Zoo Wars~Politics of Animal Rights-Does More Harm to Animals Than Good!

Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists/’Rescuers’ don’t want you to know what happens to the animals they steal from their longstanding, rightful legal owners so, I’m readdressing this issue. Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists/Extremist have been leading you down the wrong path for helping animals by using existing laws, creating new laws and pulling heartfelt strings to get you involved for helping animals. Lies beget Lies often in the media and even reaching into the court room but mostly presented to legislatures to develop laws to change the parameter to end all relationships with animals.

80% of the Mexican circus animals that were banned after the creation of bad laws were rehomed have died-80%!!! What this reveals is that Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists are the real abusers and murders. Mexican circus animals are in crisis. [Blogger note: The same can be said for American Circuses and their animals, many of which have been taken from their rightful owners as well as animals leaving the venue which they are accustom as laws are being created and enforced to ban them from the venue and their homes with their legal owners. Action and laws based on lies stimulated by Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists following fake rescuers who use their plight against human relationships with animals to provide funds reaching into millions with little going to actual animal care. BCR is one such Not-for-Profit generating donations and support laws and bans from a group of Animal Rights ‘minions’ that know nothing about animals. BCR was a major sponsor for HSUS -Taking Action for Animals Conference in 2014 and continues to attend their conferences.]

While no one knows the actual death rate and numbers of animals displaced from American circuses; it has been reported that a large number have died as a result. US circuses have tried to do away with the animals but many have felt the stabbing truth that their audiences are dwindling and shows are shutting down so the effects are far reaching and damaging to a traditional industry where the animals are dearly missed by the audiences and have always been considered an asset to the shows.

Mexican Circuses and Animals

From Mexican Circuses and Animals in Crisis:

In Mexico in March 2015, Animal Rights Organizations pushed through a ban by financing campaigns with the Green Party in Mexico (Partido Verde). It was aimed at preventing animal cruelty, and those who violate it will be fined nearly $225,000. Instead of fining individual cases of animal cruelty, which are more rare in circus than in normal domestic pet ownership, they decided to shut down the entire industry of traditional circus with animals.

A count was made last week that showed that 80% of the animals that were donated, given or sold to sanctuaries, zoos and private owners… Are now dead… It’s absolutely horrific!!!!

What was not taken into account is that circus animals are very much a unique species of animal, often 30 generations captive bred in the circus and these animals have very close connections to their animal handlers and the typical daily circus life and routines they live.

Mexico is now realizing the damage they have caused by this hasty and unfair ruling, as they have realized the mass carnage that has been left behind. People are now understanding the greens party and animal rights are extremists who acted on emotion and not based on any scientific facts and real peer reviewed evidence. They are talking about now reversing the ban.

[Bloggers note: Unless you help stop the bans and let people live their lives with their animals (Rightful property) as they had done for more years-More animals will die in the process.]

When the ban began, it was estimated that Mexico has approximately 700 circuses… The latest count revealed approximately that only 30% are left. We are not just talking animals have been affected by the ban, but thousand of workers (Owners, artists, tent hands, stage hands, technical crew) that travel with these shows, now out of work and unable to support their families.

Maria Fuentes Gasca and her circus, have lost 90% of their audience due to the ban. Their beautiful circus tent, which once held 1500 audience capacity, now on some days only has 50 people. Life has become hard and they are struggling to survive. The media attention the ban got in Mexico and thousands of dollars in paid newspaper and magazine reviews that were purchased on behalf of the Animal Rights organizations to taint circuses once great reputation, she says took away nearly 40% of their audience. As circus was suddenly slammed as cruel to animals. Many of the images and videos used in the animals rights videos and press releases, weren’t even from Mexican circus, many were taken in India and other third world countries, but the imagery was enough to shock much of the public. Then the rest of their audience they lost simply because the audience wanted to see animals in their show. This particular circus, tours the north of Mexico, where hardly any zoos exist, so the animals are the locals only way of ever having knowledge or an interaction with such unusual and beautiful species.

