ZOO WARS-Ramdon Act of Kindness

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  • 12088078_10204977149250425_6514474520761185125_nPeople are talking and the truth is surfacing as never before about what the ODA is doing in Ohio-Please keep sharing these posts -We need the world to see what is going on with a government agency in Ohio abusing Civil liberties and taking someone’s property-
  • Certainly, the actions of the ODA demonstrate that their attention is NOT to properly register the animals but instead, to remove them out of state and place them anywhere possible-no matter the conditions of where these animals are sent. Taken out of state without court permission or order, and certainly without permission from the owner as they did with Hetrick’s animals-Placing them all around the country*
  • Leo the Lion and Kenny HetickWe ask that you take a minute to do some acts of kindness.
  • 1) Sign the following petition and share:
  • https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/investigate-ohio-department-agriculture-and-seizures-and-over-turn-or-signigicantly-change-exotic-animal-ban
  • 2) Sign and share this message to your representatives to STOP the Big Cat Safety Act (mis-nomer)-This could happen to all big cats in this country if we don’t get them to see the light!!!
  • https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/zoo-wars-help-stop-the-big-cat-safety-act-message-from-the-cavalry-group/
  • 3) Tweet and/or share this blog post on your walls, in groups that you belong to and email them to friends and family -Force this to go viral and make it of national concern!!!
  • LINKS OF INTEREST: Concerning the care received at the Ohio Animal Penintenary https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/zoo-wars-heres-how-the-oda-cares-for-animals-at-their-penitenary-its-auschwitz-for-animals/  12115855_885602244861665_5467870743903831510_n
  • Concerning where the ODA sent animals (2): https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/09/24/zoo-wars-tigers-love-water-but-hate-mud/ 
  • https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/08/10/carole-baskin-ceo-big-cat-rescue-big-game-trophy-hunter/ 
  • From everyone concerned about the recent events and care about animals being forced to suffer-We thank you for helping spread the word and for helping to stop this atrocity from continuing!!!
  • Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B
  • Baskin wants your pet*BLOGGERS NOTE: Six of my big cats were sent to Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue-The person who filed complain in Marion County, Texas for noise although, Jeff Kozlowski was home in Rock Springs, Wisconsin-(that’s some hearing he has and able to pin-point where it was coming from-It’s too bad that leopards and tigers just don’t make much noice unless being provoked which they were not-My six most expensive and youngest animals were sent to Kozlowski-a convicted felon for bank robbery/con-man.
  • There were no criminal charges although animals were removed with a criminal (CR) warrant and a JP Judge, Lex Jones (now county judge-HA!) is not allowed to issue warrants for a class A misdemeanor-or have a (CR) hearing in his courtroom even though, the case was given a CR docket number-The judgement written as if civil (CV) on the CR docket taking ALL the animals…We were provided with court appointed attorney’s at taxpayer expense (Held in jail fo a week at taxpayer expense) the courts do not provide court appointed attorneys for CV cases. 

On appeal it was given a CV number so in essense CR became CV when not possible and remained without CR charges…That appeal went to a court that had no CV jurisdiction-I remain without my animals and other property with judgement made by a judge who had no authority to issue that judgement…Can you say Kangaroo Court?!? 

  • The situation in Ohio with their ODA is not much different-The ODA has no authority to do what it’s doing and NOT above the law!!! Both animals and their owners left suffering…
  • Kangaroo Court

ZOO WARS-ODA Seizing Animals-AGAIN!!! NOW-Fuckers

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What the Fuck and what a way to start a blog post but enough is enough!!! No one stopped Hitler after one conquest-No one stopped the Barbarians after one conquest and look what happened -They continued on until there was no one left after they began slaughtering human life and stealing there property when no actual crime was committed to justify their actions-This is a witch hunt that no one is doing anything about. FUCK ME-MAKE IT STOP!!!


