Zoo Wars-Focus on Sanctuary SCAMMER Turpentine Creek Wildlife Rescue


This will be a focus on Serenity Springs Wildlife Center owners-Julie Walker and Nick Sculac v Turpentine Creek Wildlife Rescue (TCWR) Tonya Smith-ceo/owner.



It was NOT a rescue as implied by Tonya Smith -ceo for TCWR but instead a ‘contract for deed’ where Smith made a down payment for the property and committed to make future payments-She is NOT the owner until she satisfies the contract.


And this is not the only evidence of TCWR notification but there is also a personal note from Smith (TCWR) to Walker (Serenity Springs)


Both Have IRS Not for Profit status allowing them to operate Tax free but entitles them to nothing else-and does NOT allow for SCAMS!!! Otherwise, it’s business as usual.

Both are licensed and permitted by USDA/APHIS a government agency required to exhibit animals-Neither of these companies are closed to the public with both allowing visitors for exhibition purposes just as ALL animal enterprise facilities.

But Smith did not keep her promise and commitment with Julie and Nick-Their peace of mind destroyed when Smith began calling it a rescue although she became the sole care-giver but NOT owner of the property as Smith only made a down payment and therefore did not become an owner of anything and assumed that she would honor the only commitment that she did make with the ‘contract for deed’ to BECOME the future owner.

Now who put the idea in her head that she could have her vets from LA to preform surgeries and assess the animals in CO…move the animals and the equipment off the property…Stupid is as stupid does and likely believed because she did it before could do it again and again and again…including having the public supply funds for this illegal operation!



On viewing the announcement was question about WHAT RESCUE? Here’s Smith’s reply:


What a shock seeing their facility and animals being called a rescue (4 tigers going to the scummiest facility in the country-my opinion and the opinion of others) when it was no such thing! Smith’s SCAM grows so another NFP will get involved and cost her nothing as she decided to remove property either to TCWR or other facilities including BCR who also made a fundraiser out of it. Now we have 3+ SCAMS from facilities calling themselves rescue operations…Just how far and widespread this has grown is yet to be determined…


Big Cat Rescue 2015 IRS 990 tax filing-MILLIONS-follow the money before donating http://www.bcrwatch.com/big-cat-rescue-990.html

Buying a facility and now calling it a rescue is no simple matter -TCWR decides to increase it’s fundraising while STRIPPING the property, also demonstrates the out of state vet from AR illegally preforming surgery on a tiger in CO utilizing the veterinary hospital on Serenity Springs property


Here’s an accounting of what was witnessed and prepared to testify should it come to that but Nick and Julie have already been contacted by TCWR lawyer so I would assume things have escalated and please remember, Nick is fighting for his life and not needing the stress that has developed-My heart goes out to him…

From our keepers before they were fired!

“Hey Nick and Julie, this is Eastin and Hollie. We worked for y’all before turpentine took over, I just had a few questions to ask you in regards to the contract between you and turpentine. Since they have taken over, they guaranteed us all a place here taking care of the animals and told us they were working on our paper work, so we continued working for them without knowing they were not going to pay us.

They have cut the eyes out of the two blind cats by Huggy and said their reasoning was “if we don’t take their eyes they will die in a month”, they are also stripping down the photo trailer and putting the rolling cages into it to transport and rehome (sell) Mona, ALL of the Bears including Huggy, all of the mountain lions and Cougars and they are also separating all of the yearlings from each other and sending them to separate “zoos”.

If that were not enough for us to have to deal with, yesterday will, tori, joe, Eastin and myself asked to sit down with them privately to discuss why we haven’t been paid, and also why they allowed us to work minimum of 73 hours on park without them giving us our paperwork, especially since tori and I over heard two different comments from their “head” board member that 1. ” we don’t know what the fuck were doing” and 2. “We just need to keep their backs and keep them distracted for another week until the rest of our crew gets here” when we brought this to their attention they promised to compensate us for the work we did for you (not them) and told us to give them some time to figure out the funds, and then they called us back one by one and fired us all and told us to get off the property within the next 5 hours.

I also feel I should inform you on a personal conversation Tanya had with me (Hollie) about how horrible of shape the park is in and how she can’t believe you could treat the animals this way for so long, she also had “Lisa” record Peyton and black fire saying the condition they are in is horrific and they were not taken care of by the previous owner so they need donations to “fix them.”

So my question to you is, is there ANY type of loophole we could use to get them away from this park so Eastins dad can buy into it. Oh, also they allowed Shakira to keep her cubs and this morning she killed and ate one of them.”


That is a letter received by Julie and Nick alerting them that there is a serious problem brewing and an accounting of the tigers surgery and the death of a cub not removed from it’s mother as advised by Julie, Nick and the CO vet of record.


They would rather a tiger cub be killed by it’s mother -GFAS & TCWR
But this is abuse?

