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The plot thickens in Ohio-No one or any member of the public was injured in Zanesville except Terry Thompson and that was not due to any animal!!! They called it suicide-I call it murder without any REAL investigation by the FBI!!!

But they passed their new law with people who stand a chance to make money off all the animals that will be re-homed due to the new law…With a law that serves no purpose.

Taxpayers have already dealt with the ODA being in charge and you bet that concerns all taxpayers-not just those living in Ohio as I am sure funds from the feds were involved…Now they want MORE money to continue taking animals from their rightful legal owners-

“Here is who was at the last Controlling Board Meeting in September 2015. Please call them and ask them “No more funding for the ODA.” 3 million of the taxpayers dollars is enough [and should never have wasted taxpayer money to take animals from their rightful owners or held accountable!]. The ODA needs to pass an Audit and clean up their Department before they get any more money. No more funding to seize animals”

Please call. They vote Monday November 9, 2015 at 1:30 pm in Columbus.
Bill Coley (R)
Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-8072
Chris Widener (R)
President Pro Tempore
Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-3780

Charleta B. Tavares (D)

Assistant Minority Leader
Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 2nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-5131
Cheryl L. Grossman (R)
District 23
77 S. High St
13th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-9690
Kevin Boyce (D)
District 25

Minority Whip

77 S. High St
14th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-5343
Jeff McClain (R)
District 87
77 S. High St
12th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 644-6265

Representative Kevin Boyce (D) – District 25 | The Ohio House of Representatives

State Representative Kevin L. Boyce returns to the Ohio House where he serves as House Democratic Whip, a leadership position he was elected to by his Democratic colleagues.

So get on those phones this morning and flood them with calls-There are better ways to spend money especially since this does nothing reguarding public safety issues-Wayne Pacelle (HSUS) wants more animals to be added to the list-Your animals just might be next!!! Stop the ODA from obtaining more taxpayer money!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned people-It’s much worse than anyone ever imagined!!! -B 

Nothin’ Better Than A Fanatic Showing Off and Loosing-UPDATE!!!

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Carrie Gazaille of Findlay, Ohio can dish it out but can’t take the heat when it comes back at her-Gazaille’s FB community page is a joke and quite amusing with only 13 people (most being herself) liked the page-FB won’t remove the page because they say this is an example of the FB experience-Really?!? Hate-mongering part of the FB experience is not enjoyable but when you turn it back at the fanatic it can be, until she bans you from making a post and removes you from continuing to enjoy the FB experience.

Where does FB find these moderators that call this enjoyable or the full FB experience?!? Well, OK, if they say it, it must be true and after all, it’s on the Internet-HA!


So I turned the table and this Carrie Gazaille of Findlay, Ohio couldn’t take the heat when after Googling her name I learned she is divorced after cheating on her husband-Hey, it was on the Internet, it must be true, LOL!!! So now I am banned and no longer enjoying my FB experienced-DAMN FB, you shouldn’t allow people to do that and take away my enjoyment-I have so much more to report from the trailer park in Findlay, Ohio…I did my research, it must be true however, I still can’t figure out how she was ever married thus less found someone who’d want her…not to mention to cheat with!!! Guess maybe not everything is true that you read on FB then again, that was a Google search…

So my heart is broken that I’ve been banned and the Fanatical Animal Rights ‘Expert’ Terrorist is now back to talking to herself-Poor thing…no one else to threaten and can’t be much fun without me…

UPDATE: I just received a message with more information about WHO Carrie Gazaille of Findlay, Ohio is-She’s less than an expert…not even vegan as most these people are. She gets on her soapbox to spread mis-conceptions about what is going on and c/p whatever lies she finds on the Internet and from Carole Baskin’s site of people abuse as if that were true that anyone and everyone (accept herself -natch) who has owned an exotic as an abuser…We know who Baskin is and proved not only a liar but an intentional abuser.

