Zoo Wars-HATE and FAKE NEWS Continues to Be Promoted by BCR and other Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists Organizations-What Does This REALLY Mean?!?


So Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily Circus, a circus GIANT  has announced the will be shutting down in May shortly after announcing they now have, for the first time in what, 145 years in business, a Mistress of ceremonies. Many shocked with the news….others like myself not so surprised. The vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists have spoken-The circus lost their ‘sole’ taking the elephants to sanctuary rather than keeping them happily on the road performing in a wholesome family based entertainment. Economics and homegrown terrorists have been lead to this…Expecting Ringling to stand and fight on it’s own as so many businesses and private owners have been forced to do; fighting in corrupt courts and against a sea of voices to end ALL human relationships with animals. Today and yesterday rejoicing with this news and likely will continue their protests until day zero when they will proclaim their win and go after another one which has already begun-How much longer before there won’t be a circus coming to town?!?

Each and every donation to HSUS, PETA, ASPCA and many many others has given them a voice to create laws against ALL facets of animal usage including pet ownership. YOU donate then YOU have given them the power to destroy businesses and private owner rights. You decide that you are against cruelty to animals -who isn’t?-and allowed the creation of both civil and criminal laws that have led to the destruction…They want more…they want anyone accused to be found guilty proclaiming the animals don’t have a voice and themselves the voice for the animals-BULLSHIT-now want it to be a felony like Michigan and Rhode Island.

It takes the fall of a GIANT to get your attention and now another casualty in the fight for animal ownership-When they finally have the meat removed from your dinner table will you then be shocked and bewildered (?!?) because it’s going in that direction -Already started with chickens…the prices escalating as farmers are forced to make changes that have cost them thousands…The price of chicken and eggs has escalated with CA being the major supplier in the US with additional laws created dictating to farmers how they will raise and keep their animals.

Already there are laws in place to stop the sale of pure bred companion animals in pet stores-Mostly an attack on ‘pet stores’ against the sale (ban) on the sale of companion animals…The national cry of adopt (PURCHASE) a ‘rescue’. -Do you now own a mutt and exclaim “I have a rescue dog?!!”  -BULLSHIT!!! You have a dog stolen from it’s owner thru the mis-use of laws and mostly occurred because YOU allowed for those cruelty laws and the over-regulation of businesses using animals. Bans already in place on exotic animal ownership with the  false claims of public safety issues or that it’s cruel-BULLSHIT!!!


So take a good hard look at the FAKE NEWS and the contagious spread of lies that have brought about knee-jerk emotional reactions for YOUR money that has gone to help with the creation of laws and regulations -Your money has helped no animal and done harm to animals and their owners!!!

If you are reading, this I dare you to share this information and get involved…Just a click away from FB or Twitter…Follow this blog, read thru it and share the posts contained in it. Find other bloggers and follow them -Share the information as animal owners must dig their way out…If you own one dog or one cat, this is important to you and your pet!!!-Soon you might not be able to get another least I even mention the S/N laws have begun-They don’t grow on trees!!! It’s one thing to suggest S/N and another to make it law-The research demonstrates it’s not for animal health issues-It’s to prevent breeding and can be harmful to your animal…You have one animals, contained in your home is S/N because… -BULLSHIT!!!

A circus GIANT has fallen like two others before it that went by unnoticed…Take fucking notice!!! I refuse to stand alone any longer I refuse to accept the destruction of human relationships with animals!!!


Carole Baskin ceo Big Cat Rescue….Wayne Pacelle ceo HSUS…Ingrid Newkirk ceo PETA and many other vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists Organizations including the ASPCA with their ads and commercials claiming that animal owners commit abuse and showing set-up pictures of abused animals-Reporting on their blogs and on their FB pages, their lies and deceit for the sole purpose for the collection of donations-All FAKE NEWS and HATE CRIMES targeting every animal owner.

One generation and outWayne Pacelle now ceo HSUS has never swayed from his intent to end animal ownership and all human relationships with animals.

