**Animal Abuse Facts: A Glossary with Blogger’s Commentary


**Animal Abuse Facts: A Glossary

You hear it in the news with increasing frequency —

 ‘Animals in Deplorable Conditions Seized…!’

Uh-huh, and within a week or two, the animals, a large percentage of which were completely healthy, are spayed, neutered, and “re-homed.”

There’s been some redefinition of terms, apparently! Especially when referring to animal abuse facts.

Next time you read a story containing animal abuse facts related to an animal seizure connected in any way with an animal rights organization, read it with this animal abuse facts glossary in mind. We guarantee that your understanding of the true facts of the case may be MUCH closer to the genuine reality…

Animal Abuse Facts:

A Glossary for Those Not Savvy To the Animal Rights Agenda

By Terry, Ohio Rabbit-Breeder and small farm owner,with collaboration by other breeders

Appalling: The ground is damp

A: I need to wear boots
B: The animal urinated 10 minutes ago
C: The barn smells like alfalfa instead of Febreze [bloggers note: The floors were just mopped and the cages recently changed but the animals were lying down enjoying playing with the newspaper-Heaven forbid]

Inhumane: I wouldn’t want to live in that barn–the straw looks scratchy, and how could I keep my down comforter clean?

Cruel: the way Nature does things

Inappropriate food:
A: The animals are not being fed a commercial feed
B: Dog/cat is raw-fed like its wild relatives
C: Herbivores are grazing (*gasp*)

Insufficient feed:
A: The animal is not staring at a full bucket of feed 24/7
B: There are no ‘leftovers’ of commercial feed products in feed containers
C: What do you mean, cows, horses, goats, and llamas can eat grass?

A: The animal drank water when it was offered
B: The animal was evaluated for dehydration after it spent many hours post-confiscation in a tiny crate with no food or water under the “rescuer’s” care       [blogger’s note: Over night in subfreezing weather in an un-insulated storage shed without heat, food or water…or in extreme heat without so much as a fan, in an outdoor un-insulated storage shed with no windows, food or water-in soiled cages where the food and water had spilled in the taking -just saying…]

Insufficient water:
A: The animal is not staring at a full crock of water 24/7
B: The animal drank out of the water crock already, so the water is not sloshing over the top of the crock

Inappropriate water:
A: The duck pooped in the water – and now he’s swimming in it
B: The animals have a stream or a pond from which to drink
C: The water is rich with healthy micronutrients [bloggers note: The water was clean and clear but you can’t tell in the photos]

Lack of shelter:
A: The animal CHOOSES to ignore the man-made shelter [bloggers note: A plastic kennel for animals is not necessarily used exclusively by dog or cat and used for another type of animal…or new clean large cat littler box lined with blankets for kittens (or puppies) resembling a ‘cave’ and allowing the animal to a quiet environment is condemned because it’s purpose is exclusive as a litter box-NOT]
B: The sheep/goats prefer the heavy tree cover rather than the shelter

Inappropriate shelter:
A: A doghouse is plastic instead of wood
B: A doghouse is wood instead of plastic
C: A repurposed truck cap is not a dog house
D: If it is not aesthetically lovely, there is something wrong with it (Martha Stewart Syndrome)

In good condition: morbidly obese

Thin: within a healthy weight range

Emaciated: thin

Starving: The animal ate food when it was offered.

Lack of Care: animals do not have servants

Lack of Veterinary Care
A: Owner knows how to evaluate and treat his own animals.
B: Animals were being treated for ailments, but there was no veterinarian on site at the moment of the raid
C: Authorities confiscated and conveniently “lost” the owner’s veterinary records
D: A minor scratch does not require treatment. [bloggers note: No one consulted the owner about any owner or vet care]

Crowded conditions: Herd animals are actually permitted to herd [bloggers note: Animals allowed to socialize-OMG!!!]