Gazaille has never owned an exotic and a burger flipper at McDonalds-As far as I know McDOnalds doesn’t offer Tofu burgers yet…Doesn’t have a sanctuary or a zoo -In otherwords she’s a frustrated burger flipper and looking for attention-She doesn’t care about animals and not knowledged about them-Can’t aford to own one or even donate to a cause but oh, she’s a BCR/Baskin supporter…REALLY…Bet she’s not donated a dime for any cause…Carrie Gazaille of Findlay, Ohio who works at McDonalds has no business spreading lies and calling anyone out for their animals…I wonder what her boss thinks about all this…Destroying the lives of animal owners comes with a risk…


-Usually old stinky fish is wrapped in YESTERDAY’S newspaper and tossed in the trash…low life bottom feeder…Everybody getting stupider by the minute…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned…Maybe we’ll hear from Carrie Gazaille of Findlay, Ohio, LOL!!! -B


ZOO WARS-Message to Wisconsin Lawmakers Concerning a Ban of Exotic Animals #Stop the Ban

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I have seen the enemy-the enemy within…

Traitors who play a long game-People missing the warning signs…



Know who is pushing for a ban on exotic animal ownership-The government has no interest in animals beyond a public safety issue-Animal ownership is not a public safety issue in Wisconsin-consider the source. No one has died in Wisconsin due to a privately owned exotic animal, there truly is no reason to consider a ban as a public safety issue.

There have been serious incidents with dogs throughout the United States but no one is suggesting a ban of Man’s Best Friend. Why specifically call for a ban on exotic animals which will increase the limitations of freedom granted to US citizens by both state and US Constitution.


There are issues over ownership that sould be considered an issue worth looking into as a public safety issue or issues that should be addressed before considering a ban-WHO and WHY!

Why specifically target exotic animal ownership with a low incident rate that will limit the freedoms granted by both the state and US government.

Dear Sirs,

I am a US citizen and greatly concerned that a ban on certain exotic animals in Wisconsin is being considered (SB241 and HB333). This is a dangerous piece of legislation without cause being promoted by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) who are not experts concerning exotic animals. HSUS spends less than 1% of of the 180 million dollars collected for animal welfare nationaly.

There have been numerous incidents with dogs but no one is considering a bill to ban or limit ownership of Man’s Best Friend.

This law will over regulate law abidding private private owners and breeders as well as prevent ownership in the future which will led to total extension of these animals.

SB242 and HB333 are mis-guided bills that are poorly thoughtout and written that will destroy exotic animal ownership of certain animals; putting the health and well-being of animals and their owners at risk.

Both SB241 and HB333 over regulate law abidding exotic animal owners with it’s imposed onerous, expensive and un-necessary restrictions and regulations while doing absolutely nothing to improve public safety fo exotic animals and people.

SB241 and HB333 vastly expands the jurisdiction of federal inspectors requiring owners to have a USDA permit and calls for an oversight without funding. Incidents in Wisconsin are rather low with private owners. Exempting owners with USDA permits or AZA members does not decrease any incident from occuring for increased public safety or animals.

Small incidents are given as a reason for considering banning exotic animal ownership. Instead, as lawmakers, it should first be considering what and who is behind this SB241 and HB333.

1) Should a convicted felon be allowed to own exotic animals and have a NFP tax exemption ? Should a convicted felon be lobbying for any creation of any law ? Jeff Kozlowski is a convicted bank robber andspent time in federal prison. Kozlowski is claiming his facility as an educational center when he’s had no formal training with big cats what-so-ever. CEO-Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue, Jeff Kozlowski should not be considered a reliable source for information concerning a ban on ownership which would effect the lives of law abiding citizens.

Instead I suggest a complete investigation of Jeff Kozlowski’s background and criminal history of this convicted felon who robbed a bank and since, has a history skirting laws and deceiving the public for donations for animal care that are being used inappropriately to support himself and his family.

2) The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is under investigation for fraud. HSUS settled a federal case with the Feld Corporation for fradulent activity. Melissa Tedrow, Wisconsin state director for HSUS, is not an exotic animal expert-Her view concerning an issue over property ownership should not be considered a viable source for information.