[bloggers note: TCWR recently announced the completion of their veterinary hospital in Arkansas-blogger suspects that property was removed from Serenity Springs and taken to TCWR]

In the news: http://fox21news.com/2016/10/24/arkansas-based-big-cat-sanctuary-takes-over-serenity-springs-but-not-without-controversy/

Arkansas-based big cat sanctuary takes over Serenity Springs, but not without controversy

As previously posted:
“I can hardly believe that a facility buys another facility and calls it a rescue. Considering the claim of rescue began after providing Serenity Springs with a down payment for the property, signing a contract and took ownership of the animals although the proper paperwork to transfer ownership had not been completed. Tonya Smith assumed ownership and subjected the animals to acts of deliberate animal abuse and cruelty of her newly owned animals. [Bloggers note: Smith assumed beyond her ‘contract for deed’ and assumed ownership. Instead she became care giver and required owners permission for surgeries or to remove any animals from the property, including but not limited to the animals but ALL property-You don’t buy a car, remove the engine and the leave the bank holding the bag for a car with no engine-duh] I assume she is referring to rescuing her own animals in her posts where she slandered the previous owner but now screaming about the animals that she agreed to provide continued care for yet it was her inexperienced vet who cut the eyes of 2 aging tigers
*Accounting was witnessed and posted below.

https://www.gofundme.com/save-serenity-springs-2vjdqk8k To view the Serenity Springs video at this go fund me link. Those cats are amazing.”

“After being diagnosed with cancer, Nick Sculac, made the heartbreaking decision to sell the facility in order to give the cats a forever home in the case of his death should he die from his fight with cancer. Nick has dedicated his life to these animals and wanted nothing but the best for them. He promised to give them a home to live out their lives and in selling the facility he had hoped that his promise would live on.”

“Shortly after signing over the facility his promise and dreams for the cats was destroyed. Now he is fighting to keep his promise to those animals and needs all the help he can get in this fight. He is up against legal fees to do so and outstanding veterinarian bills.”

Link of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/10/23/updatealert-zoo-wars-the-biggest-sanctuary-scammers-in-history-part-2/

TCWR is a MEMEBER of GFAS-It is assumed that 50+ animals…according to the news accounting…were removed and taken to other GFAS to profit from their SCAMS. So far only and several GFAS sanctuaries have received STOLEN property. What TCWR is doing is referred to as stripping the property and the courts frown in this type of theft…They managed to get a restraining order on the owners of the property however what Smith forgets is that 1) Smith has a history of property theft 2) all the animals and other property is documented and photographed…She will have an option of paying in full or held in breach and guess she bought an awful lot of animals to give away to all her GFAS friends 3) Not all the animals at Serenity Springs belonged to Serenity Springs and in fact on breeding loan from independent presidential candidate Joe Maldonado.



This is only part 1 of what this blogger has learned-More will be forthcoming as investigations and supply of evidence comes in to inform the pubic that they are being SCAMMED by GFAS facilities and who knows how many others are involved-Too bad there is already a SCAM called Fast and Furious…cause now learning some of GW Interactive Exotic Zoo animals are also involved…another cancer victim.

All posts on TCWR were screen saved as this investigative accounting of GFAS facility SCAMs to bilk the public for funding-We have been collecting where those animals are now and the SCAMS produced and NOT limited to those mentioned in this post-Far beyond any corruption previous mentioned in this blog!

Maybe our FBI agent will be interested in this-I do believe I will forward this to him…GFAS is HSUS!!!

Animal GreedDisclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog For more on the BIGGEST Sanctuary SCAMS of All Time!!! -B

Correction to the 2 previous posts -TCWR vets are from Arkansas not LA

~ by topcatsroar on October 26, 2016.

3 Responses to “Zoo Wars-Focus on Sanctuary SCAMMER Turpentine Creek Wildlife Rescue”

  1. Big question on my mind at this time…
    HOW can a place like Turpentine Creek call themselves a rescue and refuge? A simple scan of their website shows they are nothing more than a theme park/private roadside zoo. How can any animal expect “refuge” when subjected to paid visitors, some of whom rent tents, cabins, RV sites, or yurts for overnight stays? (at nearly $200/night.) They are nothing more than Arkansas’ version of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa. In fact, how can USDA/APHIS even allow a theme park/zoo to call themselves a “refuge”?

    Then they have the nerve to go out and buy a well-kept sanctuary in Colorado, make a down payment on the C-D, and immediately proceed to strip the place of anything of value -including its animals and veterinary care equipment. Laws have been passed in nearly all states to prevent just this type of scam. People in the past would make a down payment on a tract of wooded land, and before the first installment was due, have it stripped of all timber, and maybe turned into a big gravel pit as well. Then they’d just move on and let it be repossessed -at a mere fraction of its original value, since it’s now just worthless wasteland. Similar tactic was used on oil-producing properties, although they’d have to be kept a bit longer -thus more payments made- to make a killing from them.

    You’re correct that Contract for Deed does NOT transfer actual ownership of a property until the final payment has been made, therefore anything taken off that property is legally a theft -including all the many animals and even any drugs from the vet infirmary. If I buy your car on Contract for Deed, I can certainly repair it, but I cannot legally strip it and sell the parts till I’ve paid it off in full!

    I certainly hope Julie and Nick succeed in court and not only take back the property, get back whatever surviving animals and equipment possible, but also win reimbursement and punitive damages for all the harm and headaches caused by Tonya Smith and company (who incidentally are calling the purchase a “rescue”!)

    By the way, GFAS membership and accreditation are NOT required for ownership of any animal exhibit establishment. USDA-APHIS exhibitor permit is, and it’s the APHIS rules that must be followed above all others.

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  3. […] https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/zoo-wars-focus-on-sanctuary-scammer-turpentine-creek-wi… […]

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