Freedom-The Animal Welfare Act-Was It Designed to Protect Freedom or Take It Away?

My thoughts…I am reminded of ‘fifty years’-The Animal Welfare Act-What as well as Why it was created and What it has become since it’s creation and enforcement. You wouldn’t think that animal welfare would need to be enforced however, the Animal Welfare Act has little to do with the welfare of any animal.

The Animal Welfare Act is actually a regulatory system to provide a government form of issuing licensees to regulate businesses utilizing certain LIVE animals in three categories, Breeding, Exhibiting and Broker sales of warm blooded animals excluding livestock such as cows and horses.

Regulations were put in place that required businesses to comply within certain regulations supposedly for the protection of the live animals. Those standards have changed over the years and have provided a means to confiscate animals although that action goes beyond the intent as a licensing agency as it’s nothing more. It has the right to suspend or challenge a business’ right to remain in business but was not created to take property from legal longstanding owners of the animals…such action would be unconstitutional however the Animal Welfare Act is, by it’s creation, is illegal and unconstitutional.

Throughout the United States, we are told we can trust in a system that has allowed the over-reach of the USDA/APHIS agency to regulate animal usage. However, cities, counties and states have also created their own set, a new set of animal usage laws that concern private animal ownership.

City, county, state, and more federal laws have been created since to regulate an already regulated federal government regulatory agency…ALL of it illegal and unconstitutional!

American Animal Culture allows for all animal usage. -That translates to all animal usage as guided by those constitutional rights provided in the amendments to those constitutions. The Animal Welfare Act is and of itself is an outreach of the government towards regulations that do nothing to help a single animal but instead, with the flip of a pen, can put any business utilizing live animals out of business. It is a fact that it is your God-given right to provide for your family whether that’s through a business utilizing animals as a means for income, eating meat, hunting, and even reaching for the American Dream of every family to own family  pets. This is a major part for Americans living FREE from government intrusion into the lives of all American citizens; especially when there has been no crime committed against anyone. No crime can be committed against any animal as animals are not protected by the constitution and its amendments.

FREEDOM-What Does That Mean?

Freedom is the most important virtue in America. We not only strive to protect our freedom on our home front to be safe from anyone taking away our freedom but we strive world wide to protect the freedom in other lands with concern for human rights against atrocities.

American Freedom is the leader of the free world as exceptional with safeguards to protect that freedom.

American Freedom means that we strive to be the best that we can be.


The government decided that they needed the Animal Welfare Act so that certain standards are met but only for the purpose of regulating the business for consumer protection; in essence, created as an interest pertaining to public safety issues when none have ever existed. Businesses registered, bought their permits and agreed to inspections of their facilities as part of that regulation; no matter where that business is conducted. From small businesses doing business from home to larger businesses doing business on a much larger scale; all businesses are required to operate within the same regulations…Forced to buy permits, to be licensed and subject to inspections without a warrant! There was no actual reason for concern from the get go…Most people and businesses are considered in to keep ARFs away but has since backfired as they have infiltrated the agency designed to permit and regulate with Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists gaining control over the USDA and are busy using this agency it to file complaints even when no violation exists with a waste of tax payer money-You bet you are paying the price of it!!!-from complaints, sending inspectors for investigation and writing reports-I venture to say EVERY facility is now under investigation with the few exceptions of those in association with HSUS, PETA, ASPCA and other homegrown vegan based Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist organizations.


The SPCA was the first to become concerned with animal welfare in all phases of animal usage and began to create laws concerning animal protection; deeply involved with the creation of the Animal Welfare Act just as PETA, HSUS and the numerous other vegan based Fanatical Animal Rights organizations. ALL humane societies and animal rescues which includes adopting (selling) out animals needing homes, flourished as a less expensive means to purchase an animal and at the same time giving an animal in need a home with an American family. Humane societies and most animal rescues remain un-regulated by the government.

Animals are purchased yet many (the majority) of these places do NOT pay sales tax on their sales of animals and therefore, not contributing in any way shape or form to the community where they are in residence or with the IRS allowing businesses to obtain a 501-C-3 status  for DONATIONS NOT SALES even though the same does NOT pertain to retail sales.

