The GREED of Animal RESCUE ~ Political Corruption in the Longview Animal Shelters CONTINUES

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This post is in regards to the BIG BUSINESS of animal shelters -The obvious corruption and planning is all too transparent. For more than a year the city of Longview has been planning for a new shelter and claiming that the current shelter is insufficient-Agreed, it is but it has never been managed properly either!!! It’s out of date and needs improvements and someone who is experienced in proper shelter management. What is not needed is a public display by increasing the number of animal seizures or bringing in the SPCA of East Texas or the SPCA of McKinney. Jut because they have a bigger shelter demonstrating that a bigger shelter is needed for animal rescue as they didn’t have the capability of doing the job themselves…Really?!? Was it really a necessity to take unwanted animals from their rightful owner that wanted them ???

Were ALL those animals euthanized -Hey they never given a second though to euthanizing stray animals before now-Why start now ???  I’m all for no-kill but not at the expense of what this one has demonstrated by abusing longtime residents, animal owners and the animals-Was not necessary to do this for the creation of a no-kill facility.

-Concern for the numerous strays has never existed in East Texas and certainly not to keep stray animals alive, get them healthy, and ready to be sold by the shelter at a rather high price to pay for a shelter update and expansion. The attempt to make Linda Darlene Luker a criminal for taking in those strays to her no-kill home is more than enough proof…You bet I believe those animals were killed with the taking…please note that no one testified as to what happened to Luker’s animals.

 “SPCA representatives did not testify what happened to the dogs and cats once they were seized and taken to McKinney, and Holloway testified he did not know.” 

For now the shelter system is hired to pick-up and get paid for each one to be put to death so no one really cared about what would happen if the SPCA took them when they were no longer of value as strays to be picked up…So they brought in the killing machine…

Had the seizure occurred after the building of the new shelter, she would be considered as a thief taking money from the shelter as their plan is to make big bucks selling those unwanted, homeless animals but in essence, with their true agenda now exposed, the seizure rate will explode to get animals from breeders and take animals from legitimate kennels; claiming that they exceeded the limit of animals that they are allowed to keep in their home with no definition for what a kennel is and with no necessity for registration.

This was previously done to Mary Gunn, a longtime resident of Longview who was just getting started with a backyard breeding business. She didn’t have a chance in Hell against the corruption of Longview city officials determined to make an example of her. That is exactly what they did alright with the wrongful taking of her animals and serving her with a citation that she was beyond the limit for the number of dogs in her home; totally ignoring that they exempt kennels, with no definition for a kennel and not requiring registration. The one thing that stands out in Mary Gunn’s case is the corruption.

Link of interest:

The one thing that stands out in this case against Luker is the corruption. They called in both the SPCA of East Texas And the SPCA from McKinney, there was the direct involvement of Jackie Lynch from Longview Animal Control, SPCA of McKinney brought along with their intake shelter vet, a district attorney and an investigator from Dallas, the list just goes on and on of witnesses for the prosecution. They certainly were making a case against Luker long before the day of the seizure and brought in the big guns to do it to demonstrate that a shelter expansion is just what the city of Longview needs for themselves. Lynch was actually involved in both of these cases from the Longview Animal Control and rather than helping owners or working with owners, she enjoys the power of taking their animals-this is the worst kind of bully when they have the power to take another persons property. No one in their right mind would likely agree to working with her and her kind of help…

As I was reading the news about Luker’s acquittal, in the Gilmer Mirror, another article caught my eye and on reading it I realized just how far the corruption goes-further than I believed possible. All the way to the mayor of Longview who is now caught up in making the shelter work towards payment for the improvements and expansion-Already, he only recently discovered that the city works more than Longview and that there is no actual count as to where animals that the city pays for pick up comes from as they are also under contract with other communities (they are paid by other counties or their services) in East Texas-You bet this is a lucrative business and Longview lusting after Upshur County…I guess asking those other communities to help with the expansion as they too would benefit might be a little much as there are several organizations in East Texas also lusting for the business -already over paying Longview for their services.

You bet there more organizations wanting to get paid for their services like the Humane Society of Marion County now DBA the Dixie Humane Society of Marion County trying to get in on the money and already expanded beyond Marion County to Cass County-Already done numerous illegal and unconstitutional animal seizures with less than favorable results supported by the county-Hell, they picked up animals and were taking them to the Marshall Animal Control for DISPOSAL!!! -No one shedding a single tear just as they wrongfully have given away animals with no hearing and no one signing over their animals-Made a big splash on the scene and smiling all the way to the bank…

They call this concern for animals-I call it

“The GREED of Animal RESCUE”

Concerns aired about animals in Upshur County

Upshur County Pct. 3 Commissioner Frank Berka said that about 35 persons, ranging from public officials to veterinarians, attended a meeting he convened Thursday to discuss the problem of animal concerns in the county, a conference which provided a “great beginning” to solving the issue.

