Bye 2016-Hello 2017…Happy New Year

I just abandoned my end of the year post-Deciding instead to just wish you a Happy New Year and to speak of a few things on my mind…January 20, 2017 is just around the corner and I welcome a new president and the new administration…

Bye-Bye UN Agenda 21/2030 and the idea of the New World Order leaning towards the total destruction of the American Way of Life and our American Animal Culture…Their will be a new sheriff in town adhering to US policies, the US Constitution and a devote respect for Civil Liberty rights.

HELLO 2017, now just hours away and I’m compelled to say that I’m looking forward to hearing who the new Secretary of Agriculture will be and the changes that are about to take place to protect our American Way of Life. I am hopeful that there will be protection of our American Animal Culture by putting a halt to animal owners being terrorized by vegan based, homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists -Their groups and organizations of untrained, non government individuals with their emotionally generated opinions of their claims of animal cruelty and making every attempt to be a crime when no crime has been committed considering there isn’t a victim-only people can be victims by law, not animals…Time to recognize this fact and to put an end to laws that help no animals while criminalizing people.

Bye Bye to untrained non government people who create the illegal and unconstitutional laws. Laws should never be created that are based on emotionally driven politics that don’t help animals but by creation make criminals of animal owners…Repeating myself-There can be no crime when there is no victim-Laws are created and needed to protect people…period!!! Right to life, liberty and PROPERTY-YOUR ANIMALS are YOUR PROPERTY-No one has the right to take property when no crime has been committed and let me add, it is completely unlawful to seize property with no criminal charges.


Hopefully Carole Baskin ceo for Big Cat Rescue will finally be exposed by the authorities and to the public for the lies and destruction of the lives perpetuated on animal owners…I am hopeful they will find out what happened the actual bodies of 179 animals MISSING-Just as I am hopeful the body of her late husband will be found. Baskin has furs on display in her party room but lacks any explanation for what happened to the rest of their bodies-There is no explanation to be found of laying their bodies to rest. Did she sell the bones and other body parts with a high demand for tiger bones and body parts-possibly their flesh went for human consumption!?! Will her PETA/HSUS/GFAS supporters continue with their support under such circumstance as missing animal bodies continue to accumulate?!? I hope that she is forced to show actual proof of where 179 animals have been laid to rest-and wondering if she can!!!-HA!

Just answer the question1

One of Obama’s recent executive actions is against FAKE news-What about Carol Baskins 911 animal abuse site against animal owners and her reproduction of Fake News?!? How about all those dreadful deceptive ads and TV commercials produced by HSUS/PETA/ASPCA and all the other Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists Organization and their filing false reports of animal cruelty?!? New laws for 2017…Where do we report Fake News?!?



PETA still attacking animal owners in 2016-Will things change in 2017?


PETA Threatens beloved Family Zoo

In the latest animal rights outrage, the misnamed People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is attacking two American businesses and using taxpayer money to remove animals from our lives.   In the first case, PETA is threatening to sue the family owned DeYoung Family Zoo in upper Michigan owned by Bud DeYoung and Carrie Cramer because these vegan extremists just don’t like how experienced animal owners are caring for their animals.

The DeYoung Zoo which opened in 1990 has many large natural habitat areas and was featured on the My Life is a Zoo television show on National Geographic recently.   The downside to being featured in the media is that it invites urban animal rights hysterics to believe that the DeYoungs need PETA’s keyboard warrior permission to care for their animals.  Surprising no one, a reporter from New York City was outraged when Carrie Cramer kissed a hyena on the show. How dare she! How unhygienic! I wonder if he stays up at night stressing over the millions of Americans who allow their dogs to sleep on their beds.

Fortunately the public has a vastly different opinion of animal care than the media and these out of touch activists.  Over 70,000 people a year visit the DeYoung zoo to interact with their big cats, bears, chimpanzee and a multitude of other animals. The zoo also successfully bred endangered Siberian tigers in the past, helping the species to avoid extinction. Today, Michigan has outlawed breeding.  The breed ban now contributes to the extinction of these beautiful big cats.

