The Masquerades of East Texas- Not Confined to Marion County, Shelters in East Texas will Continue Abusing Animals and Their Owners

Shelters in East Texas have a long history of abusing animals and animal owners. Animals mysteriously disappear for it only to turn up that they were whisked off to kill facility in the next county (Marion County to Harrison County Animal Control by Carolyn Wedding president of the The Humane Society of Marion County now DBA The Dixie Humane Society of Marion County)

To quote myself  “It actually seems very little to nothing is being done about it and If anything, the corruption is supported by the local yokels so called government officials…Maybe the big boys are scared-These towns are famous for their KKK and lynching’s now aren’t they!!?

East Texas so full of it…err…I mean so full of corruption!!! Retail Animal Rescue businesses are alive and well; from seizing animals to the ultimate sale at PetSmart…There is one with contracts for as many as 15 counties and doing a fine job -NOT…Hey, Hey, Hey- with a 45% Kill rate-

Then again, with the Humane Society of Marion County, Texas, you can’t keep track of their kill rate without doing an extensive search of the Animal Control of Marshall, Texas, the records of the Jefferson Animal Clinic and any other vets that have ever been used by this humane society…If Wedding is now certified to kill-watch out, I believe she might actually enjoy the bloodlust of it, admitted under oath she helped Veterinarian Carol Hedges to proceed with euthanizing animals even tho they had no medical test to indicate that it was necessary or permission from the judge or the owners of those animals…approximately 50-55 animals all is a couple days work of unnecessary and pointless euthanasia’s under ‘the guise of animal rescue’-That sure was some rescue now wasn’t it!?!. I venture to say at least 75% of ALL the lives ‘touched’ by HSMC are gone…It’s not a rescue when 1/2 the animals die in their hands!!!

That’s 45% without the additional animals that they killed and still no one knows for sure what Carolyn Weddings one woman show does when no one’s looking…

There is something to be said when charges of cruelty are so frequent that those charged know one another and even more to be said when you receive information about Longview, Texas and the article came from Washington State…!!! and written by someone I met years ago whose ‘color of law’ animal seizure was brought to my attention and we became friends.

“Are you aware That animal Seizures and rescues are being conducted By a very sophisticated network of organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which they are criminalizing longstanding animal owners; divesting them of ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals. All of this done at Taxpayer expense?!?”

Let me introduce to you the new Executive Director in Longview-Shannon DeRosa…Looks like Longview is in for another scandal-Who hires these people?!? Shannon DeRosa AKA Shannon Delgado, Shannon Hemminger, Shannon Johnson, Shannon Rayton-Just how many times does a person need to re-invent themselves? But of course, this explains why…!!!

Longview Texas Scrapes the Bottom of our Abusive Animal Shelter Barrell

Good riddens to the biggest trashpile of a human creature that any pit bull, cat, or sick animal, has ever had the misfortune to know. Most of them have paid with their lives.

The queen of mass and malicious murders is Longview Texas problem now. Sadly they are going to release her on their own innocent helpless animals.

I hope she realizes moving to Texas doesn’t prevent her from being sued in Federal Court and there is no statute of limitations on civil rights violations. Maybe she can work on her Wexican skills down there.

She is starting on October 26th and she is obviously smarter then the whole town combined or she has brushed up on her lying skills, she was good at it before, seems she has gotten better…

Councilwoman Kristin Ishihara, who took part in Johnson’s final interview, said her experience operating a shelter the same size as what Longview is building played a part in her hiring. “She also operated it in a manner we would describe as no kill, which is not putting down animals for space purposes,” she said. Johnson started her animal welfare career in 1998 as an animal control officer for seven years before working in code enforcement for two years.  “She is someone who’s very passionate about animal welfare, as you would need to be as someone in that position,” Willard said.

