UPDATE/ALERT-Zoo Wars-The Biggest Sanctuary SCAMMERS in History (part 2)

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Since my last post exposing the fraudulent sanctuary SCAMS-‘Zoo Wars-The Biggest Sanctuary SCAMMERS in History” (link provided below), I have received comments that I wouldn’t publish and threats calling me a liar (see the comments at the link below) however, everything posted on this blog is based on my opinion and the opinions of others.  I promised that I will be posting their actual SCAMs under the ‘color of rescue’ and to update…This is an extension of the post and an update to the previous post.

Fake claims of exotic animal rescues are generated by sanctuaries for emotionally generated support and funds. They have manipulated emotionally generated laws in this country in numerous states so that private exotic animal ownership will be banned or with near impossible conditions to create unlawful and un-constitutional laws against your God-given rights and your Civil Liberties granted to you by state and the US Constitutions. Carole Baskin, ceo-Big Cat Rescue (BCR) has been engaged for a number of years to have federal laws change using money donated for animal care to lobby and advertise the bills under the ‘guise of a public safety issue’ however the Big Cat Safety Act is a misnomer and has nothing to do with public safety issues. There is currently another attempt to change USDA/APHIS regulations that would essentially do the same thing although outside it’s duty for Animal Welfare as no animal or human is endangered by allowing the general public to come in contact with young animals which is already regulated that it must be done in a safe manner for both the animals safety and the safety of the general public; the current regulations have proven itself sufficient.

Most sanctuaries were created for the general public to support their private exotic animal ownership collections/hoarding thru donations rather than going to work to support their animals and the needs of their facility that they claim is for the care of rescued animals (animals they receive for FREE). Several examples are Big Cat Rescue (BCR)-Carole Baskin-ceo, Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue (WBCR)-convicted felon, Jeff Kozlowski-ceo living off the proceeds obtained thru donations, In-Sync Wildlife Rescue, Lions, Tigers and Bears-Bobbi Brinks-ceo, Black Beauty Ranch associated directly with HSUS/GFAS, Forever Wild- Joel and Chemain Almquist-ceos, The Wild Animal Sanctuary-Pat Craig, ceo, Black Pines-Laurie Gagens-ceo and of course, Turpentine Creek Wildlife (TCW)-Tonya Smith-ceo, just to name a few of the massive number of sanctuaries in this country claiming to have rescued animals.

These very same sanctuaries (and others) who will paint horrible descriptions of private exotic animal owners although most private owners offer better conditions than these sanctuaries. All sanctuaries claim to be providing a superior life for the animals. All but three of the above named sanctuaries are in association with HSUS/GFAS. All pleas for donations for one reason or another and using their ‘so-called-rescues’ to paint horrible pictures of OTHER exotic animal owners. ALL exotic animal owners are considered private owners no matter who owns them; including these sanctuaries as well as all zoos.

ALL of the sanctuaries named above and numerous others, are considered a BUSINESS; licensed as any exhibitor by the USDA/APHIS for the purpose of collecting a fee to be open to the public; just as they and any roadside zoo are required to meet the same conditions as ALL zoos including AZA and AAZ zoos.

Most sanctuaries (including those named) are keeping animals in sub-standard conditions and getting a free pass from the licensing regulations of the their USDA/APHIS permit although not revealed in the USDA/APHIS inspection, compliance reports; giving reason to question the integrity of the inspectors and the especially the licensing government agency. ALL the named sanctuaries have been previously mentioned in this blog for one reason or another making them and others the subject of the topic of the Biggest Sanctuary SCAMMERS in History updates. 

Link of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/10/19/zoo-wars-biggest-sanctuary-scammers-of-all-time/#comment-9171

ALL the sanctuaries named and those un-named are considered ‘professional beggars’ with pleas for donations ‘under the guise of rescue’ and rather than tell the truth about the animals and/or their previous owners, perpetrate lies to SCAM the general public for donations. Most have plenty of money in reserve yet continue to SCAM the public for more funding. Please note: Big Cat Rescue has over 4 Million dollars in reserve-Carole Baskin and all family member receive above average salaries; receive free food and vet care for the animals. Carole Baskin’s daughter, Jamie, is the manager of the facility and her husband is the vet of record-How convenient…

Just because a business has obtained an IRS Not-for-Profit (NFP) status which means they are NOT paying any tax does not make them any different than a business that is not NFP and who are willing to pay tax. Some (likely ALL) NFP sanctuaries are neglecting to pay state sales tax on fees collected to enter their facilities and/or items they sell in their gift shops and Internet sales and therefore contributing no funds to their home states.


