Zoo Wars-Animal Cruelty Caught in Video at Big Cat Rescue

I’ve said all along that the things Baskin claims that others do, are the things Big Cat Rescue does themselves!!!
This is the video that is Carole Baskin’s nightmare come true!!! CEO Big Cat Rescue/BCR

Expose the Real Animal Abuser-Big Cat Rescue

Let me use a hot shot on you and see how you react!!! Hot shots are for trainers protection against ARFs not their animals!!!
This is an example as to why you don’t piss off an animal that can kill you!!! Send your complaint to the USDA/APHIS East Coast -ask for a case number and reply to ur complaint!!!
This video has been removed once so share this post quickly before the video is taken down once again!!!-If you can download it and then share it so it can not be removed as it travels thru the internet like wild fire which, by the way already is happening -Do it NOW!!!
Anyone working closely with animals knows that a natural response would be to run or turn towards the pain to protect themselves If trapped in a small cage or area will turn to protect themselves-Neither Carole Baskin or her daughter Jamie, manager of BCR and married to a veterinarian (!!!), can claim that they were unaware that this was going on at the facility-That’s Jamie standing on the cage holding the door open and  appears bothered that the tiger doesn’t want to leave the transport cage so fast-What cat doesn’t like a roomy ‘den box’ of not trained to go in and out of a transport cage?!? To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a ‘rescue’  of any circus animal at BCR -Ringling placed tigers there and she was paid to provide for those animals!!!
Obviously, Baskin KNOWS what is going on in that facility!!!
If you donate to BCR, then you are helping them to continue to abuse animals and condoning this type of human behavior-They do NOT need your money with over 4 MILLION in reserve and little to none of that money going towards animal care, with no updates done to the old cages that can not even be considered natural habitats as those cages ARE insufficient to provide proper space and/or to provide proper shelter!
The tiger in the video:
Was happily in residence at Serenity Springs, Colorado…
This tiger was actually stolen property by way of Turpentine Creek who claimed it and other animals as a rescue but it isn’t…let’s be clear about this…WASN’T, no matter the claim!!!
Turpentine Creek PURCHASED Serenity Springs with the promise that the doors would remain open. The only reason the facility was sold was due to the owner being stricken with cancer and concerned was for the welfare of his animals as well as that the community would continue to have a place to view and learn about the animals. Instead after the down payment was made and a contract was signed; Turpentine Creek began stripping the property of it’s assets-I can only imagine how horrifying this is for Nick and Julie who loved each and every animal in their facility and had close relationships with each animal.
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on December 2, 2016.

7 Responses to “Zoo Wars-Animal Cruelty Caught in Video at Big Cat Rescue”

  1. Much thanks to BCR Watch for exposing the truth and the commitment to exposing the truth: http://bigcatexploiters.weebly.com/carole-baskin.html

  2. You can tell it is a TWIG if you freeze the frame toward the end. You can see that it isn’t straight. Big Cat Rescue doesn’t even own an electric prod, would not even have one on the property, nor would anyone at Big Cat Rescue even think of using one. Gale barely TOUCHED / RUBBED the cat and did not in any way poke or prod. BCR would NEVER abuse a cat like that. It is silly to even think that. The cats had been cooped up in those cages for a very long journey so they were not happy to begin with. If you spend any time actually watching all of BCR live feeds and videos you will see the people at Big Cat Rescue are extremely kind and patient with the cats and that everyone goes above and beyond to make life good for the cats. But, I guess blowing something innocent into something sinister makes for a better story.

    • James-There is NOTHING INNOCENT that goes on at BCR unless you consider everything that they do or don’t do as an act of IGNORANCE!!! Baskin has shown her UGLY head for years beginning BEFORE Don went missing…Countless incidents that were deliberate including her 911 animal abuse site which is worthless and leaves out the numerous incidents that have occurred at BCR…AT least 179 deaths to date and the highest death rate in the country and then has the nerve to put the skins and bones on display in her party room-You bet there is a shocker on property-of course there is-Did u turn on the volume?!? Twig my ass!!! [Worth more dead than alive-She’s a hunter without a riffle-comparable as she preys on owners seeking to own their animals]
      Why do unnecessary surgeries to the animals that are contained and can be housed separately so they can’t bred?!? How many have to die since her son-in-law has been in charge of their medical?!?-OMG!!!
      Kind to those animals (???) housed in old rusty corn-crib styled caging?!? And isn’t corn crib caging one of numerous complaints she has against OTHER private big cat owners?!?
      Baskin hears voices-Did you know?!? I consider her a loon and should be locked away and certainly not be allowed to own big cats-remember, inherently dangerous animals in the wrong hands and they most certainly are!!! Her attacks on other legal owners is endless even when there is no reason for those attacks beyond smearing reputations, collecting donations and her greed to obtain animals for free…Once their usefulness wears out they begin to die…Kindness my ass-Those animals collected for the loot they can bring in-Check her 990 IRS filing…
      James ur nothing more than another sucker and mark for donations…And just so u know whether a twig or a shocker it was done WRONG!!!-period…that conclusion doesn’t that a genius to figure out!!! Ignore the truth all u want, her day is coming…not because we don’t like the person but because we don’t like what the person does…That has caused hatred of her especially since she has also attacked house cat owners in the process…Complaints are mounting and can’t be ignored forever…There are lawsuits against her yet she doesn’t mention them-Ask questions and stop being so damn stupid -B

    • Apparently you’re drinking the kool-aid and believing that tall tales and pathological LYING that have been emanating from the extreme narcissists at BCR for years.

      People that are running money-making schemes in animal rescue RELY ON NAIVE, GULLIBLE people that “enable” them to continue to rake in the money with their reality-show antics that are designed to ENTERTAIN foolish people.

      However, in the end it’s ALWAYS the animals that are being exploited and then discarded when they have no more value to the players.

      • No, I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid just busy exposing the truth so I don’t understand why u said that -It’s all 100% a money making scheme!!!

      • I was addressing the Kool aid drinker “one who cares enough to seek the truth” that was defending big cat rescue, not you topcatsroar.
        I know what you write about bcr and other player “rescues” is true.

      • Happy New Year…another year…the fight continues…Cross ur fingers that Trump dumps Agenda 21/2030…I strongly suspect he will-Republican party has always been against it…Still waiting for his choice for Secretary of Agriculture. -B #friendstellingfriends

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