Overcrowded conditions: Mothers and offspring share the same housing until the offspring are old enough to separate

Optimal temperature: Something that does not exist in Nature, or in many human homes

Too cold: Not comfortable for a spoiled person [bloggers note: A week later, sent the animals north into ice and snow]

Too warm:
A: Not comfortable for a spoiled person
B: The temperature is measured 5 hours after the air conditioning is turned off and the barn doors are thrown wide open on a 96-degree day. [bloggers note: Animals requiring tropical conditions were crowded in an area due to ‘Act of God’ conditions for their protection to prevent sickness and death]

Sick: The chicken/rabbit/horse/dog/cat etc., sneezed [bloggers note: We had to euthanize all the house cats because one sneezed-no testing and no permission from the court-sickening what outrageous BULLSHIT the courts will believe and/or overlook]

Abused: The 8 year old rooster is missing one toenail

Neglected: Owner is not with the animal 24/7

Hoarder: Anyone with more than one animal

Mill: Any person who produces ANY young animals on their property

Matted: Any animal that does not have every hair perfectly separated from the rest of the coat

Wounded: There is a scratch

Untreated wound:
A: The scratch is brand new
B: The wound didn’t require treatment
C: The wound is being treated at home and is in process of healing
D: There is a scar

UNacceptable: Not the way “I” would do it.

A: To remove the animal from its owner. This is frequently accomplished under cover of law by alleging animal abuse or neglect. [bloggers note: There is no excuse for seizing when the law states impound]

B: The ‘rescue’ usually retains the animal only until the animal’s reproductive organs have been excised from its body (a very important part of the re-homing process)

C: The re-homing of animals seized in a raid on a reputable breeding facility is often accompanied by threats to the prior owners of highly exorbitant daily animal care fees (Merriam Webster calls this extortion) and even jail time if they don’t sign away the ownership of all their confiscated animals. [bloggers note: This is an area of contention-How many have been so advised and were charged anyway even after turning over their animals to just make it all go away or get out of jail. Or the case continues for the rest of the animals per the agreement. NEVER believe what is said without every fine point in writing and signed-THEY DO LIE!!!] 

D: Re-homing is sometimes referred to as ‘adoption.’ In every case, a substantial sum of money changes hands (Merriam Webster calls this a sales transaction, but really, you’re just ‘donating’ to the animal rights organization), and the new ‘owners’ are made to believe they rescued a helpless animal from a pathetic situation or from certain doom. [bloggers note: Stop supporting these organizations altogether. Go find a breeder and purchase a pure bred animal and know what you are getting rather than a mutt they think is part, who knows what or find a legitimate humane society/animal rescue who is not concerned with control for profit and seizing animals for donations and sales and actually working within the community to give homeless animals a chance in a REAL no kill facility where animals that aren’t sold are pushed into kill facilities to do the deed-If they have an incinerator they are likely euthanizing animals-remember, they lie-go back over the glossary]

This animal abuse facts glossary would be really nutty…

…If it were not so stinkin’ accurate. There is some exaggeration, of course, but many of the animal abuse facts have actually been used by the activists themselves. [bloggers note: I see no exaggeration in this glossary and could actually add more!!!]

We know that a miniscule number of cases are legit. But, in 100% of the cases we are following, the accusations are completely bogus. [bloggers note: BOGUS!!!]

More Animal Abuse Facts:

  • Hard-core Animal Rights Activists (ARAs) are vegans. They don’t know how to take care of animals.
  •  Yet activist organizations, such as HSUS, PeTA, and HRS, have literally hundreds of millions of dollars with which to lobby lawmakers on issues of animal cruelty.
  •  They lobby for laws against animal cruelty with the SOLE GOAL of eradicating human uses of animals across the board. You’d be amazed at the stuff they define as abuse or cruelty.
  •  We created this animal abuse facts glossary to poke a bit of fun at some of the ways they’ve attempted to redefine animal care terms. [bloggers note: This was written to poke a bit of fun and would be funny if most of it was true]
  • These same activists that don’t know how to take care of animals inconceivably assert themselves as advocates for animals, and as experts in animal care. HELLO Lawmakers! These animal activists have no idea how to take care of animals, and especially not livestock animals!

All that matters to the activists is ‘mission accomplished:’ [blogger’s note: They claim a win for the animals…This was no win for any animals as both the animals and the humans suffer from emotional disorders due to the abuse of the animal seizure itself. In time we can only hope that the animals would adjust but even as time passes the humans continue to suffer as they have their lives ruined from the taking. Friends turn away and family disowns the accused…accused and assumed it must be true-HA! Lives ruined and no way to earn a living-going indigent is a taxpayer expense as the humane society/shelter collects donations and SELLS animals, preparing to do it again and again And again at TAXPAYER EXPENSE -HELLO, Wake up America…it’s such BULLSHIT!!!]