PETA is also threatening to sue the Missouri Primate Foundation in Missouri. The Missouri Primate Foundation is a 15 acre USDA licensed, charitable sanctuary for unwanted chimpanzees. Owner, Connie Casey takes in retired performing animals and animals that have lost their homes through exotic animal bans in other states. To raise money to care for all the animals, in the past the Casey’s ran a company called Chimparty in which the younger more social animals were used as actors on commercials, for ads such a series of Hallmark cards, or paid educational visits to nursing homes and schools. Activists who are against animals being used for entertainment were outraged and the business closed after numerous activist attacks.

In both cases, PETA recently sent out their typical threatening letters bullying these two organizations over ownership of their chimpanzees. Slandering their reputation and defaming the DeYoung Zoo by characterizing them as a “notorious roadside zoo,” PETA is threatening to sue them under the federal Endangered Species Act. Show me a zoo in America that you can’t get to by a road? Using the typical animal rights hypocrisy and talking out of both sides of their mouth, PETA claims that visitors are allowed to gawk at Louie the chimp yet at the same time he lacks an active stimulating life.   Get serious!

This is the same PETA who believes that people do not have the right to own pets and recently told a Virginia court that dogs are worthless and that stealing and killing a little girl’s dog was not “outrageous” conduct on their behalf. In their Notice of Intent to File Citizen Suit against the Missouri Primate Foundation,  PETA claims “the Chimpanzees are confined to cages that lack sufficient space, both horizontally and vertically, to allow them to express the physical behaviors of a chimpanzee.”  As if PETA would know. Nothing but a cult made up of largely urban vegans, PETA has no expertise in what chimpanzees need. PETA does not run a single animal sanctuary anywhere. PETA further offered to transport the chimps to a PETA approved Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) facility that does not allow the public to see the animals in their care.

For more please follow the above link


BREAKING: Surrender is not an option-Taking Action Against the Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists

Wallace, Michigan – In response to the People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) recent threats to sue the family owned DeYoung Family Zoo, Harold DeYoung, owner and operator of the zoo, filed a lawsuit today, December 27, 2016, for declaratory and injunctive relief and defamation against the radical animal rights organization.

Kurtis B. Reeg, the managing partner of Goldberg Segalla, LLP’s, St. Louis office, and his colleague Lynn A. Lehnert, both attorneys representing Cavalry Group member, Harold DeYoung, filed the lawsuit in response to PETA’s false claims that the zoo’s possession of certain chimpanzees is in violation of the federal Endangered Species Act.
Mark Patterson, CEO of The Cavalry Group, LLC stated, “PETA’s false allegations against the DeYoung family zoo is nothing more than an effort to run a successful and law abiding animal enterprise out of business while at the same time using it’s slanted media reports as a fundraiser for this  radical animal rights group. PETA’s false claims are rooted in emotionally charged propaganda aligned with their radical animal rights ideology, and PETA has repeatedly used this tactic and their fundraising to attack small business owners.”
The DeYoung Family Zoo, a mainstay business and attraction in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for many years, has provided outstanding care and habitat for the chimpanzees who would perish if introduced back into the wild.   PETA, which is considered a militant animal rights group, advocates banning private ownership of exotic animals, and claims the DeYoung’s chimps would be better off living out their lives in a so-called animal sanctuary, typically run by like-minded animal rightists who know little about proper care of chimpanzees.   PETA’s track record shows very little interest in the negative consequences of their actions.
The DeYoung Family Zoo, a member of the nationwide animal enterprise advocacy group The Cavalry Group, is fighting back in court to protect their lawful business against the abuse from this activist animal rights group.

The Cavalry Group is a member based company working to protect and defend the Constitutional and private property rights of law abiding animal owners, animal related businesses, sportsmen, and agricultural concerns legally and legislatively, nationwide.  