Daniel Chambers is an amazing animal owner-Happy, healthy and wel-fed animal-He followed their guidelines and still they do this!!! -This new regulation tied to a 9.3 MILLION DOLLAR Animal Peniteniary that was built at TAXPAYER EXPENSE and therefore EVERY citizen of Ohio and actually any US citizen has the right to have a say in this matter

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! This man did everything to comply with their new regulations and then they send his application back saying it was incomplete-for a fucking Ohio permit-Mr Chambers re-submitted it and they sent it back saying it was too late-WHAT THE FUCK!!! You don’t steal animals on a late submission after correcting an application-You impose a fine maybe…NOT steal a man’s property-his life!!!

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is NOT above the law-MAKE THIS STOP NOW!!! Where’s the melitia…???

How about good citizens to block the way-What???-You actually think they will turn those asault rifles on you-No violence no reason to…Call the media and get them their to witness these atrocity-

Already abused one Ohio animal owner and his animals -Still not settled:  https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2015/09/15/zoo-wars-heres-how-the-oda-cares-for-animals-at-their-penitenary-its-auschwitz-for-animals/

LOOK AT IT!!! All supported by Gov. Kasich who thinks he should be president-BULLSHIT Supported by Jack Hanna and the Columbus Zoo-BOYCOTT the COLUMBUS ZOO!!!

Supported By Big Cat Rescue (BCR, Carole and Howard Baskin who now has 3 of Hetriks big cats-BOYCOTT BIG CAT RESCUE

Supported by Tippi Hedron-BOYCOTT SHAMBLA

NO MORE donatioins to places that believe it’s ok to do this to animal owners and their owners!!!

Kasich can flush any hopes to be president down the drain-Wait he already dropped out -Unfortunately the good people of Ohiio left with him as their CORRUPT governor

Daniel Chambers needs your help NOW!!! 7816 Preble County Line Road, Germantown, Ohio-Call the media if you can’t go!!! Dayton and Cincinatti


Corrupt Kasich has special interest with HSUS-He lies and creating metal illness!!! Look what the ODA has already done-follow the link above-No for the faint of heart!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  -B

Sometimes The Good Guys Win, The CA Ban of the Elephant Guide Has Been Vetoed!

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Well said-

Originally posted on The Unlikely Conservationist:

Sometimes The Good Guys Win, The CA Ban of the Elephant Guide Has Been Vetoed!

If you are involved in the animal business and especially the exotic animal business it is very easy to get discouraged with all the negative publicity and nasty legislation that we are confronted with daily. Every once in a while though we get some good news. Today California Governor Brown vetoed SB 716 the bill that would have banned the use of the elephant guide in America’s largest state.

What is really interesting is why he vetoed the bill. The veto letter states ” Each of these bills creates a new crime– usually by finding a novel way to characterize and criminalize conduct that is already proscribed”. This is a very astute assessment by the governor because that was the exact argument that was made against this bill in the first place. Very strong animal…

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Zoo Wars-What was Learned This Weekend

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Over the past month animal lovers have been working hard to clear the path towards proper animal welfare from none expert fanatics who think they know what’s best for animals that they know little to nothing about (Can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands for both the animals and people-Days of no contact with the animals long past and already proved to fail when it doesn’t allow for proper handling or vet care). This past month includes protests against a circus producer for excluding elephants and big cats from important Shriners dates to save a buck and claiming he’s joined with PETA when this hypocrite did no such thing. There were camel and pony rides-Since when did PETA ever approve of animal rides or the inclusion of horse and dog acts in the circus-NEVER!!! All he’s doing is trying to save a buck by excluding these acts. Of course these shows were buy-outs (meaning promising a certain amount of money to the Shriners for their hospitals) allowing him (Bill Cunningham-producer-Fun Time Shows-not!!!) to do as he pleases and book whatever acts he chooses to include or not include…Same Price-Less Show…His big promotion was the FREE press by using the PETA name and thought all the Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists would fill the large venues he booked to produce these shows-


Seems that never happened-Performers for Cunningham are wondering if they are going to be paid…

It’s nearly impossible to make a success out of what’s been tried and failed before least anyone forget Circus Chimera and Jim Judkin attemping the same-FAILED-Difference being that Judkin was well capitalized, lasted more than a few dates and wasn’t doing large venues for the Shrine Circus…

It’s NOT OK to join PETA and still have horse and dog acts or animal rides-What an IDIOT!!! Can you say HYPOCRITE!?! Not only did the Shriners not appreciate the show Cunningham produced but was protested.