Pet shops had always sold animals, considered reliable places for purchasing animals and contributed by paying both state sales tax and federal tax as a business yet suddenly, in recent years, Pet Shops are being forbidden from selling companion animals that were purchased from USDA/APHIS permit holders, now referred to as ‘puppy mills’.

Now I don’t know about you, but as a US citizen, I am put off by the over regulation of businesses using animals and then forbidding places that would utilize animals for live animal or companion sales from pet shops and other places that were a reliable source for purchasing animals. It takes away my freedom of choice and the freedom of free enterprise to ban the sales of pure-bred animals yet allow these so called recued mutts as the only available source to purchase companion animals that I repeat, are unregulated!!!.

Suddenly, there are other laws created to prevent those sales and limiting the freedom of each and every American of  a ‘choice’. The price on those ‘rescued’ animals now escalated and beyond what any breeder dared to charge for a purebred animal, thus less a mutt.

More laws created for the sole purpose to limit what US citizens are allowed to own and even how many animals that they are allowed. Other laws have now been created outside The Animal Welfare Act that insinuate that ownership of an animal, any animal, has translated to animal ownership being equivalent to abuse and that the USDA/APHIS form of regulation with the purchase of permits and licensing is un-reliable, not worth the paper the document is written on and their inspections scrutinized. No longer do people enjoy their freedom of animal ownership but instead choose to own no animals or be in a business partnered with animals. And this is helping animals…HOW???

As breeders are put out of business and with fewer places to raid, animals are brought in from other countries with the claim of rescue. Really, are animals from other countries more important than homegrown animals in need-NO! Yet animals are killed just to make room for more animals being brought in from other countries and out of state. The community mutt now regarded as less value and unadoptable when other animals are available and will cost more. Most animals coming from other countries are coming from breeders and never was a rescue to begin with…Those animals are un-regulated, not properly vetted before entering this country and bring unknown diseases to the US.  Animals from other states fetching a greater price with tell-tell stores of rescue. With fewer places breeding and animal owners to raid, it has become necessary to import the high demand puppies that fetch greater fees. That stray animal is now considered of no value and disposable -A quick injection covers that problem-PROBLLEM???

Sanctuaries and zoos are being raided and ownership shifted to another that could also end up in a raid and shifted once again. It goes on and on with wild stores of abuse and improper care which began with the creation of the Animal Welfare Act and the regulatory USDA/APHIS passing judgement based on personal opinion. Exotic animals shifted from their legal rightful owners that they enjoyed a relationship with are stressed each time they are relocated to anther facility and most are no contact facilities.

So, as I am reminded of the conflict of laws and over-regulation of animals. I am reminded of the harm it has brought to animals and their owners rather than the intent of the creation of the act.

Animals are being destroyed to accept more either to exhibit or sell, and I haven’t even addressed all venues that are effected by the Animal Welfare Act…Anywhere where animals are used for business purposes are under attack including your sources for food and what will be on the dinner table tonight.

from Protect the Harvest:


“Your rights and ability to feed your family are under attack.
Most Americans are completely unaware.
Sign up for our newsletter to keep informed: special interests in America have evolved into a wealthy and successful attack industry determined to control our farmers, eliminate hunting, outlaw animal exhibitions (like rodeos and circuses), and restrict animal ownership. The result is an America that is less free and less prosperous, with reduced access to affordable food.
Protect The Harvest was created to defend and preserve the freedoms of American consumers, farmers, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts, and animal owners.
Our Mission: Inform. Protect. Respond.
We have three objectives:

INFORM America’s consumers, businesses and decision-makers about the threats posed by animal rights groups and anti-farming extremists.

PROTECT our freedoms and way of life by creating lasting legal safeguards for farmers, ranchers, hunters, anglers, and animal owners.

RESPOND to the activities of radical groups by opposing their efforts to pass laws or enact regulations that would restrict our rights, limit our freedoms, and hinder our access to safe, affordable food.”

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B

~ by topcatsroar on December 3, 2016.

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