But you need a serch warrant to do that


No search warrant it’s called TRESPASSING!!!
Personal Note-Never forget-sending my message-Hopefully Sheriff McKnight got the message loud and clear!!! Breaking the law with no criminal action and there was no victim accept the people abused thru unlawful procedure of the law…John Wilson-Theft of his animals without due process…Teresa Reynes…theft of her animals with unlawful due process making her a criminal…and the list will continue in Marion County until he gets the message loud and clear so, I’ll keep sending it -Protect the community and the real victims of a crime LAWFULLY!!! And I’ll keep reminding him as long as he remains a law enforcement officer and maybe thereafter, considering the duress continues!!!


So Happy New Year!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on January 1, 2017.

8 Responses to “Bye 2016-Hello 2017…Happy New Year”

  1. Unlikely 2017 will be any better.

    If you’re really paying attention, you’ve noticed that Donald Trump spouted nothing but empty promises simply to get elected, and in many cases, he has admitted as much.

    Now he has been elected, and it’s clear his intent is to use the Presidency solely for his own enrichment, to expand his businesses. The small business owner, the working guy? Who cares?

    Trump refuses to release his taxes for fear of exposing the extent of his businesses in foreign countries, violating the Constitutional “emolument” clauses. But he will have to. There must be 100 organizations ready to file in Federal Court the day he is inaugurated.

    Look at the Cabinet and Staff picks he has hired–millionaires and billionaires who have spent their lifetimes lining their own pockets at the expense of others; inexperienced, unqualitified people who revile the very organizations they are poised to run (e.g., Rick Perry heading the Department of Energy, an organization he has said he wants to dismantle, one that has previously been led by Nobel Prize winning physicists, where Perry himself got C’s in high school science. E.g., Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education, a woman who looks down her nose at Public School Education, who robbed the Public Schools of Detroit to give money to parents sending their children to exclusive alternative and religious schools. Is that fair? Is that decent? Is that honorable? Is that American, to steal from the poor, and give to the rich? Is it?)

    Donald Trump has absolutely no interest in advocating for animal owners because doing so will not bolster his businesses nor those of his wealthy staff.

    He obviously hasn’t even much interest in serving as President; he turned over management of the transition to VP Pence, and eschews the daily intelligence briefings that are a mandatory part of decision making at the Presidential level.

    No, this year looks to me very much like it has been: No justice–just us.

    • When he assumes the presidency and starts setting policies, I’ll form my opinion-He won the election and will be our president for at least the next four years.
      I am waiting for the appointment of the Secretary of Agriculture and depending on who that person is, will dictate whether or not there is an advocate for animal owners rights to their property-Above all else, there is a general respect towards property ownership within the republican party. Animal ownership has become over regulated and without concern for owners rights of their property. ALL regulations and cruelty laws are illegal and unconstitutional when the government’s only interest is in laws and regulations concerning people. Laws can only pertain to providing shelter, food and water and only things concerned with public safety should there be a real issue for public safety. The government can and does regulate businesses but not with the intent of shutting business down but instead to promote business. The economic effects as pertains to animal regulations would also be of consideration. ie…animals don’t grow on trees…s/n all animals would be of no interest…shutting down businesses that promote healthy animals and off-spring would also be of no interest. And it seems to me to provide certain businesses with an IRS 501-C-3 when they are not a charity should also be discontinued when they have other primary sources for income. And frankly, any business whether NFP or FP that can provide high salaries above and beyond without first using at the very least, 1/2 the money coming in as a donation to provide for the needs of that business; then that business should not be under consideration for the IRS 501-C-3 NFP status. All businesses have a mission and goal…it’s the application for the mission and goals that should be of consideration when that charity is not directly considered with people…
      There’s an awful lot at stake for animal owners and the economic impact of laws and regulations so yes, will be of extreme interest to a president concerned with our economy…In 15 days Trump takes office…and as promised, beginning on day one, there will be changes TG!!!
      A good ‘boss’ assigns duties and doesn’t micromanage…His quest during the transition has been towards forming a cabinet and working towards setting policy…Can not remain the same and you should expect justice to start providing properly…More than a 1000 democrat government seats have been lost on all levels…There will be change, hold on to your seat…More than 100 federal judges to appoint…one supreme court justice at this time. Do not expect the same to continue!!!

