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  1. Has Daisy Langmesser gone underground or has she just managed to block me?

    • Not a clue, I wasn’t following her, more the other way around. But if you’d like my opinion of the where-abouts of Ms. Daisy, she’s angry and can’t save face…more like trying to disappear in the crowd so now the world is a better place!!!…So her victims have managed to remove her from Facebook-HA! The tables have turned!!!

  2. its funny.. we just had an issue with that flake. Im guessing thats the Wiccan from TX your talking about? LOL.. she needs help.

  3. she is still on fb

    • HA! More like she’s back from FB jail, lol…Wonder if ‘the poor thing’ has managed to get a life yet…or if she remained evil and nasty all this time…Probably the later, some people there’s just no help ~Daisy Langmesser~ being one of ‘those people’
      Thanks for the heads up and hopefully she and I won’t cross paths again!!! -B

  4. Ms Daisy has recently Moved to Oklahoma or so she says to most likely escape from people who do not like her in Texas. Amongst other things being the so called animal lover she is . She actually put her little puppy down because she said it bit her and drew blood twice and that is was unfit for the world. And totally went nuts when her friends told her she was doing the wrong thing.Now she is starting up more personal hate campaigns against anyone that thinks she is wrong.She has also Gave a dog back that she got from a shelter because she “didn’t have the time or patience to potty train him”.A lot of her friends are starting to see her true colors and abandon her . Also concerning the dog she said she recently put down couldn’t have been more than 20 pounds basically a tiny lap dog . She also changed her story about how he bit her several times .The bites she had posted on her profile looked like mere scratched and blew the whole thing out of proportion like she always does On how this little dog was OUT FOR BLOOD ! .Amongst other things She has also used a couple of her pagan pages to run smear campaigns against anyone she doesn’t agree with in just about everything she recently closed those and only runs a closed group where she talks shit behind her friends back that she “deems” unintelligent and stupid .I could honestly go on and on and on and i have screen shots and text logs to prove it all as well .

    • Oh send away…If she left Texas it would only be because of the missing dogs and now a federal suit filed-Missing dogs went missing largely due to her statements…

  5. So the plot thickens eh ? .I’ll see what i can find out and by the way those are both only aliases she uses .Even if i did find something out i don’t know about posting information like such on a public message board .

    • I believe she was already exposed…unless the name I was provided was one of a string of aliases-one could never know when dealing with a psycho-path!!!

  6. Daisy goes by the name Faye now and is still up to no good.

    • Need more info -lots of people are named Faye…I’m sure there are plenty of people interested in knowing her where-abouts and what evil tasks that she’s now involved in…

  7. Hey guys! I work at a shop in Moore, Oklahoma where a “Faye Langmesser” came in and took a photo of an employee using their phone after asking them to look up information for her, then proceeded to use that photo to complain about us, saying that we were all hateful and ignored her and generally pissed us all off. After doing some digging, I found this page and realized that we aren’t the only people she’s been starting stuff with. Just thought you guys should know that she’s still up to her old s*** apparently.

    • Sounds like her mental illness has grown and her vile hatred has extended beyond harassing animal owners-Screwing with people must be her ‘turn-on’-Sorry you had to experience ‘her SHIT’!!!…sigh…One day she’s going to push the wrong person too far…I guess we’ll read about it in the paper.

  8. https://www.facebook.com/Fayelangmesser?fref=ufi
    this is her new fb, if anyone is interested. definitely her.

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