The ethics of some of the above named sanctuaries have some of the most sickening pleas for donations which came from Pat Craig stating he will put down all the animals at his facility if he does not receive more donations. Carole Baskin has the highest death rate of any of the facilities with several dying the last couple of months leaving cages empty and lusting for more rescued animals to fill the space.

Running short on time; not all the above facilities ethics will be contained in this post but will be in future posts along with some the other un-named facilities. Anything new from the facilities mentioned will also be updated to fully expose the SCAMS perpetrated on the general public.

To find a list of GFAS associates go here: http://www.sanctuaryfederation.org/gfas/about-gfas/gfas-sanctuaries/#usa

Sanctuaries lack ETHICS in what they say and do for the purpose of collecting animals for their facility for the soul purpose of obtaining donations. Animals being necessary to promote their facility. Let’s take a closer look:

Forever Wild refuses to return 3 monkeys taken from a disable woman who needed her monkeys as service animals and companionship and the legal and rightful owner of the monkeys. Joel Almquest attacked her with pepper spray in her face  during a squabble about the animals.

She not only was arrested but ended up with a broken arm from the incident over her concern for how her animals were being cared for. Of course she was arrested as the Almquist’s are associated with local law enforcement officers in the area even though her never laid a hand on her attacker.

By law, ADA law in this instance, for persons with disabilities, are not required to obtain a permit for small primates used as service animals and/or companions although the reason law enforcement officers of the state seized her animals.

Of course Almquist was delighted to receive these monkeys; FREE of charge, of course and placed them in a sub-standard cage (information that was provided to me and it’s been a number of years since I was at this facility. No pictures have ever been provided to debunk the claim) the seized animas are on display.

There is a case still pending against the state of California although it has been well over a year since the animals were seized. Joel Almquist does not have a required license to have the monkeys nor the required knowledge and education to be permitted by the state of CA, yet was allowed and continues to house those monkeys at his facility. This is rather hypocritical for California Wildlife Enforcement to not admit their error and has never ordered the return of these animals to their owner. Almquist stated that he would rather kill the animals than to return them to their owner.

Forever Wild is a sanctuary in California who was a private exotic animal collector/owner before deciding to obtain NFP status to have his collection supported by the general public.


Black Pine Sanctuary-Laurie Gagen, ceo is another NFP sanctuary who happily excepted a coadimundi and a monkey earlier this year that were seized due to an extenuating circumstance and seized by animal control in Michigan.

There was never a hearing concerning ownership of the animals seized. Michigan cruelty law is set up so that if an animal owner is accused, then he is considered guilty, no matter the type of animal. The judge in this particular case stated that he did not believe the legal and rightful owners had been intentionally cruel to the animals.

The animal control officer placed ownership of the animals at various facilities including taking the fresh water fish from there tank to a retail pet store that sells fish. Even the pet shop slandered the conditions for which the were taken although he never saw the animals until they were delivered to his shop to know the conditions from which the fish (FISH!!!) were taken or the removal of the fish from the tank that they were in.

An animal control officer, by sate and US Constitution, is not allowed to seize and freely give away private property and must be a decision in a civil court of law. Laurie Gagen produces a FB page for Black Pine and proceeded to slander the owners of the animals to justify becoming their new owner and to collect donations.

This is a case of civil asset forfeiture that never went to a proper court of law to determine ownership. US citizens are protected from civil liberty abuse however not in Michigan and certainly not respected by Laurie Gagen of Black Pines who happily accepted these very valuable animals for FREE and were taken out of Michigan across state lines to Indiana.

The sugar gliders were given to a sugar glider breeder and the wallabies including albino were given to Brookline Zoo. An inexperienced zoo vet at Brookline disputed the owners experienced private exotic vet obtained by the owner. The owners of the animals were forced to plea guilty and put on probation yet guilty of no crime beyond being the owners of the animals.