3) AZA is a private organization. They have a no contact policy over the animals in their facilities greatly hindering the well-being and veterinarian care for exotic animals. AZA has always been against private ownership. There has only been one single incident in the United States where a member of the public was killed, and a high incident rate exists at AZA zoos. The opinion of AZA is not to be considered nor should they be exempt should any law pass concerning private ownership.

Thank you for your consideration in a matter that is very important to me.



It is extremely important that this ban be stopped and for you to send your message immediately.

You will find contact information at the following links. Simply C/P the above letter and send to all Wisconsin State Senators and House of Representatives.

Wisconsin State Senators http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2015/legislators/senate

Wisconsin State House of Representatives https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2015/legislators/assembly


I will update if an email list is created to make this easier-If you don’t have a lot of time, at least contact the committee members in each and the leaders of the senate and general assembly members.

Link of Interest https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/10/18/zoo-wars-wisconsin-legislaturers-in-bed-with-convicted-felons-stop-the-ban/

Thank you for your concern and help in killing these bad bills in Wisconsin…What happens in one state greatly affects what happens in another state.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog-Now please, get to work and send the message -B

Baskin wants your pet

ZOO WARS-Wisconsin Legislaturers In Bed with CONVICTED FELONS #Stop the Ban

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I’ve seen the enemy-the enemy within…

Traitors who play a long game-people missing the warning signs…


If Wisconsin Lawmakers are going to create laws that effect a persons right to animal ownership, then they had better qualify who they are listening to for advise on creating such laws!!! That would NOT be from a private organization that they would exempt. AZA zoos have had more incidents than private owners-The only member of the public to have ever been killed in the United States was at an AZA zoo-Members of this private organization would be exempt from the creation of this ban.

That would NOT be the owner of Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue, Jeff Kozlowski is a convicted felon with limited civil liberties the rest of his life. Incident occured at this Big Cat Rescue. After an extensive USDA investigatiion, Jeff Kozlowski was held responsible for the incident for improper training and allowing unskilled worker to be un-supervised…contact with big cats has continued since this incident


That would NOT be from a representative of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)-Under investigation for fraud and settled in a landslide lawsuit with the Feld Coorporation rather than continue in court where certain facts proved that they were lawless and lied to the a federal court.

Wisconsin SB 241 and General Assembly Bill 333 will limit animal ownershipyet allow exemptions which are unacceptable.

People respresenting AZA zoos, HSUS and Jeff Kozlowski are NOT to be considered experts concerning public safety. Furthermore, none of these organizations should have any say concerning civil liberties for law-abiding citizens of Wisconsin. 

LINKS of INTEREST: http://www.postcrescent.com/story/news/investigations/2015/10/15/limits-exotic-pets-wisconsin-loom/74013798/?fb_action_ids=10154844268432837&fb_action_types=og.comments&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%5B1094549473896027%5D&action_type_map=%5B%22og.comments%22%5D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D


FELONY- A serious crime, characterized under federal law and many states statutes as any offense punishable by death or imprisonment inexcess of one year.  

felony noun

capital crime, crime graver than amissemeanor, criminal activitycriminal offense, grossoffense, heinous crimeheinous misconductillegality,indictable offensemisdeed punishable by imprisonment,offenseoffense punishable by imprisonmenttransgression,violation of lawwrongdoing

Associated concepts: assault with intent to commit felony,capital felony, common law felony, compounding a felony,felonious intent, felony conviction, felony murder,substantive felony

CONVICTED FELONS do NOT have the same rights as people who have committed no crime. They loose their right to vote and own a fire arm…


SO, THAT LEDS ME TO QUESTION if Jeff Kozlowski illegally has any fire arms in his home!?! Is anyone even looking?!? Does the sheriff in Rock Springs, Chip Miester, now allow convicted felons to have fire arms in their residence breaking both state and US Constitutions?!? Is Sheriff Chip Miester aware that if escape occurs that he will be held responsible for any incident that may occur that could have been prevented had Kozlowski been a law abidding citizen. Should this law pass and Kozlowski be allowed to keep the animals at his facility; Wisconsin should be held responsible should an incident occur at this BCR, with or without the ban passing!

