM from Carole Baskin, CEO Big Cat Rescue!!!

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Please don’t believe the last scam concern tiger population/Scamming for money is nothing new-

from Presidential Candidate, Joe Exotic:


Tiger Problem In America? It’s All A Scam For Marketing

Joe Schreibvogel·Wednesday, April 20, 2016

First I would like to ask the people of the world do you know the truth about the scams behind saying there are too many Tigers in America and what this is really all about?
It’s about getting you to believe the hype and the lies behind marketing in order to get money out of your pocket into theirs because you the people of the world have a heart and love animals, and they know this so they tug on your heart strings to get rich.
So let’s ask the so called experts and media grabbers a few questions.

1- They keep the numbers so spread out, do they really know the truth or even close to the truth of the real numbers of tigers in America. One article says over 5,000 and another one says closes to 20,000. That’s a big number which should raise the red flag that they can’t even lie good.

2- If there are too many tigers and other big cats in America and this is what they base their agenda on, I encourage you to ask the leaders in all of this Carole Baskin with Big Cat Rescue and Pat Craig with The Wild Animal Sanctuary, if there are too many big cats in America why are they bringing more in? Here is you a couple links.

Big Cat Rescue is bringing another one in this Friday April 22, 2016 http://www.wokc.com/?p=29959

Now let me tell you why. There is not enough high profile rescues to make money from so they have to make this so called Circus tiger seem like bringing him to America is the only thing to do. But do you see all of the donate buttons so they can exploit this poor tiger? And the cost of $10,000.00 per year to feed it? If she didn’t have the money or use the money to stalk and harass people she would not need to raise that much. Let me break this down for you in real life. I can feed and buy meat for .32 cents a pound, you feed 12 pounds a day according to USDA rules 6 days a week so they can clean out one day. (called fasting) which is $3.84 cents a day, $23.04 per week, $1198.08 per year. Now where is the rest of that money raised for food going? Let me show you.

To all of these other businesses she has opened off of your money and heart strings.

Tiger scam

Be sure and check out how the Government says she was not nonprofit until 2003 but while she was buying, selling she claims she was nonprofit since 1992. She is getting so she can’t keep u with the lies any longer.

Tiger scam2

See where it says at the bottom it is non profit and this is the old company in the 1190’s before her husband came up missing and changed the name to get out of that black cloud?

3- Now Lets ask Pat Craig why he got on the news and said he would have to kill, put to sleep all of his animals if he did not raise $250,000.00 but yet keeps bringing in more big cats from other countries? https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=861&dat=20060824&id=ru9YAAAAIBAJ&sjid=B1YMAAAAIBAJ&pg=2841,1980892&hl=en
Lions brought in from another country. http://abcnews.go.com/US/rescued-bolivian-circus-lions-arrive-colorado-wildlife-sanctuary/story?id=12929736

Anyone with a brain should be able to tell by just donation links and the same people quoted in the news stories and published online that this is all a marketing scheme to make money off of you the people of the world.
Why do they one week on yahoo news say there are too many here and the very next week bring more in?

The answer is simple there is not too many here, it’s just they ran out of stories to make money off of and our media, our politicians are to blindsided to see the truth and most are accepting that very money from these very same people in the form of TV ads and political donations.

Tiger scam3

America media and people should be outraged that another tiger is coming to America in this form of a marketing scheme to profit and exploit another tiger.

Now let’s see the difference between exploiting and welfare.

Exploiting, is when you lie, twist the truth to suit your needs and bash others for doing the very same thing you do by selling tickets to see your animals in a sanctuary, putting them on exhibit, bringing in more after complaining there are too many to make money and advertise all over social media and the news for big bucks and then finding a reason to put them to sleep when the money train runs out.

Animal Welfare is where you admit what you’re doing for the sake of taking care of the animal and the education of what is truly going on in their native habitat and raising money to send back to their natural habitat to rebuild, conserve and do the best you can to provide a loving life for the ones in captivity.

Before donating to anyone pull their 990’s and see where the money goes to. Look at the links of donations and the marketing of shirts and other things they have going to exploit that animal. Is it about that animal or about marketing that animal’s story?

tiger scam4

Please stop falling for this hype. This is how they started and just moved to a better marketing plan

tiger scam5

tiger scam6

tiger scam7

tiger scam8

NOTICE…. These are photo snips from website machine that keeps this online forever, these are not photos. actual website photo snips.

Go to the link above to make comment-Support Exotic/Terranova 2016

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Obstruction of Justice-Marion County Prosecutor LIES!!!

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SIGN THE PETITION: “Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller: Terminate and investigate Marion County Prosecutor Mark Pizur for doctoring records” You can help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 1,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:


Why is it always Marion County? Have these counties been handpicked to illegally seize property? Marion County, TX, Marion County, FL, Marion County, Ohio and Marion County, Indiana have cases of animal seizures that have made headlines nationwide; even International. The latest case is Upton Dogs caught in a battle for wrongful and illegal taking from longstanding and rightful animal owners.