Circus animals are very well known to not survive well once taken away from their circus habitat. The connection the animals have to their trainers and the enrichment these animals get by learning new things and exercising in their act are things these animals cannot live without. It would be the equivalent of a loving pet dog owner, who plays with the dog all day and has no other job, but to care for that dog and teach it new things. Suddenly the dog is taken to a zoo and put in a cage or enclosure, with no more human interaction… One can imagine how this affects the animal psychologically.

When the ban took place, Maria tried to donate her tigers firstly to a Tiger encounters show in USA, as she knew that this would be the next best thing for her animals, where the animals could still have human connections and day to day training and travelling, what these animals know as “normal”, with the help of Felicia Frisco, one of the Tiger trainers at the show. But Mexican authorities and US authorities made any exportation quite impossible. So she had to donate the animals to a zoo in Tijuana, 11 Tigers (white and yellow) and five horses. Shortly after, all horses died and four of the tigers have now died since last year.

It was not the zoos fault these animals died, the enclosures were quite good for zoo standard, simply, the lifestyle just was not what these animals were accustomed to… No loving human mommy or daddy to give them cuddles and talk with them throughout the day, no exciting new smells of the next cities turf, no exercise for their brains learning new skills.

The death of an African Elephant, by the name of Mary was also covered widely by the press. Elephants are one of the most sensitive creatures and have probably the most difficult time out of all circus animals, adjusting to zoos and sanctuaries.

The trainers that have been affected are also in crisis. [Bloggers note: The same can be said about US animal trainers and circus artists!] What continues to be a problem, is that these trainers, now with so many circus artists unemployed and with only their skill as a trainer to rely on, have no way to support their families. One of Maria’s closest friends fathers needs urgent kidney surgery, but there is no way to pay for this. Friends from the circus have tried to help, but all circus artists are now suffering due to the crisis, so the trainers father will die.

Animal Rights Activists promised the world they had an exit plan for Mexico. They lied to their donors, to the circus, to the world. Now we have thousands of families in poverty, hundreds of beautiful animals, many endangered… Dead and probably more will die over the coming year.*

The circus industry in general, globally has witnessed a growing number in animal rights extremism over the past few years. Vandalism, threats, stolen property, physical abuse by protestors towards trainers and circus owners, verbal abuse thrown at not only them, but their patrons by protestors/activists. We feel, as an industry, very misunderstood, we feel victimized and bullied. These animals are very much loved by their owners. Newspapers and magazines are constantly printing articles that are pushed through by activists with millions of dollars to fund their views, that spread lies and inaccuracies about our circuses, using imagery that isn’t from the circuses in question.

We want individual cases of cruelty to be addressed individually, as they would do in any case of domestic violence between a human couple, or violence from a let owner to an animal. Abuse is not common in our industry and we do not support animal abusers. We support animal welfare and want the best for our animals and want animal rights to stand up and accept that they did the wrong thing in the case of Mexico, we want an apology for all of the animals they indirectly killed with the law they pushed through with the Green Party.


Fact or Opinion

FAKE rescues must be stopped and the best way is to stop supporting them-If these so called rescuers can’t afford to own the animals, provide a place to care from them or provide proper food and vet care as well as the time it takes to interact with the animals; then they should never have taken them to begin with.

Happening in Mexico and right here in American.

Owners of circus animals have been raided and accused of made-up lies as to what the animals ‘endure’-What they endure with their rightful owners is proper care and affection and should never have been questioned thus less forced into retirement or being placed in an improper environment of a fake rescue referred to a sanctuary which in reality is providing far less that what the animals are accustom.


*Got that Gleason/McKnight/Wedding/Hedges/Judges Lex Jones and Phil Parker/Culver!?! This comes as no surprise to me as the lives of our animals were compromised with the taking-Out of the Big Cats STOLEN from me by Marion County, Texas, only 4 survived the ordeal and only the youngest…the people to blame are those mentioned who were directly responsible.

Through a civil dispute with a warrant that lacked probable cause, where not a single animal required emergency care, with warrantless searches, no ASL interpreter and denied a jury and motions, (just for starters) and lacked any evidence for any criminal offense. We were put thru the ringer-and what happened to the animals even worse than it was for us, their human companions. As the result of the so called rescue was more than 1/2 the animals died in the process, out of work living on the poverty level ever since.