“I think that we opened up the fact that it’s going to be very expensive, no matter if we (the county) maintain a contract with (the city of) Longview (to house stray animals) or do something on our own,” Berka said Monday. “I think that the next step is to probably develop a task force to determine what’s the best way to go for everybody (and determine) the least expensive, intrusive way to benefit our taxpayers.

“I think I could probably pull some people together to do it,” the commissioner added.

Berka said he called the gathering to discuss “the number of animals we have in our community, the strays, (and) the injured because we have too many animals running out on the roads and things like that. Citizens need to be concerned about controlling the number of animals in our county and then we’ll have less of a problem.”

In a news release, Berka said he opened the two-hour meeting at Etex Telephone by saying “I have been told that nothing will ever happen in Upshur County regarding animal concerns. Those naysayers need only to look at the number of decision makers asembled in this room here tonight to see that that is not the case.”

Among those attending, he reported, were county officials, city managers, law enforcement and volunteer organizations.

During the meeting, Berka wrote, Longview Mayor Jay Dean was invited to speak about a proposed new animal shelter in his city. In the news release, Berka quoted Dean as saying that while Longview wants to continue contracting with the cities of Gilmer, Ore City and Gladewater, Dean was “looking for a more permanent contract extending to at least three years.”

Berka also quoted Dean as saying “costs are yet to be determined based upon those contracts and any new contract with Upshur County as a whole.” The commissioner said Gladewater’s contract is $43,000 annually (Gilmer pays $2,407 monthly, according to City Secretary Kathy Davidson Hoover, while Ore City pays $85 per animal, said its city secretary, Gail Weir.)

Stuart Russell, representing the Longview Humane Society shelter, said it receives 1,100 dogs and cats annually from just Gilmer, Gladewater and Ore City, and “there is no way they could keep up if all of Upshur County were included,” Berka wrote.

In addition, Burge Linton, the shelter’s board president, argued it would not be practical for Upshur County to partner with the humane society after the new shelter is built, the commissioner said.

“As far as us just being able to do what we do now, when you pull the Longview animals out of our shelter, even with the rest of our contracts, our price per animal would nearly double, “ Berka quoted Linton as saying.

According to Berka, Linton additionally said the present shelter charges $87 to take an animal and that factoring in the cost of a new facility, he calculates it will cost $285 to accept one at the new facility and the current one will most likely close.

Most attending last week’s meeting said “educating animal owners about the importance of spaying and neutering their animals was paramount to fixing the problem,” Berka noted.

[BLOGGERS NOTE: How about a leash law-HELLO!!!-They want to require S/N of animals-registration of animals and whatever else they can come up with to make this a money making proposition-WAIT-they do that then they won’t need a bigger shelter after all-HA! No need to be concerned with Upshur County-now that’s funny, out of business before they break ground]

Some at the meeting contended the spay, neuter and vaccination ordinances in Longview should be instituted throughout Upshur County if the county contracted with Longview for sheltering animals, Berka noted. But “the notion of who would be able to police that seemed to dismiss that idea,” he wrote.

Nonetheless, Berka added that spaying and neutering would reduce the number of stray and injured animals, thus reducing law enforcement officers’ case loads and letting them “concentrate more on criminal activity.”

[BLOGGERS NOTE: Hello-Luker was acquitted-there was no criminal activity!!! Alleged doesn’t make it so. Any shelter operation that states their mission is to stop animal abuse and control animal population is not pro-animal. In fact it’s against animals and their owners. Creating ownership as criminal does not make it so…it makes ownership a dangerous thing and fewer people willing to be owners!!!]

He added that there are free or low-cost operations that spay, neuter and vaccinate from time to time.

For example, Berka said, the Upshur County Animal Network, a volunteer group, said at the meeting that it can take animals to Oklahoma, where dogs can be spayed or neutered for $35, cats for $25. “In Upshur County, those veterinary services are as much as $90,” he added.

One person at the meeting, whose name Berka did not know, “indicated that it is possible to purchase a remote facility for handling those procedures for $6,000 and use veterinarians in training, thereby not having to leave Upshur County,” the commissioner wrote.

