ZOO WARS~Lynn Culver~Feline Conservation Federation Executive Director-BUSTED!!!

What goes around comes around-If you live in a glass house, throw no stone lest your KARMA come back to bite you in your arse.

Oh, this is old news alright and so are things still up on Feline Conservation Federation site; they must still be collecting donations on their Big News that has been left on their website; so why not mine?!? Ahhhh, but there’s one BIG difference-I had nothing to do with this drug bust and frankly did NOTHING wrong-We had NO REAL CRIMINAL TRIAL and GUILTY OF NOTHING but the Executive Director (and I assume consulted the Board of Directors) for FCF made the decision to help a convicted felon, Jeff Kozlowski of Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue, take my animals; illegally I might add, across state lines and collected money for the deed!!! As a matter of fact, it must still be collecting money on the Internet off the old media report that wasn’t accurate or demonstrated any good reason to provide however, it’s still on their website and I assume, it wouldn’t be on the FCF site for nearly 5 years now, if it wasn’t fetching money for another time to ‘aid’ in another asset forfeiture (that wasn’t), now would it?!? Had there never been an offer to take the animals, then the animals would have been returned home as there wasn’t any real reason to take them in the first place.  Link of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/zoo-wars-whered-the-cats-go/

This coming from a site that supports big cat ownership (?!?) has assisted in taking animals from their rightful owner, giving them away to the person who started the problem and leaves that garbage up as their ‘Claim to Fame’ on the FCF site. Not a member, then they can do it to you I suppose but if there were no members and no money coming in, then this would have never happened to anyone, now would it!?! Falsely providing and collecting money on the Internet is a form of fraud-so what appears as truth is nothing more than smut in the media. I can only compare this to a BCR campaign to ‘justify’ the taking.

The Internet wasn’t so popular in the 90’s so this is pretty much ‘new news’ that maybe should travel across the Internet. This information is being placed here for educational purposes-KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

The Culvers plead guilty and no contest to their crime-there was jail time and big loss of property. So without any shame I’m placing this here to document who these people are and collecting money (donations) on false pretense. If I had the money and the time I would file suit against Culver, FCF, Kozlowski and WBCR for AETA and RICO violations -that’s not to say that I won’t but is to say I haven’t yet -I just might in the future.

There’s a 7 year statute of limitations on AETA and there is no statute of limitations on RICO…They became major players in ending my life as I knew it with my animals and while this post is hardly a major aggressive move against FCF or Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue, it is a fact that the two conspired to take animals from my private farm property, the most expensive and youngest cats I might add, to Wisconsin in a Uhaul truck with no ventilation thru icy roads that put my animals in harms way.

Lynn Culver is, no doubt, dumber than a box of rocks who told the governor of Ohio that FCF was more than willing help transport animals from their rightful owners to one of their many members-I have often wondered how FCF members actually feel about that; especially the ones that live in Ohio!!! Bad enough that GFAS ‘sanctuaries’ have been more than willing to take in these animals and collect large sums of money from their deed of taking animals from their rightful owners but there is shameful when a group that supports private ownership makes such an offer and supports such outrageous illegal unconstitutional regulations of animals over a single incident where no one was harmed. Many of the FCF members have already dropped their membership, is there any question or reason to wonder why!?! -Of course not!!!


October 22, 2011

Governor Kasich,

On behalf of the Feline Conservation Federation (FCF) I wish to thank you for your recent response to the horrendous tragedy, which occurred in Mushingum County this past week. The Feline Conservation Federation and its members have been giving input and participating in the legislative process in Ohio for the past decade, in efforts to pass much needed state regulations that set standards and guidelines, and do not prohibit qualified people and facilities, practicing safe and humane captive husbandry, from continuing their pursuits.

The FCF has been repeatedly frustrated by the extremist organization, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), which introduces ban bills into Ohio, and lobbies against reasonable legislation year after year. HSUS has a philosophical opposition to any captive conservation and wildlife holding, and has a historical record that proves it does not care about animal welfare, only about forcing total extinction of wildlife in captivity.

The long-standing refusal of the HSUS to support the amendments made by the animal stakeholder community to protect private captive husbandry of wildlife by knowledable and capable facilities, is the main reason the legislature has been unable to pass regulations in Ohio.