Is the Wisconsin legislature approving childern to go to this facility to be exposed to people with felony and misdemeanor conviction records; Jenny Kozlowski also has convictions with misdemeanor charges…Birds of a feather, stay together…

There are a lot of unanswered questions here and certainly questions that need to be answered BEFORE creating any ban infinging of the rights of US citizens. 

A convicted felon in Wisconsin can NOT expunge his record


A person convicted in Wisconsin for a felony goes to state prison and looses many civil liberties-He has VERY LIMITED RIGHTS!!! Under both state and federal law can not posses a fire arm.

Jenny Kozlowski too is convicted of several misdemeanors in Wisconsin and Scott Walker has allowed these people to own a sanctuary containing potentially dangerous animals they are seeking to ban-Exempting the Kozlowski’s-HUH!?! Seems to me if they are considering a law due to a public safety issue they MUST add that no convicted felon shall have the right to own these animals or have a 501-C-3 where he is granted permission from the federal government to be tax-free and then ‘allowed’ con the public!!! Kozlowski freely has already committed fraud several times over, and still owes for fines in Wisconsin. It’s one lie on top of another from Kozlowski…one con after the next and now he’s ‘playing the legislature’.

Wisconsin lawmakers should create those laws before creating laws that affect lives of people who have never broken a law or convicted of any crime what-so-ever!!!

Even more outrageous is that Kozlowski’s crimes (Both Jeff and Jenny his wife) were in Wisconsin and Wisconsin is an open records state where it’s so easy to collect the information on the Internet concerning convictions.

If this isn’t corruption at it’s finest then there is no corruption!!! Kozlowski’s VICTIMS still devasted that this crook has their property and stunned that they are allowed to own a Big Cat Rescue and a NFP making them tax free while others are left suffering from the crimes they have BOTH committed. 

Both US and state Constitutions designed to protect citizens -Life, Liberty and PROPERTY!!! People CONVICTED for robbing a bank certainly should NOT be part of the equation for lobbying to have any say concerning property rights!!! He’s still a thief (BILKING THE PUBLIC FOR DONATIONS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD and living off the money collected-Kozlowski has no other job-No one will or would hire him -The old saying ‘once a thief always a thief applies) and should have no say in the matter!!! They are gate guards yet without the right to own a fire arm-opening Rock Springs, Wisconsin to any countless possibilities with a large number of big cats at their Big Cat Rescue. Call the sheriff and ask him why he allows this!!!  

Sulk County Sheriff’s Department-Sheriff, Chip Meister 800-377-1195 FAX 608-355-3298 You can wite to him : 1300 Lange CT, Baraboo, WI 53913 Secure email can be sent- https://www.co.sauk.wi.us/node/add/citizenrequest?

If you have children and live in Wisconsin please alert your child’s school principle and the PTA that Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue is owned by a convicted felon -He did the crime -served his time and your child is not to go there under any circumstance. The owner has no way to properly protect the public should an escape occur. Children should NOT be subjected to convicted felons as teachers and therefore should NOT be going to that facility under any circumstance!!! If the school system wouldn’t hire either of them with previous convictions for both felon and misdemeanors, then WHY are they allowing children to go there to begin with!?! They do NOT qualify to own potentially dangerous animals-Education Center my ass with no formal training, Jeff Kozlowski bought tiger cubs and began using those cubs for photos, AGAIN, conning the public to believe that this is an education center unlessthey are holding classes to teach people how to steal animals fom their longstanding, rightful owners that have never so much as received a traffic ticket. 


BLOGGER ALERT-Halloween Event ALERT-Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue (WBCR) is planning a Trick or Treat on October 25th and seeking more un-trained and un-skilled workers to work this ‘event’ inside this facility-Children will be put in harms way in Rock Springs, Wisconsin with no armed guard on the premises. This is a Public Safety issue that needs to be addressed immediately!!! Totally unacceptable for a convicted felon to invite children to a Halloween Event.