RTV 6 ABC, Indianapolis, Indiana, Call 6

Link to article: http://www.theindychannel.com/news/call-6-investigators/call-6-deputy-city-prosecutor-admits-to-doctoring-records

Call 6- Deputy City Prosecutor Admits to Doctoring Records

Prosecutor changed emails between himself and Call 6

by Jordan Fischer

INDIANAPOLIS — The former Indianapolis city prosecutor is arguing the city’s lawsuit against a kennel owner shouldn’t be thrown out

In a motion filed Monday, attorney Mark Pizur, now a deputy city prosecutor for the city of Indianapolis, admitted he altered public records in a “moment of frustration and total lapse of judgment.”

The records in question were email communications between Pizur and Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney following the death of puppies at the city shelter.

CALL 6 | Kennel supporters outraged after puppies die in IACC custody

Supporters of Upton’s Famous Pet Training Center say the city illegally seized the dogs during a November raid.

A key issue in the battle is whether the city knew some of the dogs were pregnant.

Pizur told Kenney in January that the city was never informed that some of Upton’s dogs were pregnant.

“At no time did Mr. Upton or his legal team notify ACC, the city or the court that any of his female dogs were pregnant and/or about to give birth prior to these events in late December 2015,” Pizur wrote in an email to Call 6 Investigates.

But when Pizur was deposed in March as part of a countersuit against the city, he claimed he was misquoted.

CALL 6 | Dog kennel sues Indianapolis animal care and control over raid

A subsequent records request by Upton’s attorney, Marshall Pinkus, revealed Pizur had made that statement to Kenney, but that it had been removed from copies of those records submitted to Pinkus.

Court records show during the November sweep, an Upton’s staff member told Indianapolis Animal Care and Control two female dogs were believed to be pregnant.

On Friday, Pinkus filed a motion to have the city’s ongoing case against Upton thrown out, claiming Pizur’s conduct violated Upton’s right to due process:

“What is known is that Mr. Pizur would rather accuse a reporter of falsely quoting him than admit his mistake; would rather accuse the media as a whole of having ‘an agenda’ than admit it is he who was maliciously scheming; would rather strip the Defendant of his First Amendment and Article I right to freedom of speech than admit it is he who was misleading the public; would  rather accuse an attorney who has been practicing for forty years of misleading the court when it is he who was knowingly making false statements to this tribunal. Mr. Pizur’s projection is unmatched.”

In his response Monday, Pizur took sole responsibility for his statement and doctoring the records, and said it would be inappropriate for the court to dismiss the case or appoint a special prosecutor.

“It would be unfair and unwarranted to prejudice the City’s litigation of this case and enforcement of its animal care and treatment ordinances against Defendant merely for the lapse of judgment of the undersigned counsel in this case,” Pizur wrote.

Pizur removed himself from the case against Upton on Monday. He has also been demoted to deputy prosecutor.

The city’s case against Upton’s kennel is scheduled for trial on August 22.

Pinkus sent copies of his filing to the Marion County prosecutor, Indiana Attorney General and the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission – the agency that disciplines attorneys.


Mark Pizur argued that the case should not be thrown out because he doctored public records. This in turn led to the deaths of many puppies. His claim is that he had a “moment of frustration and  lapse of judgement”-SERIOUSLY!?! Is he so blinded by his actions that he’s ignoring that this is Obstruction of  Justice and a persons right to proper Due Process of Law?

Every case in Marion County, USA has been exceptional to the oaths these prosecutors take to for conviction or protect the rights of the innocent…and for what??? The take animals when the government has no interest in animals and a NFP private organization benefits from the sale of animals, media attention donations, and exceptionally high boarding fees.

Sign the petition!!! And help seek the return of Upton’s dogs.

If anyone should be prosecuted in this case it is Mark Pizur for Obstruction of Justice and denying a US citizen his right to proper Due Process of the Law which includes PROTECTING the innocent. We can not allow prosecutors to mindlessly steal property from innocent people…Unfortunately, not everyone gets a fair hearing and proper representation or more prosecutors livelihoods would be on the line-Least anyone forgets the judge who ignores these facts or judges untrained in law and too fucking stupid to do the right thing to protect the innocent such as Lex Jones, former Justice of the Peace and now Marion County Judge, Marion County, TX, William Gleason, former Marion County Prosecutor now in private practice and Court Appointed attorney, Marion County, TX and Phil Parker, former Marion County Judge, Marion County, TX who has returned to his actual profession, ACCOUNTANT, who passed judgement on a civil case when he is barred from hearing and passing judgement of civil cases per the Texas Constitution 26.258.

Joe Exotic 2016-Special Preview

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The secret’s out and word is traveling fast. Featured in next months Hollywood Weekly*

Joe Exotic 2016 Hollywood weekly

His running mate is Doug Terranova, President of USZA.

Joe Exotic is America’s Independent Choice for President-We’re taking back our rights.

To find a Rally near you: http://www.joeexotic2016.com/happenings/

To find more information about Joe: http://www.joeexotic2016.com/the-change/

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog that endorses Exotic/Terranova 2016 and I hope that you will take the time to learn more about this Independent Presidential Candidate -B

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