ZOO WARS~Petition-Help Save this Bobcats Life!!!


Ask FWCC to Revoke permission on releasing a 4 year old Imprinted Pet Bobcat to the wild.

According to the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association/NWRA-Animals should not be considered for release that “are imprinted”
Letter to:

Executive Director Nick Wiley
Major Ron Cave
NWRA President Sandy Woltman
and 1 other
WTSP 10 News Mike Deeson
Big Cat Rescue Tampa is attempting to rehab and release a 4 year old imprinted pet bobcat that was raised by a family from a kitten and lived indoors her entire life.
BCR states Florida Fish & Game has decided that an attempt would be made to re-wild Ariel in hopes that she would be a candidate for release.
During this process, live rats, live domestic rabbits and live turkeys will be unnecessarily tortured and killed in BCR’S unethical outdated rehab program.

According to the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association NWRC

7.1 Overview
Animals should not be considered for release that “are imprinted”

According to NY State Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources:

Wild animals raised as pets may never regain their fear of humans which makes them dangerous to release.

Vetstream.com interview with Big Cat Rescue:
How Big Cat Rescue Decides if They Can Release an Animal into the Wild.

Q. How do you determine whether or not to rehabilitate and release an animal like BCR recently did with the bobcats, Copter and Gator?

A. That depends on how they come there. If the animals were pets, they cannot ever be released back to the wild. The only animals we can release back into the wild are cats who were born in the wild.

According to this BCR article:

This bobcat was shot to death because of persons who habituated her to humans, noting a report stating the bobcat was either a poorly rehabbed bobcat kitten that had imprinted on humans or perhaps she had grown up in the park with people offering her handouts from an early age, yet
Big Cat Rescue Tampa is putting the public in danger and also sending this bobcat to the same fate as the habituated bobcat that was shot.

Bobcat Rehab Experts note Bobcats “imprint” so easily they will never regain their fear of humans which puts the cat and the public in danger.
Bobcats are territorial and Ariel has no experience living or surviving with others of her kind. It is the Petitioners Opinion that any attempt to set this imprinted 4 year old pet bobcat free will result in her death.

Please ask Florida Fish & Game to investigate the dangers of releasing imprinted bobcats with credible organizations and revoke their approval to release her in the wild and instead provide her with a safe home in a proper wildlife facility or zoo.

What the Fuck!?! You really don’t have to be an expert to know this is totally wrong!!! DDid FWC actually give Baskin permission to do this?!? WTF…??? Please sign the petition and let FWC that an imprinted bobcat can NEVER be returned to the wild and apparently Ariel was never in the wild to begin with and instead was someone’s pet…Next thing you know she’s going to put leopards back in the enclosure with no top and FWC won’t don’t anything about it-I don’t know where all the ‘clout’ with FWC is coming from but I suspect there’s a HOOK-up somewhere…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B



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