Zoo Wars -Illegal Lobbying CONTINUES -BCR goes to Washigton DC

People who have a 501-C-3 do NOT have the right to do what they want with donated money -Only a 501-C-4 can take political action and the money for doing so and must be funded separately from the 501-C-3. Money donated to an animal sanctuary is to go to the animals and pay for the needs of a sanctuary-Not for the owner to go to Washington DC and lobby to have animals banned from Private Ownership -Just because she is now in association with GFAS/HSUS, it still does not allow her to lobby. Baskin must have a 501-C-4 and acquire those donations separately from her 501-C-3. Her husband is a wealthy attorney and knows this. Her newly acquired BFF, Wayne Pacelle ~CEO HSUS knows this as well considering that he’s in trouble for doing the same…

Baskin in DC 3

Screen shots are circulating on FB and there are statements made by Carole Baskin on her FB wall and web site.

Claiming education will not hold up to an IRS investigation for Baskin/Big Cat Rescue of Florida (BCR/Easy Street), it’s lobbying and she knows this!!! High time someone do something about this type of illegal activity-Who are the 20 that joined her with her big Fly-in to Washington, DC?!? Do they have a 501-C-4?!? Or are they using funds collected for animals for legislative purposes as well?!? Are they all GFAS/HSUS facilities operating under Wayne Pacelles guidance?!?

Imagine donating for animal care and then finding out you money was spent on political activities that would ban the ownership of these animals-

 Carole Baskin
“We brought in about 20 of our most vocal supporters from key districts to help pass the Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act”

Baskin in DC 1

This type of activity supports Agenda 21 and designed to defeat the US Constitution and YOUR RIGHTS as a US citizen!!!

United Nations Agenda 21 policies being fostered by HSUS (Humane Society of the United States). United Nations AGENDA 21 consists of a 340 page document which lays out a list of suggested policies to all the governments of countries around the world encouraging them to implement these policies. This 340 page document then refers back to the “Bio Diversity Assessment” which is 1,194 pages. The implementation of these policies in America means ultimately destroying the Constitution as the governing document of America, and replacing it with the policies of the U.N. Agenda 21 plan.

The National Republican Party and the Women’s National GOP have issued unanimous resolutions to expose the truth of the policies of Agenda 21. These policies are meant to promote the destruction of our animal agriculture industries and our property rights, to put animals above human lives, and to force the rural people off of the lands and into cities.

Maurice Strong, the founder of United Nations Agenda 21, is also a senior board member and adviser of the Humane Society of United States. Strong advocates using non-government organizations like the Humane Society of The United States/Big Cat Rescue to implement the policies of United Nations Agenda 21 on the local level. The Humane Society International is the umbrella organization over the Humane Society of The United States. The Humane Society International is one of 983 non-government organizations that are sanctioned and accredited by the United Nations. Their role is to implement the policies of U.N. Agenda 21, worldwide. Sub-organizations of the Humane Society International such as the Humane Society of The United States, the Humane Society of Canada, the Humane Society of Europe, are vigorously and aggressively working to implement these policies, even at the local level.

HSUS, it’s subsidiaries, and associate animal organizations are instigating RAIDS and BANS of longstanding livestock, exotic and domestic animal owners all over the country. At the instigation of HSUS, its subsidiaries, and associates, animal owners are being criminalized for allegations of animal cruelty, which is ultimately tearing families apart, especially when kids are involved. Texas District and County Attorneys, and Judges are acting in compliance with the policies of Agenda 21 by threatening longstanding animal owners, unless they willingly sign over their animals. This conduct is “Capital Felony Treason” against the protections and guarantees of the Constitution, all being paid for by “YOU” the Taxpayer.

The credibility of HSUS is presently in very great question. CNN has reported that HSUS is under investigation by the U.S. Attorney General for RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) violations. HSUS is a defendant in Federal Court for RICO violations in the Feld Entertainment case, in which another defendant – ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has already paid Feld Entertainment, owners of Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus, $9.3 million in settlement, instead of going to trial for RICO violations. HSUS is a named defendant in other Federal court cases, or is a defendant through its subsidiaries such as Fund For Animals (FFA) or Black Beauty Ranch.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on November 20, 2013.

2 Responses to “Zoo Wars -Illegal Lobbying CONTINUES -BCR goes to Washigton DC”

  1. Quoting a friend-
    “o i guess they are spending their money, want to know how they do it. They draw a bonus as a board member or a salary or they take a trip all expenses paid to check out an animal etc, and then on THEIR FREE TIME the politic, or as in this case they are so confident that no one will touch them because they are protected by PETA,HSUS and other animal rights groups that they flaunt it in your face. which is what BIG CAT RESCUE IS DOING. the saying that power creates mad men is true. POWER is all consuming and soon FREEDOM is lost.”

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