So this guy just signed the death warrants of thousands of innocent souls

City Manager - Longview, TX 2015-08-30 05-22-41

Let’s just take a look at her “No Kill” philosophy…

1} She picked up a disabled woman’s dog and told her the dog had been killed, but she gave her to a rescue (One of the lucky one’s she didn’t murder)

2} She killed a senior dog that was wanted by a couple who found him after the owner signed him over so that the finders could keep him, they had already spent several hundred dollars to treat him but instead of letting him stay with the family Shannon Delgado or Johnson demanded he be brought to the shelter and threatened the family. KOMO 4 did a story about it as well…


3} She had a dog picked up with a litter of puppies and left the pups in the cold who were barely 2 weeks old, until I wrote a blog story about it and shamed her into getting the puppies, and she had the mom set to be euthanized saying she was “agressive” until she was publicly shamed and lambasted, (the mom was chasing folks away from her pups under a trailer) So she didn’t get away with murdering that whole family

4} She killed 81 cats at once claiming that workers came into the shelter one morning and there were dead kittens everywhere, the cats or kittens would’ve shown signs of sickness for days and days before just dropping dead. She wasn’t satisfied with just killing the cats at the shelter, she had all of the cats in foster care brought in and killed too, even though they had not been near the shelter and could not have been sick.

5} She killed a little pitbull (actually she has killed over 150 who had rescue asking for them), but this little one had been abandoned and was living in the woods, once EAS found out rescuers were trying to catch him to help him she sent her goons out to go catch him and immediately killed him.

6} She just recently ordered over 100 cats killed, all in 1 trailer, so that they all had to watch the others die, so they sat there trapped as they watched each one die, the kittens were killed first while the mothers watched and she lied about testing the animals, her story is different in every story. (It usually is)

7} She ordered the murder of a beloved family cat simply for being in the Everett Police parking lot

8} She has overseen the murder of over 8500 pit bulls but please keep in mind because she is such a retard she can’t even seem to correctly identify a “pit bull terrier type” so many of those dogs weren’t even pit bulls.

9} She has no problem holding people’s pets hostage and blaming it on everyone else but herself

10} Perhaps the strangest thing is this: When I was pulling pit bulls from the shelter they were all coming out beaten and maced, 1 was so bad that he had to be euthanized but as I was going through the paperwork I realized I have many kennel sheets for dogs I never picked up or got from them. So she had either murdered these dogs illegally, prematurely or was selling them to research labs OR it could’ve simply been that other shelter workers were sneaking dogs out and just added those dogs paperwork to mine so that no one would notice but I only ever remember seeing one of the dogs in our paperwork because I put an IP (interested party) hold on him and was told later he was euthanized. Yet he was in my paperwork as a dog released to me the week before.

If you look at any picture she takes with any animal they all look terrified, always trust an animal’s sense of a person, they are usually right

Longview cat killer

Let’s hope she takes her buddy Carolyn Weikel that signed the death sentence for thousands of dog with her to the hell of Texas. Anyone who sacrifices a dog’s life for 5 bucks is as worthless as the person abusing these dogs at the shelter.

abused pit bull

She left this dog to live in this misery for years and helped the city of Everett Prosecutor hide a pedophile to railroad me… (This was one of many attacks this poor little girl suffered)


So what turns up about Longview’s new shelter?!?

Longview animal shelter to open in July; Humane Society to close in June

by Jimmy Isaac

The Humane Society of Northeast Texas will close its animal shelter for the final time June 30, one day before the scheduled July 1 opening of the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center.

Longview Animal Services Executive Director Shannon DeRosa announced the dates Wednesday during a meeting of the city’s Animal Shelter Advisory Board.

“(The Humane Society shelter) will close entirely,” she said.

The $5.75 million Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center is under construction on H.G. Mosley Parkway at Pecos Street, under a 50-50 partnership between the city and Gregg County. Tyler-based RPR Construction expects to complete construction by June.

Parts of the building’s roof were completed Wednesday, city Animal Control Supervisor Chris Kemper said.

“The roof is actually going on ridiculously quick right now,” he said.