Carole Baskin owner and ceo of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) is maybe the most hated private owner in the United States. She, the facility, as well as the situation concerning Baskin’s missing husband who was declared dead although no body has ever been produced; doesn’t seem to know the truth from the lies she has perpetuated on the public on just about anything related to the facility, animals, and regulations.

People magazine referred to her as a ‘Black Widow’ inheriting a small fortune, home and the facility and the animal where she and her husband, Don Lewis, had been collecting a large collection of animals, breeding and selling or hoarding animals, and buying and selling animals. Carole Baskin’s personal goal was to have the largest collection of all species of exotic cats was changed to control all exotic cat ownership. with the creation of illegal and unconstitutional laws; Carole Baskin had a 20 year plan.

Baskin has the market covered from events to collect donations to the lies she tells to collect funds. I can only imagine Baskin collecting money from the tills, riding her bike up to her home where she sits counting and playing with the money she collects.

Tiger scam

This blog has discussed Carole Baskin and Big Cat Rescue extensively. Presidential Candidate, Joe Exotic, is at odds with Carole Baskin. 911animalabuse.org exposes Carole Baskin. A rather new on the scene blogger dedicated to exposing Carole Baskin is BCR Watch which is a website and FB group. For more information on BCR go to those sites and/or search the archives of this blog.

bcr-gets-serenity-springs-tigersNever ending story -BCR with an excess of 4 MILLION dollars in reserve claims to be in need of your donations.

from BCR Watch:

“It turns out that Big Cat Rescue will be getting four tigers from Serenity Springs Wildlife Center. https://bigcatrescue.org/oct-18-2016/

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge purchased Serenity Springs making them the new owners and in charge of the facility. So could it be said that Big Cat Rescue will be “rescuing” the tigers from the owners of Turpentine Creek?”

Blogger’s note: Let the cat fight begin over the claim of who is rescuing the Serenity Springs tigers now owned by TCW therefore, BCR is rescuing TCW cats because they are no longer owned by Nick Sculac due to the sale of Serenity Springs and TCW is now the new owner.

TCW vs BCR over the claim of ‘rescue’ Ding-Ding-Ding I can hardly wait to see them scraping it out on their FB walls and already I imagine Smith is fuming over that shot for donations as the new owner of Serenity Springs.


Just in from BCR Watch of interest concerning Pet Partners yearly give away:  https://www.facebook.com/BCRWatch/posts/1821251684777984?notif_t=notify_me_page&notif_id=147716046793179

Taking Money from Needy Charities

excerpt- “There is a cloud of suspicion surrounding Big Cat Rescue’s sudden surge in votes. Many people, including Southeast German Shepherd Rescue, are questioning whether or not Big Cat Rescue somehow won through the use of underhanded tactics that are against the competition’s rules.” -follow the link for the entire article


See the link provided above for more on Turpentine Creek Wildlife-Tonya Smith-ceo. I can hardly believe that a facility buys another facility and calls it a rescue. Considering the claim of rescue began after providing Serenity Springs with a down payment for the property, signing a contract and took ownership of the animals although the proper paperwork to transfer ownership had not been completed. Tonya Smith assumed ownership and subjected the animals to acts of deliberate animal abuse and cruelty of her newly owned animals. I assume she is referring to rescuing her own animals in her posts where she slandered the previous owner but now screaming about the animals that she agreed to provide continued care for yet it was her inexperienced vet who cut the eyes of 2 aging tigers https://www.gofundme.com/save-serenity-springs-2vjdqk8k   To view the Serenity Springs video at this go fund me link. Those cats are amazing.

“After being diagnosed with cancer, Nick Sculac, made the heartbreaking decision to sell the facility in order to give the cats a forever home in the case of his death should he die from his fight with cancer. Nick has dedicated his life to these animals and wanted nothing but the best for them. He promised to give them a home to live out their lives and in selling the facility he had hoped that his promise would live on.”

“Shortly after signing over the facility his promise and dreams for the cats was destroyed. Now he is fighting to keep his promise to those animals and needs all the help he can get in this fight. He is up against legal fees to do so and outstanding veterinarian bills.”

See link of Interest (above) for more on the closing of Serenity Springs and what has become of the animals as the Internet has blown up with all sorts of stories…Created by Tonya Smith of TCW.