      • You said, “When he assumes the presidency and starts setting policies, I’ll form my opinion.” What is it you do not ALREADY know about Trump?

        His proposals while he was running sounded pro-people.

        Now, he has reversed his pro-people stance. Since he won the Electoral vote he bases every proposal on how it benefits him, personally, particularly his business interests. He is not keeping his promises! Betrayal!

        You said, “I am waiting for the appointment of the Secretary of Agriculture…” Have you read the biographies of the staff and cabinet he has appointed so far? ALL self-interested millionaires & billionaires looking to dismantle the very agencies they oversee! Bizarre!

        Trump is NOT appointing rich folk who are interested in charity and using their money to do good for others; these are rich folk who, like Trump, are interested merely in amassing more wealth and competing with one another. It make me very sad.

      • So far I am not impressed with your claims -and action once Trump takes office will be all the proof you need…I believe that you will be eating your words…Someone’s wealth is something I admire and won’t begrudge them for it.
        I am hoping that Attorney General Pruitt will be asked to be the Secretary of Agriculture who has been hailed by many as well suited for the job.
        This blog is designed to report and discuss animal issues as it has become a political issue on all fronts.
        I could easily argue with you but unless you want to discuss Trump and your concern for animals there is nothing open for discussion on this blog…that is not to say that there is anything wrong with such discussion or that I wouldn’t love to argue the point with you but it’s way off topic…Maybe one day we’ll met on FB for discussion about ur concern for wealthy people being on the cabinet or in public office…

      • Not all people who have money are alike. There are wealthy people who we call “nouveau riche,” who are crass and vulgar like Trump, bragging about what they have, exaggerating their net worth, who are all agog about having money, as if they wish they could bathe in dollar bills and drink them instead of coffee at breakfast. Then, there are wealthy people like me, my family and friends, who have had money for generations, who have come to realize that money is not merely a plaything or something to be greedily and recklessly acquired & hoarded: money is something for which we are grateful, which we tend scrupulously like a gardener cares for his/her plants, not something to be shown off, but a tool to be used like a gardener uses a watering-can, like all our God-given gifts & talents are to be used: to make the world a better place.

        My point has been that Trump and his people are of the aforementioned “nouveau riche” variety, terribly self-centered, who have not matured to see how their gift of wealth is meant to be used to improve conditions on Earth for ALL God’s creatures. As such, I would bet Trump will show no concern for animal owners at all.

        Here is my story, why I am so concerned: After nearly 2 years, I am still fighting in a tiny justice court in New York State, in a notoriously corrupt county, against a rogue and cruel (to both people and animals) animal control woman who must be laundering money for the county or something like that. She has some kind of protection from the county legislators which they would only show if she is bringing in income. My farm is way out of the way, far from neighbors (with whom I have good relations), and, critically, out of the ACO’s jurisdiction. Without any evidence, she got a corrupt county judge to sign a search warrant, then was escorted onto my farm by the Sheriff, where they immediately arrested me without probable cause to get me out of their way (I’ve never been arrested in my life! Not even a traffic violation!)–thank God my boyfriend had just come over for lunch & was able to witness their destruction of my house and the cruelty they visited on my cats trying to catch them, including crushing to death a 4-week old kitten under a piece of furniture and absconding with the body. With the help of a corrupt local lawyer (who I didn’t know is actually also on county payroll) whom I hired to the tune of $7000.00, the county attorney managed to extort $7500.00 and forced me to surrender 9 ferals I had taken in and was socializing for adoption (she is known around the county to hates cat, and feral cats are a particular target). Of 18 total she had stolen as the Sheriff’s deputies looked on, 12 are dead. My heart is so broken, it’s hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. Of the six that came home (once I fired that lawyer and got a new one from several counties away), one died of kidney damage, my beloved big, fat tuxedo, “Bootsie Mittens,” covered in flea dirt, with near-atrophied and arthritic rear legs because he was never let out of a wire cage while ‘sheltered’ so-called at the ACO’s home. I received a copy of a bill from a vet she consulted ONLY after I finally got to visit my cats after 10 months and subsequently made vocal complaints about anoter cat’s condition–and the vet’s bill was addressed to the county department of Homeland Security. WHAT? So it looks like somehow everybody’s trying to get their fingers in the pot here. My guess is that the county may be fraudulently receiving State and Federal funds, somehow managing to twist the truth in their applications. Who knows if they don’t tell the State that they euthanized a rabid animal and are trying to get reimbursed for protecting the public? I have no idea, but something really, really rotten is going on.

