Zoo Wars-Call for Action-Restore Our God Given Rights to Animal Ownership-Priority


American Animal Culture did not thrive in a liberal world as you would have thought that it would but instead created some of the most horrible laws to bring to an end to all human relationships with animals; all stemming from the liberal front where homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists thrived.

Congratulations on the GRAND SLAM to take back our God given rights granted to all of us by both state and the US Constitutions with Civil Liberties granted to us by the creation of it’s amendment.

‘Drain the Swamp’ takes on new meaning now and we must object to the illegal and unconstitutional laws and the ILLEGAL process of the law and the judicial systems enforcing those laws; lacking just cause and acting outside the subject matter and jurisdiction of their courts concerning property ownership!

Kangaroo Court

President elect Mr. Trump working with Protect the Harvest have a proposed and already created an AG committee that is going to clean house to protect American Animal Culture! Laws need to be repealed…Victims of those laws are just that-Victims that should have never been victimized! It’s time to rebuild and UNITE as animal owners!!!



Anyone on twitter should go to Governor Kasich’s post congratulating Trump and reply!!!

Repel Ohio unconstitutional law-Dump the animal penitentiary-return the animals -Kick HSUS out #BadLaw #AnimalWelfare #DraintheSwamp

If you reply to his post-FOX will see it, as will Mr. Trump…Most importantly, Kasich will see it!
Wanted for Murder
It’s time folks:
Time to apply more pressure for the return of animals that should have never been taken in the first place!!!
Time to be free from the creation of illegal and unconstitutional laws-Owning animals should not be considered a crime.
Time to return breeders rights and stop importing dogs from other countries under the guise of rescue to prevent the spread of diseases unknown in America!!!
Time to drain the USDA swamp and free it from the homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists!!!
Time to reject the Not for Profit status of vegan homegrown Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist Organizations that help no animals. HSUS, PETA, GFAS, HSLN, ALF, and the many others that are trying to take away our rights to own our animals!

Activist map print screen final

Special Bloggers Note-Drain the Swamp of the FAKE sanctuaries taking in millions under the guise of animal rescue!!! -Starting with Carole Baskin, ceo Big Cat Rescue, Bobbie Brink ceo Lions, Tigers and Bears, and the numerous others that consider exotic animal owners as their prey to steal animals from their rightful legal longstanding owners…and the numerous animal groups that support the illegal process for their gain with the conversion of property for their benefit.
dangerous humans
Time to REJECT UN Agenda 21/2030…!!!
We have 73 days to make it a priority-Please share this post WILDLY!!!
Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others-This is a call for action…Stay tuned, there will be more…Follow this blog  -B
Tiger scamBaskin retirement fund

~ by topcatsroar on November 9, 2016.

2 Responses to “Zoo Wars-Call for Action-Restore Our God Given Rights to Animal Ownership-Priority”

  1. I will leave behind the idea of “animal-ownership”,

    And veer more towards animal-companionship and kindredship. The farther away we go FROM “pets”, and closer towards “companions” of pure spirit, the better we will all become.

    Companionship needs no profit, no agenda, and no political-hack supporters. All it needs, is respect for the sacredness of ALL life, and we will, Naturally, be better off for it.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye

  2. Great Job, Top Cat! I couldn’t have said it better, myself!!!

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