[BLOGGERS NOTE: I don’t think that the Upshur County community wants or needs Longview’s style of help]

Berka also said that Texas Star, a vollunteer rescue operation funded by donations, indicated at the meeting that in four years, it has adopted out 955 animals, 800 of them dogs. The adoption fee is $150, which includes all costs of vaccinating, spaying and neutering, he said.

Berka noted, however, that before officials “would go any farther with seeking financial aid for the volunteer organizations, it would be necessary” that he “see some of their financial statements.”

The commissioner also said that two Gilmer veterinarians, Dr. Randall Spencer and Dr. Craig Bell, “indicated the vastness of the concerns” at Thursday’s meeting. Both work closely with the Upshur County Sheriff’s Office, said Berka, who quoted Capt. Gary Roberts as saying the veterinarians are in effect “the only places deputies can go to with the stray and injured animals.”

Roberts, along with Pct. 3 Constable Stanley Jenkins and Pct. 1 Constable Gene Dolle, “expressed the need for a certified police officer to be an animal control officer for the county,” the commissioner reported.

He quoted Dolle as saying that “having someone who can enforce and follow up cases is a big part of our problems concerning animal neglect and abuse.” Berka then quoted Roberts as saying the county’s “not having a shelter or an agreement with an active shelter made it difficult on law enforcement.

[BLOGGERS NOTE: That must be why they allowed  seizing and shutting down Luker’s no-kill operation that she funded herself ??? What a jackass!!!]

“Gilmer’s Hope House no-kill shelter reported that it was at capacity with its limited space,” the commissioner added.

Dolle, who has worked on several animal abuse cases, issued a statement on Thursday’s conference. He termed it “a very good meeting” overall, saying “there were several good ideas discussed. The only problem is the money.”

The constable said Dean and East Mountain Police Officer Matt Graham broached the possibility of a regional animal task force, “a great idea in my opinion.”

Dolle additionally said the meeting “well established that Upshur County has allowed this problem to get out of hand.

“Since Gregg, Smith, Wood and other counties have tightened up their animal laws, such as Smith County having a countywide leash law, people are either coming here to dump their dogs or moving in this area to do their careless care for their animals because they know they can get by with the way they care for them,” the constable added.

“This also brings in the dog fighters, hoarders and abusers,” Dolle contended.

As for resolving the problem, he wrote, “I know that this is baby steps, but if we can continue to work together for the same goal – animal control – we can get the job accomplished.

Please note the signs of the citizen abuse that is coming rather than create a leash law (highlighted)-HA! Well they just lost the case against Lurker-So much for what this idiot Dolie knows…

“This also brings in the dog fighters, hoarders and abusers,” Dolle contended.

Here they are attempting to justify the expense of this new expanded shelter by telling citizens what they need to be concerned with-huh???

“Citizens need to be concerned about controlling the number of animals in our county and then we’ll have less of a problem.”

I really enjoyed reading what it now costs to buy a dog and what it will cost in the future with the construction completed-NOT!

present shelter charges $87 to take an animal and that factoring in the cost of a new facility, he calculates it will cost $285 to accept one at the new facility and the current one will most likely close.

From vets to city officials calling this concern for animals is a joke-Look at the money already coming in-and that shelter is sub-standard -the corruption runs wild~Where the Hell did all that money go!?! Must be profitable or they wouldn’t be going after the business from Upshur County and to prove their point they attempted to stick it to Luker-and FAILED miserably-TG!!! They stole her animals and her life as she knew it with the only friends that she had-her animals-the strays and unwanted. But the jury didn’t buy their line of crap It only took less than an hour to decide and with those attorneys around it looks like citizens in East Texas will finally get proper justice rather than lynched before the first hearing as Luker was and now redeemed for not committing any crime but remains suffering for her loss.

I have several things highlighted and pointed out in this news article-coming from meticulous and honest reporting of the Gilmer Mirror.

Other links of interest concerning Longview animal sheltering corruption in Longview, Texas:

“East Texas veterinarian reprimanded by state board”

“Humane Society of Northeast Texas- “Attorney: Lawsuit uncovers questionable finances at Longview animal shelter”

From the looks of it the taxpayers in Longview will be financing the cost for a ‘new business’ to take animals from their longstanding owners and be accused of a crime when no crime actually exists-

animal seizures and rescues are being conducted by a very sophisticated network of 

organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which they are 

criminalizing longstanding animal and livestock owners;

divesting them of ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals.

all of it done at taxpayer expense and thru a highly developed scheme to

collect donations.

follow the animals ~ follow the money!!! 

You still trust the govt

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 25, 2015.

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