Relatively new to me amongst exotic animal rescue scene is Tigers, Lions and Bears-Bobbi Brinks-ceo who is in collusion with the Governor John Kasich and the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA). Thousands of taxpayer dollars have been wasted paying Bobbi Brinks for transporting animals out of Ohio following animal seizure by armed robbers of the state or forcing private owners to surrender their animals due to the creation of new regulations promoted by the governor, Jack Hanna, Carole Baskin, Tippi Hedrin and many others all seeking more animals to hoard and use for the collection of donations with millions already in reserve.

from Presidential Candidate Joe Exotic of The Gerald Wayne Interactive Exotic Zoological Park; whose slogan is “Let’s Make America Exotic Again”:

The Nonprofit Animal scams are one of the worst out there, with the 1/4 million dollar contract from Ohio, billing to go pick up animals, driving a 200 thousand dollar rig and they need help paying for a bobcat surgery? Lions Tigers and Bears at it again.
Fucking Crazy how our government lets this continue.
If this was this park raising money we would be accused of not being able to provide adequate care for the animals $$$$$”


Note: Most vets charge a $100 for tooth extraction.


Incidentally, Serenity Springs came complete with it’s own sterile fully equipped veterinary hospital. TCW brought their vets from Louisiana even though not licensed in the state of Colorado, to do veterinary procedures.


All the above sanctuaries and others are known for bilking the general public for donations based on lies and/or a stretch of the truth. Many of these places work along with vegan based Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists (F.A.R.T.) Organizations, HSUS/GFAS/PETA and others, and pay to play to become associates so they appear as an ‘accredited facility’ for pleas for funds found directly on their sites and/or Ads placed on FB, on their social media walls, their websites, and possibly signage at the facilities and flyers that are given out at the facility or at tourist information guides.

Neither HSUS/GFAS/PETA or any other private organization are a government accrediting agency qualified to provide accreditation, frankly, there is no agency qualified to accredit any facility, yet facilities associated with GFAS are exempt from many state laws in several states and all claim to be accredited.

No law can be created requiring a membership with private associations. GFAS has members and verified member associates. No law states ‘verified’ member or ‘accredited associates’. Anyone wishing to join GFAS and meets their bare minimum requirements and willing to pay a rather large fee to join, can become an associate. No facility should be considered exempt from the law, such as the newly created Ohio regulations. This demonstrates violations with state and federal laws in place to prevent corruption and a violation with the Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act (AETA).

Take the poll:

That’s all for this update but more to come to explain and expose instances of UN-ETHICAL practices of FRAUD that exists on the rescue world of exotic animals for money.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and watch for the updates and more about the destruction of American Animal Culture  -B

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16 Responses to “UPDATE/ALERT-Zoo Wars-The Biggest Sanctuary SCAMMERS in History (part 2)”

  1. Talk about pulling the wool over people’s eyes. This “rescue claims to have rescued 400 horses this year, however, they have admitted publicly that the founder of the rescue has ILLEGALLY SHOT TO DEATH at least 56 healthy horses THIS YEAR ALONE THAT DONATIONS PAID TO RESCUE and SEVERAL HUNDRED “rescued horses” are MISSING.

    KILLING HORSES IS NOT RESCUE, and disappearing them isn’t rescue either.

    They are making tens of thousands of dollars in donations monthly to “rescue” but then MOST OF THE HORSES ARE KILLED OR GO MISSING.


  2. Libel, slander, defamation of character. Turpentine Creek has never been charged with bilking anyone out of money. Your precious Serenity Springs, not so much. The guy is a three time felon. I hope he goes to prison for extortion in this case (which is exactly what law enforcement is pursuing) and spend the last of his miserable, criminal life behind bars. I have no idea what liability you bear in this travesty, but we are determined to see you held accountable for your libelous posts. Go down in flames with the former owners. I can’t imagine how you could believe anything they say since they are proven con artists in every business they have ever opened. Never mind that IFAW and USDA recognize Turpentine for their good work right? The truth doesn’t help your story, so you just disregard it, right? You are a liar.

    • Jana-If you want to dispute any claim that has been said-then, by all means do so-IF u can that is.

