Here’s a New Idea-Get the Local Government to Pay For What They Can Get for FREE!!!

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I received a notification a few days ago about an article in the Marshall News Messenger:

(Which of course would also be in all affiliated papers in the area) with the most amazing news to date. The city of Jefferson,Texas-the only city in Marion County due to the size of the county and population; will hire the local Humane Society of Marion County [Bloggers Note: The article refers to this Humane Society by that name however they refer to themselves as The Dixie Humane Society of Marion County-Wonder who’s confused-the paper or Carolyn Wedding or the city, lol-one thing for sure, they are referring to Carolyn Wedding the local Humanic and *Animal Slut] (*see pages in this blog for this reference).

The city wants to pay this humane society $8,000.00 a year to do for the city what they already provide for free and will continue to place animals in sub-standard conditions as they only have outdoor cages-HELLO, Rain, Snow, Sleet or Hail, the dogs are in outdoor runs yet this humane society (cough) has a mission to stop animal abuse and wouldn’t think twice about accusing you of cruelty for properly providing protection from severe weather conditions and will receive animals or take animals without a proper warrant and properly serve that warrant…

Now for the bigger part of this scam-at the same time, owners will be required to pay $100.00 to get their animals back if picked up (even from their fenced backyards (cough). It should also be noted that the sheriff’s department is responsible for animal control and that Carolyn Wedding CEO and self proclaimed founder for this (cough) humane society, is NOT an animal expert and NOT an animal control officer although she and Sheriff McKnight will refer to Wedding as Animal Control Officer when she is NOT and has NO authority to take any animal and/or hold animals for ransom-Animals are PROPERTY-She knows it as previously stated herself, has no entitlment, training or capability to provide ANY animal control services. However, considering that the sheriff of Marion County has very little training for his job or even be a deputy, he does as he pleases with a totally corrupt government filled with people who have had minimal training with people paid by the county-they get away with ALL of it and they are not above lying (I have contradicting affidvits to prove it).                         WILL THE REAL ABIMAL ABUSERS PLEASE STAND UP!!!

Sheeple people1

How dare the mayor and council members for the city of Jefferson, Texas for frivilously paying a Not-For-Profit for doing a service for what they are required to offer for FREE considering it’s their mission to control animal population and stop animal abuse having NOTHING to do with the community affairs and might I add, this is not a wealthy highly populated community that has SERIOUS SEWER PROBLEMS!!! PEOPLE COME BEFORE ANIMALS AND A SEWER PROBLEM IS A SERIOUS PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE THAT THEY CLAIM THEY CAN’T AFFORD TO REPAIR WHILE AT THE SAME TIME ALREADY RECEIVED A GRANT TO FIX THE PROBLEM-HELLO!!! SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

Complaints can be filed with the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality as a serious public health issue-especially since this is a tourist town with numerous Bed and Breakfasts (I wonder if any are lacking proper sewer disposal-Holy Moly!!! shut the town down).  1-888-777-3186 (24/7)

Back to the animal issue-Already animals have gone missing from their fenced backyards and turn up at that humane society-(Complaint was filed on this blog) And you bet they will, if they don’t already, require peiople to S/N before their animals are returned afterall, Dr. Hedges needs work with her Jefferson Animal Clinic shut down for years now and closely tied with Wedding -at one time was the agent for this humane society-Get the picture?!?

My personal anger with Marion County and the Humane Society of Marion County/the Dixie Humane Society of Maion County, or whatever they are calling themselves these days’ Runs deep-As the sign read in the city/county jail (one and the same)


It didn’t take long to discover all the corruption in Marion County and pretty pathetic that no one is doing anything about any of this…I have povided infomation on what they can do about it including placing a simple call to TECQ-anytime night or day. Let’s see if anyone is willing to make a simple phone call-HA! If I was without sewer service you bet I’d be complaining and if I was paying tax on services for the city, even though I live in the county, that are not being provided [NOTE: From what I’ve been told the entire county is now being taxed for sewer improvments for Jefferson] WTF!?! They already received a grant for the sewer-What’s going on here?!?