        This ACO is much disliked by other ACOs because she is outstandingly arrogant and acts as if she doesn’t need to observe the same laws or to exercise the same basic civil consideration that other, lesser people do. And she behaves brazenly and violently (you should have seen the state of my home after she left, the furniture she destroyed, beds upended, mattresses thrown aside–a bookcase even thrown down the cellar stairs that slammed against the cellar door and left a hole in the wood door!) with the FULL SUPPORT of the Sheriff (which office also has a terrible reputation for acting harshly and well outside of the law–the Sheriff himself not only takes a pension from a previous civil service career, but also takes full salary as Sheriff, a double-dipping scheme which is illegal in New York State! A woman who was investigating him and challenging him at meetings of the county legislature was found dead. No surprise.)

        Do I envision peace and justice restored during the administration of Trump? Well, Trump does not behave with restraint and due, professional consideration for others, his words are not deliberate and diplomatic, and he flouts legal and proper procedure habitually. For instance, that dubious (experts say likely illegal, if he would actually release his taxes) IRS loophole he used a to avoid paying income taxes for YEARS. From what I see, Trump’s ballsiness can only inspire renegade law enforcement to feel more entitled and to act even more aggressively to make people like (you and) me miserable. Trump is a brash and showy real estate mogul, who is interested in big money deals; it is very hard to imagine that he will think once much less twice about animal owners of any sort–that’s really, really small potatoes in his world.

      • Trump is pro animal usage-His cabinet choice for agriculture is a farmer and a vet who is well aware of the issues and problems animal owners are facing today. He will be against Fanatical Animal Rights Activists/Terrorists and the creation of illegal and unconstitutional laws concerning animal usage…I believe that animal owners have a better chance to push back against the AR Agenda and stop the AR Terrorists.

        A case like yours sounds more like a witch hunt-How horrible for you!!! How horrible for all of us who have lived thru this abuse of the law and the judicial system!!!
        You have stated that you do not believe that President Trump cares about animals however, I disagree and disagree with much of what you have stated about him -Baron now has a dog, his older children like to hunt, and I know for a fact that the Trumps enjoy meat on their dinner table. President Trump is also aware of economic impact and the creation of jobs-He’s living up to his campaign promises that liberals are busy protesting against -each and every executive order that he signs, his choices for his cabinet and now the protests against ahis nomination for Supreme Court Judge. Frankly, he is also living up to the republican agenda against UN Agenda 21/2030. UN Agenda 21/2030 is automatically being destroyed as he de-regulates to promote businesses that have been damaged from over regulation on the federal level. This has a profound effect on the state, county and city level once the federal government stops providing funding.

        A cabinet member in charge of agriculture and who becomes the Head of the USDA most certainly does care about American Animal Culture. With a democrat president, we would continue with the same unreasonable policies. Fanatical Environmentalists and Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists are fighting this hard as it destroys their use of the Endangered Species Act to prevent land development which seems to be the only reason animals are added to the list of endangered species and otherwise would not be on any list or even noticed. I predict that the Animal Welfare Act will also be of concern because it too is not being used as intended and instead used to destroy animal usage rather than promote and support it as we were led to believe was intended.

