Let’s Define No-Kill Shall we?!?

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Put an end to killing of animals taken to shelters -Do not accept anything less than No-Kill  animal shelters in your community!!!

A direct definition:

“A no-kill shelter is a shelter that saves all healthy, treatable and rehabilitation animals. A rule of thumb is that, to be no-kill, a shelters saves more than 90% of all animals received.”

“Ideally, No Kill would mean all “adoptable” and “treatable” animals are saved and only “un-adoptable” or “non-rehabilitatable” animals are euthanized, but 90% is the threshold. Definition of the terms adoptableunadoptable and what is treatable, may vary widely between organizations and this has led to controversy. “

Some no-kill facilities treat all illness and only euthanize when there is nothing more they can do in an attempt to save an animal. Others attempt to stake a claim to it and lying through their teeth!!!

There is absolutely NOTHING in this definition that translates to ‘No Kill for specific breeds only’-Animal ‘rescue’ of a NO-Kill facility goes by numbers-and when a facility takes their animals to another shelter or animal control and ‘the deed’ done after three days, then BOTH facilities must be held accountable for the rate with which they euthanize animals-Not just the shelter or animal control where they sent animals. Any other claim would be a complete lie and false advertising to the public as well as any application for grants. Check the record for what happened to the animals-Where they were sent and what happened to them

So if an animal shelter CLAIMS it is 90% and taken animals say to another county animal control/animal shelter and most of the animals were euthanized after three days, then they need to be held accountable. Do NOT donate!!!

I am not sure how many shelters have been operating like this; but this scheme has already been documented. I imagine the ides is in some handbook some where, say HSUS, PETA or even American Humane that likely recommends disposing of animals this way for the sake of deception and claiming a low kill rate when it is a fact their kill rate is rather high…maybe higher than most considering they believe they are getting away with it!!!

Every intake animal needs to be accounted for-logged in and logged out…follow the animals-Is the animal shelter being honest and above board-Do they claim to be working with law enforcement-ekkkkkkkkkkkkk, RUN!!! You better believe that ANY facility with a history of animal seizures; that participates in needless seizing and stealing of animals, has a high KILL rate; even if they didn’t do the KILLING themselves.




“Just like people, every animal has a personality. Some animals are energetic and playful, some animals prefer the quiet, sedate life. Some animals are gregarious and extroverted, others are shy and sweet. Shelter staff and volunteers should get to know the animals so they can convey their character and disposition to potential adopters. When adopters can identify with an animal as an individual, they are more likely to make a personal connection. When they make a personal connection, they are more likely to adopt.”

 “Turbocharging Your Adoption Program at No Kill Conference 2013.”


This conference began this weekend -yet just yesterday I read the following about No-Kill shelters and a lie!!!

” I can’t say we’re a no-kill, because no-kill shelters usually are very specific in what they will accept”

Before opening mouth and inserting foot, you should know WTF you are talking about…Obviously, not in attendance of this conference…and a community actually buying this BULLSHIT!!! No excuse for a high kill rate anymore when No-Kill is alive and well!!! Now if a shelter is simply not capable of providing proper long term care of animals (say 2 months) and finding help within the community, it would be based on the leadership of the shelter, PROPER public relations within the community, knowledge and expertise of how…NOT because No-Kill is specific in what they will accept <shaking head and trying to wrap my brain around this statement>


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others-Learn about No-Kill; we don’t need animals to be taken to kill facilities any longer  -B

Put an end to killing of animals taken to shelters -Do not accept anything less than No-Kill  animal shelters in your community!!!

A link that might be of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/study-from-american-humane-huh/


2 Responses to “Let’s Define No-Kill Shall we?!?”

  1. I run a true no kill cat shelter. I have been raided by a kill shelter with a 70% kill rate.

  2. Absolutely AGREE! If the public in general had a clue, they would be outraged. Some organizations’ word and practices have been too easily accepted as truth and fairness for too long, Radical Animal Rights’ extremists and their propaganda, rather than the scientific and true Animal Welfare and educated Animal husbandry practices, have been what the public at large has been exposed too. Humane societies’ all over the country when you take enough interest to “study” actual cases, have hoodwinked the citizens of this country! In the name of ‘HUMANE-ity’–I call B.S. also!!! I urge everyone to take the initiative to research not only when, where and why animals were taken from their owners , but by WHOM (what are their qualifications?, are they respectable?, experienced in animal husbandry? & if so, where did this experience come from?, formally educated for MORE THAN ONE TO THREE WEEKS on animal cruelty issues, do they use the same adjectives & other wording in each case you research? (example: the word “deplorable”). Once you have done this…research the “source”, don’t base your opinion on pictures they “say is the way it was-too easily manipulated by the photographer and computer skilled photo-shopper”. Research the “complaints to your state health department regarding any health issues to any animals obtained by ANYONE from any kennel, cattery, or pet store prior to the seizure of their facility or even their homes”. Research the OUTCOME of all! These are usually very difficult to find due to the fact that most animals are either KILLED, SOLD, BRED, REPORTED AS DEAD AND SOLD (all WITHOUT RECORD) or (ready for this one?) ordered RETURNED TO THEIR LEGAL OWNERS due to unWARRANTed and unjustified seizures ( if indeed the owners have had the resources and/or legal/public backing, as many of these cases have cost in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees alone & farms and homes have been sacrificed for the good of ALL )! WAKE UP AMERICA! IT IS A CRUEL PLAY ON YOUR EMOTIONS designed to get into your pocketbook—–Also, when researching these cases, look into the non-profit tax forms (usually posted in small print in an inconspicuous area on their page, if not there, F.O.I.A. mandates they reveal this information per request) and decide for yourself if you think millions of dollars in the bank accounts of societies and shelters deemed non-profit looks a little “hairy”. The old saying in my opinion rings true here “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, IT IS A DUCK”!!!

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