Previous Halloween Event at this Big Cat Rescue-Does this appear safe to you?!? Flimsy lattace fencing as a barrier with no armed guards on duty. Children allowed to freely roam this facility unaware of the possibility But Chip Meister should be aware -Ask him why children are allowed to go to this Big Cat Rescue and while you’re at it, Ask Carole Baskin why she is affliated with a convicted felon or allowed him to use her copywritten name and instead went after Joe Exotic and still plagues him to this day stalking him and spreading vicious lies about him and his facility. Carole Baskin 813-920-4130 email: info@BigCatRescue.org

Considering laws they claim are for public safety then those animals must be and should be removed from that facility immediately seeing as how they want to take the rights away from good wholesome citizens; then this would seem to me, to be an emergency situation.

What about the two children living under his roof at the facility exposed to any and all possibilities-I tend to think there should be concern…How is CPS allowing those children to reside with both parents who have countless times broken the law and can not protect them from exposure should one of thiose cats escape-Especially with Kozlowski being held responsible for a incident that occured onlyafew years backby the USDA.

Furthermore, the USDA has no business giving him a permit for that facility-Are other laws in Wisconsin so loose that they allow for this?!? Technically should a convicted felon be allowed as a teacher which is what they are doing with each and every field trip to Kozlowski’s Penitintuary-Do they now allow CONVICTED FELONS in Wisconsins schools -no different when they are exposed at this Big Cat Rescue-

Why hasn’t Carole Baskin, Big Cat Rescue, gone after Kozlowski for name infingement, Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue-hummmmmm, appears to be a facility associated with Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue-How many donations intended of Big Cat Rescue are going to WBCR as an associate!?! Or is Baskin consorting with FELONS and only going after honest businessmen!?! What the Hell?!? She could kill two birds with one stone- Take those animals back to Florida-Latch onto his property and be awarded another million dollars because the con man has latched onto her name for support stealing money intended for Big Cat Rescue going into his pocket; providing for his livelyhood, his home, his own self-fish needs.

It’s all about the money-Look at Kozlowski’s 990 and see for yourself where the money donated for animal care has gone-His living quarters -also housing his children-HELLO!!! WTF!?! His groceries, his car/truck what have you, doing business that would be considered personal rather than for the facility-How much of that money has gone into the creation of those bills and the support of those bills-You bet it has-in the gas tank and meals eaten out…Pay offs maybe and after all, he will write it all off as a company expense-His clothes-his wives cloths -the clothing on the backs of his children all donated for animal care…NOT Kozlowski care-Innocent children who should not be living on that property in housing paid for through his Not for Profit, 501-C-3 donations…

If lawmakers want to create laws that effect everyone living in Wisconsin then they had better clean house and know who they are talking to-It’s not a matter of saying yeah we know-NO THEY DON’T KNOW just how illegal Kozlowski’s business is and what illegal moves he has made to get there.

From the Black Widow, Baskin to Kozlowski, me thinks that the Wisconsin legislature needs an overhaul-Thank goodness Scott Walker stepped away from his campaign fo presidency with this going on in his own backyard.

Hell, this is an NFP operating in Wisconsin for YEARS operating in shady territory!!! Scott Walker needs to apologize to every child and every parent that went to that Kozlowski’s Big Cat Rescue for allowing children to go where people who have committed serious crimes to go there-and Kozlowski gloating all the way to the bank.

Contact information to the Wisconsin Legislatures: State House of Representatives- https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2015/legislators/assemblyState Senate- https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2015/legislators/senate

Link of Interest:  https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2015/related/proposals/ab333

Disclaimer connected to this blog although them’s the facts…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned-There will be more-You bet there will be!!! Follow this blog and PLEASE share WILDLY-I am not amused by the abuse and neither should you be!!! -B

Zoo Wars-Did You Miss It!!!

