Zoo Wars~ Holy Crap-Carole Baskin, ceo Big Cat Rescue~ Liar, Fraud and Predatory Lender


I didn’t write the following letter that was posted as a comment on the Weather Channel but, I sure as Hell read it. Am I shocked-no but I am surprised that it just showed up…!!!

Baskin has numerous NFP organizations registered at the BCR address just as Wildlife on Easy Street still exists and registered to-you got it Carole Baskin at the BCR address…I knew about it but hadn’t put the pieces together and still I haven’t figured out the tie in as a NFP; renting and selling real estate…Gee, wonder if that’s included in the Trump Real Estate School?!? Something tells me it doesn’t it…


Carol Baskin is a liar, fraud and predatory lender. Google Pasco county property records.

She and her then husband stole hundreds of people’s homes through excessive 18% interest only home loans to people who could not qualify conventionally but had large down payments.

I lost my home and a 50k down payment by her financing me while I was in bankruptcy from losing my gift shop on Treasure Island, Florida to the Hurricanes of 2004. She promised me 10% interest. At closing the rate had been changed to 18% interest only.

She promised to reduce the rate after one year of on time payments. When the time came she refused but allowed us to reduce the payment to a 14% payment with the difference going back on principal….now referred to as negative amortization….predatory lending.

When I bought my home I put 50k down. My balance was 115. After 2.5 years of negative amortization my balance was 145k. My payments were 1895. Month. My marriage ended and I became sick from the stress of the predatory lending, not being able to continue the payments so I asked her to buy it back for the 50k.

The property had been appraised for 225k and I would walk away. She offered me 5k. When I told her no way she said she wasn’t interested.

I became increasingly sick and definitely broke. I gave up. Told her I would take the 5k as I just wanted to go back home to Ohio. She then said my offer is only 3k and I want a quit claim deed. So being completely desperate I signed it. That was in 2007.

I saw a lawyer, wrote to State Attorney General and got nowhere. Then in late 2007/8. The predatory lending laws became national news. Predatory lending was rampant and banks were getting into trouble. But because Carol was a private lender the laws didn’t apply to her. Her new husband is a lawyer so that is why she can sue you. She has no attorney fees.

Please be sure to Google Pasco county and Tampa property records and see the hundreds of
People she had stolen property from. Don Lewis made millions doing this too.

Tiger scam


Carole Baskin is a predator with numerous Not-for-Profits set-up…one that preys on the weak and needy. As a private loan she dies not fall under the same laws as major institutions but something tells me this lady should check with a few more attorneys…There are loopholes I bet this might fall into with laws updated all the time against predator mortgages…I also imagine that charity navigator would be interested in this information!!!

Baskin retirement fund

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on June 5, 2016.

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