Listen up Marion County-Pick-up the phone and file your complaint-Actually, you don’t have to live in Jefferson or Marion County to make complaints, afterall, it’s a tourist town and their only source of income that the mayor and council members have jepordised again (Let’s not forget Jade Helm)!!! $8,000.00 to the humane society-NOT from my tax money!!! Already people living in both the city and the county have not received proper protection from that so called sheriff department, their stinking county/city jail with torture chairs where they can tie men and women up and shock them for complete cooperation (or because they think they might try to commit suicide instead of taking that person to the hospital for evaluation and proper care), a courthouse with 2 uneducated, non lawyer judges (I guess you can call that on the job training, lol) that have no law background hearing cases out of their jurisdiction, denying a jury, denying a deafman his right to a court certified (at least someone in the courtroom should be certified to be there-no scarcasium intended) ASL interpreter, oh Hell, the list can go on and on…

Just remember court appointed attorneys are paid for by the county, just like the prosecutor (in Marion County they pass these jobs around and no one seems to know whether it’s a criminal or civil case and in a cout out of it’s jurisdiction-Even change a case from criminal to civil on appeal-Oh yeah, they have done that as well and in the public records) so nevermind anyone’s right to justice and protection from the abuse of the law-You get what you pay for or is that vote into office-Maybe it’s both and when you STEAL over $207,000.00 of personal property you will get what you deserve-I repeat…THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR WHAT YOU DID!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog-Written for documentation, education, state my opinion and I am the founder and CEO of The Watchdog of Marion County, Texas -Hear me Roar…Kudos -B


Zoo Wars-Carole Baskin, CEO Big Cat Rescue-Big Game Trophy Hunter

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Last October, it was published on this blog and on the Big Cat Rescue Watch website that there is a skins and skulls COLLECTION (and who knows what else), that are proudly on display at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida in THE PARTY ROOM of all places!!! While many people, especially Animal Rights Extremists, find hunting, especially Big Game Trophy Hunters, the worst kind of animal abusers.


Are you still so concerned about Cecil the Lion-a legally hunted big cat in Africa with this going on in your own backyard?!? Palmer did not intentionally break the law just like Baskin is breaking no law but this is DISGUSTING?!? (Hurling)

BCR is a 4 MILLION dollar 501-C-3 operation-It is NOT a legal animal sanctuary but, instead licensed as an EXHIBITOR by the authorities that regulate such businesses in Florida!!!

Carole Baskin became a millionaire by having her missing husband declared dead-Many people refer to Carole Baskin as a Black Widow…

Howard Baskin, now married to Carole, is a millionaire

All this PLUS a 4 million dollar operation that pays both Carole and Howard Baskin just under 50 grand a year EACH…Members of Carole’s family are EACH paid a simular salary-Money that you are donating towards animal care is paying these people BIG SALARIES EACH, more than most people get paid in two years…





Baskin preys on her own animals-as well as animals taken to Big Cat Rescue under the guise of ‘color of rescue’!!!

Ironically, no one is making death threats towards Baskin…You people are such hypocrites if you are not screaming about this!!!

Contact FWC, Contact the USDA, Contact Tampa’s city commissioners, Hell, contact the mayor about this disgusting practice!!! Contact all news authorities in Tampa-Call CNN-How about Fox News!?! 

Link of Interest:

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog and Please-Smarten up your friends and family-Share this post for educational purposes so we can end the massive animal abuse at Big Cat Rescue-BCR needs to be shut down with animals placed in bonified facilities that are NOT waiting for animals to die to collect their body parts and fur to beused as trophies-Worse than any behavior displayed by a Big Game Hunter!!!  -B

No Disrespect for the Dead Intended-BUT…Sheriff Bill McCay: 8/30/1942-7/13/2015

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No Disrespect for the Dead Intended-BUT…

Bill McCay: 8/30/1942-7/13/2015


or is that FOR WHAT YOU DIDN’T DO!!!

When you hear about someone that you know, knew or was a major part of life changes, passed away; you stop for a moment and think about that person’s life and what you knew about that person and sometimes you wonder about what you didn’t know…AND WHILE I DIDN’T KNOW HIM-KNOW HIM, HE ENDED MY LIFE AS I KNEW IT AND DID NOTHING TO PROTECT ME FROM THE ABUSE OF THE LAW-REMEMBER, OFFICERS OF THE LAW ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE AN OATH TO PROTECT…HE DID NO SUCH THING…He knew it while trespassing on my private farm property, just as his good friend, Deputy Eddie Hinesman still knows what they did was 100% wrong and has done nothing about it…