The FCF fully supports your Executive Order to locate animals and strictly enforce existing laws, and anticipates that the continued efforts of the Exotic Animal Task Force will develop a permanent solution that addresses the dangerous animal issue in Ohio.

The Feline Conservation Federation is an international non-profit organization of feline owners, breeders, educators, exhibitors, zoological parks and sanctuaries that work to preserve, protect and propagate wild felines.

Our organization, founded in 1956, when early members pioneered the husbandry of the small South American felines imported for pets prior to the Endangered Species Act, is today a leader in captive feline husbandry and a strong supporter of feline conservation worldwide..

It is the husbandry breakthroughs by early FCF members that aided zoological facilities in their understanding of diet, reproduction, and husbandry needs of many feline species. Currently, FCF member facilities hold several kinds of felines not conserved by the proprietary species management plans of the larger zoo association, AZA. For instance, the captive conservation of Asian and African leopards and black panthers, is entirely dependent upon the non-AZA zoos and private facilities. The conservation of Bengal tigers, including the white and other rare colors, and the large genetic bank of generic tigers, the black-maned lions, and smaller felines such as jungle cats, bobcats, leopard cats, fishing cats and geoffroy’s cats, are dependent upon the private sector breeding efforts. FCF works by mentoring new owners, and by teaching husbandry and wildlife conservation, so that our members meet excellence in animal care, facility management and public safety.

FCF is extremely troubled over this tragedy. Even though Mr. Thompson has never been a member of the Feline Conservation Federation, our very concerned members and officers were aware of the dire situation at the Thompson farm and made many efforts to have Thompson’s animals removed during his incarceration.

Last November and December, I was in touch with a very concerned Ohio sanctuary owner, and also FCF Indiana sanctuary members, and Ohio Animal Owners Association representatives, to arrange transport of Thompson’s many felines, however we could not gain cooperation from the sheriff in  these efforts, due to his feeling that prosecution using existing laws would not give him authority to confiscate.

In January this past year, another of our members was fully prepared with transport vehicles and willing sanctuary homes, to relocate the animals to, but again, the sheriff declined to cooperate. Since the current Ohio laws on the books concerning public endangerment, animal cruelty and abuse, and animals running at large, were deemed by the Sheriff as not appropriate grounds for removing animals from Thompson’s dangerous, cruel and poorly run private facility, it is imperative that Ohio’s Task Force finish developing regulations to prevent a repeat occurrence, while also, protecting the privileges and freedoms of residents and facilities that do practice safe and humane exotic animal husbandry.

The FCF is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of animal life but is gratified that local and state authorities were able to act under such chaotic circumstances, and successfully prevent any loss of human life. FCF also appreciates the willingness of the Columbus Zoo to aid in this response and provide temporary housing for the few animal lives that were saved.

Again, we hope that the well-represented Exotic Animal Task Force, given the governor’s support, will reach an agreement and finalize a set of industry regulations that can make Ohio a model state for captive conservation.

The FCF stands ready to assist Ohio though our FUR (Feline Urgent Response) Team, and our Wildcat Safety Net Fund, should any other felines be located during the execution of the executive order to locate angerous animals and stringently enforce existing laws.


Lynn Culver

Feline Conservation Federation Executive Director


Dumber than a box of rocks-I can’t help but wonder if Lynn Culver ran this past anyone before sending it out!!! -OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Then again-The Culvers thought it just fine to grow marijuana on their property and jeopardize their right to ownership-Aren’t they lucky that it didn’t!!! So still in her breeding business on less property, with no Internet media smut, Lynn Culver created the NFP, FCF and clearly no one or very few people knew a thing about it.  Some people can get away with just about anything I suppose…Lynn Culver didn’t even serve jail time-She didn’t even suffer from this being plastered on the Internet-She lost no animals…

Well, it is possible for old news to surface and become new news-This won’t be taken of this site anytime soon…

Culver Drug Bust

Two separate articles, and one is continued, p.2. All spelling mistakes belong to the newspaper….