  • All animals immediately spayed and neutered regardless of priceless or rare genetics
  • The ‘abused’ animals NOT returned to the original owners but ‘rehomed’ immediately after spay/neuter (so much for ‘deplorable’ and ‘abused’)
  • Bogus animal abuse facts and statistics are trumpeted as true [blogger’s note: How can law enforcement, judges and politicians buy into this Bullshit?!? These are terrorists within our borders!!! Many on FBI watch…Many under investigation or will be by the FBI for AETA and RICO-guess no one told them or they simply don’t care believing they can overcome what they have created-the MONSTERS they truly are]
  • Most telling of all: their war chests get restocked. They use the media and the trumped up ‘animal abuse’ charges to plead for money to care for all the pathetic animals, which they no longer have – the new ‘owners’ are footing the bills – and now they can go out and help themselves to more well-cared-for animals, by applying the terms and definitions you’ve just read! (Why spend their millions when they can suck the $$ out of you??) [bloggers note: The press can not go onto private property for pictures and a slanted story-They can and are being sued!!! I guess they will beed to go to uTube and make a report themselves for thos donations-HA!!! Go luck with that…]

 Did we mention that hard-core activists are not animal husbandry experts?? [bloggers note: Forget the claim of certified-Certified by the state -that means they are allowed to euthanize animals but NOT to go stealing animals from unsuspecting citizens and accuse them of cruelty-‘CERTIFIED HUMANIAC’-HA-no joke…they are making such claims-BEWARE!!!!!!] 

Here’s what we recommend to our animal-lover friends:

  • Please don’t give another dime to HSUS (which operates NO shelters), HRS, or PeTA, or to rescues affiliated with them.
  • Recognize that it is a basic right of humanity to feed oneself, including raising your own animals for meat, both for yourself and your carnivore pets. In fact, this is the best way of all to know that the meat on your table had a good life while alive, and that it died humanely and painlessly.


**Bloggers note:

Your local shelter might very well be an organization committed to an Animal Rights Agenda same as the national organization….So, here’s some of what to look for:

Go to their FB page as well as their website and see their likes and their links-any suggestion of HSUS or state HSUS is the same as the national organization…Look for ‘PETA recommended’ as part of their slogan…Look for animal seizures, rescues and evacuations with and without a warrant…Was is either a Hoarder, “puppy-Mill” or abandoned animals-Holy Moly, hide under your bed!!! Those animals were not homeless and they break the law in the taking. By re-homing any one or all of these animals, they are actually dealing with stolen ‘merchandise’…By becoming a new owner you have PURCHASED A STOLEN ANIMAL, there’s no denying it. By rehoming one of these animals to your home, you are funding them to do it again to someone else. It costs them absolutely nothing to stake their claim to animal cruelty…YOU, THE TAXPAYER IS FUNDING IT!!! This is how society has become a pawn to helping them to continue to seize animals and gain control over proper animal welfare.

Look in their ‘ABOUT” and see what that says…The following statement might be something you will find them claiming as who they are and what they represent and most certainly, do not support this!!!:

‘The Humane Society of  XYZ is a 501c(3) charitable organization.  This humane society was founded by a group of concerned citizens.  We strive to provide a safe and loving refuge for all kinds of animals.  Through hard work and dedication of our volunteers, we have touched the lives of many animals.  Our humane society is dedicated to the prevention of animal abuse and controlling the pet population.’  -EXTREME BULLSHIT!!!


Questions?  Need to Report Abuse? -BULLSHIT!!! GO ASK YOUR NEIGHBOR IF HE NEEDS HELP…BUY AN EXTRA BAG OF DOG FOOD AND DROP IT OFF…OR MYSTERIOUSLY LEAVE IT ON THEIR DOORSTEP WITH A NOTE THAT YOU LOVE ANIMALS AND TO PLEASE ACCEPT THIS SMALL GIFT OF LOVE…MAYBE LEAVE SOME MILK BONES AND A NEW LEASH. TAKE MATTERS IN YOUR OWN HANDS NOT SOME ASS WHO IS EITHER GOING TO STEAL THE ANIMALS AND/OR MAKE SOME OUTRAGEOUS CLAIM TO RESCUE!!! THEY WILL HAVE YOUR NEIGHBOR ARRESTED AND POSSIBLY EUTHANIZE THE ANIMALS; THEY JUST ABOUT ALWAYS DO AND MOST CERTAINLY, WILL CALL IN THE PRESS TO GIVE THAT ‘FREE PR’ ABOUT THE ALLEGED ANIMAL ABUSE THAT NEVER EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! The press no longer reports the truth; the story will be slanted and will tell you how you can help-HA-YOU already did with your TAX MONEY funding the entire ugly mess while these people proclaim themselves heroes for the animals, a win for the animals (I wonder if the ones who die in the process think so!!!) and tell you about the tears they shed-Believe me, there are no tears accept from the person or persons they victimize-Ugly game of truth and dare…)

They could very well claim they are all volunteers but most certainly they were driving a humane society car or van and most certainly the tanks are full of fuel and general maintenance is paid for thru the donations…a meal here or there can be claimed…They may not be taking a salary but most certainly the ‘fringe benefits’ and enjoying the limelight-What a crock!!!

