Zoo Wars-Private Exotic Animal Ownership v Black Pine Animal Sanctuary (Lori Gagen AKA Lori Gag-Me)

“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” -Ayn Rand


There was no sign of cruelty, the vet advised the animals were fine-Not good enough for the A/C officer -The house needing repair and a landlord not living up to his responsibility led to arrests, an animal seizure and the house condemned-The landlord…got nothing…so far…Meanwhile, everyone wants to know about the animals and how they are doing. Two are at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary and boy is that Bitch taking advantage of a heartbreaking situation…Exploiting animals caught in a bad situation -an 18 year old monkey away from the only caregivers he’s ever known-and like old people he’s thin and loosing hair…Give me and everyone else a break…

Lori Gagen (Gag-Me) has been very busy on line this weekend trying to run a fundraiser exploiting animals that she received as a so called ‘rescue’. But wait…lets step back for a minute and view a post on January 25 about monkeys in residence at Black Pine…Hannah, a 20 year old Rhesus Macaque -please remember, this is just 5 days earlier…

from Black Pine Animal Sanctuary FB entry:

“We are sad to report the death of Hannah, a rhesus macaque monkey and long-time Black Pine resident. Hannah’s peaceful departure occurred today, with assistance, surrounded by people who loved her. She would have celebrated her 20th birthday later this year. Hannah has resided at Black Pine since 1995, a surrendered former “pet”. She leaves behind her long-time companion, Yoda.”

“We have reported in recent months about the serious health issue that Hannah had been dealing with since it was diagnosed last June. [Blogger Note: How much did this monkey suffer? Why did the monkey develop a stomach tumor that went u-noticed because they do not believe in contact with the animals so, just how long was that tumor there for before it was noticed?] A growing tumor in her lower abdomen had become so large that keepers observed, for the first time on Saturday afternoon, that she was no longer able to urinate normally. The behavior was witnessed again on Sunday. The tumor, which had been closely monitored for months, was so intertwined in her bladder and around her intestines, and growing so quickly, that doctors agreed there was no hope of a full surgical removal, or that the growth rate could be controlled. This was a fast-growing tumor that had no affect until it had ultimately devastating affects.”

[Blogger Note-What is Lori Gag-Me admitting to?!? That old animals get sick and die…??? That it’s OK for her old monkey to have some sort of illness but not anyone else’s monkey can grow old, get thin and lose some fur as they all can do when  they get old? That any number of problems can be found with an older animal-She’s going to get a team of experts to look at Joe, an 18 year old monkey taken from his longstanding, rightful legal owner, and find something wrong with the monkey-Hopefully, he won’t die in the process but it will be so worth it for the fundraiser. Either way-They won’t use the money on animal care or this facility-But instead, they can give themselves a raise…!!! No matter what the money is ear marked for-That’s a typical facade from a not for profit the likes of Black Pines…I’m not surprised at all!!!]

Black Pine HannahBlack Pine Hannah3Hannah at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

(Pictures from Black Pines FB page are open for public inspection)

“We are very grateful for the excellent work of our veterinary team, led by Dr. Scott Taylor, Kendallville Animal Clinic, and Lin Staats, Black Pine’s veterinary technician and coordinator. They were supported by doctors from the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo and Dr. Ryan Rothenbuhler from Conley & Koontz Equine Hospital, Inc.”

“This team has been monitoring Hannah’s health and the tumor’s growth for months, and guiding our animal care team to make the changes necessary to keep Hannah happy and as comfortable as possible until the very “end”. She enjoyed many good months, with a great deal of TLC, from so many who loved her here.”

“R.I.P, Hannah. You were a sweet an innocent soul! We will miss you, and make sure Yoda continues to live a happy, fulfilling life in your absence.”

Is Black Pine looking for a new companion for Yoda? Quite suddenly, another monkey is available…Let the war begin…

I am so tired of watching Black Pine and Lori Gag-Me stake a claim to rescue-when it’s NOT!!! Theft of a monkey or any animal from it’s rightful, longstanding legal owner is a theft of property and then they gave that property to Black Pines to take care of it-a responsibility comes with caring for someone else’s property still own by it’s rightful owner…!!! It also appears it was the A/C officer who made the decision as to where the animals would go and not a judge-I could be wrong on this but I strongly suspect it!!! Just like I suspect that no judge would issue a warrant for an animal after a USDA vet (witnessed by the A/C officer) went into the home and found nothing strikingly out of the ordinary-found the animals to be in good health and well cared for…Yet we still see a couple of posts EXPLOITING those animals as a fundraiser-Did Lori Gag-Me even have permission from the ACTUAL owner to use the likeness of those animals when she made those posts on Black Pines FB page?!? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!-I can guarantee that!!!

On Black Pine FB page: Oh wait on viewing the edit history This bitch changed her post-so we’ll just quote what didn’t change:

“We are bearing witness to some people defending the owners of the animals removed yesterday, and crying “foul” for officials removing the animals. Comments on news feeds and other threads lead to some “doubt”.  -BP

The only time you hear anyone defending A/C for STEALING property is from those who want to end private ownership of any animals and end all relationships with animals (except for themselves of course) -Don’t mess with their bread and butter or their playtime with animals that they don’t want you to touch thus less own-OMG!!! What BULLSHIT!!!…Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists being judge and jury while taking away the rights of US citizens…

Ordinance, laws, regulations about animals-ALL illegal against both US and state Constitutions -Against your right to own your property…

Well Lori Gag-Me, let me fill you in on a few laws-Animals taken as evidence is to REMAIN in the county -not to mention the state from which it was taken…You are ILLEGALLY harboring a monkey and a coadimundi…How do you like them apples BITCH!?! There was no proper legal warrant served so get your fucking facts straight.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Yeah, I guess you could say I am not happy about this animal seizure and I really really can’t stand Lori Gag-Me who is breaking the law accepting those animals from the get go!!! Fuck her!!! Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on February 6, 2016.

5 Responses to “Zoo Wars-Private Exotic Animal Ownership v Black Pine Animal Sanctuary (Lori Gagen AKA Lori Gag-Me)”

  1. from a previous post: “What’s the deal here.?!? I’ll tell you what the deal is. Lorrie Gag-me joins the people she is in association with, Tim Harrison, Pat Craig and Jack Hanna-all against the breeding and keeping of big cats. All working hand in hand to stop private exotic animal ownership…ALL exploiting big cats to earn a living…ALL lying, caught in lies and makes no difference to them as long as someone believes their line of crap and people keep sending them money and supporting their cause. There will be more addressing Black Pines in future posts after seeing them attack a circus and learn they are supporting removing the posters around town that the circus depends upon for advertisement…I wonder how much Black Pines is charging to come in and see the animals-And if that’s not exploiting then neither are the zoos and circuses.”

  2. People like that, who lie, who steal, think that they ARE the law of the land.

  3. Are coatimundis spelled with a “d” sometimes? Or is that a typo “coadimundi”? What you write is very interesting. Thank you for posting this stuff!!

    • I’ve seen it both ways…so guess it’s disputable, lol…I often refer to them as a poor mans monkey-Now referring to them as a gentle animal not on too many ban lists-TG!!! Yes, I believe in getting the fangs and front claws removed…by a good vet that is-skilled with those procedures with coadis-WONDERFUL pets!!!

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