Documentation-Marion County inmates sue jail, sheriff


WOW!!! 2 judges recluse themselves from this case and likely have experienced issues from black mold in the building as anyone exposed in that jail could be experiencing respiratory problems from exposure.

Those buildings are old and the jail sealed from allowing in fresh air. The women’s cells are upstairs and in the oldest section of the jail that fail to provide proper heat and A/C and remarkably freezing in the winter as they close off access to heat in the winter and the ventilation system antiquated and inefficient. Inmates are denied their medications and access to medical care frequently. Mind you, I am speaking first hand…This is a known FACT!!! Written of my experience in Marion County, Texas.

People accused of a crime are innocent unless proven guilty…just not Marion County, Texas

The sign in the jail read: “This is what you get for what you did”

Not in America anymore

The Welcome Wagon on arrival to Marion County, Texas will take you off to their jail for a free week in their “Bed and Breakfast” with 3 square meals a day at Tax Payer Expense…following 3 days of warrantless searches and inviting other agencies to participate in a mobbing of your property UNINVITED mind you…Just nosing around your property and likely expecting refreshments (cookies and doughnuts) which you do not supply; apparently, the Welcome Wagon forgot their basket of goodies to help with hurricane relief…Preparing to take your most valued possessions with a warrant that lacked probable cause and failed to list what they were to take (might as well take it if not nailed down, will break you with the taking and end your life as you knew it, wanted it and entitled to because you had done absolutely nothing wrong.

They will invite the press onto your property whether you want them…invited or not…so they can take pictures and gather a community story that will make International news while providing an aerial view of your newly purchased property yet all you wanted was to get settled and now giving that a second thought!!!

To further welcome you to their community they will loot you and dispose of your most valued property and ‘poof’ there won’t be any criminal charges. The judges in Marion County are NOT smart enough to recluse themselves as they hear your cases which by the way, ahem…are outside their jurisdiction yet award your valuable property to someone else.

NOTE-JP Judge and County Judge are elected officials in Marion County, Texas without training in law and bared by the state to hear cases concerning your property.

Kangaroo CourtGo ahead and try to prove you’re not guilty -doesn’t matter you won’t win the case and your appeal is going to cost you big bucks even though you are filed indigent and they gave you attorneys at Tax Payer expense-Kangaroo Court!!!

They will provide you with an attorney who was a previous DA and County attorney who is at odds with the current DA who controls what happens in Marion County and even freely invites himself onto your property and invites people from neighboring counties, bring inmates from the jail onto your property for the mobbing and looting of your property.11146595_10153555299235250_9093706723838195595_n

District Attorney Bill Gleason-Was this at Tax Payer expense or did he volunteer for his life long dream of caring for big cats?

All done at Tax Payer expense and no Justice was ever obtained for the protection of your God-given rights and Civil Liberties granted to you by the state and US Constitution.

They are all in collusion with each other, neighboring counties and even the federal court in Marshall Texas (New appointment of Federal Judge was Harrison County Judge…All members of the only local golf course I’m sure.) No Justice will ever be served and the corruption and criminal offenses will continue. FBI won’t be bothered looking into the corruption and criminal offenses in one of the smallest and distant counties in Texas so, I guess it’s rather insignificant to expect them to investigate the numerous complaints from residents in Marion County.

These folks don’t have a chance in Hell of this case making the light of day and being properly heard.

The Black Mold and HORRID conditions in the Marion County jail will continue; as will the corruption-mark my words!!!

Seized Kenny[1]

Marion County inmates sue jail, sheriff

By Robin Y. Richardson

Inmates in the Marion County Jail have filed a $12 million lawsuit against the Marion County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff David McKnight, claiming that the jail facility is infested with black mold that’s making them ill.

“There’s a black mold contamination,” Derrick Hunt, the first plaintiff listed on the lawsuit, told the News Messenger in a telephone interview. “It’s all over the jail.

“It’s everywhere – in our HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) vents that provides our fresh air, in our showers where we bathe,” the 41-year-old said.

“There’s people in here that’s got very bad health and they’re going down,” said Hunt, who is one of five plaintiffs in the suit.

His co-plaintiffs are: Jeffrey Harper, 56; Reynaldo Campos Jr., 39; William Loflin, 55; and Preston Thompson, 20. According to the petition, the plaintiffs are seeking relief of pain and suffering and mental anguish. They are accusing the defendants of being negligent by failing to assess, remediate and/or perform an abatement of a black mold infestation or contamination in the jail, located in Jefferson.

Sheriff McKnight told the News Messenger in a phone interview on Friday that his office is aware of the lawsuit and categorically denies all the allegations made in the suit.

“It’s in litigation and will be turned over to our attorneys,” McKnight said, advising that they are represented by Flowers and Davis, out of Tyler, in the case.

“We definitely deny that is an issue,” McKnight said of the mold infestation claims.

Despite the denial, the plaintiffs in the case assert that the sheriff and his staff have known about the alleged infestation for more than two years.

“We have a jailer up here that’s been working here several years. He’s told us this black mold has been here for years and sheriff knows about it and he just paints over it,” said Hunt, accusing them of also just wiping the “hot spots.”

“I filed a suit for negligence. I’m not saying it because I’m in jail but if they are going to put us in jail, they need to keep us somewhere safe,” said Hunt. “It’s not a safe environment, not a healthy environment, not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.”

The plaintiffs additionally claim in the lawsuit that they have been denied proper medical attention. Investigating Harper’s complaint, Anthony Mikesh, a program specialist for the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, noted that the jail is in compliance with jail standards.

“After reviewing the allegations with the staff of the Marion County Jail, it was determined that no violation of jail standards has occurred,” Mikesh wrote to Harper.

for the rest of the story follow the above link


DO I believe that there is black mold in the Marion County jail, actually, yes I do. Are the conditions horrid-Yes they were…I too was denied my medication…begged to see a doctor and sent several complaints t the captain…Needless to say, I know he was glad to see me go!!!

They had no TTY for the deaf, There wasn’t a single fire alarm system for the deaf, and no interpreter was provided for arrest, meetings with court appointed attorneys or the hearing where one f the accused was denied because the DA said he didn’t have to and would cost too much…He has been corrected although I wonder if anyone at the jail knows the needs and duty he is required to protect civil liberties to inmates and to people in the court room…in general and I have a complete understanding of those men feeling that they need to be protected after speaking up! Bet that restraint chair is still in place and they don’t think twice about using it and tazing someone while being restrained…I wish I had better things to say about a place I thought was going to be my home and home for my retiring animals but no, it was my Hell on earth that I wasn’t well informed about this place!!!

On the outside appears as a quaint old town but hiding in those woods is some of the most evil people I have ever encountered anywhere in my travels with nice members of the community hiding behind closed gates with no trespassing signs and know better than to talk about it or they to just might end up getting three squares at the town’s free Bed and Breakfast at Tax Payer expense.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B


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