Zoo Wars XVI -HSUS has their panties in a pickle…

I was going to post this yesterday but my computer needed yet another break- Seems it might be time for a petition of my own to raise money for a new one <sigh> or beg for one ya think?!?


Proposal would remove spider monkeys from being regulated by Ohio’s new exotic

animal law

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Spider monkeys would be free from Ohio’s new regulations on dangerous wild animals under a proposed change made to the state budget in the Senate.

Senators want to remove spider monkeys from the list of regulated animals. The proposed change was among dozens of amendments made by the state Senate on Tuesday.

The exotic animal law took effect last September, but some aspects have yet to kick in. For instance, a permit process for owners won’t start until October.

Owners of some smaller monkeys, such as marmosets or capuchins, are already granted some leeway under the law.

Current owners who want to keep their dangerous animals must obtain a new state-issued permit, pay fees and obtain insurance by January. Otherwise, they will be banned from having them.


The following is a strong indication that HSUS are in total agreement with the new law in Ohio, the relocation of certain animals, including the Alcatraz for Captive Wild Animals and the destruction of those animals. HSUS has yet to  supply a single dime to help including that building, with the care and upkeep for any animals, or the relocation for re-homing those animals. I have yet to see them proclaim that they have although they certainly campaigned and helped to write the new law. They need to put their money where their mouth is or shut the Hell up!!!

“The Humane Society of the United States – Ohio
I know! We can’t believe it either! Did you know that the Ohio Senate recently overturned a portion of the Dangerous and Wild Animals protection act? *PLEASE* call your Senator today and ask them to PROTECT spider monkeys by rejecting the amendment to remove them from the restricted species list!”

Great idea Ohio-call your senator and tell them to cancel the ENTIRE law as it will cost even more for the state and it’s citizens tax dollars than the construction of   Alcatraz for the captive wild animals they built using taxpayer money . In current times it is outrageous to use taxpayer money for ‘public safety’ when there was no public safety issue to begin with and was based on a singular incident.

It is time to take a stand once again and help ALL animal owners in Ohio and everywhere. Remember, the ban against ownership of captive wild animals has spread far and wide. ALL states need to recognize that outrageous laws is not the answer especially where those laws prevent future ownership which will lead to the destruction of a valuable gene pool of certain animals. These animals are thriving and healthy in their current environment in responsible loving homes that they are currently living in…that presents NO public safety issue.

NOT a single person was harmed during that incident and the animals died, including animals that remained in their cages and all that needed to be done was to close the door…Sheriff Lutz sure did make a name for himself-always to be known as Lutz the Putz…


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned for Zoo Wars and more -B


~ by topcatsroar on May 29, 2013.

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