East Texas Coruption: How Strong and How Far has the corruption spread?!? Holy Crap-Grab a Chair-The Masqueraders of East Texas

TopCatsRoar latest  series of expose’s that will be labeled East Texas Corruption/The Masqueraders of East Texas considering that there has been so much reported in East Texas over the last four years and not certain how many actual years. but one thing for sure…It’s not just the Humane Societies and animal controls-It’s the entire nasty little sorted government affairs going on behind the scenes…OMG!!! This stuff so unbelievable you just gotta figure someone made it up…Yet, no Texas Rangers or FBI doing a damn thing-huh?!?

It actually seems very little to nothing is being done about it and If anything, the corruption is supported by the local yokels so called government officials…Maybe the big boys are scared-These towns are famous for their KKK and lynching’s now aren’t they!!?

East Texas so full of it…err…I mean so full of corruption!!! Retail Animal Rescue businesses are alive and well; from seizing animals to the ultimate sale at PetSmart…There is one with contracts for as many as 15 counties and doing a fine job -NOT…Hey, Hey, Hey- with a 45% Kill rate-

Then again, with the Humane Society of Marion County, Texas, you can’t keep track of their kill rate without doing an extensive search of the Animal Control of Marshall, Texas, the records of the Jefferson Animal Clinic and any other vets that have ever been used by this humane society…If Wedding is now certified to kill-watch out, I believe she might actually enjoy the bloodlust of it, admitted under oath she helped Veterinarian Carol Hedges to proceed with euthanizing animals even tho they had no medical test to indicate that it was necessary or permission from the judge or the owners of those animals…approximately 50-55 animals all is a couple days work of unnecessary and pointless euthanasia’s under ‘the guise of animal rescue’-That sure was some rescue now wasn’t it!?!. I venture to say at least 75% of ALL the lives ‘touched’ by HSMC are gone…It’s not a rescue when 1/2 the animals die in their hands!!!

Humane Society of Marion County, namely Carolyn Wedding, declared the theft of an entire collection of very rare bloodlines from Ireland; The Great Border Collies Rescue that they seem so proud of?!? Yet, there is no sheriff report…no search and seize…Once they gave the dogs away to the Texas Border Collie Rescue; they had the gall to arrest the actual owner…What the Hell FUCK happened to due process of the law?!? And the investigator for both cases is now the new Sheriff of Marion County…The DA ran away with the bone…Animal Nazis running free in America…

Anyone who now has one of those dogs, has stolen property in their possession…I thought they hung horse thieves in Texas…not protect them!!! Not have the courts assist in the cover ups if they go to court-ALL Kangaroo courts if you ask me…NO subject matter jurisdiction…The Federal Prosecutor says this is a civil matter-BULLSHIT!!! That’s TREASON!!! Where’s the protection of US Citizens FROM ‘BAD LAW’ and ‘BAD PEOPLE’?!?

Longview, Texas

1) Report on a Board of Directors meeting for the Humane Society of Northeast Texas, Christmas meeting…This should have been open to the general public but apparently not and only to those invited-HUH?!? Well this is a report from someone in attendance:

Dec 18, 2013
I attended a Humane Society Board meeting last evening.  This is a very secret clique and the location was difficult to get the Humane Society of Northeast Texas to release. They also do not release board members as had previously been advised.  While I was privy to this Open Session; I was allowed to ask questions between open session and executive before I was asked to leave.  Leave, you ask well I was told my comments and concerns were not the right venue to ask.  Basically, they stated that if I had further questions to schedule a meeting with Scott Holloway, Executive Director.  What! With no board members present.  That is the way it goes folks.
After having a lot of press regarding Dr. Barton Owens allowing the animal shelter to utilize his license to purchase drugs and he did not examine the animals, I asked about the current vet of record Dr. Elizabeth Griffin.  They stated she was not a shelter employee, worked on a voluntary basis and did a walk through weekly to check logs.  Surprisingly, they stated she has never examined animals.  Furthermore, they stated they could not afford a vet.
Wait, it gets better.  The director thanked the board for their Christmas bonuses.  This shelter is funded by contracts.  Longview itself gave $30,000 annually and there are 13 other municipalities that contract as well.  Gilmer’s contract is $13,000.00.  So, a KILL shelter who asks for donations for dog food managed to put their employees first to give bonuses.   I’m sure the cats and dogs really appreciate that but there again it’s a kill shelter taking in close to 800 monthly and has a euthanasia rate of over 45%.  So why feed them when they will later meet the needle.
Dr. Griffin does not examine animals but according to Patterson Medical Co former Webster Pharmaceutical she writes prescriptions for Class 3 drugs including but not limited to Ketaved (yes this is Ketomine), Anased a form of Xylozine.  Both of these drugs are anesthesia.  Lastly a Class 3 type of euthanasia requiring a vet signature to order and sign on delivery, Euthanasia by Vortek.
Yes, it gets worse.  Mr. Holloway stated that he could not inoculate against Parvo but he can test to see if puppies are positive.  After 72 hours, he can inject for Parvo and administer antibiotics.  To isolate from others, he puts them in the adoption trailer.  Yes, that is correct.  The trailer he utilizes for adoption events.  But don’t worry, he has a new cleaning method that eliminates the virus.  To treat the puppies, he states as long as they eat and drink, he can save them.  No medication needed.  Parvo has a 14 day period in which it is contagious before symptoms appear.  He never mentioned what he does for vomiting and diarrhea after said puppies eat his food and drinks.
So, adopting puppies from this shelter could mean you expose all other puppies you may have and as Parvo grows on practically everything, your yard could infect another puppy.  But as responsible pet owners most inoculate these puppies.
If Mr. Holloway has figured out such a great method of curing Parvo, I would think he would share it with the entire shelter community.  Especially as he states he has a 40% survival rate.
The icing on the cake…OMG!!!
2) LONGVIEW, TEXAS (LONGVIEW NEWS-JOURNAL) — A consultant for legal proceedings involving medical examiners aims to file a complaint this week against the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s office often used in Gregg County autopsies.

“This is a company masquerading as a medical examiner,” Austin consultant David Fisher said. “It is illegal, and it follows that all the autopsies are illegal. … All your jail deaths are going to be illegal, and this is going to open the door on a whole bunch of civil rights lawsuits.”

Fisher said the Fort Worth-based office, run by Dr. Nizam Peerwani, performed the autopsy on jail inmate Amy Lynn Cowling, whose heirs settled their wrongful death lawsuit for $1.9 million in 2013.

Peerwani’s deputy chief, Dr. Marc Krouse, performed a recent autopsy on Bobby Joe Madewell Jr., a jail inmate who died in March after jail personnel used a stun gun to subdue him.

Read more from the Longview News-Journal http://www.news-journal.com/news/police/complaint-against-medical-examiner-s-office-could-affect-gregg-county/article_57dc1de1-8961-54ad-a4d1-659b7a48f95f.html

So does it all sound like what you’d expect…you know, business as usual?!? Seems to me all these companies not for profit are not are masquerading to be what they aren’t…
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B
OK, One more for the road…
The following picture is from a humane society…Begging for blankets, and other donations for the 9 degree weather that is approaching-I’d like to know why no one is doing there job preparing for the seasons and ultimately any emergency thus less a seasonal one!!! The Marion County Humane Society has been housing animals in similar facilities for more than a year…interesting never heard a peep about it…oh, I forgot, She’s likely still doing’ the dog run to the Marshall Animal Control’…either way, if you treated animals that way-you’d be charged with cruelty and improper housing of the animals.

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