You Owe Them NOTHING!!!

Let me start with YOU ARE NOT FREE-The signing of the constitution separated our country from another for a free government within the United States to be pure and free.

The Bill of rights pertains to individual freedoms which are being challenged daily by people putting morality above individual rights; moral rights do not exist concerning changing the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. Laws are created concerning public safety and concerning issues that effect people NOT animals (beyond food, water and shelter). Laws exist against illegal gambling -no criminal law can exist to protect an animal yet those laws against animal usage now exist and have contaminated the law as it is supposed to be for the protection of people.

In the case I am referring to below, no law existed and no law was ever broken-Liberty was lost when this case was never investigated and no one was charged with a crime against a US citizen although those crimes happened and remain unresolved.

At this point the FBI needs to be flooded with letters to finally open a case where crimes were committed against US citizens and no charges were ever filed because no investigation ever happened because US citizens were indeed violated and crimes were committed against their right for Liberty.


Now comes the Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists who have managed to create NON-constitutional laws because these laws negatively effect public safety and dishonor a US citizens of their right to Life, Liberty and Property. Warrants are being illegally obtained and court cases are being held with prejudice judges who take these cases although out of their jurisdiction and no legal probable cause ever existed.

Essentially the Property that was taken when taken thru illegal means, then that property can only be considered to be STOLEN by the government.

Kangaroo Court

Sometimes an individual will cry foul and file complaints with the FBI yet because the individual didn’t have ‘Clinton Clout’, no investigation would ever occur.

Bloggers Note: ‘Clinton Clout’ can go both ways-Powerful people have ‘clout’ to start an investigation-Powerful people have enough ‘Clout’ to break numerous laws and not be investigated and prosecuted such as what has just occurred with Hillary Clinton with the FBI denying prosecution although that investigation cost the American pubic millions in Tax-Payer dollars.

I had no clout, and certainly no ‘Clinton Clout’ when I wrote and requested that the FBI investigate what occurred in Marion County, Texas which began with 3 days of warrant-less searches and began over a complaint against noise, although that noise was non-existent and there remains no noise ordinance in Marion County, Texas and certainly the roaring of a non-existent lion, with a complaint filed with a fish and wildlife officer who had absolutely no authority to begin to investigate non-native exotic animals in Texas. This began with a phone call that came from a convicted felon who owned and continues to own a Not for Profit big cat *sanctuary in Wisconsin-Jeff Kozlowski, ceo of Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue who along with his mother and other family members (an entire clan of relatives reside in Marion County, Texas) were and are longtime residents of Marion County, Texas and apparently have ‘Clinton Clout’. From the start, they had enough ‘Clinton clout’, even back in 2010, to start a series of events the like of which should have never happened in the United States, thus less to a US citizen minding their own business residing in Marion County, Texas.

It went beyond warrantless searches to obtaining a warrant that LACKED PROBABLE CAUSE from a JP judge who had certainly been on the bench long enough to recognize that the affidavit for a warrant to be issued because it lacked probable cause, and certainly did NOT dismiss the previous three days of warrantless searches…Not a single animal was taken because it indicated an emergency however, an animal that had died before any of this occurred of a known medical condition and the veterinarian of record had been consulted, that was properly buried (Note: Although no law exists pertaining to the proper burial or disposal of any dead animal in Texas. To exhume a body on private property, would require a warrant.)  was exhumed during one of those warrant-less searches where law enforcement, a prosecutor, a Humaniac, a veterinarian and even a USDA/APHIS inspector who were all illegally trespassing on our private farm property were present.

Surely, I thought, this alone would be enough to begin an investigation by the FBI because that information alone demonstrated that a county government in Texas had broken the law and preceded to STEAL MY PROPERTY and more than enough to demonstrate that all involved went against my right for CIVIL LIBERTY.

My partner and I were jailed for a week for a none existent offence. Not a single law was broken to demonstrate that there was a need to jail us without any consideration for a PR Bond to not be considered for us to be released from jail. Bond was set for $30,000.00 for each of us for a non-existent crime against public safety where no pubic safety issue existed.

