Zoo Wars~There Wasn’t a Proper Perimeter Fence-Period!!!

Good grief-Where is everyone’s head?!? Up their ass???

There wasn’t a proper perimeter fence-Period!

If there was, this entire incident would have never happened nor would any such incident happen in the future. Frankly, this incident has the same ear marks as the tiger that escaped at another AZA zoo in California-Remember that one-HELLO!!! Tiger scaled the wall…visitor killed…

The wall of the moat is part of the enclosure-sure it measures 15-16 feet from the floor of the moat to the top but then there is open space for viewing with only a small fence-The zoo claims it had several barriers to prevent an incident but obviously, they got it wrong and it was overlooked by the inspectors…

Something as priceless as such a rare animal in your care needs certain safeguards; not because it’s required in the regulations but because it safe guards the animal and the general public as a proper safety precaution. Natural habitats are created for the animals enjoyment and viewing any animal in a natural habitat is a privilege and not a requirement that people have open space to view the animals.

Frankly, their set up, as described and viewed, reminds me of a bad B grade movie with the bad guy chasing the good guy and the good guy throwing things in the bad guys path-That’s funny stuff-I doubt if Harambe the Gorilla found it funny stuff-that is if he were alive and had lived to bitch about it.

The zoo had no option but to kill their prized inhabitant…Well, so they say and of course is now a matter left up to debate HOWEVER, this is NOT a planet of the apes movie; in reality, Gorillas are known for their human-like characteristics-I guess we’ll never hear the end of this endless debate.

The designer of the Gorilla enclose made one near-fatal mistake; my anger lies with the designer and really, I find it amazing that an accident of this nature didn’t happen sooner, well actually, it has…Other zoos with similar design allowing people to be subjected to the possibility of an unsafe condition: From the top of the moat and upwards there is nothing where there should have been an outside wall of the enclosure. It could have been a specific thickness of Lexan or it could have been metal caging materials specific for containing Gorillas…We are talking a great ape with great capabilities now aren’t we!?!

Isn’t it interesting that today, construction began to change the perimeter fence of the Gorilla enclosure but I question if it’s enough considering another incident has already happened at another AZA zoo of similar height-The outcome was a bit different…view videos above.

Should there be a criminal investigation of the mother of the child? I think NOT!!! She likely had some expectation of it being safe for children to go to the zoo as any of us would have …So what about the zoo? They didn’t knowingly commit any criminal action-But this incident certainly has zoos everywhere concerned about a drop in attendance. I know I would be thinking twice about going to a zoo or ‘sanctuary’ with any incidence of escapes or the of public safety concerns like Big Cat Rescue AKA Wildlife on Easy Street in Tampa, Florida!!!

Carole Baskin was real quick to put out there about her safety record and concern for safety-HA! She proceeded to proclaim BCR as a safe facility even thou just a few months ago a volunteer was bit by a cougar and before that, she placed leopards in an enclosure that Florida regulations specifically state that leopards require a completely enclosed enclosure; the conditions considered unsafe-appears she dodged a bullet and rather than be pleased it was reported before an incident occurred, she complains about all her haters…Is that another word for watchdogs?!?  (If she wasn’t such a loan, no one would be needed to keep an eye on her.) She knew the regulations and that she was breaking the law because she had written to FWC for a variance to allow the enclosure for her leopards. Baskin then had the balls to claim she didn’t know a variance would be required-huh?!?BULLSHIT!!! If that were true then why did she make the request?!? Of course she was denied…I have stated for YEARS that the place isn’t save for anyone either on that property or in the community and that’s without placing leopards in an inappropriate and un-safe cage. ..Even more recently a volunteer was bit by a cougar.