On reading Bill McCay’s obituary I was SHOCKED to see that he actually graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in criminal science from the Sam Houston State University.   So this man was well versed in law-HUH??? Then why was there so much corruption in Marion County during his three, THATS THREE, terms in office-Why did he allow Bill Gleason, the district attoney for Marion County, Texas at that time, to walk all over our rights, protected civil liberties designed to protect citizens from the abuse of the law?!? A sheriff is suppose to protect the law but also to make sure that the law is not abused or abuse the citizens that it’s designed to protect. His wife, Janie McCay, was the Clerk of the Court for the County District Court (the only judge in the county with an actual law degree) and did nothing about wrongful procecution when she KNEW it existed, after all…she was married to the sheriff, and was Clerk of the Court for many years. Wasn’t she required to take an oath of office??? Ahhhh, but that’s part of the scam now isn’t it!?! It’s still not clear to me how much Janie McCay actully knew but she knows more than she was/is willing to say or to do something about it, even years after it occured and her retirement as Clerk of the Court-Are you hearing me-Clerk of the Court-WTF??? With her husband now gone and retired, she could easily step up to the plate or is there so much corruption that she knew about and/or partiscipated in that she doesn’t dare…Of course she wouldn’t dare tell what she knew about the theft of my animals and other property no listed on the warrant, a warrant that was lacking pobable cause-a warrant that was improperly served by Deputy McKnight who didn’t have a clue about any affidavitt to the warrant when asked.

The wrongful arrest-there was abuse in the jail-the abuse of wrongful illegal and uncontitutional warrantless searches of my private farm property, just weeks after moving to what I thought was to be my safe haven for my animals following my husbands death and then encountering a hurricane. We traveled so many miles away from south Texas to protect our animals only to encounter something more horrible than being outside during a hurricane to protect the animals-Corruptioin in a county where the entire population and certainly everyone in that stinking courthouse knew about it!!!

Wave after wave of major issues just to move there and on arrival, OMG!!! The area was experiencing one of the worst winters in 15 years instead of what is considered mild winter weather. But then came Lane and McKnight in the dark, on a freezing cold Sunday night, demanding to see the animals.

I wasn’t all that concerned at first but they had no business doing this on a Sunday night especially since the county allows those types of animals, we had an exemption from the state to have those animals and had Attorney Jim Finstrom consult with the County Commissioners before even purchasing that property.

Furthermore, the wife of Judge Lex Jones worked for the title company and knew about the animals-it wasn’t a secret-How could it be when you are spending thousands of dollas to make the move and for that property…I was moving there to make it my home and to provide for my mother’s care…provide sanctuary for my animals. None of that ever happened and Bill McCay was in a position to stop it from happening but instead HE allowed it!!! I always figured there was a weak link and figured that someone would step forward to tell the truth but that has never happened and likely never will-They’d rather take it to the grave and face the concequences after death-Bill McCay just did!!! Actual documents reveal the truth but gatheing dust in the file cabinet they’re in…

Now learning McCay’s background I am dumbfounded that he allowed all of that to go on during his terms as sheriff…I knew he was just a patsy but now left wondering why!?!

I’m not alone suffering from the abuse that continues to occur in Marion County…They can not take animals from their rightful owners without following the statue and laws concerning the taking of that property and codified law which is of great concern as well as the constitutiuonal rights granted to citizens by both the US and state constitutions. Why are these people and this county protected by the federal district court in Marshall…oh wait, stupid question-Golfing buddies-of course they are…

The position of county sheriff is one of several elected positions in all those Texas counties-At face value, Bill McCay deserved that position-but in reality, all he became was a pencil pusher for others in absorb his power-He knew a JP judge can not write a criminal warrant for class A misdemeanor and he knew there had to be probable cause-He KNEW that the three days of warrantless searches were unbearable for the victims of such abuse and considered intolerable for any policing agency-He never stepped up to the plate while it was going on and allowed for the abuse in his jail-We were never read our rights at anytime-Fred denied his right to place a phone call…denied my medicine…in a freezing cold jail adding to the pain of my arthritis but DA Gleason was determined to take possession of my animals no matter what. Where was the interpreter for Fred while all this was going on?!?

Bill McCay knew and watched what was going on and Gleason told them all that it was his raid and to butt out-But why and how could Bill McCay live knowing he did NOT do all he could to prevent and stop ALL THAT ABUSE from the law!!! Even if he was sick during all that time should he not have considered it a rightous thing to do as a person thus less for a sheriff!?!-He did no such thing-He did NOTHING!!!

I’ve written obituarys in this blog before and I mean no disrespect to the dead and gone, but he never made a single attempt to help us or the countless number of people who have been abused by Marion County’s brand of enforcement.

