Zoo Wars~How Baskin Justifies Herself-Skinning Cats and Admits to Having Done It~The Headlines Should Read-Carole Baskin Big Game Trophy Hunter

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ZOO WARS~ ALERT Citrus Park in Tampa, Florida~Big Cat Rescue INTENTIONALY Put the Public at Risk AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!!!

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The News in Perspective~Carole and Howard Baskin~Big Cat Rescue-Refused Settlement Offer

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ZOO WARS~Conditions at Big Cat Rescue go from BAD to WORSE -MORE than a Public Safety Issue!!! Money and Politics!! UPDATED!

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ZOO WARS~Big Cat Rescue Puts the Public in Danger-Response from FWC~No to Variance for Enclosure with No Top

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ZOO WARS~INVESTIGATIVE REPORT~Big Cat Rescue~Carole Baskin Lives for the Power and Bragging Rights

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ZOO WARS~PCBs and Other Waste Materials and Toxins Can Be Found In Landfills-CONTAMINATE the Land and WATER-Goes UNCHECKED at Big Cat Rescue

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