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American Sovereignty Radio: Special Guest Joe Exotic


Well maybe it’s time to listen up-NOW!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and Wake-Up American Embrass the madness-Make it STOP!!! -B

Zoo Wars-The Trampling of Animal Owners Constitutional Rights and the Destruction of LIVES

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Mike Stapleton-One of the lastest victims of color of law enforcement by the ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture)-Another Animal Raid in Ohio snatching his tigers last week-Longtanding rightful animal owner another victim of lawless Ohio”’

When this happened to us, I swore to see it thru to make it stop-Staying true to my words, it has has gotten the attention of others such as the writter of this blog post reblogged; and the attention of many others but sadly, the animal raids continue with owners treated as criminals and their animals abused-Animal Welfare-HOG-WASH…

Judging how people keep their animals is not animal welfare-that’s Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists-now joined by the federal agency USDA/APHIS and paid with taxpayer dollars. Animal Welfare I suppose is just too simple-Do they have FOOD, WATER and SHELTER-It ain’t Rocket Science!!!

What happened in Marion County, Texas has now Marion County, Ohio with theStapleton Raid….Humaniacs using target enforcement can not be tolerated-Civil forfeiture is CIVIL LIBERTY ABUSE!!! Last I, checked on my constitutioinal rights (and YOURS) The Constitution, both US and state actually along with the Bill of Rights was designed to protect YOU not judge you…I am against the government for this type of action…You still have YOUR right to LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY-animals are property!!!

ALL owners in Ohio, with or without permits from the state are in danger-Happened in Texas and no one helped…Happening in other states and people have noticed but did nothing…Now escalted to a much greater degree with Ohio building an Animal Penitentary at taxpayer expense-Good grief, make it stop!!!

And you don’t think it can happen to you and Rover-Rover’s just a dog-Well, think again!!! It’s already been happening!!!

They already have laws for S/N and who will be allowed to own a dog or cat…How many dogs or cats you can have…careful, you might find out that someone thinks you’re a hoarder if you own more than one monkey-or two fish in a tank…

From Mr. Stapleton-
“Imagine you have 5 children and the state just took them all. Ok they are animals so is your lap dog. They country I took an oath to protect last forever not just my time in the military. Foreign and domestic enemies. We were attacked here Monday. Join our fight folks. Stop saying you can’t beat the state. Stop saying we can’t change anything. There is power in numbers and we need everyone of you. This isn’t only about exotic animals or my tigers. Not just my rights but yours too. You may not see it as effecting you directly but oh my god It does weather you have an exotic animal or not. If we rollover for this and do nothing to stop it then we have given up as a nation. Prayer gone from schools can’t even say the pledge. Next you won’t be able to fly the American flag no freedom of speech no guns. If you dismiss this like the judges have than you have sided with the enemy and will stand for nothing.” -Mike Stapleton

Originally posted on Grace & Truth Spirit & Soul:


Animal owners may think they are safe from having their personal property animals seized just because they don’t have exotic animals, and they also don’t live in Ohio and other states where animal rights extremists and Agenda 21 proponents (more about what Agenda 21 is: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/) that WANT and NEED to CONTROL WHAT OTHER PEOPLE DO WITH THEIR PERSONAL PROPERTY ANIMALS on THEIR OWN PROPERTY take control of federal and state government agencies through LOBBYING USING DONATION-MONEY.

The link exposes the latest victim of an unconstitutional seizure of animals being done in Ohio:


And this link below is regarding a seizure done over a year ago that is immoral and a travesty:


Just as when people began disappearing in the dead of night in Nazi Germany actually beginning in the 1930’s with the implementation of Hitler’s eugenics and T4 Euthanasia Program (http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/article.php?ModuleId=10005200), neighbors would look the other way…

View original 2,186 more words

ZOO WARS-Calling Out Tim Harrison-Here’s The Elephant In The Living Room Man-EXPOSED!!!

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Tim Harrison will not reply to this-Post to his FB wall and it will be deleted and you will be banned from his wall…SO this the true face of the author of the Elephant in the Living Room-The HSUS man-The THLN man- EXPOSED!!!

Click on this image to read:


Jim Harrison is Tim Harrison’s brother. Considering the source of this information and Harrison’s actions when called out on the information contained in this post, I can only assume that this information is true…Otherwise, I look forward to hearing from him about the issues contained in this post.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B


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