Zoo Wars-Over My Dead Body!!!~ Local Organization Pleads to get Ringling Circus Animals Once Curtain Closes

In the news-Ringling set to close-Another great American business is closing and comes of no surprise, not really after the protests and lengthy court case, and opposition of the constant court cases against the bans on animals with changes in laws and bans on animals which have always been the heart of the show…After a 146 year run the last performance is set and announced.


For many, animals and humans alike, the show closed when the elephants left the ring and were sent to sanctuary. The losses were greater than just the people employed by the show or the shows loss of an act and then the obvious happened; a drop in ticket sales.

I’ll list just a few off the top of my head but the economic losses is far reaching and far greater than my list : Advertising sales, feed sales, fuel sales, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, education, rentals and purchases, fabric, seamstresses, and the list goes on and on to include the farmer who grows the hay, bales the hay and sells the hay that the show would purchase along the route where the show played…All due to the loss of animals from the show.

The obvious, for the show: The loss of ticket sales, novelties and concessions as there was a serious drop in attendance for people who would no longer be so interested in seeing a show without their beloved elephants; some saying the show lost it’s sole when the gentle giants of the Greatest Show on Earth would remain home.

The benefit, economically speaking, would be to the businesses where the sanctuary is located for the elephants residence. But getting down to brass tactics, so to speak, WHO really benefits has to be questioned because it wasn’t the show, the elephants, their trainers or their handlers from the win that was achieved by the bullying and hate crimes ALL done by the vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist Organizations that proclaimed victory-as the general public lost.

The greatest loss is what this has taught children about the power of bullying and loss of freedom to make a choice of whether or not they would buy a ticket to the show…It would appear that, to some, that maybe these Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists were deserving of leadership because they are looking out for animals however, that couldn’t be further from the truth…HSUS, PETA, ASPCA and others are NOT a charity but instead use the money collected thru donations where they hold an IRS 501-C-3 as a charity based not-for-profit for political purposes that do not help animals and instead infringe on civil liberties for laws and regulations to end all human relationships with animals-ALL of them proclaiming victory.


These vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists stood and still stand outside arenas where the shows will be held with their signs and their voices HARRASSING people wanting and trying to enter to see the show; some deciding not to go; some afraid to cross the line as if it were a union on strike or gave a second thought to entering for a family evening of fun, entertainment and education that the show provides, as terrorists will be terrorists, homegrown or from foreign lands, do what they do, as we have seen so many times done before by Animal Rights Fanatics.

Exactly how many parents literally believe that the show might be an unsafe place to go or take their children when they have to file past fanatics harassing a business?!? Of course it also appeared as if the show was tired of the fight and the expense of it, economically speaking on behalf of the show…with the creation of bans, laws and regulations making it a battle all in the name of entertainment-and has since no longer enjoyable to come to town and then to be confronted with yet another battle for their rights to be there. Just how willing would you be to go to work each day if you were confronted with such a battle and a loss of financial gain (wages earned).

The very same people are protesting zoos, and the real animal sanctuaries, how chickens should live free-range, claim that cows farts are polluting the air, against breeding of any animals, attack individual animal owners with false claims of abuse and cruelty, the keeping of birds and even fish, attacked Sea World who is now suffering from an economic loss in ticket sales (as well as surrounding businesses-Fanatics aren’t buying tickets or providing any type of support so Sea World will likely also shut down, and the list goes on AGAINST all human relationships with animals.

So Feld announces that circus days for Ringling Bros will be coming to an end soon…It was just a matter of time for the pleas to Feld to provide them with free animals…Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) never misses a beat or an opportunity to hit the media and advertise (Professional Beggar) for money even thou they have MILLIONS in reserve with a big bulk of the money they receive is used for political purposes, salaries to their families…with very little going towards the animals and their care.

the headline reads:

Local Organization Pleads to get Ringling Circus Animals Once Curtain Closes


TAMPA — ‘The show must go on.’ For years this was a phrase echoed throughout the circus tent.

“Of course we’re sad. It was a difficult decision to make,” says Kenneth Feld, CEO of Feld Entertainment.

But now the greatest show on earth is coming to a stop in May.

