Most violations are concerned with animal care-BCR endangers the public having never received a variance to put a leopard in a cage without a top on the enclosure. This actually endangers the animal as well…With a leopard that can be cunning about being caught on escape would likely be shot before asking questions especially considering how close it is to the well densely populated are in Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida. -Endangered the life of the leopard as well!!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Baskin is GUILTY of everything that she claims others are doing when in fact the things she complains of, are things that she herself has done and GUILTY!!!

Well game on Carole-Can you face the music with an investigator from the USDA-Got enough jingle to get past that?!? This is actually more serious than a bite from a big cat-You put the entire area in danger. No pay off is going to cover that up!!! So when will the USDA investigation begin and hopefully the USDA will finally respond to the other complaints filed with an agency that is supposed to be concerned with Animal Welfare as well as to OSHA who said there are no violations at BCR when there most certainly are MANY and re-evaluation will be required!!!-HA! Baskin can not put the public in danger like that and get away with it!!! Tigers and leopards are different in nature-The so called self proclaimed ‘expert’ doesn’t seem to know the difference between the two!!! More importantly when will your neighbors complain to the authorities they fear for their lives now that you put them at risk-Will your crew of paid non experts, including your own daughter, be so willing to stick around with the most cunning animal on the face of the earth and the ability to escape combined with your lack of responsible owner judgment!!!-putting everyone at risk!?!

Baskin’s explanation is laughable considering all the complaints she has filed against others that have proved to be untrue. Goes into facilities after a storm for pictures of animals living in mud…calling it animals living in filth-that’s the pot calling the kettle black as well!!!

Baskin KNEW she hadn’t received that variance-She knows that cage-CAGE-will not meet spec for a leopard and that cat is considered an adult in it’s prime-NOT old age-does she think the authorities so stupid?!? Just because she’s had a poor success rate, so far as longevity goes, doesn’t mean it’s destined to die soon-Unless you want to consider the contaminated location of BCR on an old dump site and subjected to the pollution. Considering the highly populated area, busy highway and expressway nearby; combined with the polluted water she gives the cats and the contaminated soil as well, as reason for all the tumors, cancer, kidney failures as cause of death plus ALL the cats she’s euthanized-OMG!!! More than 150 animals have died there and that’s an unusually high death rate -Maybe the highest death rate of any facility in the United States-But it’s all been said before…or has it-Stay tuned, you ain’t heard nothing yet!!! “Baskin says the cage is 6 gauge, double galvanized, wire panels with 4 ” square openings. “The cage wall is nearly 20 feet high, consisting of an approximately 15 foot high side wall,” said Baskin.” Holy Cow she said a mouthful of nothing…What’s acceptable for a tiger is NOT for a leopard-What an idiot!!!

Thank you Vernon Yates for putting this none-expert in her place!!!

As a big cat trainer specializing in leopards, I could easily testify about leopards and their capabilities; at 15 years of age that I consider in their prime and candidates for climbing out-especially if the animal was declawed. I suspect that was Jumunji who had been declawed -Baskin had that cat declawed when he was still a cub.

I trained a large scale mixed cat act consisting of tigers, leopards, black panthers and pumas-It takes a very special cage to hold leopards and I would never ever put one out in a cage without a top other than during performance where two trainers were present at all times with a 90 degree bend at the top.

http://www.news10.com/story/26726339/big-cat-rescue-issued-warning-for-leopard-enclosure [Video at the link!!!]

Big Cat Rescue issued warning for leopard enclosure

BIG CAT RESCUE in Violation


A leopard roaming in a caged enclosure is creating a stir at a wildlife facility in Hillsborough County.

Vernon Yates, who is the founder or Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Pinellas County filed a complaint against the owner of Big Cat Rescue in Hillsborough County.

Yates says he received photos from an “undercover informant” that show a black leopard being released into an enclosure that does not have a roof.

“I get phone calls all the time about people doing wrong to animals,” said Yates.

Yates maintains allowing the leopard into the enclosure is against state law.

“Reasoning being is that Leopards are superb climbers. They carry their own weight to the top of the tree,” said Yates

The Florida Wildlife Commission issued a warning to Big Cat Rescue about the situation.

“If the leopard escaped, I’m the person they would call to come and capture it, if I could get to it before someone shot it,” said Yates.


Big Cat rescue founder Carole Baskin has a completely different view of the situation. [Bloggers note: Of course she does -She just blew her proposition with GFAS/HSUS-She can not be a certified sanctuary-most certainly not verified-Florida says that BCR is not considered a Florida sanctuary]

She views the complaint from Yates as harassment and is the result of a long time and ongoing dispute. [Bloggers note-Seriously?!? Vernon Yates didn’t put a leopard in an unapproved cage for leopards-Baskin did that all on her own]

BIG CAT RESCUE in Violation3

Baskin says she has applied for a variance with FWC that will allow the leopard to be in the enclosure.

