Now We’re Talking!!! For Anyone and Everyone Who Has Lost Property and NOT Convicted of Any Crime!!!

What?!? There just might be some humanity left in the world?!? Heck yes!!! Thanks to Rand Paul justice just might be restored!

How many animal owners have lost their animals to government thieves who conspired to take their animals-Guilty of no crime yet the animals disappear with a blink of the eye…No trial-No Judgement of any criminal offense-Never compensated! There was no rescue and simply a matter of forming a conspiracy to do it because some jerk wanted to so they could and easily got away with it while hiding the subject matter jurisdictions of their courts, what type of case it was  In Texas, for example, they have 2 years to come up with something anything to file criminal charges but the charges already dropped there was no way to have done that…But hey, while you have no problem comprehending that the case was illegal. The federal courts could have cared less and allowed the case to be dismissed without so much as a discussion and there was no statement of all the multiple issues of the case including the ADA abuse of a deaf man. What part of the law excuses judges, especially federal judges from doing their job and doing it properly.

Drain the Swamp of the lying law makers, the improper enforcement of the law and most importantly the judges who allow it on ALL levels -City-County-State and Federal…Question  wrongful laws-Question wrongful enforcement and most importantly, make sure you know your judges know the law-their jurisdiction and enforce it properly-The most important thing for a judge to do is NOT allow the prosecution of the innocent-Properly decide if a case belongs in their court and if the preponderance of the evidence will support a Criminal Charge and if not-dismiss the case.

One such case:

County Judge Lex Jones then JP Judge in Marion County, Texas did not recognize the jurisdiction of his court (and this judge does not stand alone but instead a member of a swamp of local judges enjoying being on the bench without proper training in matters of law and is now a county judge. He’s never stepped up and admitted the truth to correct his wrongful judgement or the wrongful issuance of a warrant-Lex Jones sent the case on to the wrong court as advised by the district attorney rather than reading the jurisdiction of the courts in Marion County and even admitted he wasn’t certain which court it should be sent to so took it upon himself to make certain it went on appeal to the proper court -he sent it on alright but he knew considering his hesitation in his decision of where the case should be sent for appeal… Both the county court judge (Accountant Phil Parker) and himself lacked jurisdiction and I believe he knew that even before he made the first ruling in his court-There is even the question whether a JP judge in the state of Texas can issue a criminal search and seize warrant with a criminal charge attached to the warrant especially when that warrant lacks probable cause to issue a criminal warrant. The case carried a criminal number for a class A misdemeanor and he lacked jurisdiction over any class A misdemeanor per US and state constitution. Not any member of the community questioned it including the county officials with no one properly trained in matters of law with 2 exceptions-The district attorney and the court appointed attorneys who should have stopped the witch hunt returned the animals and compensation provided for the property taken as evidence that was destroyed in the process without the judges permission, without any medical reason and without owner permission…But here’s what I have learned since that can still be done…and should be done-Drain that swamp so it never ever happens to another member of that community again!!!

Why do cases like this case happen in that community over and over again…???…Because it was a FAKE crime -no crime existed…FAKE reason to search and seize because there was no probable cause…and a FAKE judgement because the judge lacked jurisdiction as the appeal judge lacked jurisdiction.

Happened in Marion County-countless times and likely happening over and over again for years and years.

The federal court accepted the assessment of what was lost and there was no objection-It sure wouldn’t take much to reopen the case if President Trump agrees with Rand Paul and signs the bill. This bill does not take into account the countless past crimes inflicted on INNOCENT people who have lost property…However, it will be undeniable that the duress continues and should be able to reopen such a case…!!!


How many INNOCENT US citizens have lost property without there being an active criminal charge and lacking a criminal trial? No one guilty of any crime but civil forfeiture of property happened…Would be great to see the tables balanced. A civil case concerning property, including the seizure of that property such as this, should come AFTER criminal charges NOT before in the first place-So much can be said about improper laws created by lawmakers who should know the law and be specific to enforcement.