      Just the fact that TCW is GFAS leads me to take a longer look into Serenity Springs v TCWR…

      This was a purchase and more correctly should be stated is an intent to purchase with a down payment-In other words a ‘contract for deed’ and no where can it be found that any property can be or is allowed to be REMOVED from that property without owner permission and therefore, TCWR is in breech of contract…Shall we start there!?! (including the animals which are also PROPERTY)

      I have proof and will be included in my focus on this SCAM perpetuated by TCWR/Tonya Smith-ceo in a post I am working on.

      GFAS, affiliation is, in my opinion, at the root of an evil (and I do not use that word lightly) scheme to bilk lawmakers, the general public and to discredit legal rightful exotic animal owners of their property. It is NOT a government agency it has no government standing and affiliated with HSUS who has been scamming lawmakers and the general public for years and at the very heart of the lies. GFAS is nothing more that a private NFP established for the purpose of collecting funds from BOTH private exotic animal owners and the general public-SCAM!!! Obey their rules and ‘pay to play’ WALA, you become an affiliate…Anyone willing to ‘pay to play’ and OBEY (!!!) their rules-Got that?!? Want to become verified then get inspected and I bet, dollars to doughnuts, you pay for inspection and that verification…and yearly membership fees-All BULLSHIT!!!

      There is no governmental accreditation of any facility except you might consider the USDA/APHIS (that you brought up) with questionable standing of “equal protection of the law”…already BCR has been disputed with all government agencies as operating outside the parameters of the regulations…Inspections based on the opinion of individual inspectors and even the USDA/APHIS has stated that and changing how inspectors will write their inspection reports quite recently and is a disclaimer in itself to it’s own regulations and ‘personal opinion’…Do not start on that issue or you loose with cases in court concerning this issue.

      TCWR as GFAS and USDA permit holder actually has little to do with it except that there is proof that Smith LIED to turn it into a rescue to get Tigers of America involved because she’s over her head -That’s some expert-HA! After exclaiming how happy she was with the facility and the ‘deed for contract’. It is Smith’s responsibility to work within the parameter of the law and ‘deed for contract’ of property does NOT imply the removal of ANY property without owner consent… There is no USDA transfer of a single animal or any consent for any of the equipment to be removed/taken from the property-

      Smith is SCAMMING by stripping the property that it does NOT own outright. When that property is paid for and the contract fulfilled, she would then, and only then, have the right to do as she pleases…She is NOT entitled to strip the property of the assets of the property BFORE it is paid for in FULL and a legal binding iron clad contract to of intent to agree to fulfill it’s responsibility.

      If you want to dispute that three tiger cubs have died-Again, prove it…If you want to dispute that 2 aging tiger had their eyes removed by an inexperienced vet from out of state NOT licensed in CO, ALL done without the actual owners being made aware and against the recommendations of the ACTUAL owner and the vet of record….fucking prove it…(oh my the blogger is cussing at me -for shame, lol)

      So Jana, I will publish and even make corrections to anything that has been stated by your proof NOT your opinion because frankly you don’t even understand my 1st amendment rights entitling me to my opinion, my fucking blog and if you can poof anything said as false, then and only then, will I stand corrected and produce a disclaimer…I truly doubt that u can!!!

      I want proof that surgery never happened and that the actual owner gave permission. I want proof that 3 cubs did not die because the so-called EXPERT (Expert, lol, that’s a joke) didn’t follow proper procedure and recommendations of the owner and vets all over the country concerning the welfare of those cubs!!! As far as I can see from the evidence…TCWR is a killer of tiger cubs and no expert concerning cubs and should be investigated by the USDA/APHIS procedure concerning Animal Welfare…PROVE THE SLANDER which you can’t because I’m correct…A vet report demonstrating that the tigers still have their eyes and still alive and where they are will be sufficient…Do include that any of the Louisiana vets had permission to practice in Colorado via the veterinary medical association in CO…Demonstrate that all vets brought into CO from LA are experienced with any procedures that they preformed-I have never ever heard that a tooth removal on a cat could be a critical life or death situation and furthermore, any animal requiring tooth removal is due to in-breeding or otherwise genetic deficiencies as was claimed by TCWR and wasn’t a scam to bilk the general public for donations…And lastly Prove those three tiger cubs are alive and well and where they are-NOPE, you can’t do it but a FOIA can be requested for the information as would apply to inspection report based on a complaint filed with the USDA and believe me those complaints will be pouring in…Not a threat but instead, an educated exotic animal community will file and so will the general public!!! I’d be getting prepared for inspection of both facilities if I were you but suspect u likely don’t work there and merely a TCWR minion taking issue-Not privy to any information…kinda funny even if you work there actually…