Doug Terranova, president of the USZA is making a difference and spoke to the Shriners about Cunningham and what’s going on concerning the welfare of circus animals. Considering the attendance of these recent shows, it demonstrates that people come to the circus to see the animals and how important to keep the animals as part of the venue.

12144765_10207972415288258_8130932875317170506_n12105824_10207971536066278_1875222106414298209_nMuch thanks to Doug Terranova for all he does!!!

The following was taken from his FB wall and just had to share it-Here’s what he learned this past weekend: 

“1) People want to see animals in the circus…How do I know??

Since Bill Cunningham has infamously denounced the animal circuses and attacked responsible owners he has had a few “rough” weeks. This week David Maas* put on his Facebook page that they were about to make history in the Cajun Dome in Lafayette…He was right, Rumor has it that Attendance was SO bad (record breaking bad) that the show can’t make payroll, I’m told by friends on the show that Performers are waiting (and hoping) to get paid on Tuesday.

2) The Shriners are committed to keeping animals in the circus… How do I know??

At SCAFRA in Maine I saw FOUR BIG Temples change producers. MAYBE Mr Cunningham will have an easier time making payroll with less dates. 

3) The animals had a big weekend…. How do I know?

In a HUGE blow to HSUS, PAWS, and other activist groups Gov. Brown vetoed SB716 retaining the rights of trainers and owners to have free contact with their elephants in California. Additionally, with Producers who include animals in their productions picking up dates from Bill Cunningham this will create more jobs for the animals and their owners

Now if the Cowboys will lose tonight all well in my world!”



All in all, it was a pretty great weekend for exotic animals…!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Zoo Wars-Tigers LOVE Water but Hate Mud

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It’s true, tigers love the water, but funny thing-They don’t like mud!!!

Did you sign to stop the Big Cat Safety Act to protect private ownership?!? Then you will want to sign this petition as well, to protect a group of exotic animals forced to live caged in piss poor living conditions; in MUD!!!-But there’s MORE about this particular facility that has been documented extensively by Florida Fish and Wildlife Least anyone forget, Big Cat Rescue is licensed in Florida as an EXHIBITOR-Florida does NOT consider this facility a sanctuary!!! It’s a commercial, money making operation with a 501-C-3 just as other exhibitors. Having a 501-C-3 classifying a facility as a Not-for Profit does NOT make it an animals sanctuary-Big Cat Rescue is a $$4 million dollar$$ operatiion attacking other animal owners and trying to create laws that will BAN private ownership-Carole Baskin is a private owner!!!


Picture taken from Big Cat Rescue’s own documentation of BCR-There are many MORE such pictures already exposed on this blog!!!



Carole Baskin CEO of Big Cat Rescue has done everything possible to cover her own truth-The truth is that “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”…77 violations- Got That…77 VIOLATIONS IN ONE INSPECTION LESS THAN A YEAR AGO!!! -2014- VIOLATIONS INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMITED TO:





AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON…Wondering where the follow-up inspection for these violations is!!!

How odd it is that on October 6, 2014, Florida Fish an Wildlife found numerous violations that were not corrected YET, the USDA inspected 3 weeks later and that inspection report states no areas of non-compliance-Is Carole Baskin right-Are USDA inspections unreliable?? According to the following inspection report made by Florida inspectors this one single point is true in accordance to her own experience at her own facility!!!

Carole Baskin’s 911 animal abuse site is a crock of SHIT!!! She doesn’t include herself…















But WAIT-There’s more and I’m plenty pissed off-WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE!?!

I had brand new caging going up-my animals are gone-WHAT THE FUCK!?!

Ohio-ODA sent 4 of Kenny Hetrick’s cats to Big Cat Rescue; a deplorable facility, rather than give him back his animals!!!-WHAT THE FUCK!?!

