Zoo Wars: Taking a Good Long Look at Carole Baskin CEO Big Cat Rescue/BCR/Wildlife on Easy Street

So quick to lash out at other Private Exotic Animal Owners and hoping that you will never find out the truth about her and her facilities-Holy Moly what will Wayne Pacell do once he finds out this information…Will Carole Lewis Baskin be tossed from GFAS?? Will people realize the truth is not being shared?!? Well, how about if I share it-For educational purposes of course…

Her piece of crap story here: http://www.examiner.com/article/monkey-see-monkey-do-results-tiger-mauling-zookeeper

This wasn’t a mauling and should be out of the hospital soon to speak for herself…in the meantime Baskin writes a smutt article that will only lead to a defamation suit!!! There’s not one damn thing accurate in that article and has no purpose other than to slander because she ultimately lost that lawsuit receiving NOTHING!!! Spent at least a few $100,000.00 on the suit from the DONATIONS received for the animals…YOUR hard earned money…

Carole Lewis Baskin has a long history of incidents and has done a cover up by changing the name from Wildlife on Easy Street to Big Cat Rescue…even shorting the name to BCR. These incidents do exist yet no one seems to be aware as a search will NOT take you to Wildlife on Easy Street…So lets get started-Crossposting is STRONLY encouraged!!!-Share the link to this post WILDLY!!!…She who lives in a glass house should not throw stones!!!

Big Cat Attacks at Big Cat Rescue

Sources: St Petersburg Times, Court Documents, Releases Signed By Victims, Staff Who Lived Onsite
Carole Lewis Baskin, CEO of Tampa Florida’s Big Cat Rescue, loves to report on statistics of big cat attacks. Baskin has one of the worst records of exotic cat attacks and escapes in the state of Florida, if not the country, although most were kept quiet and none are ever reported on her website where she so smugly posts accidents occurring at other facilities.
As with the buying, breeding and selling of exotic cats, Baskin likes to blame these attacks on her missing millionaire husband Don Lewis but as you can see, most of the incidents occurred after Don went missing in 1997.
Here is a partial list…the ones we’ve read or been told about by staff living on the property.
1995…..Timothy Evans: This North Carolina man (case # 97-08896-B) was attacked by a South American cougar named Tobi and was severely bitten on his left forearm after Baskin irresponsibly invited him to pet the cat which she claimed was “tame and friendly.”
1998…..Mindy Harrel: Mindy age 46 was attacked by Baskin’s daughter’s pet black leopard, Jumanji who was  born at BCR.This very serious wound required 451 stitches to her right arm and removed the skin from her elbow to her wrist.
1998…..Leah Dixon:  Leah required hospital treatment after being attacked by a cougar which almost scalped her. By this time Baskin had learned to have the victims sign a release and then paid them to keep quiet. We have a copy of the release signed by Leah Dixon.
1998…..Jennifer Adair: Jennifer was bitten in the thigh by Baskin’s pet snow leopard Hercules, bought for her by husband Don Lewis for her birthday. This bite went unreported.
1999…..Daniel Caprio: This live in lover of Baskin’s daughter, was attacked by a brown lemur named Co Coa. The wound required stitches to repair his ripped ear. The attack was not reported and Daniel was ordered by Baskin not to talk about it.
1999 …..Jason Hasford: Jason was injured by the same brown lemur, Co Coa. The wound in his arm took 7 stitches.  He too signed a release and was told not to talk about it.
1999……Jennifer Lowry: Jennifer Lowery was bitten by an Ocelot. (Case # 3632)
It looks as though she sued and it was settled out of court.
2000 or 2001  Cabin Guest: A cabin guest was bitten 3 times while interacting with a Serval, Esmerelda after paying to sleep with the cat. He was made to sign a release, was compensated, and the injury was not reported.
2001…..Carolyn Thompson: Carolyn was bitten on the hand by a cougar named Casper. The injury was treated at a hospital and there was some permanent nerve damage. Carolyn signed the release and was ordered not to talk about it.
Date Unknown….. Sometime after Don disappeared a man and his child wandered into BCR through a broken front gate and a lynx tore the child’s ear.
2006….. There were emergency instructions for staff members printed on the BCR website. Under the heading for what to do if a tour group member is bitten by a cat, the last instructions say; “have person sign release form and give them compensation, to make it legal. This must be done immediately before outside influences encourage them to sue.”
These are just the attacks that we know of and this report does not include the many escapes of cougars, servals, lemurs and other animals at WOES. Carole Lewis Baskin was a completely irresponsible exotic animal owner when it came to safety protocol or properly training her volunteer staff. Unable or unwilling to handle her animals responsibly, Baskin then proceeded to cease with her cabin cat idea and public contact business and instead invent stories of abuse and rescue to exhibit her private collection of cats to the public for money. Baskin now advocates for passing laws against anyone….but BCR…owning the exotic animal of their choice. 
It was after these many attacks and  escapes that Baskin  decided it was time to change the name of her self-proclaimed sanctuary from Wildlife on Easy Street to Big Cat Rescue. She then decreed that no one should be permitted to own or have physical contact with an exotic cat. 
Carole Baskin did not buy her facilities but instead, created it to do as she pleased with the animals for the purpose of satisfying her selfish need to own every species and monopolize the market with her animals that she bred; when that failed she took the LOW road and now presents herself as against  Private Ownership of Exotic Animals which is actually what she, in fact and truth,  is doing now- maintaining a collection of species of animals.
Admits that she WAS however, she does not admit that she STILL IS!!! NOT an approved Florida Sanctuary and should be challenged for making such a claim to defraud the public for donations….”Is anyone looking past the smoke and mirrors?” that Baskin has deceived the general public!?!
Anyone believing otherwise is NOT doing their homework!!!
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Disclaimer connected to this blog…things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned for more of the truth, there is plenty more!!!  -B

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7 Responses to “Zoo Wars: Taking a Good Long Look at Carole Baskin CEO Big Cat Rescue/BCR/Wildlife on Easy Street”

  1. WATCH!!! Can you say Hypocrite?!?

    What was that Baskin said…”These images abound all over the Internet and they send the worst possible message. The message that people get, when they see someone from celebrities like Siegfried and Roy to backyard zoo patrons touching big cats and their cubs, is that doing so somehow makes you “special.” For people who aren’t very bright it is an irresistible invitation to hand over their money, or their lives, to have the bragging rights to say that they touched the wild.”

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  5. If you are accusing this woman of animal abuse why don’t you report it and or prove it? Your article/rant is useless.

    • Prove it-HA! She’s under the ‘umbrella’ of HSUS…
      If you truly do not know who she, is then 1)Do a Google search for Wildlife on Easy Street, Tampa, Florida, 2)Don Lewis the missing husband, 3) Carole Lewis or just follow all the links -MG sweetie, I’m not the law-Only providing the true facts as they have been presented and documented…
      RANT-HA! You will know it when I rant and considering this is MY blog I am so entitled and obliged…When ever the situation presents itself I do…

      Now go follow those links and just about any of the ZOO WARS posts on this blog will also tell you the story…read and re-read…watch those utubes a few times until the BULLSHIT is gone and the truth surfaces about this woman!!!
      How about going to the BCR site and see just how many cats have passed…and truth be known, most those animals were her private collection or hired to care for some of them-Savior, my ass!!! Animal Nazi!!!…Makes it all up as she goes and slandering every exotic animal owner and zoo and beyond the US borders…You do something about it!!! -B

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