-Follow the link for the rest of the crap spewing from Big Cat Rescue -I just don’t have the stomach to put the rest of such propaganda on this blog-Below my response and Action Alert Petition below:

Over My Dead Body
I have to ask why WTSP considers this news worthy or demonstrates any reason to run this story and providing Tampa Bay with FAKE NEWS just so Big Cat Rescue can attempt to attach their name to  The Greatest Show on Earth. It’s rather distasteful as many others agree!
There are numerous reasons why NOT to place any big cat at BCR.
You know this is a SCAM right?!?
[Note the donate buttons on everything published by BCR yet they get the food-FREE Vet care-FREE or at the end of the article as all articles; pleas for money-If it’s not going to make a buck then why bother doing it according to BCR sources. In this case, I must assume that WTSP supports SCAMING and BILKING the public for donations]
However, here’s why NOT even thou all this really is, is a SCAM for more begging the public for donations:
(1) Vet care at BCR is questionable at best with the latest slew of deaths. Demonstrates you get what you pay for but what does it matter? As long as the donations and attention continues to pour in for a particular cat; said cat will survive another day…Otherwise, death occurs and a new SCAM campaign for donations begins with another fur to be placed on display in the party room at BCR-No mention of a grave or the disposal of the actual body or body parts…Charaka Tiger, the latest victim and then to claim there is no cause for death just as numerous others that died at BCR…Once the money runs out, so does the cat’s life-Just hand it over to the vet. Just a quick look at the recorded record of questionable deaths is a tell all. Note: Charaka’s death was noticed by a cam viewer Charaka appeared lifeless-NOT noticed by an employee as one would suspect for a recovering animal. So cam viewers that morning watched a tiger die.  https://www.facebook.com/BCRWatch/photos/a.1467132686856554.1073741828.1464769890426167/1863797083856777/?type=3&theater
FACT (2) BCR is built on an old landfill and the water provided for the cats contaminated run off. Note: Was a landfill when Nick Nuccio was mayor and private property was used and piled high in a heap of stinking garbage, asbestos and old batteries for landfill purposes on the outskirts of Tampa at that time and now likely loaded with PCBs. https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/zoo-warspcbs-and-other-waste-materials-and-toxins-can-be-found-in-landfills-contaminate-the-land-and-water-goes-unchecked-at-big-cat-rescue/  
(3) Carole Baskin, ceo Big Cat Rescue joined PETA to remove the animals from the circus and helped with writing campaigns against the circus.
Ringling Bros (Feld Corp.) had a contract with BCR to provide for the care of the tigers they had placed there previously while Baskin fraudulently begged for donations for their care.
(4) BCR only takes cats they consider to be a ‘HEADLINER’ to bring in more paying customers and exploitation purposes. Just how much money does BCR plan to gain off the backs of retired Ringling Bros cats?
(5) And most important reason to NOT place any more animals at BCR is that Carole Baskin hears voices and acts on what the voices tell her…This could present itself as a public safety issue with what is considered potentially dangerous animals in the care of someone so mentally unstable. -Seriously…Baskin needs to be evaluated -Santiago said he heard voices before going on a killing spree in an airport
-HELLO…Isn’t anyone paying attention to the blog posts from Carole Baskin? I guess I need to do the investigative reporting because this wasn’t newsworthy and just another ploy from BCR to get another free mention in the news. Don Lewis was presumed dead and then declared dead for Carole Lewis (now Carole Baskin) can inherit millions and leave his children with nothing. His body has never been recovered.
Sign the petition:

baskin-hears-voicesWords written by Carole Baskin poses a serious question to FFW if they should revoke BCR’s permit and rehome the animals as quickly as possible-Once you know of a potential danger, it becomes your responsibility to act on it-Sign the petition. 

Revoke Florida Fish and Wildlife License Before Another Tragic Accident Happens

If a person is so delusional to hear voices, print it online and has been a suspect in feeding her husband to her tigers, protection orders filed against her and giving money to Domestic Terrorist (Per says the FBI), do you think she is safe to have close to 100 dangerous animals in a busy retail part of Tampa Florida?


Zanesville is an example of what an unstable person might or might not do and she is obsessed with using Zanesville as an example of all of her online post, that the threat could be real right there in the Tampa Florida area next.

Sign the petition that if someone can post all over the internet how people should not own exotic animals because they are so dangerous and the people that own them are so dangerous and unstable that what Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue can admit to in her own words about hearing voices and sometimes even hears God himself, should not be the one to own exotic animals in the middle of Tampa Florida.

If she thinks a stable person in her eyes should not own one. What do you think about someone of this caliber owning nearly 100 big cats in a heavy populated area.

This petition will be delivered to: Florida Governor Rick Scott

TAKE ACTION NOW!!! Please sign the petition to alert the authorities that there is a potentially dangerous situation that needs to be dealt with immediately…If we are to accept that Terry Thompson released his animals and committed suicide then we must consider the possibility of a reoccurrence involving Carole Baskin and the animals at Big Cat Rescue.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on January 18, 2017.

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