Those sites are written by private citizens that have no government authority are stating their opinions and spewing FAKE news and lies in an attempt to end human relationships with animals. Within their ads and commercials are their claims of animal cruelty while they themselves are committing acts of animal cruelty that are somehow overlooked and somehow considered reasonable to be filmed or recreated; leaning towards some sort of urgency over a dog needing a haircut, or just a bath is cruel and needs rescue. FACT-It’s unreasonable and should not be overlooked that they are accusing people of animal cruelty for something so easily corrected as a bath, long mails and/or a haircut-There can not be a double standard when there are laws created concerning animal cruelty -Shelter, Food and Water are the basic requirements-Nothing more and animals receiving food, water and shelter are usually pretty happy…even if they have flea, worms, need a haircut, etc…

The creation of the Animal Welfare Act and the creation of APHIS within the USDA as a federal agency in place to guard against cruelty for commercial purposes which includes animals used for ads and commercials-and in the circus-animals used for entertainment purposes. Laws are in place that concern animal bookers requiring they be permitted, follow regulations and be subjected to regular inspections. Laws concerning animals that are bred to sell their off spring…There can be no double standard where the law is concerned yet these IRS 501-C-3 Not for Profit status organizations are given a free ride…not likely the animals you see in those pictures or videos from the ASPCA or HSUS or other vegan based homegrown Animal Rights Terrorist Organization has a USDA connected to it yet they collect money off the unregulated animals proclaiming it’s to help animals that, in turn, use your money for propaganda and the creation of more laws that don’t help animals. DEMAND THAT ALL RESCUES HAVE A USDA/APHIS permit…after all, an adoption of an animal is a sale of an animal and the law is for ALL animal businesses be regulated!!!


Animal owners, when using their animals for commercial purposes, are regulated and required to purchase a permit thru the USDA/APHIS agency and this should also include rescue organizations. This should include the making of ads and commercials for donations or selling animals especially if they are using rescued animals in consideration that we are led to believe that the animals in those ads and TV commercials are suffering and would then be subjected to being EXPLOITED for commercial purpose by a NFP organization. The USDA/APHIS, in charge of making sure that the regulations of the Animal Welfare Act has neglected to their responsibility to provide for ‘rescued animals’ and of great concern in consideration that these animals are being sold…The USDA/APHIS government agency has stated that no matter what it’s called-including adoption-it is the sale of an animal!!!

The Secretary of Agriculture in charge of the USDA/APHIS agencies left his post as of Friday-Tom Vilsack, largely connected to vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists Organizations, is largely to blame for allowing the agency to be infiltrated by Fanatics and pushed for outrageous laws and regulations while ignoring the cries from Ohio about the abuse of Governor Kasich’s ODA abuse of animals and their owners, ignoring the abuse at certain rescues and sanctuaries…The Secretary of Agriculture is the most important figure concerning American Animal Culture. The cries of people falsely accused have gone by ignored by the FBI even though their job to defend and protect the rights of US citizens.

Animal GreedHSUS is the eye at the center of extreme FAKE NEWS and HATE CRIMES against ALL animal owners.

Has no one paid attention to the new law created by President Obama concerning Fake News or that there are laws written concerning Hate Crimes?!? While I don’t like FAKE news I believe in freedom of the press and my right to write in this blog to point out the FAKE news and HATE crimes…

Focus on exotic animals and exotic animal ownership:

Carole Baskin/Big Cat Rescue/BCR will be the focus of this post demonstrating her FAKE NEWS and Hate CRIMES against private exotic animal owners and anyone who doesn’t side with her and her opinion. Baskin has targeted businesses and against commerce the utilizes animals.

Baskin’s actions are a federal offence of the Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act (AETA) which are both Criminal and Civil Offenses. That’s not to say that the other Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist Organizations are of less importance -Wayne Pacelle/HSUS along with Ingrid Newkirk are also at the center of this ‘shit storm’ with their promotions against people having relationships with animals and ALL animal usage. HSUS is NOT a government agency but instead a NFP TERRORIST organization committed to their cause dictating for more useless illegal and unconstitutional laws and regulations from small towns to federal creation.

