Corruption in the ‘Humane System’ -Longview, Texas

This follow up sent in by a Longview resident concerned about what is really going on in Longview, Texas A/C

Follow up to recent post:




TSBVE states is only for use in Humane Societies

Vortech Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.

6851 Chase Rd.
Dearborn, MI 48126
1-800-521-4686 or 313-584-4088
Fax: 313-581-8550

Presenting the Fatal-Plus family for classic euthanasia: reconstitutable powder and premix solution. Fatal-Plus has an unparalleled track record of satisfactory performance and is used for superior product humaneness, efficiency, economy and reliability.

September 30, 2013

Humane groups will recognize State Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, for championing legislation to improve animal welfare in Texas. During the recent Texas Legislative Session, Watson sponsored and helped  pass SB 360, the bill to ban gas chamber euthanasia for shelter cats and dogs in Texas. The Humane Society of the United States, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®, the Texas Humane Legislation Network and the Austin Humane Society will present the award.

Prior to the enactment of SB 360, the Texas Humane Euthanasia Act allowed for euthanasia of cats and dogs to be administered one of two ways: via a sodium pentobarbital injection, also referred to as euthanasia by injection, or by commercially compressed carbon monoxide gas. This new law will limit the approved methods to injection only, which is more humane than gas as it takes effect faster, acts more reliably and causes less pain and trauma than gas. In gas chambers, animals may suffer extensively before succumbing to the carbon monoxide.

Gas chambers can also pose great physical and psychological harm to shelter employees. Studies have proven that it is more expensive to operate a gas chamber than it is to purchase and use euthanasia drugs.

Humane Death for Shelter Animals

May 28, 2013 — The National Humane Education Society

The use of gas chambers in Texas animal shelters has recently been banned.

Paws Up!
To Texas for banning the use of gas chambers to euthanize shelter animals.

According to a news article, “Texas has joined 19 other states in banning the use of gas chambers to kill unwanted shelter dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.”

Euthanasia by injection is the recommended method, according to groups including the Texas Animal Control Association, the Association of Shelter Veterinarians, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and various veterinary and animal control associations.”

There is a bill in the US House of Representatives, HR 208, that opposes the use of gas chambers to euthanize shelter animals and supports laws that require the use of euthanasia by injection instead. Contact your senators and representatives and have them support HR 208.

Gas chambers should be banned in all states as a means of euthanizing shelter animals.

Take Action: Residents of Texas, thank your governor for signing into law a bill that bans the use of gas chambers to euthanize shelter animals in your state. Residents of other states, check to see if your state still allows the use of gas chambers as a means to euthanize shelter animals. If it does, please contact your legislators and urge them to introduce legislation banning the practice.

The Honorable Rick Perry
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428
Tele. No.: 512-463-2000

Sodium Pentobarbital is the most acceptable method of euthanizing warm-blooded animals.  When injected into a vein, this drug produces rapid unconsciousness and death without the pain and distress that accompany all other methods.  This method is the most cost-effective and overall least expensive of all euthanasia techniques (according to the Michigan Humane Society, the cost of lethal injection, materials and labor is $2.88 per animal).  It does require adequate staff training because each animal is handled individually.  The injection process allows staff to provide personal comfort to each animal in its last moments, which may greatly offset the emotional stress.



Nembutal Sodium



Understand: in Texas it is not necessary for a humane society to utilize a vet license for purposes of purchasing Euthanasia.  

Fatal-Plus was used by HSNET.  Could NOT have been purchased w/ a vet license.  

Also, there is no more humane of euthanasia in TX other than sodium pentobarbital;

the active ingredient in all animal shelter euthanasia. 


The concern is that the HSNET purchased controlled prescriptions Sch 1-5 utilizing Owens’ vet license.  

This could be Ketamine, K9 aspirin etc.  The issue was that Dr. Owens did not establish a vet/client relationship by examining the animals.  Never went down there.  So, you have incompetent staff examining, diagnosing, prescribing meds and administering them w/o vet supervision.

Stuart Russell was the director at the time that Owens lent his license to the animal shelter.  She is culpable as well.  

I’ll try to scan the vet reprimand for further information for you.   Thanks! ~Sent by Anonymous-TY!!!


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B 

~ by topcatsroar on December 9, 2013.

6 Responses to “Corruption in the ‘Humane System’ -Longview, Texas”

  1. Once again, Top Cat, you hit the nail on the head! Thank you for all you do!

    • Wish I could take the credit for that post…it’s brilliant and a BIG thanks to the person who sent that to me and knows who they are!!!
      I am wondering how often this occurs and where else it is happening or happened…Isn’t that breaking the law and more than just a slap on the wrist deserved!?! Where’s the cops busting down this vets doors in full battle attire!?! That’s what I want to know and wondering how far that investigation went considering it’s a bold face lie what they were ordering-Just WHAT medications did they receive and WHO received them?!? With all the drug abuse we read about I would think that the ‘law enforcement guardians'(-HA!) would want to know!!! -B

  2. Thanks for giving our Humane Society nat’l attention. Oh wait, humane has human and man in it; therefore, is evil…. Shouldn’t be called that at all and why do they go by 2 names; Humane Society of Gregg Co and Humane Society of Northeast Texas? We couldn’t have aliases.

    • Darlin’, what’s happening there is happening in other places I assure you!!! There’s more-plenty…It takes fortitude to look into what really goes on at these places…It needs to be exposed-NO, it must be exposed-The animals are counting on it and so is the community!!! -B

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