Zoo Wars~How Baskin Justifies Herself-Skinning Cats and Admits to Having Done It~The Headlines Should Read-Carole Baskin Big Game Trophy Hunter

Every cat that has died at Big Cat Rescue is skinned and bones are collected-Carole Baskin ceo, Big Cat Rescue plans on opening a DEAD museum and in the last month, has packing away two more for her next great claim to fame -Carole Baskin-Big Game Trophy Hunter.

Many of the skins and bones are already on display it the PARTY ROOM at the facility-So with each death comes as a reward which must be the way she sees it-She has even erected a great wall of death and those cats bodies never go into the ground for peace in their lives. As they take their last breath, I can just see Baskin hauling the dead carcass to the taxidermist and on return to BCR, will be displayed…I wonder if she grinds the bones for Chinese medicine…

Links of Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/zoo-warsinvestigative-reportbig-cat-rescuecarole-baskin-lives-for-the-power-and-bragging-rights/


from BCR Watch:


~ by topcatsroar on June 11, 2016.

2 Responses to “Zoo Wars~How Baskin Justifies Herself-Skinning Cats and Admits to Having Done It~The Headlines Should Read-Carole Baskin Big Game Trophy Hunter”

  1. Please look up the real Big Cat Rescue and see what it’s like, instead of listening to opinions and people trying to get rid of good sanctuaries so they can keep exploiting big cats for money. Please check both sides before joining one. You can’t make a choice by listening to one side of the argument. The first person to speak seems right until someone else comes along and questions him. Please check out the real Big Cat Rescue before believing this post.
    I don’t know where you got your information. If you really did extensive research you would find that she does not exploit the cats, she gives them the best possible life in a cage, and she does not do it for money. Big Cat Rescue is a non-profit organization and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t skin her cats. They have tours, but it’s not a zoo. All the money made is given to the cats.
    If you read how the sanctuary got started, you would see that she has made some mistakes, but she learned from them so she could never make them again.
    Big Cat Rescue is caring for big cats and ending the trade.

    • OMG Rachael Weiss You have no idea WHO you’re talking to do you?!? I save 3 tigers from being confiscated and Don and Carole’s Ass…A fact even Baskin can not deny-All documented in FWC…So I know exactly where and how all this got started-Even one of my cats was loaned to them as a breeding loan -Got that…breeding loan and the cat was so thin once she was returned we weren’t sure she would make it back to good health-Even Don called out of concern for the cat-She survived all right-Happy to be back from what must have been a real nightmare!!!
      Back in the day when they were SELLING NOT RESCUING cats from fur farms she put together a care book and I’m even acknowledged in that book-Oh I know her beginnings really well from smuggling 3 tigers into the state of Florida and finally getting caught for harboring them at the Easy Street property.
      Had she not become such a fucking liar bilking the public for donations and to support laws that benefits no animal; I wouldn’t have given her another thought and could have cared less about this bitch. HOWEVER, what she’s doing to destroy the existence of these animals, private ownership and have people like yourself believing her lies is over the top and she needs to be exposed -BCR Watch is doing a great job!!!
      So Rachael Weiss, The truth is right there in front of you or are you committed to believing in outright lies that harm animals and private owners-Before you go defending anyone and recommending two sides of a story; you ought to do your research on BOTH sides, as you state my readers should do.-HA!
      Do not be fooled to believing in lies…Do not look foolish by believing them! Just look at that place…Far from secure to my standards and liking!!!
      Go ask abut all the money NOT being used for animal care…Ask how much has gone to a lobbyist of money donated for animal care. Careful, you ask too many questions and you will be banned.
      NOTE-Have you ever heard Baskin admitting to any incident that occurred at the facility when it’s been well documented that there have been numerous incidents there…Wildlife on Easy Street AKA Big Cat Rescue AKA Big Game Trophy Hunter

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