Jefferson is the only city within Marion County-the county seat and it’s looking for a change but unless they ‘clean house’ it’s never going to happen-Marion County destroyed my life and the lives of my animals-It is not rescue when it’s NOT a rescue!!! It was without the first medical check by the humane society and it’s vet before they slaughtered innocent animals because they could and would in all likelihood get away with it; after all, no one was/is about to step up to the plate and fess-up to what they know and no one bothering to investigate although there have been numerous complaints sent out-They can all take it to the grave just as Bill McCay did last month…He can now never be fogiven for what he is responsible for occuring-The wound remains gaping open and I doubt he’s resting in peace…just as my friend, John Wilson who was brutally abused by the very same people. I guess McCay had the last laugh, turning over his sheriff department to McKnight…I even had a giggle at that one when I thought about what McKnight had done to us-On January 27, 2010, when a mob came onto my property and tore my heart out with the abuse my animals had to endure with a ‘color of law’ raid to steal them and other property with that property converted for their personal use. All done under the direction of Bill McCay and lead by Gleason who put McKnight in charge-HA!

It’s no claim to fame when you have to steal animals from their rightful owner for bragging rights-Would you brag about murder?!? Would you brag about kidnapping?!? Would you brag about lying?!? Would you brag about abusing citizens when it’s your job to protect citizens from the abuse of the law?!? Probably not-Whether Bill McCay did or not is unknown  to me but Bill Gleasoin and his pompusass still does with his countless crimes.

Bill McCay took an oath when he became a deputy-He took an oath when he became sheriff-I mean no dis-respect but that’s exactkly what he did during his lifetime to the people he took an oath to protect…I know because of what he was responsible for with what was done to me…to Fred…to John Wilson and many others…How pathetic a life for BILL McCAY…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others and while sometimes the truth is pathetic and disgusting; difficult to write…”This is what they get for what they did”…Stay tuned for more-I just might not wait until their dead. Stay tuned and follow this blog-It is of concern to a community to know what really goes on and thepeoplethey voted into office -B


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“And when professional people in the media that are vested with asking questions, checking facts, verifying and writing and reporting facts to the PUBLIC can’t be counted on to DO THEIR JOBS honestly and ethically, then it IS up to the PUBLIC to expose THEM and demand they report FACTUALLY or GET THE HELL OUTTA THE WAY!”

The Humane Society of Marion County, now doing business as The Dixie Humane Society of Marion County, Texas (Same people) has NEVER been held accountable for what they did ‘under the color of rescue’-animals that could have been checked and cleared by the state that there was NOTHING wrong with them, tested for FREE by the state ofTexas for some of those animals, but intead slaughtered and killed the next day although there was a hold order for them to have been checked before murdering those animals by the humane society and their vet where they were placed for proper care that they never received.

The Marion County Sheiff’s Department has never been held accountable for their warrantless searches and then serving an illegal general unconstitutional warrant that was issued by JP Judge Lex Jones although he lacked jurisdiction when he issued that warrant whichwas non-specific, lacked probale cause to issue such a warrant, thus less ‘general’-WTF!?!

There are many issues that have been ignored by the proper authorities that brings questions as to ‘who’s minding the store’ in Marion County, Texas-Back then and NOW!!!

Demand answers to the questions that were not repoted-Do not allow another illegal and WRONGFUL raid in your community!!!

JOIN THE MOVEMENT that has begun across the US. Unless you demand the answers, this will continue and longstanding rightful owners of animals will continue to be abused in the media and by law enforcement before the first hearing.

Marion County has skipped the hearing on ownership in several cases, those animals are STOLEN PROPERTY and aided and abetted by the Sheriff’s Department-

THIS HAS TO STOP!!! It is NOT a rescue when animals are killed in the process without the first medical check, permission from the judge (apparently Judge Lex Jones does care if attentiion is paid to the warrant control order or that there are warrantless searches and the taking of property not listed on a warrant or that there has been no hearing concerning ownership of property in Marion County when he KNOWS it is required-in otherwords, contributing to the corruption and theft of property. He now precides as county judge of Marion County and not demanding that the corruption within HIS county stop…He took an oath to potect members of the community from such corruption-Doing nothing about it.


Originally posted on Grace & Truth Spirit & Soul:





The MOVEMENT of ASKING QUESTIONS that any and all HONEST and ETHICAL donation-funded animal rescues can and will answer is finally picking up speed and the numbers are growing of people that simply won’t support or donate to animal rescues that won’t answer their questions.