Baskin was quick to proclaim that BCR is safe: http://www.bizjournals.com/tampabay/news/2016/05/31/big-cat-rescue-reassures-public-after-cincinnati.html

Big Cat Rescue Reassures the Public After Cincinnati Gorilla Killing 

…“We take the safety of the cats and safety of the public both very seriously and have cut no corners in making their enclosures safe.” Enclosures are inspected daily and guests are never allowed to wander around unsupervised.”…

A Google search takes you to numerous incidents at Wildlife on Easy Street AKA Big Cat Rescue.
Furthermore, Baskin has no evacuation plan in place or own any equipment to evacuate the facility-Storms rolling into Tampa Bay as I write this post and I can only imagine the devastation to those animals trapped in flooded enclosures without proper shelters. There are pictures of flooded enclosures as she left the cats in place for tropical storms and hurricanes for years without proper shelters or a way to properly lock the cats down to secure the facility-It’s makeshift tunnels tied together with wire-ties and hog clamps to address ‘public safety’-Is she now God and able to prevent yet another incident?!? Judge that for yourself…

Links of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/04/18/zoo-wars-whats-the-hell-is-really-going-on-at-big-cat-rescue-wildlife-on-easy-street/

Zoo Wars-What’s the Hell is REALLY Going On at Big Cat Rescue (Wildlife on Easy Street)…?!?



Similar to the cover-ups done before by Carole Baskin, CEO Big Cat Rescue-the very same reason that Wildlife on Easy Street became Big Cat Rescue-To cover up the numerous incidents and mauling’s that occurred there. It should be noted that Carole Baskin is CEO of several IRS 501-C-3 organizations registered to her same Easy Street address and could change the name of her facility at anytime.

From claiming that sharp edges on caging as a ‘manufacture defect’* and forcing everyone who enters the property to sign a release form if cut on the caging-WHAT THE FUCK!?! What about the exposure to the animals contained in that caging?!? Do the inspectors that enter that Hell-Hole sign a release form???-I doubt that…Are those very same inspectors so fucking blind to recognize that the animals are exposed to possible injury 24/7.

Why the Hell has OSHA, the USDA/APHIS as well as FFC ignored this fact about the caging when they have received so many complaints previously-do I even dare mention all the rust??? Sharp edges should be ground down on both sides to prevent injury for both people and animals…

[*Bloggers Note: I have purchased a lot of the same material or the years for caging -the very same materials that Baskin has claimed to be defective-Never have I ever received a panel with sharp edges-Sharp edges occur when the material is cut and someone is too damn lazy (or cheap is this case), to grind off the bare edges-Due to the inaccuracies of the statement as ‘manufacture defect’, BCR could easily be held liable no matter signing a wavier as Baskin would have to demonstrate, per manufacture statement, that all the materials used for caging and fencing is in fact, a defect.-That’s not happening for certain]

BCR-HurricaneFloodingMuddyWhite-unable to evacuate or put animals in a holding area

Does this look like safe humane living conditions?

So why have I begun this post with this fact?

There was a report made to a hospital where a volunteer from BCR went for emergency care after being bit by a cougar, Specifically a feeding accident. Not only was she treated but she was also held for observation and IV antibiotics to prevent infection and blood poisoning….Wait for it…

On further investigation, Baskin claimed she knew nothing about any accident to have occurred at BCR-Huh?!?-BULLSHIT!!!

But this story gets more unbelievable as it goes…FFC waited 5 days before investigation and I bet the USDA/APHIS and OSHA were never informed of this incident when it occurred!!! Baskin may claim that she knew nothing about it but it’s her responsibility to know when incidents occur and to report them for investigation immediately-

“Victim Sue Anne Messineo was interviewed by Lt. De Lacure on at her residence, after being treated for an alleged bite involving a Western Cougar at Big Cat rescue were she is a volunteer.”