Rand Paul introduces the most sweeping reform of civil asset forfeiture law in decades

Sen. Rand Paul has long taken the lead in calling for the reform of civil asset forfeiture laws, a controversial police practice in which authorities basically steal the property of citizens without due process and little recourse. Billions have been seized from citizens by the police based on nothing more than suspicion, which many see as a direct violation of the Fifth Amendment.

It’s state-sanctioned theft. “Under civil forfeiture laws, your property is guilty until you prove it innocent,” says the Institute for Justice’s Scott Bullock.
On Thursday, Sen. Paul reintroduced FAIR (Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration) Act, which specifically addresses victims of civil asset forfeiture who have not been convicted of a crime.
“The federal government has made it far too easy for government agencies to take and profit from the property of those who have not been convicted of a crime,” Paul’s statement read. “The FAIR Act will protect Americans’ Fifth Amendment rights from being infringed upon by ensuring that government agencies no longer profit from taking the property of U.S. citizens without due process.”
The House companion FAIR legislation is being introduced by Republican Rep. Tim Walberg of Michigan.
Some have observed that if implemented, this legislation could be the most significant reform in decades. Heritage Foundation policy analyst Jason Snead writes at The Hill, “The bill, if passed, would be the most sweeping reform of abuse-prone federal civil forfeiture law since the 1980s.”

Back then, Congress turned to civil forfeiture laws to empower law enforcement authorities to seize and forfeit the ill-gotten gains of drug kingpins, criminal organizations, and money launderers, as well as the property they used to commit their crimes. To encourage the use of this newly enhanced tool, Congress created the Assets Forfeiture Fund and allowed federal law enforcement agencies to keep the proceeds of successful forfeitures.

The result? An exponential increase in forfeiture activities. In 1985, the first year the fund existed, it brought in just $27 million. In 2012, the value of forfeited assets was $4.3 billion. Today, more than 400 federal laws authorize the seizure of cash, cars, and homes for a range of alleged offenses, and allow forfeiture proceeds to be divided with state and local agencies through Equitable Sharing programs administered by the Treasury and Justice Departments.

The issue of criminal justice reform is not new, but receiving popular support is a fairly recent trend. Both right and left, Republicans and Democrats, have been instrumental in raising awareness at both the local and national level.

“Paul and Walberg first introduced the FAIR Act in 2014,” Snead writes. “At the time, civil forfeiture was something few people had heard of, and there appeared to be little appetite for reform.”
“But in the years since, dozens of state legislatures have reined in their abuse-prone forfeiture statutes, and last year Congress advanced several forfeiture-reform bills, though none has yet made it to the president’s desk,” he added.

Some criticized Paul’s vote to confirm President Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions in February precisely because Sessions has been outspoken in opposing reform to civil asset forfeiture. Paul noted that any other appointment to that post would likely have the same positions on this issue, and also that as a senate colleague he felt he could try to change Sessions’ mind, something that would be more difficult with an Attorney General with whom Paul had no prior relationship.

Nor are Paul’s mind-changing efforts limited to Sessions.
“There was a discussion the other day in the White House about civil asset forfeiture,” Paul said in February. “I think civil asset forfeiture is a terrible idea until you’ve convicted someone, and I’d like to have that discussion with the president,” the senator added.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned…Expect to see fireworks if President Trump signs The Fair Act -B

~ by topcatsroar on March 28, 2017.

One Response to “Now We’re Talking!!! For Anyone and Everyone Who Has Lost Property and NOT Convicted of Any Crime!!!”

  1. Insulted that the democrats are protecting actual criminals and doing this to US citizens-Furthermore the law is convicting people using illegal and unconstitutional laws for a victimless crime when laws are to apply to people not property-the animals. I see this whole thing as an easy way to arrest, jail and make criminals of people over the ownership of an animal and out of control-there is no rash sudden elevation of animal cruelty.

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