And when professionals people in the media that are vested with asking questions, checking facts, verifying, and writing and reporting facts to the PUBLIC can’t be counted on to DO THEIR JOBS honestly and ethically, then it IS up to the PUBLIC to expose THEM and demand they report FACTUALLY or


THEN the public WILL DO THEIR JOBS FOR THEM and THE PUBLIC WILL ASK the “reported on” animal rescue THE QUESTIONS the “journalist” didn’t ask for whatever reasons they had besides being lethargic, lazy, clueless, or *maybe* having a more…

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I Might As Well Toss In My Two Cents-Cecil the Lion

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Never before have I seen so much outrage about the taking and killing of an animal as recently displayed all over the world on facebook and twitter. Yet few are speaking out about the wrongful taking/killing of animals from their their rightful owners under the false claim, ‘color of law’ in the name of rescue from their rightful owners in this country that has escalated as shelters need more animals to flip, rake in donations and to appease some idiot that has some need to be considered a hero and take power over people and animals-CONSIDER WHAT THE ANIMALS ARE GOING THRU DAMN IT!!! Consider the homeless animals that are left to fend for themselves with the ones picked up, often killed with the claim of ‘un-adoptable’/SELLABLE-WTF?!?

Everyone crying out about this lion who trusted people so it was so easy to lure him out of his protected territory. Big cats are territoritoral, especially a lion, so, over the years he developed a trust of men. Is that any different than the established trust between an owner and a dog or cat or any other animal that has bonded to his owner?!? Are we judging the care provided to animals when we judge the owner for how they live, able to live or just moved into the area and no one has any idea about the owner or the animals-So easy to falsely accuse, round-up a mob for the raid and steal animals from their longstanding rightful owners.

I cried for Cecil as I did for my own-I continued to cry as it set me right off with my memories of my animals and the pain of the loss. I saw the outrage pouring out of people for a lion owned by a government-unlike our government that has no interest in animals beyond a public safety issue.

I heard people wishing that Dr. Palmer should suffer and die; and read that he’s received death threats to the point where his office was closed and that he had to go in hiding.

This no different than what happened to me and I had done nothing wrong…There was no criminal conviction-It was simply the wrongful taking-Had there been a real reason to take them, then, as everyone knows, they would have prosecuted as well-They did no such thing!!!

What Marion County did was a real ‘show’ much like what is happening over one lion-one that had a name, Cecil. All my animals had names and had bonded and trusted in me for care and protection.

There was a mob during a warrantless search, and a mob that came and took animals and other property; after all, NOTHING was specific on that illegal and unconstitutional warrant.

And then, there was the media ignoring what was actually going on; they were invited by District Attorney Bill Gleason-And ingored the fact that they had no one’s permission to be there-not by the judge and not by us as actual property owners but they came and trespassed to sensalize the news as was their intent with Gleason counting on it…You bet I was attacked-nevermind the true reason they did it or that there was no reason to do such athing. They abused our civil liberties and constitution rights of both US and state constitutiions. No one paid much attention as to what happened to those animals accept us of course-There was no outrage for any of it, with few exceptions. We had been terrorized with the mere taking of the animals; horrified for the ones that were killed without medical testing, permission from the judge or us’ as the rightful owners of the animals. In some instances, the state would have provided free testing but no one wanted to have it known that there really was no reason to have done such a hienous deed before the first hearing-the following day.

Determined to get blood and to satisfy their lust for it, animals were killed within 24 hours for no apparent reason except that they could. Many who knew the truth ran and hid under a rock-Otherwise, we were abused and beaten to a pulp…Retreating and hid from the attrocity of THEIR CRIME-NOT MINE!!!

And the saddest side to my story is that we finally fled from our newely purchased property-I only spent less than 2 weeks with my mom who was suppose to live there with us and our animals but there was no way that I would subject her to the corruption of Marion County and that corruption continues to this day…

I continue to grieve and at this point, it all blurs. They not only destroyed animals and their fate without reason but our lives and all our plans for the future. Even people convicted of cruelty often receive back a few of their animals; we received none with the ones they killed and the ones murdered hauled off to the county dump-imagine that!!! Others mis-placed and abused where they were sent-Boris starved to death at the ‘death camp’…Angel used as a fundraiser at Lakewood Zoo by Casey Ludwig-Jeff Kozlowski, a convicted felon receiving my leopards at his penitentary for big cats, Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue. Yet no one is outraged-I seem to be the only one scearming about the abuse of the law that occured in Marion County-

Today, I see new posts going up with people making open statements that they will not have the story of Cecil the Lion on their news feed any longer as if that will make all the crimes against animals and their rightful owners go away. Cecils story needs to remain alive but for all the right reasons.