The FBI reused to investigate and I have always believed it was because we didn’t have any clout and certainly no ‘Clinton Clout’. Just as other such cases have  never investigated because the people making the request for an investigation was because they had no ‘Clinton Clout’. This in and of itself would have been enough for an investigation to have been opened regardless of other offenses against any US citizen that also included that no sign language interpreter was present at the serving of a warrant for a man that was deaf even though that was the only fact that existed that indicated there was a probable cause for one to have been present.


A chain of events existed that demonstrated that the rights of a deaf man were completely ignored from the warrant-less searches, serving of the warrant, the reading of his rights, his right to place a phone call, nothing in the jail existed for someone who was deaf including a TTY phone so that he could place a call or a fire alarm to alert him had there been a fire, no interpreter for his arraignment, his visits with his court appointed attorney, release from jail and all the way thru a court case in a court that had no jurisdiction to hear such a case according to Texas laws. -The FBI refused to investigate!!!

That alone should have been reason for the FBI to open a case which it did not because a deaf man had no ‘Clinton Clout’-all of that on top of the fact that no law had been broken to even justify 3 days of warrant-less searches; ALL WARRANTLESS SERCHES ARE ILLEGAL WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE TO ENTER PRIVATE PROPERTY.

Furthermore there was never an actual criminal case brought forward against either of us (Texas law allows for criminal charges to be filed for two years beyond the date of the offense-never happened in this case.) yet over $207,000.00 of actual property was STOLEN by the very same people and gave that property away, with no compensation, including for all the things not listed on the warrant that were also taken…ALL THIS BEGAN FROM A PHONE CALL FROM A CONVICTED FELON WHO WAS THEN AWARDED SOME OF THAT PROPERTY INCLUDING PROPERTY THAT WAS TAKEN THAT WAS NOT LISTED ON THE WARRANT that we were unable to recover.

Seized Kenny[1]Carolyn Wedding, ceo of the Humane Society of Marion County, Texas (DBA Dixie Humane Society of Marion County) taking property not listed of the warrant to convert the property for personal usage.

What happen since is so unbelievable and has led to the destruction of our lives as we knew it; just as ‘Clinton Clout’ has allowed for the FBI to not press charges against Hillary Clinton. I am beyond angry at this new development from the FBI and demand that our lives matter. Frankly, little time would even be needed to investigate our case and file criminal charges against Marion County, Texas as both state and federal laws were broken. The people involved, both law enforcement and members of the Marion County, Texas judicial system, who went out of their way to illegally twist and use laws to steal property; to use their positions with local law enforcement and positions with the local county government to STEAL my property walk free and have continued to abuse other members of the community; just as Hillary Clinton will also be allowed to walk free and run as a candidate for the presidency-What a slap in the face for ALL US citizens!

Two law abiding US citizens matter yet no investigation was ever opened to see if the facts were as I stated with numerous laws broken including 3 judges who broke their oath of office to protect people against the abuse of law enforcement and the government. No criminal case was filed against us -There was no criminal trial, there was no criminal judgement-There is nothing stopping the government from STEALING PROPERTY legally or as in this case, illegally when the FBI does not investigate such cases.

no justice when thee is none

This recent event to not prosecute Hillary Clinton confirms the truth of the matter that the lives of US citizens do NOT matter when it concerns either investigating or  pressing charges when laws have been broken and can continue to be broken when a US citizen does or does not have ‘Clinton Clout’. THEY KNEW THAT THEY WERE INVOLVED IN A CRIMINAL OFFENSE WHEN THEY DID IT! Justice was never sought and the FBI never pursued an investigation-so much for civil liberties granted to a US citizen by the Bill of Rights…–not-respect-not-loyalty-not-obedience-n2186865

from the above link:

You Owe Them Nothing – Not Respect, Not Loyalty, Not Obedience

“Sometimes in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another. It is high time to declare our personal independence from any remnant of obligation to those who have spit upon the rule of law. We owe them nothing – not respect, not loyalty, not obedience.”