        In reality all we can do is be hopeful that this cabinet member will be approved and take steps on behave of animal usage and that President Trump, by executive order, will deregulate parts of the Animal Welfare Act. The USDA should be more concerned with animals used for our food supply not how Jane Smith is breeding, caring for and selling her Yorkies or someone like yourself concerned with feral HC being conditioned and becoming someone’s pet.

        I am so sorry that you were put thru the system and abused in that fashion…I know the duress of it and how it can change your trust and belief in a government that has betrayed you.
        My reason for continuing with this blog is to try and stop the insanity and waste of taxpayer money to destroy peoples lives. The US and state constitutions along with the amendments to the US constitution was designed to protect lives with laws that are supposed to be created to protect human lives-not destroy it-Who wants a society of victims where everyone is a law breaker? Who would have ever believed that the day would come that victims would come to know one another, support one another and get involved to make it stop so that it will never happen again to anyone else? Who would have ever believed that people would ever have believe that the very same people would receive such support and help from other animal owners and lovers who have seen our lives destroyed with the false claims of animal cruelty, the mis-use of laws and have become involved in helping make it stop? PETA, HSUS and other non charity organizations filled with Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists should have their Not for Profit status revoked. That would include zoos and sanctuaries that do not provide good conservation of animals but instead, promote against animal usage such as Big Cat Rescue (BCR) and/or lie to the general public about the animals they claim to rescue where animals are actually living in sub-standard conditions and receiving poor health care.

        The USDA/APHIS inspectors are going out there and rather than promoting their regulations are destroying businesses with the improper usage of those regulations which in and of itself is unconstitutional as a means of enforcement; even taking animals from their longstanding rightful owners. The USDA/APHIS is sending the wrong message including suspending owners or taking away required permits allowing for business to continue with their animals. Laws and regulations are to be enforced equally yet, the agency is ignoring the very same issues at an ‘animal sanctuary’ doing the very same business as a zoo yet has no conservation purpose.

        Does anyone actually believe that BCR could exist without joining GFAS (Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries/HSUS) or could even exist in another state like California? People are sadly mistaken-California laws were created to prevent those types of business practices. And although animals have been sent to BCR by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Big Cat Rescue doesn’t even come close to the Ohio newly created animal regulations-How’s that for an oxymoron!!! Governor Kasich is a (lame duck) governor who was greatly involved in the creation of the new regulations in Ohio but has backed away from seeing that enforcement is operating legally and not following procedures dictated by constitutional law.

        Already the regulation of captive born and raised privately owned animals has cost state and federal taxpayer millions and the economic impact greatly effecting the economy. Other states now doing the same. Does anyone really question the removal of the elephants from the Ringling Brothers Circus considering the circumstance of the cost of the legal fight to keep the animals performing in their show? Was anyone really surprised that this show like three other major American Circuses will be or have already closed?

        We can only hope that people like ourselves will be noticed. Please note -My animals were stolen without criminal charges or conviction is courts that lacked subject matter jurisdiction for their judgement so there was no justice served and instead law enforcement and judges on the bench broke laws established for their courts. I wonder what President Trump, Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert would think about this if they were made aware that this occurred; not only to me but others. Texas law states without criminal charges, the animals are to be returned. Charges that were filed were for administrative issues (and dropped before any hearing occurred yet took us to court after the fact) that did not exist (registered with the Secretary of the state of Texas as a Not for Profit and exempt) therefore, did not carry a reason for removing any animal(s) from the property. Not a single animal demonstrated any cruelty existed or there would have been criminal charges. Administrative claoms would not have been a reason for arrest and held in jail on a high bond without any consideration for PR bond but instead made up charges at an arraignment to hold us in jail for a class A misdemeanor, never provide an ASL interpreter during all the unlawful abuse of both law enforcement and the judicial system in Marion County, Texas as demonstrated by court record and the evidence and then keep the animals. -Abused by illegal and unconstitutional laws and suffered from the wrongful abuse of established constitutional laws to do it. @realdonaldtrump @tedcruz @replouiegohmert