Alleged!!! She was either bit or she wasn’t per the hospital report on her entry to the emergency room-Alleged my ass!!! Appears DeLacure may have had his palm greased, ya think!?! …Alleged…


BCR-FFC bite report

BCR-FFC bite report2

And that’s when  the story changed-Holy Crap, that takes big ones after running to an emergency room at a hospital for a cougar bite and then admitted for treatment and observation for a mauling…

What’s even more un-believable is that Lt. DeLacure seems to believe this new tale and writes it in his report without any question to it’s validity…Alleged…Did he even verify with the hospital or the Health Department?!? And why are all these agencies allowing those animals to continue to live in rusted sub-standard caging for as long as they have?!? But there’s more-Hell Yeah There Is…Get this,  volunteer, Sue Anne Messineo, who ignored proper protocol for reporting this incident was then promoted to ‘Keeper Coordinator’ at Big Cat Rescue-HUH-!?! Generally speaking, if proper protocol of a serious nature is broken, would you get promoted or stand a risk of loosing your job-whether a volunteer or an employee??? The following is the noted report from FFC-click on the link to open:


This story is well documented including Baskin saying that she knew nothing about any incident-WHAT THE FUCK?!?


From OSHA concerning the tragic death at SeaWorld:

“The general duty clause requires employers to furnish employees with an environment and workplace that is “free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to [its] employees.”

29 U.S.C. § 654 (a)(1). An employer is liable for a recognized hazard that is likely to cause serious physical harm or death unless there were “no feasible means to eliminate or materially reduce the hazard.” Fabi Constr. Co. v. Sec’y of Labor, 508 F.3d 1077, 1081 (D.C. Cir. 2007)

I have filed several complaints concerning BCR and repeatedly requested that the USDA/APHIS impose specific standards to prevent these sorts of preventable incidents and tragedies from occurring there. No citations or corrections have been noted on inspection.

It is imperative that the USDA/APHIS, OSHA and FFC take all preventive steps necessary to curtail these risks at Big Cat Rescue immediately!!! But wait for it…here’s where the whole thing becomes comical…The kicker:
OSHA has recommend that exhibitors adhere to safety standards prescribed by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) as a recommended method of abatement in order to prevent such unsafe conditions, attacks, and fatalities.
Big Cat Rescue is a GFAS facility with unsafe practices and caging that has demonstrated numerous incidents over the years (see reports on Wildlife on Easy Street-Carole Baskin, CEO).

I have yet to see a proper or meaningful inspection, investigation and/or any citations written to BCR. BCR is NOT representative of high safety standards as an example for the entire industry. GFAS facilities are NOT without incident.*

*Bloggers Note-Renee Radziwon at WildCat Haven which is a GFAS accredited facility died that way…

“According to the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division, an inspector concluded that WildCat Haven Sanctuary did not have enough staff to operate safely, that the nonprofit regularly violated its own safety practices for interacting with cougars and that the enclosures for those cats had unsafe design features and inadequate equipment. The factors contributed to workers repeatedly putting themselves in direct contact with cougars.”

“Renee Radziwon-Chapman, 36, an animal care technician and WildCat’s head keeper for eight years, was killed Nov. 9 when she was attacked while cleaning a cougar enclosure alone. She apparently tried to lock out three cougars in the enclosure but was unable to do so before at least one attacked her, an Oregon OSHA report said.” For more go here: http://www.oregonlive.com/sherwood/index.ssf/2014/03/wildcat_haven_sanctuary_cited.html

NOTE-It is this bloggers opinion and the opinions of others that OSHA has a lot of gall to recommend GFAS or AZA facilities standards-Lawmakers have exempted members of those private organizations from requirements that ALL other private owners must obey and pay fees. Neither AZA or GFAS are without incident! Primate owners not affiliated with either organization have fewer cases of incidents…I’ll be damned…Maybe they should be forced to not join a private organization and be held accountable-Maybe these government agencies and lawmakers should be held accountable for bad laws and exemptions to their laws ya think?!?

When is the USDA/APHIS, OSHA and FFC take meaningful and proper enforcement action against Big Cat Rescue to ensure that no further preventable incident or tragedy occurs at BCR?!?

Now as if you don’t think that’s bad enough…Carole Baskin went and posted on Palm Beach Zoo’s FB Wall (I think I just puked in my mouth a little)






Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others  -B







~ by topcatsroar on June 3, 2016.

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