Hurricanes Are Life Changing…Please ask for Help /Please Provide to Someone Who Might Need Help

ALERT!-If you wish to donate money to help victims of Hurricane Matthew; do NOT donate to a NFP!!! Anyone needing help can leave a comment to this blog post on how to get in touch with you and I will post your comment in an effort to get help to you…If you don’t need help and wish to get a message out that you’re OK,  feel free to leave a comment to this blog post! Wishing best for whether you remained to ride out the storm or evacuated…

hurricane dolly 002

Born and raised in FL and traveling throughout the United States where Hurricanes make landfall, I have experienced numerous hurricanes and tropical storms…Donna, Camille, Andrew, Katrina and Rita just to name a few and some of the worst and took smaller storms to take me out…I don’t even remember the name of the storm that took the roof off our home…
What was supposed to be a Cat-1 hurricane came in as Cat-2; Hurricane Dolly hit while we were building a new facility, housed in San Bonito, TX…22 miles from the coast (as the crow flies).
I never expected the massive flooding that began after the storm was concluding-Our celebration that the barn we were housed in was still standing, and all the animals were dry and safe from harms way came to an abrupt hault, as it became a nightmare that ultimately led to my demise when seeking ‘hurricane relief’ more than a year after purchasing property and relocated to Marion County, Texas…Instead of taking pride of the animals and new members of the community; they went for our throats and sucked the life from us and literally killed half the animals with the gaul to call it a rescue-Stole my life and my animals NOT because we had done anything wrong other than to trust we would be safe; had the balls to call it a rescue…no one charged of a crime and only did what they did because of the corruption so they could…
Kangaroo Court
A Cat-4 hurricane is approaching FL and looks like the entire state will be effected by Hurricane Matthew…Please be prepared for the worst if u have chosen to remain…Supplies are important because you will only be able to count on yourself during and following the storm…and considering that there is a possibility of a second strike by the same hurricane, you must remain aware that this hurricane experience might become your worse nightmare for months and even years from now…
Important posts about Hurricane Dolly from 2 pages of this blog:

I hope everyone is prepared for what they might be facing-If you have friends and family I beg that you make contact and ask that they stay in-touch with you. Give to individuals and NOT to some NFP that might not pass all the money along to a hurricane victim needing help. HSUS, PETA, RED Cross, ASPCA liars and thieves…to name a few…HSUS provides less than 1% of the money it takes in…

If you are so lucky to not be impacted by this storm please prepare to help someone who might be in need whether they have animals or not. The financial strain and rebuilding is one of the hardest things I have ever faced; with not one relocation but two and both lied about accepting us with open arms and instead led to our demise that cost the lives of many animals.
We were able to ride out natures storm but not the fury of inhumane people looking to gain from our demise. People who should be ashamed of what they did but sadly, these are people  know no shame; such is life in Marion County, Texas!


We have since made a third relocation where life has become easier with everyone we meet welcoming us with open arms and respect one another…Still in the process (years people, YEARS working at it); lacking the help so badly needed…But we’re fine…Concern now for others facing a nightmare of their own…

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on October 6, 2016.

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