“Think about it. If you are out driving at 3 a.m., do you stop at a stop sign when there’s no one coming? Of course you do. You don’t need a cop to be there to make you stop. You do it voluntarily because this is America and America is a country where obeying the law is the right thing to do because the law was justly made and is justly applied. Or it used to be.”

“The law mattered. It applied equally to everyone. We demanded that it did, all of us – politicians, the media, and regular citizens. Oh, there were mistakes and miscarriages of justice but they weren’t common and they weren’t celebrated – they were universally reviled. And, more importantly, they weren’t part and parcel of the ideology of one particular party.”

Follow the above link for more of this article.


11146595_10153555299235250_9093706723838195595_nThe prosecutor of Marion County providing care for seized animals who was not experienced or knowledge of the proper care for any animal.

Well there you have it all, nicely wrapped with a fancy bow on top because the people who did that to us remain in office and part of the general public in their official positions and as regular people committing crimes against US citizens and is a public safety issue. Our lives matter and the FBI had enough information to have opened the case.

Instead, the lives of members of that community are still living with the danger that their rights to live free could, at anytime, be violated because no investigation occurred and because no criminal offense was ever noted by anyone, including the lack of investigation by the FBI.

Justice was never served to protect anyone from it occurring again and again and again and should be noted-Files exist that are documented as official records which demonstrate this as fact but why bother filing with the FBI, the Attorney General of the state of Texas, the Texas Rangers, the Department of Justice or any other of the numerous agencies we contacted who did nothing because we lacked ‘Clinton Clout’ to open such a case.

You Owe Them Nothing – Not Respect, Not Loyalty, Not Obedience



Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B



~ by topcatsroar on July 7, 2016.

4 Responses to “You Owe Them NOTHING!!!”

  1. Yes! I called th FBI about filing a RICO claim against the prosecutor and the local police department for them decimating my business, illegally taking its assets, $40,000 worth of my endangered species parrots…and the use of excessive force, using a SWAT team. They made ONE phone call to the Chief of Police and that was that. No investigation whatsoever! Like you, I didn’t have political connections!

  2. You make an interesting commentary here, but you’re ranting and the events & facts are unclear. Also, I don’t see why you contacted the FBI. If a local Court renders a bad decision, you appeal to the next higher Court. If a business is corrupt, you could contact the bureau licensing them to operate, the State’s attorney general, and maybe the IRS.

    • Wrong-we appealed to the next higher court-From JP Court who was out of their jurisdiction to hear the case to the County Court and the law in Texas forbid us from going to the state court which we did anyway because the JP Court had no business hearing the case to begin with giving us the right to go to the state court including that when you make an appeal that it nullifies the decision of the lower court-You bet we went to the state court but the case was simply dismissed. We went to Federal Court and after 2-1/2 years the dismissed it as well due to a loop-hole created to dismiss cases obviously because all the sworn affidavits were in conflict with each other and with us-The Attorney General for the state of Texas at that time is now the Governor of the state-You think he will re-open a can of worms over all the mis-justice that his office knew about and instead of addressing the issue worked to cover-up the civil liberty crimes that were perpetuated against us. We did all that pro-se with a court (federal court) is supposed to take into account that a person representing themselves (in this case persons) is to be taken into account and wasn’t.
      Each court operates with a different set of rules and being untrained in law just as the judge on the JP bench and now a County Court judge (imagine that!) but they had attorneys and we didn’t and as simple as that-Our complaint was dismissed with no ruling concerning any civil liberty abuse although it did exist-Still exists and will always exist when they can take your property illegally and without reason and broke the law to do it.
      These are our fine men dressed in blue and the judges in their black robes.
      This is more than a rant-this is reality for me and for many others with different circumstances when the cops and the judges are playing with their own set of rules or should I say lack of rules!?! -B

  3. We are so sick of government corruption and overreach. There is no reason law abiding citizens should be turned into criminals overnight. There is no reason why property can be taken by government order. We need to Stop these bastards while we still can!

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