Prosecuting Attorney files for petition of forfeiture
by Debbie Sheley
Polk County Prosecuting Attorney Orvin Foster has filed a petition of forteiture with the Polk County Ciruit Clerks Officce on property seized during a recent Drug Task Force Raid at the property of a Cherry Hill couple.
Petitioned to be confiscated from (blurred… Mena?) residents Eugene and Lynn Culver are a 120 acre farm site on County Road 199 north of Highway 88.
Also eligible for confiscation, according to the prosecutors office, are two pickup trucks, a four wheeler, tools and equipment, $65,000 in cash and several truck and trailer loads of barrels used to grow the Marijuana.
The Culvers were arrested by the Task Force last Tuesday by the Polk and Montgomery County law enforcement officers, and the state police task force.
Officers were hampered by the presence of eleven grown coogars.
The Culvers will face trial on the drug-related charges on November 2.

Property seized in drug case
On Wednesday, February 17, Cherry Hill resident Barton Eugene Culver entered a plea of guilty and his wife, Lynn Culver entered a plea of no contest to charges of possession with intent to deliver a controlled VI substance, marijuana, two counts of manufacturing a scheduled VI controlled substance and possession, with intent to use drug paraphernalia, in Polk County Circuit Court.
Barton Eugene Culver was sentenced to the Arkansas Department of Corrections to three concurrent ten year sentences on the first three counts, with a five year suspended sentence onthe fourth to run consecutively.
Lynn Culver was sentenced to ten years supervised probation on all four counts.
Both defendants were sentenced under the Alternative Services Act, according to Polk County Prosecuting Attorney Orvin Foster.
Additionally, the Culvers agreed to forfeit 121 acres in Cherry Hill, approximately 15 acres adjacent to their residence south of Cherry Hill, and numerous items of personal property, including approximately $6,500, a 1988 Toyota pickup, a pontoon boat, and firearms.
Deputy prosecuting attorney Tim Williamson dismissed two pending civil assett fortditure cases as a result of the global settlement of the criminal cases and forfeiture cases.
Polk County Sheriff Mike Oglesby placed the value of the real and personal property forfeited as approximately $75,000, which will be paid to the county general revenue fund upon the sale of the forfeited assets.


You might say this does nothing to help anything but in my opinion neither does FCF anyway so it really doesn’t matter-Lynn Culver is nothing more than a breeder with a NFP…FCF is about as helpful as tits on a bull.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B










11 Responses to “ZOO WARS~Lynn Culver~Feline Conservation Federation Executive Director-BUSTED!!!”

  1. who posted this cause I was scammed by the culvers and would love to speak to someone about this

    • I posted this and anything you want aired about Culver-well you just type away and it will be published. People need to know what and who she is!!! As far as I’m concerned, she’s in the same category as Baskin. Selfish and out for themselves only. -B

  2. I have proof and wouldt advise anyone on dealing with her as you could get scammed as I did

  3. ok well id like to show prrof of documents and how she tok me for 7500 usd and I flew down there too grab my animals and everything then knew everything and where they were stayng and was waiting on cites import paper and she contacted my broker and wouldn’t supply paperwork instead she worked with a fellow fcf member and got her friend to come grab my animals when I wasn’t there and wont return them unless I pay a 22,000 storage fee ive had to get a lawyer and everything and don’t want the same happening to someone else pure scam wouldn’t return my email when I showed her proof wont return my cats or my money as well

    • Holy Shit!!! I’ve heard some pretty horrible stories about Culver before but this might be the worst!!! I will make contact by email-subject TopCatsRoar -B

  4. I want the word out and something to be done about this whether it needs to be threw publc or otherways I also had to get a lawyer which is way too costly

  5. hey I see lynn culver on exotic animals for sale selling Geoffrey cats I advise no one to purchase from her as she scammed me out of 7500 usd and totally screwed me over and tried ruining my life

    • I am greatly interested in more information so others can be warned. It would be accepted and published on what happed to you…feel free to write-up the entire incident. Please be specific as to when this happened and provide info about this species. -B

  6. Ok no problem I’ll itemize and. Send proof

    • That would be great-People need to know the facts and your side of the story-I’ve not heard any of this but truthfully, I’m not surprised -B

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