**Just a reminder, There is a disclaimer connected to this blog, Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others. Stay tuned and follow this blog…There will be more-a lot more!!!      Best -B

6 Responses to “**Animal Abuse Facts: A Glossary with Blogger’s Commentary”

  1. in a nutshell … well, OK, more than that, but certainly all true.

    Worse, many people are unaware that the State of Oregon gave the OHS full police powers to enforce *all* animal law in the state last year. Many don’t find this alarming, but OHS is one of the few shelters which has close ties to HSUS – it was material in the production of the HSUS kill manuals which are used in many, if not most public shelters. Most people don’t realize that fact, either – that HSUS writes the kill manuals that require the deaths of all elderly, young, or ‘sick’ (but easily treatable) animals.

    The push will be on to establish this authority in other states; they have been trying to separate themselves from the mainstream legal process for a long time. Oregon has let the camel’s nose under the tent. Once they have established their authority in a few other states, the blood baths will begin. The Oregon statute needs to be repealed, and certainly other states should resist such laws to the utmost.

    Humanity can’t survive without animal contact. Nature has dictated our need to share our lives with other animals. Even those who don’t want to live with animals or keep pets need animal protein in their diets. The Vegetarian Times has been tracking vegetarians and vegans in global populations for decades. For decades the percentages of vegetarians and vegans together, globally, have comprised about 2% of the population. The percentage doesn’t grow, in part because very few populations embrace vegetarian diets as a whole, and in the case of vegans because it is impossible for over 98% of the population to maintain their health on a vegan diet. Most vegans revert, at least to vegetarian diets, many to omniverous diets. So the ARAs must recruit very aggressively to keep the numbers up at all.

    The reality of all this is that most of the animal abuse committed today is at the hands of the ARAs. Their handling of animals when they do get their hands on them tends to be reliably callous and even brutal. They are inept and ignorant and indifferent to the suffering they cause among the animals they profess to love more than we do. It’s hard not to suspect they take great joy in the human misery they cause. They have often been heard to say that humans are ‘a cancer on the face of the earth’, and that the planet would be better off if humans were extinct along with their domestic animals.

    For the ARAs, animal ownership = animal abuse, pure and simple.

    • Thank you so much for posting Lynn. It’s important that people know what is going on, once and for all and take back their rights as they are so entitled by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

      Animals are considered property and the government is required to protect US citizens from the theft of property which is exactly what is going on. The government was not created to protect the rights of animals or to use our greatest asset to jail and fine it’s citizens over passive issues. The NFP were designed to provide assistance not to devise a scheme to work hand in hand with government officials for the benefit of the NFP at taxpayers expense to punish longstanding animal owners of a crime that they didn’t commit.

      An act of God, the very nature of our economy and the problems encountered in our day to day lives is not a reason to accuse animal owners of any crime…it’s a reason to help out and no animal rights NFP organization has any intention of doing that-it makes them no money. They are not animals lovers and behave more like animal haters. What happens to the animals tells the story in and of itself-Follow the animals…Follow the money.

      I hope you will post again!!!
      Best -B

  2. thank you Best-B.you nailed it.everything said made sence. may i copy this and send it to the judge,prossicuter,and the media following this case?

  3. It is articles like this and a few others I have read, that are THE reasons I have decided to follow this blog! Though some may make jokes about some of the antics these ARA-org’s engage in, I would do so also – if it were not for the serious Nature and the ongoing suffering of many “domestic” animal-companions and their human-companions. I guess my usual rough-playing and wrestling with my beloved animals would be considered horrendous to them?!? – Try to convince all the dogs AND cats in my life of that.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

    • There are times when even I joke about them but it’s more a comical relief-Ever read Newkirk’s will-Absolutely hilarious -B

  4. […] https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/animal-abuse-facts-a-glossary-with-bloggers-commentary/ […]

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