Zoo Wars Private Ownership vs Black Pines Animal Sanctuary-Part 2

“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” -Ayn Rand

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Why did Black Pine show interest in only Joe the Java Macque and a codimundi.

Hanna a Macaque that resided at Black Pines, had died a few weeks before the raid on Jessica Achberger and Troy Leiby ever took place. An empty enclosure was bad for business and what luck, they were able to get involved with an animal raid that just happened to have a Macaque.

I wondered why the interest in the coadimundi though; that sure seemed odd.

Today I went looking for an update on Joe only to find out the coadimundi in residence at Black Pine died on the 23rd of this month….WOW, what a coincidence isn’t it!?!…or is it when places like Black Pine Animal Sanctuary only receive animals from private ownership…They don’t buy animals the way a normal private owner would do, they don’t trade animals like a zoo but instead, prey on a loss endured by a private owner and the ‘color of law thefts’ of animals…”clearly a former pet, abandoned or escaped.”-Never mind trying to find the owner who might have been frantically searching for Badit the coadimundi…Held at Black Pines since 2004.

“Our sweet little Bandit has passed away. Bandit, a coatimundi, was given refuge at Black Pine back in 2004 after animal care and control in Indianapolis saved him from the city streets. He was clearly a former pet, abondoned or escaped.

We don’t know how old Bandit was, but he was at least 13 years old when we gave him the gift today of a quiet and peaceful end to a tough battle he fought for the past two weeks. While under sedation today, a cancerous tumor that had led to a nasty abscess was confirmed. It was in his lower jaw area impeding his ability to eat.

Bandit survived a previous health scare over a year ago that we reported about at that time – a kidney stone that nearly killed him due to such severe pain, dehydration, and lack of appetite. He survived after several days of around the clock care and thrived last summer.”

Bandit will never be forgotten. Rest in peace, buddy. Thanks to the many keepers who fell in love with Bandit’s squeaks over the past 12 years. Their love and TLC made him content and kept him safe.”

Black Pines Bandit

Kept him safe my ass!!! Funny they didn’t notice Bandit was in pain and not eating properly due to an abscess in his mouth-kept him safe; who do they think believes this BULLSHIT!?! And I can’t help but question the written words which I find sickening to say the least-Lori Gag-Me once again had me hurling

“we gave him the gift today of a quiet and peaceful end to a tough battle he fought for the past two weeks.”

Why did it take two weeks to provide vet care and allow Bandit to suffer for two weeks?!? OMG had I or you done that we’d of gone to jail for animal cruelty!!! They actually admit to waiting two weeks before diagnosis…my heart aches for him.

But appears they are admitting to other poor treatment and care from previous illness:

“Bandit survived a previous health scare over a year ago that we reported about at that time – a kidney stone that nearly killed him due to such severe pain, dehydration, and lack of appetite.”

This apparently was not the first time Bandit suffered due to lack of vet care at Black Pines-just because an animal has a kidney stone does not mean instant dehydration. …As a matter of fact the first symptom would be lack of appetite followed by pain and then dehydration only if they negligented to prove proper care that is…

Why wasn’t there a full work-up at that time on Bandit? Suddenly the animal has been suffering for a grueling 2 weeks before the discovery of an abscess-that they now claim was cancer so they did the deed to end his life and I truly doubt Bandit thought much about their ‘gift’…See ya little buddy…Rest in Peace as we praise ourselves and pat ourselves on the back for what care we did provide…(opps, I think I just barfed in my mouth a little)-So, now you know the true reason it’s GAG-ME!!!

How dare they pat themselves on the back and not be terribly upset with the loss-But hey, they already have a coadimundi <‘in waiting’> for that enclosure just as they have Joe for Hannah’s now empty enclosure. Make no mistake about it-This place is exploiting animals to the fullest degree of exploitation…I’m surprised they didn’t have their hand out in the next sentence for a donation. Instead, it was contained in the next several posts to enter their name to receive money from buying Peeps or was that money for shopping or money for this or that…Dream on…They don’t need more money-good grief look at their IRS 990-Black Pines is another place giving meaning to SCAM-tuary.

So Lori, please explain to me and everyone else why Bandit had to wait so long to receive proper vet care…Or are you going to edit your post again just as you did before? Link to Post about Bandit: https://www.facebook.com/blackpineanimalsanctuary/photos/a.84779571137.116532.52522601137/10153835854071138/?type=3&theater

Mind you, Black Pine is not a FB page I visit frequently-As a matter of fact, had it not struck me, and others, as extremely odd that they had interest in only the monkey and the coadi, it never would have crossed my mind to ever go to their page/wall again…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are in my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

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~ by topcatsroar on March 2, 2016.

3 Responses to “Zoo Wars Private Ownership vs Black Pines Animal Sanctuary-Part 2”

  1. Please state your title, are you a professional animal keeper in a zoo? A sanctuary? A wildlife rehabilitator? Do you have any wildlife/captive exotic education at all or are you actually as disgustingly stupid as you seem? This is the most ignorant post I have ever viewed coming from someone who obviously has absolutely ZERO idea of what they’re talking about. Please refrain from running your mouth about anything else as the more you talk, the more idiotic you sound. You’re the problem with this world so please don’t pass this idiocy on to any offspring. Bye.

    • LOL!!! I have more than two decades working with exotic animals-you??? But I don’t believe I need to prove myself to you…Frankly, why bother as it sounds like you’re the one with something to hide not I. I certainly don’t do any hit and runs as you just did. I know exactly WHAT and WHO I am talking about -Unfortunately you’re the more coming off as an idiot (or is that moron) who doesn’t have a clue-The problem with this world is people like Lori Gag-Me and places like Black Pine who prey upon suckers like yourself for donations to add to their already stock piled money…Don’t believe me, then ask for their IRS 990 and see for yourself.

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