Melanie Boynes was told that having a USDA was now a requirement for the return of her cats; now residing at Wild Adventures in Florida…Retains ownership of her animals, owns two complete sets of cages that passed inspection yet turned down by the USDA and therefore Florida, who is obviously more through than the USDA, will not allow her animals returned without a USDA permit. Interesting she has no intentions of opening a full scale operation to exhibit her TWO tigers-There were three big cats-her leopard was killed at their current location-WHAT THE FUCK!!!

These are double standards ALL paid for by YOU the taxpayer preventing proper ownership of one’s own property-no matter the state!!!

This is so outrageous yet the attacks continue against private owners-no only by Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists (FART) but by the agency set-up reguarding animal welfare that is paid for by YOU, the taxpayer.

I know several facilites, including myself, who would gladly accept animals from Big Cat Rescue to remove them from piss-poor living conditions!!!

Hetrick’s place exceeds the requirements for his animals-RETURN them to their rightful owner. Melanie Boynes with two sets of proper caging should have her cats returned with or without some STINKING USDA permit!!!

No animal should be taken from their rightful owners for no good reason at all like mine were by Marion County, Texas-There were no criminal charges and no conviction-Slowly their karma is coming back at them just as Karma will help the animals at Big Cat Rescue-Please sign this petition and share this blog post WILDLY!!! Encourage others to help right an obvious wrong-Baskin is NOT an expert.

Send complaints to Florida Fish and Wildlife to allow Boynes to have her property back…Send letters to Ohio-ODA to return Hetrick’s animals to him!!! Letters can go to their respective state representatives and Governors-Most importantly, send letters of complaint to Florida to allow for those animals to be seized and stop Baskin from ever owning another animal!!!

A four million dollar business and the cats live in mud!!!


Go to the like-sign the petition and SHARE WILDLY!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog!!!  -B

More photos of Big Cat Rescue:

NOTE: Recent attacks on private owners will not be tolerated-Baskin-you want to live in a glass house then be careful who you’re throwing stones at-looks like it’s coming back to bite you


BCR-Skins and skulls


BCR cage 2

TripAdvisor Review16

Zoo Wars-Help STOP the Big Cat Safety Act Message from the Cavalry Group

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Once again the Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists (FART) are proposing a ban on big cats-This would be over stepping federal authority with federal laws already in place. Furthermore, state laws are already in place including bans in many states already.

Janice Haley2

Another illegal, unconstitutional bill at tax payer expense is unacceptable and a waste of our representatives time and the money involved.

Tha Calvary group has made it simple to send your representatives a message.

Cavalry Group logo

Follow the link provided to information and how to send your message in an extremely fast and easy way, to your representatives-It literally thats seconds thanks to the Calvary Group!!! Put in your zip code, fill in your information, preview your letter and then hit send. Just that quick and easy!!!

Howard Baskin and his cub experience

We need thousands of these messages to go out-Please Share WILDLY!!!


cub photo

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

Baskin wants your pet

Zoo Wars-New Video Release- “Here Kitty Kitty” Happy Birthday Carole (CEO Big Cat Rescue)

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It’s a Birthday Present and going World Wide. Don Lewis is still missing…is still missing-A COLD CASE -Without a body, no investigation to determine what happened-There’s is still a BIG REWARD for information leading to solving this Black Widow Mystery-Maybe getting International attention, we’ll finally get some answers…

Carole Baskin, CEO and founder of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) had him declared dead so she could inherit millions!!! Don Lewis went missing after filing for a protection order  (injuction) against Baskin in fear for his life.

Some believe that he was fed to the cats and what was left was buried under the septic tank…others believe his body was found in Brooksville at a property once owned by Baskin (Baskin has several NFPs, one of which holds properties that are rent to own/for sale) still waiting for identification…others believe that Baskin ground his remains in one of the meat meat grinders used to make ‘cat food’…One thing for sure, his body remains missing and no one knows what happened accept maybe Baskin -the prime suspect in this mystery.

Today is the World Wide release of Joe Exotic’s latest musical video, “Here Kitty Kitty”

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


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