ZOO WARS-ACTION ALERT!!! One last time to send your message-The final vote to keep Tony Home

Just follow the link to add your name to the following petition and please SHARE WILDLY with your family and friends to sign this petition-This is the final vote to keep Tony home. The Louisiana House of Representatives has final say and time is running out….You are one click away for helping this tiger!!! TY  -B


Please Support SB250 and keep Tony where he is safe, loved and healthy

A Victory in Senate overcame the discrimination case against Tony the Tiger and his owner.  With the winning vote on Tuesday 5/13/2014, SB250 now heads to the House of Representatives. http://theadvocate.com/home/9166151-125/senate-says-tony-the-tiger

Senate Bill 250 would allow a licensed owner, who obtained the exotic animal legally and has been in continuous possession and ownership since Aug. 15, 2006, to be exempted from state law that bans private owners. The exception would apply retroactively and fit Sandlin’s Tiger Truck Stop situation.

To: Abramson, Neil C. Adams, Bryan Badon, Austin Barras, Taylor F. Barrow, Regina Carmody, Thomas Carter, Stephen F. Champagne, Simone B. Danahay, Michael E. Dixon, Herbert B. Dove, Gordon Kleckley, Chuck Edwards, John Bel Fannin, James R. Franklin, A B Gaines, Randal L. Garofalo, Raymond E. Geymann, Brett F. Harris, Lance Harrison, Joe Havard, Kenneth E. Ivey, Barry Jackson, Katrina R. Lambert, Eddie J. Mack, Sherman Q. Norton, Barbara M. Ortego, Stephen J. Pearson, J. Kevin Reynolds, Eugene Schexnayder, Clay Talbot, Kirk Whitney, Lenar L. Miller, Gregory A. Pierre, Vincent J. Richard, Jerome Schroder, John M. Thibaut, Major Williams, Alfred C. Anders, John F. Speaker of the House, Chuck Kleckley and Louisiana House of Representatives

Tony’s welfare is not in danger, he is not abused or unhealthy and does not need “rescued”. His enclosure is made of steel, safe and is approx 3-4 times larger than most captive tigers and about twice the size of a suburban home. Despite the fact that Tony is healthy and will be 14 in June; he and his owner Michael Sandlin have been under legal attack by a conglomeration of Animal Rights groupsfor years who feel it is acceptable only they own Big Cats.

Michael Sandlin has the same license for housing an exotic animal as LSU for it’s mascot, Mike the Tiger and the Baton Rouge Zoo for its tigers.

According to L.D.W.F. only the following organizations are exempt from their rules.
“Zoo’s, Research Facilities, Circuses, Louisiana colleges or universities”.
We believe these exclusions discriminate against Tony the Tiger and his owner Michael Sandlin.

In 2009 Big Cat Rescue Tampa hired an attorney to represent Tony the tiger in an effort to have him removed from the truck stop based upon an existing ban on the private possession of big cats in Iberville Parish, while portraying Tony as living in bad conditions using what we believe to be misleading videos, photos, false allegations of poor health and cruelty, and still trying to take ownership of Tony today while stating a truck stop subjects him to noise and diesel fumes despite the fact the tiger is healthy.

BCR vs Tony the Tiger on Safety and Well Being

Tony has never escaped or injured any person, however the facility that wants to steal Tony while portraying to be experts has a history of news reports regarding loose cats and attacks on humans which can be reviewed here:

Urban development at an area where activists think the public will be safer than at Tiger Truck Stop = 110 times more cats, 20 times more people, population masses within a few hundred feet – all in North Tampa area.

BCR location vs Tiger Truck Stop
Big Cat Rescue Location v Tiger Truck Stop

“AZA Accredited” facilities are not inspected yearly according to this CBS News story about a tiger escaped and killed a teenager.

There is no difference in Tony living at a truck stop verses a Zoo, College or a Sanctuary that is located directly beside a major highway with touring visitors.

City traffic is considered Environmental Noise. There are short term exposures that can cause hearing damage however, if Tony was exposed to unacceptable loud noise levels/decibels 90-95dB every day he “may or may not” have hearing issues today.

According to The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) it’s not just diesel exhaust that are dangerous. Various studies have found that automobile exhaust is linked to the same conditions as diesel exhaust, and the Health Effects Institute says that 30 percent to 45 percent of people in North America are regularly exposed to high levels of exhaust from major roadways.

ALDF’S Mission Statement: “Abuse an Animal Go To Jail”

We the Petitioners question why a healthy 13 year old Tiger who does not need rescued is a greater concern to ALDF than the Safety Concerns and Barbaric Cruel practices of the facility they work side by side with to remove Tony from his home? An unethical “Sanctuary” that is well known for throwing Live Domestic Rabbits and other animals into bobcat cages to be tortured and torn apart alive in the name of rehab?

While we strive to achieve our goals of Responsible Animal Ownership, Ethics and Compassion, sadly and shamefully the monies spent and donated toward this campaign against an animal not in need of rescue could have made a difference for thousands of animals that are actually abused and suffering, animals dying in shelters every day, in filthy back yard breeding operations or being used as live bait, who will die never having a chance for life or to know love from another animal or human.

It is in Tony’s best interest to remain safe, where he is loved, healthy and obviously thrived for over Thirteen Years with his bonded owner. Moving Tony to another location will not put him in a Safe Bubble escaping everyday environmental dangers and it will not give him Freedom to the wild where he can never be released. In fact, taking him from his bonded owner would most likely cause depression, separation anxiety and possible euthanasia for not adjusting.

We the Petitioners respectfully ask Speaker Kleckley and the Louisiana House of Representatives to Support SB250, research the Truth and leave Tony home where he belongs to live out the remainder of his life.

What they do not want you to see



(Your Name)


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned for your update on Tony the Tiger  -B

See the documentary “How to Kill A Tiger” http://vimeo.com/92282823


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  1. News Flash!!! The documentary “How To Kill A Tiger” won 1st place in the Louisiana Independent Filmmaker 2014 Spring Contest Audience Award Vote

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