The city predicts it will spend $1.2 million for the first year’s operating costs. Until then, Longview is contracting with the Humane Society for animal shelter services at a cost of $31,497 a month, along with water, sewer and sanitation services.

Once the new shelter opens, animals at the Humane Society’s shelter on Enterprise Street will be transferred to the city’s shelter, which will serve Longview, Gregg County and the cities of Gladewater, Kilgore and White Oak.

DeRosa said the Humane Society of Northeast Texas is selling the 36-year-old, 8,600-square-foot facility on Enterprise Street. Its board of directors will remain in existence, DeRosa said, because it still has endowment money that could be used to help with health and wellness programs at Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center.

*The new shelter will employ 16 to 19 people, including a shelter supervisor, veterinarian, two licensed vet technicians and four animal control officers including Kemper as their supervisor. Because of tight first-year budgeting, DeRosa said she will delay hiring for three positions — adoption counseling coordinator, social media marketer and pet licensing coordinator — until 2017.

She also said she’s still finalizing her schedule of fees for the animal center. She has proposed that adoptions cost between $25 and $75 for cats, and $100 to $225 for dogs, among other fees. A final fee schedule will be reviewed by the city attorney’s office before it is submitted to City Council members for final approval sometime this spring.


Let’s see, in one paragraph “endowment money that could be used to help with health and wellness programs at Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center.” and in the next says waiting to hire due to a tight budget-or is it that she wants complete control…

Now you might be wondering about previous scandals from the Longview Animal Control/Humane Society/Animal Services…Links of Interest: The Dirty Side of Animal Shelter-Longview

Corruption in the Humane System-Longview

Drug Abuse at the Humane Society-Longview

Corruption/Masqueraders of East Texas

The Greed of Animal Rescue-Political Corruption in the Longview Animal Shelters Continues

And now another masquerader has appeared in Longview with aa little more than a month before opening-Your tax dollars paying for that facility and someone needs to go to city council and present all the information including the information at the links in that news article…Just saying…You get what you’re afraid to open your mouth about-Silence is Deadly…!!!

So where will Attorney Kelly Heitkamp weigh in on this one-HA!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B



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4 Responses to “The Masquerades of East Texas- Not Confined to Marion County, Shelters in East Texas will Continue Abusing Animals and Their Owners”

  1. The following comment came in that I have to post a bit differently than usual approval-A lot of personal info was attached such as her email address that I don’t believe she wanted published:

    Hello, Thank you for publishing this. I am the owner of the 111 cats they killed on July 11th, 2014 in the trailer. They didn’t even take them into the shelter… the seized my trailer and took it to the shelter and killed them behind the bldg.

    Here is their story that I have put together so far – please help me spread their story of what really happened so that I may get justice for them: I am working on other info and pages… it is not only Shannon Johnson but all of Snohomish County Animal Control up here that needs to be in prison.

    I would live to talk to you if you are interested in their story. Please send any questions you may have. Kathryn

    • Concern that Snohomish County ‘common practice’ has moved into Longview, TX and judging from all the make-overs and re-invent yourself as someone that she isn’t wasn’t likely properly vetted (no pun intended) I believe that Longview needs to take another look at who…or is that WHAT they have hired!!! -B

  2. What Kathryn didn’t mention in her comments is that they killed all of the cats in front of each other in that trailer, they killed all the kittens first as the mothers watched helplessly, then for the less social cats they catch-poled them and stuck them in the chest cavity, probably not even hitting their hearts so they slowly suffocated to death, after which they were sold to a rendering plant so they made money on them and didn’t even have to bring them in the door.

    • Disgusting!!! There are laws in Texas that address that sort of thing…Not allowed and the dead animals are supposed to be removed before bringing in another live one…Bet Carol Hedges dvm wishes she never messed with me and exposed what she did to my animals-HA! Sad thing is, The Marion County Humane Society is still around terrorizing animal owners…same people different name-same old story-Ok for them to break the law and falsely accuse of the things they do themselves…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Thank you for your response and the information!!! -B

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