Baskin says the cage is 6 gauge, double galvanized, wire panels with 4 ” square openings.

“The cage wall is nearly 20 feet high, consisting of an approximately 15 foot high side wall,” said Baskin.

The Florida Wildlife Commission confirms they have issued a warning but will not comment further on the situation, citing an ongoing investigation into several complaints about Big Cat Rescue.

Baskin’s daughter, Jamie Murdock has worked with her mother at Big Cat Rescue for most of her life.

“We had a dream to have this gigantic cage that we would let them in to let them run and play and be as free as there are going to be in captivity,” said Murdock.

She believes the enclosure is safe for leopards. [Bloggers note: Like mother like daughter-non experts with Murdock learning everything she knows from her mother]

“They’d have to crawl 15 feet high, five feet backwards and one foot upside down and these are very old, arthritic cats,” said Murdock.

Murdock says most of the animals at Big Cat Rescue are 15 years of age or older.

She says most cats in the wild live to be only 15, but cats in captivity can live into their 20’s.

Still, she maintains at that age, they aren’t able to jump over fences that are 15 feet tall.

Big Cat Rescue has applied for an exemption from the state of Florida that will allow leopards into the enclosure [Bloggers note: Both KNEW they had not received permission to use that enclosure for leopards and I wonder if that CAGE was ever approved for a tiger!!!]


Again, Baskin demonstrates that she is NOT an expert. Please send copy to your state and federal legislature with a message to protect Big Cats from the outreach of the Animal Rights Extremist/Terrorists -Send them the documentary that all the Louisiana Representatives received demonstrating the war between Animal Welfare v Animal Rights…”To kill a Tiger” Protect your rights to own your animals even if not a big cat because Baskin and ALDF are already working on a ban in CA for house cats!!! Won’t be long until this woman comes after yours-It’s not about the animals, it’s about the money!!!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B

Link of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/days-gone-by/







~ by topcatsroar on October 7, 2014.


  1. “They’d have to crawl 15 feet high, five feet backwards and one foot upside down and these are very old, arthritic cats,” said Murdock. -Jamie is saying here -or rather implying- that the caging has a 5-foot inside-facing horizontal on top, and then a 1-foot drop added to that -apparently all the way around the entire caged area. If there happens to be just one section, a few feet long, that doesn’t have it, or that’s not as tall, then the whole thing is compromised, because that’s where the cat will get out. And knowing their track record, there’s most likely several trees close to the fence. By the very words that compose her statement, she is showing her ignorance. Leopards do not crawl up a fence; they CLIMB. You get a variance from zoning, not from laws. Is there any way somebody can get a variance in the law that says you can’t go down there and strangle the living daylights out of her?

    • She would require a variance from the governing agency-Zoning has let Baskin get by for years. She operated a business on that property without a change in zoning and no questions asked-So the real question is just who is being paid off or how many is she paying off!!!-To the tune of how much money spent on pay offs instead on animal welfare and animal care!?!

  2. “I just LOVE how YOU demonstrated that YOU have no concern for public safety, the safety for the mis-fits that work there and for the leopard that you endangered yesterday by putting that animal in a cage that is NOT approved.
    YOU KNEW full well that YOU had NOT received a variance from the state or the USDA to use that cage for a leopard-Furthermore, by doing so, you have demonstrated that YOU are NOT an expert on big cats as a cage that is accepted for a tiger most certainly is NOT necessarily acceptable for a leopard and rightfully so!!! A leopard being the most cunning animal on earth; no matter it’s age; although, this cat would be considered in prime condition and ADULT at that. Variances are NOT given by which leopard will be using it nor will BCR receive special treatment from FFW or USDA any longer as the public is demanding answers as to why you continue to get away with keeping those animals in sub-standard conditions. I literally just filed complaints to FFW and the USDA and will follow-up with letters to literally every state and federal representative concerning BCR-Better get started first by getting a REAL expert in there. I venture to say that YOU should stop playing your game against private ownership as you are NOT considered a Florida sanctuary and will be subject to any change of the law just like all other private owners who are NOT considered a sanctuary but instead a Florida Attraction.”
    Go to the following link to see how Baskin uses funds collected for the care and welfare of the animals that reside there for legislative purposes-Baskin does not have a C-4 IRS clearance -This is FRAUD!!!
    See for yourself the lies on this BCR page concerning big cat ownership-I repeat-This is NOT a Florida sanctuary and will be required and subjected to the change of regulations and laws that Baskin claims to be for protecting big cats and for their safety with no regards for the safety of that leopard and the general public.

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  4. […] https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/07/zoo-warsbreaking-news-bcr-in-violation-with-the-animal-… […]

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