An Event Like No Other~Scariest Halloween Event Is At Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue

Considering this event goes on year after year -Why subject children to go to a prison like atmosphere owned and operated by a Convicted Felon-will always be a Convicted Felon for Halloween just because it’s Halloween is no excuse. Life these days is pretty scary as it is, Halloween should be treated a bit better especially for the children!!! Children are sensitive to their surroundings but hey, if you want to scare the crap out of them, then this event will certainly be memorable…”Look where my mom (and maybe dad) took us one year for Halloween -Do you believe that?!?”

Me?!? I wouldn’t go there on a bet, event missing my animals-I don’t like liars and cheats!!!

Helping Advertise an Event-HA!

Figured I’d do a Random Act of Kindness to repay an old debt I owe…Just making up for lost time. No good deed should go without being paid back-something about karma and all-I just love crashing an event for a good cause-pay backs and all…Know what, they can be HELL!!! Happy Halloween…

So excited!!! What better way to scare the crap out of the kids than to take them to a see a notorious criminal, Jeff Kozlowski, convicted FELON for robbing a bank; to what appears to be an animal penitentiary for Halloween this year. I can’t think of a single one better. Just leave your valuables at home, accept only wrapped candy and be sure to check the candy before eaten. ALL set…to the x-convicts house we go…

Link of interest:

Now for the event-HA!

Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue Presents: “TRICK OR TREAT WITH THE BIG CATS”!!!!!
28 Lions, Tigers, and Leopards are waiting for you. We will be having Trick or Treating at our facility. There will be 28 different big cats waiting to hand out candy. Lots of candy, plenty of Halloween decorations, spooky music & more! (New for 2014 -Have lunch or dinner with us. Food Tent,with:Burgers,Brats,Hot dogs,Homeade Chili,Hot Apple Cider,Hot Chocolate,and StarBucks Coffee) One of a kind Trick or Treat experience!!! Watch The Big Cats carve there pumpkins!! This is a free event (except for food) “Donations will be greatly appreciated”!!


Yeah if you DARE all right!!!

Oh, I do hope they got their permit to sell food-after all safety first and we don’t want to break the law now do we!?!

Ya know, in many states it is considered totally unacceptable to take children where someone who has been convicted owns or is employed…Frankly, I don’t know how he qualified for a USDA permit and allowed to be a caretaker of big cats most of which are his own personal pets and three very valuable leopards that are rightfully mine-NO CONVICTION and breach of contract when he couldn’t produce the transport cages he agreed to hold for a minimum of 6 months…that’s what he paper says and Fred was there even before the 6 months was up although, according to the contract, not required-He should read and know what he signed!!! Like that note he handed the teller. Poof, like magic those transport cages were never there, only one…I hear x-cons are good at making things disappear-HA! Sierra, Magic and Boo were mine until he made that first phone call and stirred some shit.

Wisconsin has Kozlowski’s conviction record open to the public -His record can easily be found on line-Imagine that!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

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