ZOO WARS-Biggest Sanctuary SCAMMERS of All Time!!!

Biggest Sanctuary Scam in history -Numerous Scammers Stealing property or taking property under false pretense -ALL in the name of Animal Rescue Destroying the lives of longstanding and legal owners as well as the lives of animals-At taxpayer expense and at the expense of money scammed from financial contributions based on false pretense.


These are Homegrown TERRORISTs utilizing their emotionally generated pleas of lies of GIGANTUAN Proportions perpetuated under the guise of rescue for the collection of donations by duping the general public and politicians in this country the likes of which has never been seen before.

Animals are personal property and no one has any right to tell anyone what they can and can not do with private property-The creation of the Animal Welfare Act is nothing new and goes back to it’s creator-Adolph Hitler. People in this country enjoy American Animal Culture with their inherit right to feed themselves and their families as they see fit, own (and sometimes have) the very same type of animal as a pet. We partner with animals for both our enjoyment and the animals enjoyment.

The United States was created as a democracy protecting it’s citizens to God given rights to have domain over animals, State and US Constitutions and Civil Liberty rights for personal protection-ANY law created is to protect PEOPLE -there is nothing giving animals rights or that would insinuate that the government has any right of domain over animal owners or for the Welfare of Animals. Owners have the right to decide what they do for animals and in this country we have some of the finest animal owners, veterinarians and access to products for animal care than any other country. The creation of the Animal Welfare Act just might be the biggest lie and government scam ever to have been created and totally (100%) ILLEGAL  and All at TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!!

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Rescue (TCW) committed fraud perpetrated on a cancer stricken founder of a zoo, Serenity Springs of CO. and PROMISED to keep the facility open. They inspected the facility and the animals before creating a contract and going into agree with a man who is fighting cancer and trying to do the right thing. Instead, the small community zoo has been closed since TCW took over the zoo. Animals are improperly being cared for and the real animals cruelty began.

This is heinous fraud that our society has no business tolerating. Serenity Springs  zoo was sold to TCW under the conditions it would remain open for the community. There was a contract, a down payment and conditions intended for the animals, the zoo, the community and MOST important to the owner of the zoo who is stricken and fighting cancer. Those conditions equivalent to his last will and testament to his community, his beloved animals and most important conditional to his peace of mind that he was doing the very best thing and led to believe that his wishes were understood and would be carried out.

Instead, Turpentine sold off the animals at a profit, conducts an unnecessary surgery in an unsterile environment although there is a sterile animal hospital on site that was used by TCW on other animals, calls it a ‘rescue’ and to top it off begins calling it a rescue to take money from unsuspecting donors. They made a purchase of a zoo with a down payment and iron clad contract -this is NOT a rescue!!! And what they have done to those animals is committed Animal Abuse and inflicted unnecessary pain to the animals of that zoo.  This time the shoe is on the other foot because TCW hadn’t planned on being caught-

How is it that this happens and these so called animal sanctuaries commit  such heinous crimes against animals and get away with it?!? They think themselves so above the law that no one will pay attention with their IRS Not for Profit status-Well we are paying attention and my heart goes out to the previous zoo owners as this story began to grow as the truth surfaced with what is really going on. TCW claimed cubs still with their mother of having a bone density problem -That’s  a made up lie and impossible. From a top zoo veterinarian who stated “This is nothing but scripted animal abuse to make money to line their pockets….anyone with half a brain knows that a mother nursing cubs should be separated from the cubs before any possibility of moving her and her cubs together. TCW has no experience with cubs-They re not breeders. of big cats and therefore not experts with a mother tiger nursing her cubs. Those cubs didn’t have a chance in Hell of surviving the TCW take over as TCW was doing as they pleased and never mind the solid advice of the previous zoo owner or their state and experienced veterinarian. They were never taken from their mom as they had been instructed -The mother tiger could and did spook and then proceeded to eat her cubs-  But it doesn’t end there-not by any means I am sorry to say and the entire story of this outrageous scam is just the beginning-There will be more reported as it is brought to my attention but plenty more I am reporting today including an incomplete list as it is only being developed as I write this, of numerous 0ther sanctuaries are involved throughout the country and once again, crooked Bobbi Brinks name surfaces.

More of the reported Animal Cruelty and abuse of animals but TWC which is so shocking I am placing towards the end of this post and I will continue to write updated reports as the information is flying in from all over the country.

Two older tigers had their eyes cut out by an out of state vet from Louisiana (Inexperience Unlicensed CO vet); cutting out the eyes of tigers with corneal opacities which is not only not a proper procedure for corneal problems and doing so blinded both tigers who were still able to see shadows and get along on their own with proper human assistance-No one seems to know what has become of those tigers. These surgeries did NOT take place at the zoo’s sterile hospital but instead, were knocked down and done in their outdoor enclosures. There is no question that this is intentional animal abuse and the inexperienced vet to be reported for the crime.

