Like it or Not~You’re Next and/or Effects YOU Whether YOU Own an Animal or Not-Pennsylvania Senate Bill 248~Dangerous

With an understanding -A true understanding of what the Animal Rights Agenda is that there is the realization that it’s not just dogs and cats, hunting, the use of fur or animals used for entertainment…It encompasses ALL animal usage and the belief that there should be no human relationships with animals; a belief that one should stay within their own ‘species’ as first described by Ingrid Newkirk, ceo PETA. PETA is largely supported by liberals promoting a vegan based diet.


HSUS is much the same as PETA with ties and millions in reserve using empathy for animals which is a natural human response for animals in need, to collect millions for essential the same agenda as PETA but taking it a step further with the creation of other organizations who like themselves collect donations based on natural human empathy for animals in need and these organizations all working together in unison to end all animal usage. All supporting any bill that takes away animal usage-Current Bad Bill in Pennsylvania is a prime example of a possible illegal unconstitutional law being introduced with concern for the keeping of animals having nothing to do with any public safety issue-see below.

Animal GreedFrankly, it would not be difficult to consider this a conspiracy however, I do not see the FBI working to seek RICO charges for each and every organization as they work in unison to destroy American Animal Culture. Promoting the creation of the Animal Welfare Act and the Endangered Species Act these anti-American Animal Rights Culture groups developed a means to control animal usage by using these two illegal and unconstitutional Acts to create laws on all levels of government that interfere with animal usage. The constitution was created to guide lawmakers that has been ignored for much too long. Animal usage is not a controversial issue, but those who wish to control animal usage as a means of creating an income for themselves have relied on knee-jerk emotional agenda to keep pushing for their belief that animals and man remain separate yet forgotten that those same Acts are also a means to assure the protection of animals and a means that humans will always have a relationship with animals for protection.

The question arises as to why it has been used for a negative response rather than positive with a display of intent as written in the standards within those Acts and the regulations. This is easily answered as it was never intended for a positive effect considering who, how and why it was created and how it can be used for enforcement. The ESA is used to prevent land development and the AWA used to close businesses usage of animals. All these Fanatical Animal Rights Organizations have the one cause to prevent all human relationships with animals, working in unison have slowly chipped away to diminish that usage with the creation of more laws and regulations so there are fewer pet shops selling animals, fewer zoos, fewer circuses utilizing animals as part of the show, breeder regulations etc.

Imagine a world without animals because it seems that is quickly approaching as more animal owners have been regulated to shut down or put out of business. Wayne Pacelle, ceo HSUS sure has

One generation and out

It’s not going to stop unless animal owners and lovers join together in support of all animal usage-No only do Fanatical Animal Rights Organizations not have a problem with the extinction of companion and domestic animals but all animals; from the enjoyment of owning a pet to the enjoyment of viewing them in a zoo setting, the protein of animals in our diets to the warmth that fur provides. Beware when you see Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists celebrating the end of any animal usage-rejoicing over the theft of animals from their owners -they never shed a tear for the animals but instead consider it a win and achieve that win by any means whether legal or not but remember any laws created to protect animals is illegal and unconstitutional.


Today Ringling, tomorrow your horse, dog, cat and Big Mac


The announcement of Ringling Bros circus closing this year, makes it an apt juncture to re-read the words of tiger tamer Thomas Chipperfield in the Times, above. (Click on the image and it should come up big enough to read)

The end of Ringling has been claimed as a victory by animal rights campaigners. It was their lobbying that led to the legislation in key American cities like Los Angeles that made travelling with an animal show as big as Ringling untenable – and it was when they took the elephants out of the show that people stopped buying tickets.

But where will the victory lead?

As Chipperfield points out, circuses have only ever been the thin end of the wedge. The animal rights movement is an ideology that wants to outlaw zoos, horse riding, pet ownership, meat eating, leather and even wool production. Peta is open about it, although no one seems to listen, or maybe care.

Perhaps one day, when it’s their dogs and cats and Big Macs at stake, the world will remember that a lion tamer tried to warn them that it was about much more than circuses all along.

And that the elephants that disappeared from Ringling last year were really canaries in a coal mine.


Chipperfield is not alone-nor is it only circus animal trainers giving this warning, but other animal owners, lovers and supporter of animal usage are beginning to understand and speak out against vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists and seek an end to their voice.

The economic issues are far reaching in a world without animals and without giving much consideration for the long term effects lawmakers (usually liberal democrats) become involved either because of the influence of the activists or and better said, their influence thru lobbying for laws to be changed or created without consideration for those economic changes or the fact that any laws concerning property must be written for a concern for people not the welfare of property or to dictate the care of property…Example: There is a bill under consideration in Pennsylvania with focus on the care of the animal(s) not because there is any concern for public safety issues -real or fake or any economic consideration. No need to make it lawful-let the animal owners challenge it right?!?-WRONG!!! Everyone should be concerned!!!

Pennsylvania senator sponsors bill banning traveling exotic animal acts — including circuses — from the state


A Pennsylvania state senator introduced a bill this month banning traveling animal exhibitions — including circuses and carnivals — from the state.

The bill comes just days after the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced plans to shut down “The Greatest Show on Earth” in May. The circus giant, which has traveled the country with live animal and acrobatic acts for nearly 150 years, had already announced in 2016 that it was removing elephants from its show.

The new bill was proposed Jan. 27 by Senator Daylin Leach, a Democrat from the 17th District covering portions of Delaware and Montgomery counties. It was subsequently referred to the Senate judiciary committee, according to his spokesman, Steve Hoenstine.

A previous version of the bill, introduced by Leach in 2015, didn’t make it out of committee, Hoenstine said.

 If enacted, the law would prohibit the use of exotic animals in “an animal act, ride, performance or exhibition as part of a traveling show or exhibition if, during the 15-day period preceding the employment or use, the animal was living or traveling in a mobile housing facility,” according to the draft bill.

Exclusions would apply to permanent facilities, such as zoos and aquariums, as well as outreach programs for education or conservation purposes “if the animal is not kept in a mobile housing facility for more than 12 hours per day.” Research facilities, including universities, would also be excluded, as would uses connected to film, television and advertising.

Violations would be considered third-degree misdemeanors. For purposes of the law, “exotic animals” refer to animals that are not native to the United States.


When they come for your neighbors pets, when they come for the circus animals, when they come for zoo animals, when they come for the chickens and cows, when a pig has more rights than you and their agenda has banned all the animals, it will be too late. So while the vegan based homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist Organizations are proclaiming a victory-You will be the one at a loss and so will our economy with a far reaching economic impact that goes well beyond the obvious.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog -B

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