Dr. Palmer will have to answer questions about this hunt on his return to Africa. It is legal there to bait animals out of the preserve and could be a mistake that Cecil was shot-The only questions that remain unanswered is if he saw the collar and if he knew that a lion could not be killed on that property. Considering that he was actually there to hunt a leopard; he likely didn’t know about the property owner not having the proper permits. He has stated that he did not see the collar and stated how sorry he is; what more should we expect from this man.

The people that Dr. Palmer hired so he could go on a big game hunt and the property owner have been charged and will go on trial. It is unlikely that will include Dr. Palmer; big game hunting is totally legal, he purchased the proper permits, trusted his guide for the hunt to be 100% legal so, it appears that he did nothing wrong.

I support all animal usage as long as that usage is allowed and includes hunting. I don’t judge him or any hunter as long as it was a legal hunt and I prefer a clean kill. I also believe that if we kill an animal it should serve a purpose. This type of hunting serves a purpose-government controled conservation-get over it.

The point is that tigers need to be returned to their rightful owners-Both in FL and Ohio yet, where is the outrage. Both cases and others have been discussed on this blog…Law enforcement and judges need to consider circumstance and if actual animal cruelty was the intent for reason to take animals from there owners.

Fake public safety issues is NOT a reason to ban animals and FAKE rescues and SCAM-tuaries need to be held accountable such as Carole Baskin of BCR who has a party room filled with the skins of dead animals on display-much like a big game hunter that I am hearing so many people opposing. How can anyone with such a high death rate, proudly display the animals that died there in a fucking party room!?!

And lastly, hold rescue accountable for their actions-Join the movement to end the taking, the mindless killing and animal bans created under the ‘color of rescue’ and public safety issues when none exists!!!

Keep Cecil’s story alive!!!

NO OVERSIGHT For Donation-Funded Animal Rescues – The PUBLIC NEEDS To TAKE CHARGE!

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Keeping you informed on wrongful animal rescues and shelters is a rather important aspect of this blog.
Ever so important that you are not fooled by what is going on AFTER that ‘color of law rescue’ with animals being killed and abused in the name of rescue when in reality, there was no REAL reason to take those animals from their rightful owners.
On examining REAL facts from the imaginary contrived claim of some not-for-profit animal rescue organization whose ONLY claim can be that they are not-for-profit, with no training in animal husbandry, no training on the laws that surround animal seizures, being awarded the property that is miraculously OK to be ‘re-sold’ (flipped)!!! Yet on examination when animals are held for a longer period of time, the truth is revealed that the animals once seized became sick, died or were euthanized in the process without any medical reason to murder those animals and no permission from anyone to have done such a henious crime. In some instances, supported by corrupt sheriff departments even when no abuse existed-ahhhh, such is the case in MARION CO., TEXAS.
The most important thing that you can do for animals and your community is to ask questions!

from Grace and Truth Spirit & Soul-Pay close attention to this post!!!

Originally posted on Grace & Truth Spirit & Soul:

Split Personality Woman

The link below illustrates that just because people choose to have jobs working with animals, NOT all of these people actually feel much toward animals at all, they may be able to “disassociate themselves” from killing animals and do not give killing them much thought at all, and some of them are downright sociopathic/psychopathic and “get off” on tormenting, torturing, and then killing animals.


The terrifying part is that MANY of these people are intelligent, and they look and behave so normally, that unless they’re caught in the act of torturing and killing, or have made mistakes, they often are NOT caught at all:

Below is an excerpt from the blog post at the link:

“As a reminder, the primary complaint is that management needlessly kills animals they have resources to shelter – because they can.  It would seem that the only thing the current management has a passion for…

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Legislative Conferense Seeks HSUS Investigation

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Oklahoma’s Attorney General Pruitt took the leed and with the efforts of HumaneWatch combined with ALL the compliants, there will be an investigation into the fundraisng efforts of HSUS for public deception; HSUS has no pet shelters.

Delegates to the Midwest Legislative Conference of The Council of State Governments (CSG) passed a resolution calling on their states’ attorney generals toinvestigate the fundraising efforts of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Promotional materials gives the impression that dogs and cats are the main focus, only 1 percent of the money goes to pet shelters and HSUS runs no pet shelters itself.


States include: Illonois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

This is terrific news to finally see states getting involved to end the HSUS fundraising scam.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


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