        I hope that you can now see the reason that millions of animal owners support President Trump and the republican party who are depending on them to notice the abuse suffered by thousands of people being oppressed by wrongful, illegal and unconstitutional laws that were not created to be used for wrongful over regulation of required standards rather than suggested standards. Maybe they will read my comment to you which might lead to investigations and in-turn the possibility of de-regulation. -B
        @foxandfriends @tuckercarlson @Hanity #AnimalWelfare #CivilLiberties #DraintheSwamp


        What do you think of this? My greatest concern is that public records were removed without public notice. Taken together with a number of other questionable initiatives not presented openly for public comment, especially the current plan to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency, I find this troubling. I go back & forth between issues of privacy and issues of government transparency, but I’m not sure what to make of this.

      • My next post addresses the issue. If you have any question following that post please feel free to contact me with those questions.
        I stand strong on one single point that no one is addressing -The implementation of the Animal Welfare Act goes beyond the issue of public safety. The US Constitution addresses laws and regulations and does not provide for the welfare of animals. To assume that a business that uses animals is committing cruelty is not a public safety issue in the first place. To dictate cage sizes or how an animal is provided for beyond a public safety would be concern for food, water and shelter but again I must state whether an animal has food, water or shelter is NOT a public safety issue. Vaccination for rabies would be a public safety issue. Realize that those guideline of the Animal Welfare Act does not concern the welfare of animals used for food-Humane consumption or animal; there is no inspection of any food sources until the issue of slaughter beginning that an animal must be able to walk on it’s own before slaughter. Frankly that would not actually indicate the health of any animal on it’s own.

        Instead of concern for a true public safety issue, it is not monitored with regular inspections or guidelines or permits required. If anything should be of concern for a public safety issue for animals, either for exhibition or sale, they must be able to provide a clean health certificate at the time of the sale which oddly enough is not a requirement and instead left up to the buyer or the agreement between seller and buyer but not by USDA/APHIS law and becomes a civil issue.
        Animals used for exhibition whether in a zoo or circus should have a clean health certificate yearly and permission showing that any problem an animal may have is not a public safety issue risk-That’s it -Anything else would be unconstitutional and considered illegal.

        I also am of the school that animal cruelty laws do nothing for any animal and have nothing to do with any public safety issue.
        Now I’m certain you may not like my opinion but I do not assume that any monitoring system dictating cage sizes or about the care an animal receives should be of concern when we have far less of a monitoring system for people and especially children which is of concern.

        At a time with so much government waste of taxpayer money, there comes a time when you have to draw a line. The Animal Welfare Act with all it’s good intentions has become used in an effort for vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists activities to the point where it has been stated by these activists that mere ownership is animal cruelty and filled the courts with people who did not and never would commit intentional animal cruelty and does not belong in the courtroom where real intentional crimes are held and delaying those cases. These very same people are making the lives of animals equivalent to that of children which they are not.

        The inference that an animal does not have a voice is far from true. An animals voice is judged by it’s health and any animal owner that does not properly provide suffers from the consequence of allowing for the loss of an animals health and possibly it’s life. A loss of an animals life becomes a matter of a loss of valuable property.

        Yes, there is an emotional commitment between animal and owner but in do way is there justification for laws concerning the care of that property to such a degree that valuable property is seized and given away.

        Back to my opinion of the use of government data-Even as a taxpayer, you have no right to any government data beyond statistical data. You have no right to my address and phone-no right to know an inspectors OPINION of how I am caring for my animal and an inspector has no right to go beyond shoving regulations down my throat and not the same for someone else, as has been demonstrated by this agency. This applies to state agencies that have similar regulations or regulations that go beyond the regulations as prescribed by a federal agency.

        In short, understand that I could go on and on over my opinion of these laws, their intent and how those laws and regulations are being used and abused for cases against people. There is much to be said about being human and in no way does any inspection demonstrate a proper enforcement of the law in consideration for a persons right to privacy and more importantly the right of ownership, and a persons ability to provide. The creation of these laws takes away a persons right according to state and US Constitution. -B

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