Zoo Wars~Exposing the USDA for Wrongful Target Enforcement

Rather than do a proper job and see that AZA zoos have followed the regulations to protect the animals and the public-The USDA would rather conduct pointless and might I add, totally senseless investigations on privately owned zoos and owners-Rather than follow the letter of their regulations for proper inspections, they seek to destroy ownership with Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists now working within the agency and following HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) rather than Government Regulations that were approved and developed for proper Animal Welfare.

One generation and out

Even when I was licensed by the USDA, I felt secure that government regulations were followed and proper inspections would be conducted. However, I knew something was wrong back in 2010 when I no longer had a license and not conducting any business that would require a USDA license yet a USDA inspector showed up on my property and never asked for permission to enter the property or state he was there for an inspection (Trespass). No official inspection report was ever written and there was no record of anything-the trip was made from New Orleans to Marion County Texas, nor was there a report of an inspection therefore; this inspection was illegal and outside the realm of his authority. Interesting enough, not long after this occurred, his supervisor retired and ran off to Costa Rico for an extended vacation and the inspector that came on the property…well, he was arrested for drinking and driving after killing someone from behind the wheel in his official USDA vehicle (Dr. Les Bourgeois dvm…I’m Wondering just how crappy a vet has to be to work for the USDA rather than be in private practice.!?!)

ALL this is a complete waste of  YOUR MONEY-TAXPAYER MONEY!!!

from Joe Exotic (Joe Exotic 2016):

“This right here is Bullshit and why this Country and the Politicians in this country need to pull their head out of their asses to the corruption in the USDA.”

“Why is it Carole Baskin can have 169 cats die, people hurt, cages like crap and diseases after diseases and never be written up, under investigation or anything else?””

“I will tell you why and you bet your ass I am going to expose all of this and that is she is a part of the Humane Society of the United States who owns the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries who runs the USDA.”

“Once people have had enough of this, selective law enforcement will stop.

But we need an investigation opened by Congress into the USDA and lets see who is taking a pay off and who ain’t.”

“It is time to start sharing this stuff on every politicians wall you can find and lets get that hearing done.”
“This huge story is about ringworm and one tiger that passed away and she skins hers? The hell with this.”


Note the Headline reads-Federal Investigation…for ringworm and a tiger that died someplace else a year later…WTF?!?


Myrtle Beach animal exhibit under federal investigation

by Matt Moore

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Myrtle Beach Safari is involved in a federal investigation.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has conducted 23 inspections at the facility since April 2013. That’s more than three times the number of inspections at any other Horry County facility.

A USDA spokeswoman told WMBF News APHIS typically visits a facility once a year.

Businesses are visited more often if there is repeat noncompliance, or if complaints are filed.

The agency said it has 130 inspectors for about 10,000 facilities across the country. It largely relies on people who visit the facilities to point out any issues.

The most recently filed USDA report is currently under appeal. It spells out concerns of a recurring problem of ringworm.

According to the report, two tiger cubs were moved from a facility in Florida to Myrtle Beach in February 2016. The cubs had ringworm-like lesions on their paws. Treatment worked, but it was not a treatment the attending veterinarian signed off on.

Myrtle Beach Safari was given three weeks to update a written treatment plan. It was supposed to include environmental measures to take and public safety issues to address.

In a phone call, the facility’s director, Bhagavan Antle, refused to turn over that plan or acknowledge a plan exists.

PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is concerned infected tigers are coming into contact with people.

Antle said that isn’t happening. He gave a written statement saying animals treated for an illness do not interact with the public.

The statement also reads, “We have strong objection to many of the statements made in that report.”

Antle called its release a violation of procedure because of the appeal underway.

However, WMBF News found the USDA investigation started months before the report of possible ringworm.

It was launched in November 2015.

Antle first denied knowing anything about an investigation during a phone call. The USDA said it informs facilities when any investigation is launched.

In a follow-up email, Antle called the investigation, “part of an investigation into a different facility.”

He went on to say, “It is my understanding that they have visited a number of facilities as part of that particular investigation,” Antle said. “No info was given to us other than that.”

The USDA simply stated, “We currently have an open investigation into T.I.G.E.R.S.”

It said it cannot release more information until the investigation is over.

The same month the investigation started, PETA and the Humane Society filed complaints against the facility.

PETA raised concerns over Antle’s request to move 18 tigers to Mexico. The Fish and Wildlife Service has yet to grant or deny that request.

“Animals are routinely transported,” Antle said in his email to WMBF News. “There are literally hundreds of permits issued every year by USFWS for animal transport.”

The Humane Society’s issue is a dead tiger.

The tiger, named Sarabi, passed away at a facility in Oklahoma, according to a USDA report filed in October 2015.

According to the Humane Society, it was Antle who sold the tiger to that zoo a year earlier.

WMBF News cannot confirm that transfer, but through this investigation, it was learned the Oklahoma zoo is also under a USDA investigation.

The agency said an investigation can be launched by an inspector. It can also come from tips from organizations like PETA and the Humane Society.

A regional office reviews material and then sends the investigation request to the agency’s investigative and enforcement services section.

[Inspection Report and video can be viewed at the above link]


This is the first I am hearing that an INVESTIGATION can be launched by PETA and the Humane Society-They are ORDINARY PEOPLE/PRIVATE CITIZENS who have had NO TRAINING or any regard for ownership of any animals-Not Antle’s tigers, not my cat or your dog. Their GOAL is to end all relationships with humans and animals.

Members of a Fanatical Animal Rights Organizations who want to END ALL HUMAN RELATIONS WITH ANIMALS-No Ownership is their goal-A complaint to the USDA does not open an investigation-Instead, it sends inspectors out for an inspection-Neither ringworm or the death of one animal that you no longer own but instead someone else owns, would not be reason for an open investigation however, it seems that there is something at play here and from inspection to investigation over the least little complaint, is the mis-use of TAXPAYER MONEY!!! Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists are using TAX MONEY to proceed with their own agenda-no matter the cost and all the better that it costs them absolutely nothing…So false complaints are right up there with the real ones…However, some facilities are not properly inspected and PETA couldn’t give a crap about 169 dead cats at Big Cat Rescue or the conditions the cats are forced to live in…After all, Carole Baskin ceo for Big Cat Rescue (BCR) has paid her dues to belong to the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) and GFAS is HSUS…HSUS is PETA with ties and lawyers…Simply put, they are ALL in association with affiliated members infiltrated in a government agency created for Animal Welfare.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B



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  1. What a waist of life this Sub-Hu-Man is, SMH!

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