It’s been 6 long hard years and as painful today as it was back then for us. It would not surprise me that all the animals want is to be returned to their rightful legal owner where they had received hands-on care as opposed to the animal sanctuaries were they were sent (3 went to and are abused at the Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue owned and operated by Jeff Kozlowski, a convicted bank felon who started the entire ordeal with his sights on taking the animals and aided by Lynn Culver, FCF who asked no questions of the rightful LEGAL owners and instead aided and abetted to have the animals removed and taken to no hands on care. I directly hold Culver responsible for aiding fake rescuers including an offer to Ohio’s Governor Kasich, appearing to be in support of the ban of exotic animals in Ohio and all bans on private ownership where through the FCF Safety Fund, aided in the removal of many animals from their private owners which has led to animal deaths as well as the destruction of facilities which the safety net does not support or aid in animals care or facility updates as well it should but instead, promotes it’s NFP status using the very same Animal Rights Extremists ploy for funding.


Speaking of fake animal rescuers and the lies perpetrated to the public as well as a movement to create policies that effectively ban animals-How about we expose how Big Cat Rescue that not only lies about private animal ownership and zoos but also committing actual offenses against the law for support of the bans as well as not paying sales tax to the state of Florida; sales of tickets and products is NOT a donation and is taxable by law…see my next post…

While on the topic of bans:

Carole Baskin, ceo of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) owns and operates 911 animal abuse.com where she promotes the bans on exotic animal ownership including circuses and zoos-Accreditation or experience with the animals has no bearing on the topic unless you’re a member of GFAS -an organization affiliated with Wayne Pacelle, HSUS.

She perpetuates the lies to legislation to ban private ownership furthermore she has pre-written letters to go to legislatures including Governor Rick Scott of Florida. She has a zip code finder so if you don’t live in Florida, for example, you can look up a zip code and file a pre-written letter to be sent to Governor Scott.

This is on each and every form whether it be for Florida, Missouri or the federal legislatures so anyone from anywhere can send out a plea to some legislation to increase laws and promote bans.

Attorney Generals of each state needs to be notified that she is supplying a zip code finder for contacting state representatives and the Federal Attorney General for encouraging people from other countries to be involved in US policies!!!

You are not required to put in you name and address with your zip code as normally is expected on such forms. Instead look-up a zip code and WALA, a message will be sent to some legislature or Governor supporting her cause. Here’s how it works:

They use an in-line company that goes beyond ‘finding your legislatures’ and instead allows Baskin ‘minions’ to locate a zip code to suit their need to flood legislatures where they want legislation to happen-I for example, can put in any place to receive a zip code and target legislatures within that district as opposed to me putting in my zip code to locate my legislatures. While seeming to appear innocent and totally legal; this is a form of Internet fraud that is creating bad laws and bans perpetrated on you the Taxpayer-You certainly don’t believe that a Not-for-profit (NFP) cares about Taxpayer money do you? Furthermore, no one is supposed to be involved in targeting legislation that comes from unreliable sources and means. Baskin 911 animal abuse should be shut down for fraud!

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned for my next post-Lets talk sales tax shall we?!? -B


~ by topcatsroar on August 9, 2016.

3 Responses to “Zoo Wars~Politics of Animal Rights-Does More Harm to Animals Than Good!”

  1. The circus had domesticated tigers. The program is to control as much of the trade as possible, destroy what they can’t control, and it’s government going what government does. Government is not a benign overseer. it is a hungry monster.

  2. Defending the circus and the owning of exotic animals under the guise that they save animal lives? This is beyond ignorant, and pure propaganda. Please stop technically promoting animal abuse with your lies. Animal rights activists do *not equal terrorists, as some kind of general rule. Extremely insulting!

    • Sorry dear-But you have no idea what you are talking about -Circus people have rescued and saved numerous animals over the years furthermore, I totally disagree with you concerning animal rights!!! I consider ALL animal rights activists as TERRORISTS especially those associated with the Animal Rights Extremist Terrorist organizations.
      People concerned with the welfare of animals in no way is similar to or are concerned with giving animals rights. It’s actually rather ignorant of you to not recognize the difference.
      May I suggest that you not come to my blog if you find it so ‘insulting’-Likely a terrorist yourself and the reason you find this blog insulting-LEAVE…

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