message from TX-RPOA~TX Legislators: “Dark Money” is like “Puppy Mill” Word

Hot Topic in Texas news this week is so-called “dark money” donated to
candidates in Texas Elections from IRS C4 Nonprofit Organizations. It is
reminiscent of media misrepresention of “puppy mills” and ALL “dog and cat
breeder” issues by confusing IRS PAC Funds and C4 Nonprofit Organization

Governor Rick Perry vetoed a bill last Legislative Session requiring IRS C4
Nonprofit Organizations to disclose donors. There appear to be underlying
personal political issues involved that we won’t go into here, but there
will surely be a second go-round for the bill next Session. Other nonprofit
groups besides RPOA claim the disclosures will destroy their donor base. So
we’re not alone.

Rep. Byron Cook, Chairman of the House Committee on State Affairs, (who
supports the C4 donors disclosure) held a House Committee Meeting yesterday,
May 1st, with invited testimony only for the purpose of “making
recommendations for the political process to be more transparent.”

RPOA Texas Outreach faxed the letter below to all 13 committee members and asked
that it be entered into the record, but that hasn’t been confirmed and
there’s no guarantee.
This is a very important issue for RPOA Texas Outreach because of the
reasons in our letter below. Please educate your personal state legislators
on this matter.

Keep our animals out of politics … please!
To find your personal legislators, go to: and enter
your address in the search box.

To: House Committee on State Affairs, Texas Legislature
RE: Interim Charge: Study Title 15 Election Code which regulates political
funds and campaigns

Chairman Byron Cook and Committee Members,
We request that this letter be read into the committee record.

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance Texas Outreach is opposed to any new state regulation
that mandates our Donors’ List be made public. Our donors would be
subjected to heavy harassment from radical animal “rights” activists, whom
we oppose every Legislative Session in their attempt to regulate all animal
use out of existence — whether you eat them, wear them, or pet them. Pet
ownership is our concern. The media is blurring the lines on IRS PACS and
C4 Nonprofit Organizations, two very different organizations.

* As an IRS C4 Nonprofit Organization, we file Tax Returns each year and
are required to name all $5,000 donors (and up), which is not public
information, but IRS knows of these donors and monitors nonprofits closely.
This is not “dark money” as portrayed by the media.

* We can not endorse, oppose, or make contributions to any candidates for
public office under existing IRS regulations.

* We can “lobby” to present statistics, facts and reasonable
alternatives regarding our positions on animal related legislation at all
levels of government.

* If “Empower Texans” has been “electioneering” regarding candidates as an
IRS C4 Nonprofit Organization, Sullivan has already violated IRS
regulations and could lose his federal tax exempt designation.

* IRS recently issued initial guidance with clear-cut definitions for tax
exemption of social welfare organizations (C4 nonprofits) which have existed
for many years.

* Another excellent reference is “The Connection: Strategies for
Creating and Operating 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4)s, and Political Organizations.”

We appreciate the opportunity to address this committee.
Mary Beth Duerler
Executive Director
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
Texas Outreach


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on May 2, 2014.

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