      But, Jena, you do prove me wrong with ANY of it and I’ll write a correction-Happy. It’s truly doubtful that you are capable of doing anything beyond shooting off your big mouth-Prove me wrong on that as well! Either sit there steaming with your panties up your arse’ or let’s have it. -B

      • I think I will let the attorneys do the talking. Your grammar is poor, your language is foul, you resort to personal insults about people you know nothing about. You clearly are just a supporter who would rather see 100 animals crammed into 11 acres for your personal enjoyment that re-homed in large grassy enclosures with warm, secure housing at night. You are backing a convicted criminal who has been successfully prosecuted for ripping people off, right? Birds of a feather.

      • Yes Jana, do that-go see an attorney because you have NOTHING to say regarding the reality and not authorized by TCWR to comment-HA! You are nosing around the Internet butting in and no money to even secure an attorney who would advise you of my first amendment rights. I repeat everything in this blog contains MY opinion and the MANY opinions of OTHERS and is my OPINION that TCWR is operating outside the confines of the law and has offered no comment…Maybe the FOCUS on the issue will touch a nerve. So I’m too crass for you, LOL then don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong-I hope when Smith farts, your nose doesn’t turn brown…You bet I’m crass and what it takes to get rid of the likes of YOU who started the insults to my intelligence and question the integrity of MY blog…Go away send in your lawyer, LOL!!! My blog-my opinion…You loose and if you are going to attack others who will voice an opinion of this and have you better get used to their opinion as well-Fuck yourself and likely the only one who would want to-crass enough for ya?!? Maybe all I need to say from the get go. Go stalk someone else’s blog or maybe go get a hobby like knitting. -B

    • Jana, do you have any ideas for getting government agencies vested with upholding the laws to do their jobs?

      I’m talking about a horse “rescue” that has collected several hundred thousand dollars to “rescue horses” (over 400 hundred this year alone), but they have written every week their vet examines horses when they bring them home from the sale, feedlot, wherever, but they refuse to post ALL the vet reports and vet bills, and have also written they’ve shot to death 56 horses (illegal in California under cruelty laws) this year, and HUNDREDS OF HORSES ARE MISSING.

      Complaints have been filed with San Diego animal services, the department of agriculture (for horses being transported over state lines with NO DOCUMENTATION – you know, health certificates, Coggins tests, and brand inspections that all of us law abiding citizens are required to have), the San Diego County DA’S office, etc, but so far, those agencies are doing nothing.

      You can email me at sweetnemesis666@gmail.com if you have any ideas on how to get the deaths and disappearances of hundreds of horses that were “rescued”/attained USING DONATION MONEY it is feared and suspected in my opinion, and the opinions of many others, they are just using for their own personal profit and gain (like the trip to hawaii, new tattoos, taking care of their non-rescue personal horses and other animals, their kids, attorney fees when people sue them, expensive fake eyelashes, their hair and nails, $80 sunglasses, clothes, property, vehicles, fireball whiskey by the case load, possibly drugs, etc.).

      I’m not involved in any of this other stuff being discussed, but need help and advice from anyone with good ideas, clout, connections with the media, investigative reporters, etc.

      • Hi! I really hate to hear your story. You are in San Diego? You need advocates with high profiles to state your case. Unfortunately, many government agencies won’t respond without public pressure. Let me think about this for a couple of days and I will email you privately. I do know quite a few people in television and film from my days in that business. My sister worked on much more high profile films than I did, and I will look through her contacts, too. I know that Leo DeCaprio would be a great advocate, but I also know that he is taking on the world right now. But I also worked with a number of people who owned ranches in Tehachapi and Ojai. I have to believe that they would care about this and want to help. I am guessing you have already reached out to investigative journalists and programs, but I would recommend that if you haven’t already done so. I will try to get back to you by Sunday with some suggestions. I applaud your efforts. I hate to see anyone taken advantage of when they are trying to help animals. That is why I can’t help but stand up for Turpentine Creek now, even when I know they will eventually come out on the right side of this controversy. You are in my prayers for your success.

