ZOO WARS~HEALTH ALERT-BCR Exposed to e-coli..Possible Out Break Looming

If you have been to BCR in the last couple of weeks there’s a good chance that you have been exposed to e-coli…I am sending complaints with the CDC, Florida Fish and Wildlife, Hillsborough County Health and the USDA that Baskin has e-coli at BCR that is killing tigers.

I am extremely concerned about the staff, other animals and people since Baskin is open to the public and doing kid camps, and in a major shopping area, with house cats running around wild by her own admission…Clearly this could be very serious as the two remaining tigers have obviously been exposed and all three were and are on exhibit. This is a zoonosis situation that if not handled quickly can spread disease rather quickly and can be deadly for children and the elderly.

Escherichia coli Virulent strains of E. coli can cause gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections, and neonatal meningitis. In rarer cases, virulent strains are also responsible for hemolytic-uremic syndrome, peritonitis, mastitis, septicemia and gram-negative pneumonia.

In other words, the situation can be deadly for both people as well as the animals!!! BCR needs to be quarantined immediately!!! All animals need to be tested…Feral house cats caught and tested-We know that Baskin will never shut her doors on her own so please pass this message on!!!

Her own words:

ecoli at BCRClick image for a larger view


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


~ by topcatsroar on June 20, 2014.

7 Responses to “ZOO WARS~HEALTH ALERT-BCR Exposed to e-coli..Possible Out Break Looming”

  1. I’ve said it before and will say it again. It’s in the water. Or what passes for water in that old landfill. The place is cursed. Beware all who enter there. The spirit of Don Lewis is restless and taking his revenge through the contaminated waters of the place.

  2. If the tiger tested positive for e-coli and the others had been exposed-What about the other facilities that took in animals from this ‘rescue’?!? Would they too also have animals that were exposed and not isolated?!? This could be far reaching and an extremely dangerous zoonosis situation exposing their animals, staff and the general public to a possible deadly situation that could be far reaching!?! Rather than checking to see if some under lying condition was the reason f these animals to appear malnourished and not feed before moving a single animals and putting animals at several facilities in harms way including staff members and the general pubic, They had to rush the ‘rescue’ and move the animas for ‘fear of what their previous owners might do-Better known as we had to rush this, get back, and start campaigns for money-DISGUSTING!!! and now has led to serious consequences.

    • Totally agree. Not sure how they got a clear health certificate to cross state lines

      • There is no way that any vet would have released those animals for transport -If so, that vet is also in a great deal of trouble!!! Further investigation needs to occur-BOTH Florida and New York State-This is a Federal offense once crossing state lines!!! -B Can you say RICO-Time they pay the price for all the deception, lies and fraud perpetrated on the public…

  3. E coli is spread through food and water not through air, so it’s not going to become an out break. Here is some info on e coli




    The cat that had e coli most likely go it from the substandard food they were given in there last place.

    • There was contact with other animals -Like I don’t know how a zoonosis situation such as e-coli is spread…In Baskin’s own words -there are feral cats running around-Who knows with such uncontrolled conditions-That’s some expert-HA!
      What an idiot putting a sick tiger in the compound with no isolation for animals she brings in and whoever the fuck approved the transport of those animals should be crucified!! All were likely exposed and went to several facilities…There most certainly is a big possibility of outbreak at all those facilities!!!

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