Big Cat Exploiters-A Look Behind the Mastermind of 911 Animal Abuse

Non-Profit Fraud21

I highly recommend a rather new site and still in the making…

A page of interest takes a look at the Mastermind and creator Carole Baskin -ceo Big Cat Rescue (BCR) and well worth taking the time to explore the site!!! A look at all the hidden abuse of Carole Baskin herself-Carefully hidden away now exposed to know the face and the likely reason for the creation of 911 Animal Abuse which does not list her own abuse-of course not.


A Brief Summary of Carole Baskin
A well written and presented site exposing Big Cat Exploiters and is at the top of my list as a recommended website to follow.
BCR Watch Face Book page stays in touch with current information regarding Big Cat Rescue (BCR) and current events
-Like this FB page and receive updates in your news feed. BCR Watch also has a site worth following!!
Tiger scam
 Wildlife on Easy Street became Big Cat Rescue and part of a chain of numerous other registered Not-for-Profits owned by Carole Baskin
Baskin retirement fund

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