ZOO WARS-Update/ALERT-Tiger Ridge

“I’m literally sick over this. Physically sick.
So few concrete answers, no update on the conditions of the animals but let me say this, the Ohio dept of agriculture is responsible or this travesty.
They were to ensure the safety and care of the animals until the final outcome of this case. Now the animals have been suffering for who knows how long, Unknown and untreated medical conditions, been tranquilized, dragged to another unfamiliar facility.
Nobody will ever love nor care for those animals like my dad did and would…this is just surreal and absurd to think of how these beloved animals have been treated since being ripped out of their safe, secure, healthy home on a cold 13 degree day almost 2 years ago. Oda you have failed, you failed the animals, the community, and you have tarnished the department of agriculture. We hold you 100% responsible and you will answer for your total lack of regard to not only civil rights violations but to your community as to what you have cost the tax payers of Ohio for paying a man who was letting animals suffer horribly on your watch. You will answer for what you did to Leo…you will be held accountable!!!” -Corrinna  Hetrick-Dankert


Everyone everywhere is exasperated, worried and concerned for The Tiger Ridge animals and the abuse inflicted on those animals by Kasich’s Ohio Department of Agriculture. Easier to have gone ahead and accepted Kenny Hetrick’s application and given him a permit for his animals especially after seeing their community coming together to improve the facility to meet the new standards that were required for permit in the state of Ohio; frankly, no facility can match the upgrade Kenny Hetrick and the community did that exceeds those requirements. Life saving and hearts a flutter would have been what I would have wanted for longstanding animal owners of my community -in my state!!! It has cost Kasich plenty and will ultimately destroy what’s left of his political career. The republican agenda is respect for private property and against civil forfeiture on the most part…Kasich is one of the exceptions and has absolutely nothing to do with public safety or the health and safety of any animal.

Seems government officials are taking themselves too seriously with their new found power, neglects any reasoning to give a member of the community within a state, a chance. While this unemotional stance is the reason they have denied providing Hetrick the necessary permit however, considering the decision was based on laws written due to an emotional stance of one single incident where no one investigated for the truth of what actually happened; it would certainly seem reasonable that any decision to accept or deny a longstanding owner would also be based  on the emotional commitment of an animal owner to his animals.*


Some Tiger Ridge animals moved to new sanctuary

SPEARFISH, S.D. — Some of the exotic animals seized from a Stony Ridge facility in 2015 have been moved again after a tiger got loose and bit a man at the wildlife refuge keeping them in South Dakota.

Three tigers and one bear originally from Tiger Ridge Exotics were among 18 animals removed from Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary in Spearfish, S.D., after a tiger there bit the sanctuary director Monday, said Tanya Espinosa, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. The tiger that bit the director was not one of the Tiger Ridge animals.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary of Keenesburg, Colo., has taken in nine tigers, one lion, one wolf, and seven bears this week from the South Dakota facility, Executive Director Pat Craig said.

Nearly all of the animals were underweight and some had medical issues that had been left untreated, he said.

Ohio Department of Agriculture spokesman Mark Bruce told The Blade said federal officials notified Ohio authorities over the weekend about the South Dakota issue. He said he not aware of the medical conditions of the Ohio animals, but he expected to know more after officials in Colorado preformed full medical exams of them.

“The animals are adjusting well to their new environment and feeding schedule,” Mr. Bruce said.

Corrina Hetrick Dankert, daughter of Tiger Ridge owner Kenny Hetrick, said the family blames the Ohio Department of Agriculture for choosing a poor home for the animals.

“We’ve had concerns about this place from day one when they went there. Now we find out this happened, and it’s horrible,” she said. “This is the worst-case scenario. This kind of thing didn’t happen at my dad’s house. To see that they took them from a healthy, happy, secure facility and put them in this guy’s facility … this is as bad as you can get.”

Ms. Dankert said the ODA is directly responsible for what has happened to the Tiger Ridge animals.

“They should have been following up more closely on the care of animals,” she said. “The animals are absolutely suffering at the hands of the ODA. They are making very poor decisions.”

Authorities were alerted late Monday that a tiger was loose. Officials found a staff member bitten several times by the tiger, and a deputy fatally shot the animal to prevent it from escaping, Chief Deputy Paul Hansen of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office said.

Sanctuary Director Michael Welchynski, who was injured by the tiger, is making a full recovery, according to a Wednesday sanctuary statement. The statement said the tiger, named Boomer, attacked Mr. Welchynski during a regular feeding.

Ms. Espinosa said the Department of Agriculture conducted a routine inspection of the sanctuary Sept. 28. Since then, 18 animals have been transferred from the sanctuary to a Colorado facility, said Ms. Espinosa, who declined to offer many details but said more information will be available in a later inspection report.

The agency was unhappy with some of the animals’ conditions, and the sanctuary thought it was best to relinquish their care to a different facility, sanctuary board president Fred Erdman said.

The state agriculture agency transferred 10 animals removed from Tiger Ridge Exotics to three out-of-state wildlife sanctuaries in September, 2015. The animals were sent to facilities in Arizona and Florida along with the South Dakota sanctuary. Meanwhile, a case in Wood County Common Pleas Court regarding their care remains unresolved.

A liger and a cougar were transferred to Keepers of the Wild in Valentine, Ariz. Three tigers and a leopard went to Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fla., and three tigers and a Kodiak bear went to Spirit of the Hills.

After initially being seized and before going to the out-of-state facilities, the animals had been in a state facility in Reynoldsburg, near Columbus. Another animal originally taken from Tiger Ridge, a lion, was killed in April, 2015, because of health problems. State agents took the animals Jan. 28, 2015 from the Stony Ridge property because Mr. Hetrick had not obtained a permit to keep the animals as required by state law.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others-Stay tuned  -B

*Note- I was denied the opportunity myself by a local government that lied in order to make any claim against myself and my partner so I know a little about this topic. Hetrick’s animals are accustom to personal contact (as were mine) which has been and will continue to be denied unless those animals are returned to their rightful owner.

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