Zoo Wars -BCR is a Roadside Zoo -SCAM-tuary!!!

It is the opinion of the state of Florida that Big Cat Rescue is NOT a sanctuary!!!-not just ours!!!

Please do not support any bill introduced by the HSUS or BCR including the Big Cat Safety Act.

“This international scam to take away our rights as American Citizens to profit for themselves on exotic animals. This is nothing short of terrorism in our own country Please watch this video and educate yourself how the very people supporting this bill are making millions by getting you to support their agenda along with possible MURDER and you are falling right into their trap. Do you want to support American Terrorist?”

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Zoo Wars education-exclusive on TopCatsRoar -B

10 Responses to “Zoo Wars -BCR is a Roadside Zoo -SCAM-tuary!!!”

  1. […] Just look at this crap-the writing is on the wall…In-sync joined Carole Lewis Baskin (BCR) and HSUS on this well planned out raid KNOWING where the cats would go…FREE CATS for the taking and Baskin needing inventory with her cats dying-now 143!!! Big Cat Rescue doesn’t qualify as a sanctuary in Florida so she has to go else where for animals…  https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/zoo-wars-bcr-is-a-roadside-zoo-scam-tuary/ […]

  2. They’re going to use that attack to swindle Kansas legislators again, this time into banning USDA licensees.

    • Share the link in every group you are in!!! Time to wake America up as to what is going on!!! Aoo Waes is for educating the public and time to take to ‘the streets’ They want Zoo Wars then we will give it to them…this message needs to go viral on the net…just sharing among ourselves does nothing…SHARE WILDLY!!!

  3. i know there are laws that require zoo or commercial exhibits to meet certain standards which BIG CAT RESCUE dies not. they have a NON PROFIT tax exemption and yet they are open to the public,[with hrs.] they charge, and they are not a sanctuary because i beleive they can not exhibit it is private. BIG CAT RESCUE is in business and they charge for everything just like the zoo. disney or bush gardens or any other animal exhibit. the difference is BIG CAT RESCUE is NON PROFIT. all the rest pay taxes and donations or sponsorships are not a tax write off except in goverment run zoo/ parks etc,…….. The reason she has teamed up with peta and hsus is for protection and as stated since she can not breed to resupply her cats that die off. BIG CAT RESCUE started with their oun cats that they were breeding and go around when PETA or HSUS find a cat or cats BCR rushes to get them but first the fund raiser and then by their own film footage haul full grown panthers in dog cages which they showed the one cat tried to rip the wire with his teeth. I can not beleive that ANY GOVERMENT agency would knowing allow them to transport full grown cats in a van in dog cages. WHICH then opens up the question of who do they know that they got away with that transportation cage. A bob cat ok. but a full grown strange panther NO WAY. that is a danger to not only the panther but the passengers ,driver and if he got loose the general area. they were in a van. with two full grown panthers in dog carriers. BUT these are the same group making laws and baning animals , to me it is like haveing the yard man DO BRAIN SURGERY. he has no education or experience but he sure can snow you.into beleiving he is a top surgeon.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!!!
      We need more people questioning what is going on there and to supply the answers to their questions.
      SHARE the message and lets provide the information and educate others. -B

  4. Most of us who live in Florida and work with exotic anythings…birds to lions, KNOW the Big Cat Rescue people are bad news. We see them at hearings making their stupid recommendations about exotics. Sometimes some individuals are so angry they are ready to pop Carol Baskin! This woman and BCR are a threat to all exotic animal owners.

    • Please share the link and help to educate others-time to make that garbage go away. We are an ‘ARMY’ of Animal Lovers…it costs nothing to make it happen!!! As we all know, most animal owners do not waste their money on legislature, tied to our homes with the animals and concerned about their welfare-Unfortunately, we now must also concern ourselves with politics-Give it your best shot to help spread the word!!!…it’s up to us to ‘represent’ and sptead the word!!!
      ALL animal owners are invired to join USZA and make it even a stronger group of Private Exotic Animal Owners!!! https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/the-united-states-zoological-association/

  5. Tell me more about USZA…I am in contact with different groups that work with exotics and also I volunteer for a organization that fights anti-animal laws and regulations. See http://www.naiatrust.org In Florida we recently were part of the effort to get a law passed to require that animal shelters and animal control entities keep intake and disposition records on all animals. The law was passed and signed by the Governor. This required contacting various animal groups and working with a lobbyist…but it was successful.

    • https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/the-united-states-zoological-association/
      This link provides the link to their website and their FB page. We need all groups to unite and work together. Animal Rights is busy silencing us and shouldn’t happen. Regardless if for farm animals, exotic animal or domestics…If we don’t gather strength in our numbers with focus on the issues whether state or federal, we’re screwed. Best I can tell they are after power and money and have little care about the animals, the people or the law.
      I am in contact with so many people who have lost their animals…ALL suffering from PTSD and all with their lives ruined…
      I am in touch with so many animal owners ALL living in fear it can happen to them…

  6. […] Zoo Wars -BCR is a Roadside Zoo -SCAM-tuary!!! […]

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