The truth be known, allowing Cubs to get eaten instead of saving their lives by taking them from their mother is neglect. Zoo officials stated that the tiger demonstrated that she was agitated and becoming aggressive. TWC was advised and well aware that she would reject them. All three cubs were killed and eaten folks…I hope you think on this for sometime to come and realize that TWC has committed these heinous crimes that led to their demise.

The zoo owners are horrified, the animals now suffering and sadly I have to report that 4 of the tigers will be going (or already arrived at Big Cat Rescue (BCR).


Spirit of the Hills had a recent incident and found it necessary to shoot an escaped tiger-Now under seize…Several of Hetricks animals were at Spirit of the Hills who was hired by Ohio Governor Kasich’s Ohio Department of Agriculture. Hetrick’s animals have been relocated and the public was told animals were starving and that the facility was in poor condition (guess some are receiving payback already for their deeds) yet, all pictures reviewed so far appears animal of normal weight for their size and likely far from the truth. Hetrick’s animals are now in CO at Pat Craig’s Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keensburg, CO, well known to exotic animal owners, whose facility is less than satisfactory and has threaten to slaughter all the animals in his facility on numerous occasions if people didn’t contribute.

Bobbi Brinks has been doing all the transporting, over-paid for her services and taking animals from their rightful legal owners to whom ever she can find who will take them (and/or sell them?)

It is unknown but doubtful that any proper paperwork REQUIRED by the USDA/APHIS/USDI was ever done for the proper transfer of any animals to be transported across interstate lines and ALL of this appears to be in violation of the AETA laws governing owners rights to their animals.

Seems some of Serenity Springs animals are now at In-Sync Exotics in Texas as well. All these sanctuaries are busy slandering the zoo owner suffering with cancer who thought he was doing the right thing. I hope he and his wife sue TWC for breach of contract and the slander used for the purpose of emotionally generated donations to all these sanctuaries: places with MILLIONS in reserve-Before donating ask for a full view of their IRS NFP 990 report or do not donate. There are only a few sanctuaries that exist that are legit but they are out there so unless they produce their 990-Do NOT donate and become part of the SCAM.

“This is Julie from Serenity Springs. Please correct your story.” https://www.facebook.com/insyncexotics/posts/1323924667620417?pnref=story

“First of all Turpentine Creek bought our facility with the intention of another location. We did not have to sell. Yes, Nick was looking for someone to take his place but all animals were cared for and doing well. We had three prominent veterinarians available and animals were under excellent care. I don’t know when you received him but Turpentine Creek was running facility from Sept 18tb. If he wasn’t eating they should have called our vet of record which they never had! In that picture he also has green water which never happened when our keepers were there but they were all fired. I believe they made conditions bad to get more donations. Our facility was beautiful. Yes our cages not a million dollars but they were clean and safe and larger than most. Jamma was over 20yrs old. Kidney failure was not reversible. You don’t have to make it sound like Serenity Sprimgs neglected him as that is not true! Please update your post and don’t help them try to smear a mans reputation who has dedicated his life to saving animals just to raise money.”


There exists a history of these violations by Not for Profit organizations breaking this law for years due to the emotionally generated plea for funds…Most of these places already have money in reserve; BCR is valued at over 4 million dollars and files frivolous law suits against exotic animal owners, slanders every legal and rightful exotic animal owners due to her I want to be a hero psychosis and accumulate millions as she continues to attempt to control all exotic cats in the world -Carole Baskin and her husband Howard remind me of Anamaniac’s ‘Pinky and the Brain’ to rule the world…or is that Bill and Hillary Clinton?!?

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Follow this blog for updates and search thru for more posts of interest -B

~ by topcatsroar on October 19, 2016.

6 Responses to “ZOO WARS-Biggest Sanctuary SCAMMERS of All Time!!!”

  1. All comments are welcome However, that does not mean that I will publish your comment or even respond to it…The issue is that the government has no right to create laws that are outside Constitutional Law created to protect US citizens-not immigrants and not animals-Our laws are designed for the protection only of US citizens-Immigrants are required to obey our laws. The president is NOT above the law and not allowed to make decisions that jeopardizes US citizens. Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists are not above the law folks…The Animal Welfare Act was created to REGULATE businesses -period and instead is being used against animal owners-It can not take away the right to ownership it can only regulate a business. Any taking of property (the animals) is illegal-Animal Cruelty laws are illegal. No agency has any right to tell you how to care for your animals or prevent ownership-They are waging a war against legal rightful PROPERTY owners and disturbing as an interruption in American Animal Culture. The government has no right to take or dispose of anyone’s private property and has no right to control ownership with illegal unconstitutional laws such is the issue in Ohio and other states which have created laws to say what you can and can own on private farm property where the animals have existed for years and then subject animals to cruel conditions that effect the life and health of privately owned animals (property).
    Scams for donations based on lies generated by NFP sanctuaries is FRAUD. These are emotional generated pleas for your money-Many of these sanctuaries have millions in reserve. Ads such as the one posted by BCR demonstrates the purpose of taking in these animals is all about collecting of donations because it is all about the money and profiting off of the animals.
    TCW has committed themselves to purchasing a zoo and the animals and in breach of contract. The owners of Serenity Springs can now demand full payment and I sincerely hope that they do! This was not an animal rescue it was a purchase and the zoo owner can now file suit for slander-TCW has dug their own grave.
    Bobbi Brink is literally stealing animals from their rightful owners. Spirit Hills has the right to place their animals in another facility of their choice either permanently or temporarily until this matter is settled with the state of Ohio with the Hetrick case…and anything beyond Serenity Springs collecting funds to help file suit against TCW and Spirit Hills for the money to properly transport their animals to a safe location and provide for their care. Suit can be filed against Bobbi Brinks for her theft and participation with an illegal and unconstitutional law. Bobbi Brinks too profiting for her part in all this-Collusion with the state for state crime against it’s citizens.