These organizations are completely against all animal ownership and usage. They promote the creation of illegal and unconstitutional laws against all animal owner usage…None of those and many others should be allowed to continue to be considered a charity and/or hold an IRS NFP 501-C-3 and/or C-4 status which allows for paying lobbyists and involved in the election process or the creation of laws and regulations with donated money-By no means are those organizations involved in charity work especially when they utilize FAKE NEWS in the process. HSUS has no animal shelters and provides less than 1% of the funding collected to help animals-Might as well say none of the funding helps any animals but instead will pay high salaries, law suits, commercials and ads, lawyers, retirement funds, etc.-animals, their ’cause’ is overlooked by themselves, the IRS and the Animal Welfare Act.


Take a look at Carole Baskin’s 911 Animal Abuse.com site. The site has been an issue of concern for years by exotic animal owners. Baskin claims the site is educational…How can it possibly be considered educational when there are so many false statements, slanders people and promotes issues concerning Criminal AETA offenses?!? I say the slander and deceitful intentional lies demonstrates it as FAKE NEWS and a HATE CRIME…much of it is repeating non-factual news (FAKE NEWS) and promoting for the readers to take action against animal owners and businesses where no crime exists and is an AETA offense!!! This includes the website and all social media as well as all media outlets these types of organizations utilize.

Tiger scam

Web of Not-For-Peofits created by Carole Baskin as CEO

Baskin also writes FAKE complaints to the USDA and encourages her readers to do the same. This should also be considered an extreme offense (AETA); A waste of both donated and taxpayer money-YOUR MONEY!!! Each and every complaint is required to be investigated yet the complaints themselves are not investigated and nor is anyone punished for false claims and filing FAKE reports. Fake reports equivalent to FAKE NEWS and definitely an AETA offense!!!


What is 911AnimalAbuse.com?

For those of you that aren’t already aware of Big Cat Rescue’s wall of shame, 911 Animal Abuse, despite the name, it’s a website basically created for the sole purpose of smearing the name and reputation of people and businesses that don’t align with Big Cat Rescue’s ideology. Upon hearing the name, most people would think 911 Animal Abuse is a website dedicated to exposing animal abuse and cruelty, they wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that, but the truth is a little different. You don’t even have to abuse an animal or own an exotic animal to have your business or personal information splattered across multiple pages of that website…

[More from the above link-Follow the link for the entire article]

Why is Juan Garcia Being Targeted?

I, one of their most recent additions, was added for simply speaking against Big Cat Rescue. I can only assume by adding me to their website they’re attempting to discredit my good name by associating it with animal abuse. Among other things, they claim I’m simply a voice for those that own and exhibit big cats which couldn’t be further from the truth, but the truth and Big Cat Rescue don’t go hand in hand. The fact that I was added onto that website and essentially labeled an animal abuser for only being outspoken against Big Cat Rescue and for visiting multiple facilities to see how they compare, proves just how deceitful and erroneous that website truly is.

Unsurprisingly, the page dedicated to me has gone through many recent changes in the course of little over a month. You can view the changes yourself by clicking HERE and navigating through the archived history of that page.

They even resorted to stealing a picture of me from my Facebook account from the time I was still attending high school and posted the city I resided in along with the full address of my residence. I’m sure we can all agree that that was a very dishonorable thing to do as I, myself, haven’t stooped low enough to do that on my website even though I could have done that quite a while back which would likely please many disgruntled people. Before I retaliated I found that my address was removed. I can only speculate that it was removed because it made them look like the aggressor when they wanted to paint my image as one…

Who Runs 911AnimalAbuse.com?

If you’re new to all of this then I’m sure you’re wondering how exactly do I know 911 Animal Abuse is run by Big Cat Rescue, specifically Carole Baskin, Founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue. Well, here’s how I know, the front page of that website says so. Susan Bass is Big Cat Rescue’s PR person.
To read the rebuttal, please follow the link-
In closing, Juan Garcia states: “On a side note, it seems like people who have Hispanic names and comment negatively about Big Cat Rescue will now end up on the 911 Animal Abuse website probably because they think they must be connected to me. Check this page out that popped up at around the same time they created a page about me.”
All those groups connected-BCR is GFAS which is unverified as it can’t be verified yet accepted as a member. GFAS connected to HSUS and if you look at the chart you can see they donate to each other somewhere along the way. This is dangerous to not only exotic animal ownership but to ALL animal ownership-Consider yourself well informed.
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned…Follow this blog and SHARE it’s posts…Find the others find people who fight against Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists from taking away your rights!!! -B

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