      • Jana-I am not Serenity Springs-Starting catching bits and pieces of it and started asking a lot of questions because I knew that Nick has Cancer -recently had surgery and treatment and waiting on test-Been a trying time for them and were already looking for someone to take over -we all grow old and they have animals counting on them…When I dug further and found out about the sale that went sideways I freaked for them…I gathered even more documents then what is contained in this post. And like as we speak…more of their property is being stripped -Fortunately, there are laws about this and while Smith has history of doing questionable business dealings she will not get away with it this time-She’s going to regret this and had better return animals and property as soon as possible or be prepared to pay the balance in full…Judgment will be against her and a lien could be placed on ALL AR property which she will be required to satisfy.
        Just curious, TCWR recently announced the completion of TCWR vet building-Was it with equipment from Colorado!?!
        No I am not for CA…Thank u for paying attention to the posts and not holding my ‘cras’ against me!!! Likely you now understand… -B

      • I also see u intended ur message 4graceandtruth…I notified her of ur reply-Glad ur paying attention And Smith is in the wrong-see the documents in last post-Was not a rescue…Never was read the post please!!! -B

      • Thanks Jana, any help would be appreciated.

        The mainstream media has been notified, but so far nothing. Another activist involved in wolf rescue gave us some other names but we’re trying to get a paper trail of getting law enforcement to do their jobs first.
        Now the “rrescue” is doing the “distraction and deflection-thing” but still won’t say where several hundred horses have disappeared to just this year alone.

        There are several people from all over the country looking at the issues at the “rescue”, however, the locals that have been burned are scared to death to relate much of anything because the stupid followers of the “rescue” are then sicced on them, people try to get them fired, their kids and animals are threatened, cps and animal control are false reported to, etc. We too were attacked and our lives, and the lives of our animals, were nearly destroyed.
        It’s an interesting and tragic phenomenon that most people don’t seem to care what happens to all the animals after they are supposed to be rescued.
        And thank you to pacts for allowing this discussion here so that animals that are supposed to be safe in rescue aren’t instead subjected to death and disappearance and betrayal by people posing as rescuers.

        Please email me Jana when you get a chance and we can discuss options.

  3. I just don’t understand how you can go buy a place and then turn around and suck money from people calling it a rescue? Next is this not the same thing you did to that poor little old lady on Nat Geo Wild where you promised her a place to live with her tigers and then took her tigers and left her behind only to raise over $200,000.00 off of her. Tiger Pimps I call this, the good ole GFAS way…… The GFAS will ruin you because if Trump gets in you people are all out of a job scamming the public.

    • Yes Joe, it is, the one and the same now taking advantage of a cancer victim. Property has been removed without owner permission…a deed to contract does not give permission to remove anything including the animals TCWR does not own and merely has an intent to own…Brought in out of state vets no licensed in CO to operate and disfigure animals-I am doing a detailed focus on Tonya Smith’s breach of contract and how she is NOT going to get away with it-This isn’t an old lady that they are dealing with but instead a husband and wife already fighting cancer-They aren’t going to lay down to another one of Smith’s SCAMS!!! Don’t even ask how pissed off I am, Smith has barked up the wrong tree-She does not have a single USDA transfer form or permission from the rightful owner…It was NOT and NEVER was a rescue but instead a SALE of property. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • I call them “rescue-sluts” or “rescue-whores”.

  4. The rescue that attacked us, and also multiple other people we’ve been in contact with, is still running their game week-after-week at the livestock sale and refuses to disclose the locations of over 400 horses they have bought/acquired with donation money this year alone.

    They revealed they’ve illegally shot to death AT LEAST 56 healthy horses this year (2016), but HUNDREDS ARE MISSING and in my opinion there are better than even odds many of them are dead and the donations raised to rescue them is being HOARDED in a secret account.

    San Diego Animal Services is still refusing to answer ANY questions regarding the illegal KILLING VIA SHOOTING (who knows how many times they’re shot before they die) of 56 horses, which leads intelligent people to believe that aco’s are being paid off by the poser rescue and/or are being blackmailed because that’s how the 2 primary players at the rescue roll.


  5. […] Link of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/10/23/updatealert-zoo-wars-the-biggest-sanctuary-scammers-in-… […]

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