    ALL of it makes this a large scale SCAM involving numerous facilities Scamming off the scores of animals they re collecting because it obviously is all about the money. SCAMING gone WILD.

    ALL comments to this blog are protected by the disclaimer connected to this blog so go ahead and slam one out and be sure to share this post…62 million animal owners in this country will unite together Against Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists and their vegan based NFP national organizations created to stop all human relationships with all animals to destroy Animal Culture in this country. Animal owners reserve their God-given right to animal ownership and what they do on their privately owned farm property is of no concern to the government.

    Laws created against animal ownership are done at tax payer expense making you a participant, even if you don’t own an animal, or support the creation of illegal and unconstitutional laws.

  2. You are guilty of defamation of character and slander. I am going to make it my is soon to raise the money for a lawsuit against you.

    • OK but protected by the freedom of speech and my disclaimer attached just as Baskin is on her 911 abuse blog so sue us all for our right to share our opinion and freedom of speech…Anyway, you can’t get blood from a turnip…nothing to gain -sorry, maybe u’d be better off attempting to report my shared opinion to FB or something and they might agree or disagree with you and that’s free, LOL!! No need to go to so much expense….gather ur friends and maybe I will be put in FB jail if that turns you on…Must have hit a nerve to have ur panties in a knot…Carry on…by the way, this is just the beginning because there is nothing written here that’s not true and TCW took advantage of a man stricken with cancer trying to do the right thing!!! There is a petition from the community up in arms over the closure of that zoo and the defamation of the owners of the zoo that all these sanctuaries are attempting to PFROFIT on…IRS 990 reports will be subpoenaed for the judge and they can explain it to the judge that would justify all the slander in their posts and media reports where they slander private owners to collect more money Professional beggars in my opinion -Remember my opinion and the opinions of others-maybe you can shut down all social media so no one can discuss their personal opinions -Bring it

      • Gee Jana, did u think I haven’t been threatened before?!? LOL! Do you think I am not entitled to an opinion?!? US citizen-not an illegal immigrant…All those sanctuaries will be exposed, I am just getting started as I gather more slander for profit posts…I collect nothing for my trouble and ask for nothing to continue to post my opinion-Hey how about u blog about it and justify all the slander of people from pet owners to people who enjoy going to the zoo who are threatened loosing their enjoyment…Animals have been entertaining people is traditional all being destroyed with slander and false statements…the difference between those posts and mine is reality and only a smg of how much has gone on…I relish the thought of ur frivolous lawsuit that likely wouldn’t see the light of day (darn sounded like a golden opportunity) You at one side of the courtroom with a group of liars and me on mine with a group that have all been slandered…we can even go for judgment of the illegal unconstitutional laws that have been created by vegan based Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists and shoved down lawmaker throats…Not gonna be easy and sounds rather expensive….Bring it!!!

      • Surprise, surprise, a former aco on disability from a phony “slip and fall” accident while on the job now runs a donation-funded “rescue/kill shelter”. And boy oh boy, is there ever A LOT of documentation regarding her pathological lying, the collection of tens of thousands of dollars in donations to “rescue”/buy horses at the weekly sale in Ontario, California, and also the killings of at least those 56 horses she wrote publicly that she shot to death, not to mention the hundreds that are missing in 2016 alone.

        She’s such a “hero”, along with the CEO of the “rescue” that doesnt know her ass from a hole in the ground about horses, but is brilliant on raising hundreds of thousands in unaccounted for donations on social media from clueless buffoons in the public that so badly want to belong to that rescues “village of idiots”, that out of 400 horses she’s rescued this year alone, she has shot to death at least 56 healthy horses that she is refusing to produce vet reports and vet bills on the horses that “she says” the vet looks (at all the horses they rezcue).
        In addition, HUNDREDS OF HORSES OUT OF THE 400 “RESCUED” THIS YEAR with donated funds are MISSING, and she refuses to give the locations of all of the rescued horses (assets) rescued this year.

        San Diego County Animal Services (whom the founder of the “rescue” worked for until she slipped and hit her noggin on her phony disability claim she’s received thousands of dollars from the state on since 2011, refuses to answer questions and/or investigate the 56 ILLEGAL SHOOTINGS OF 56 HORSES.

        Talk about corruption.


  3. […] Link of interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/10/19/zoo-wars-biggest-sanctuary-scammers-of-all-time/#commen… […]

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