Zoo Wars~More Lies and Deceit from Carole Baskin, ceo Big Cat Rescue (BCR) ~RIP Bengali


My last post documented a recent killing of a tiger as written by Carole Baskin at Big Cat Rescue; in her own words. Link of Interest:  https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/zoo-warsintentional-killing-at-bcr/

She wrote about how she assisted in putting down Teisha the tiger who was a recent arrival from the Ohio Department of Agriculture; after seizing Mike Stapleton’s animals, just 7 months ago.  Seven months ago Baskin ran a campaign for donations for the care of this tiger-as usual proclaiming the huge expense…Proclaiming her 4 star rating blah-blah-blah…Charity-more like Baskin embracing the 7 deadliest sins- Pride, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, and her biggest motivation, Envy.

What is this SHIT!?!

“My hands were shaking, all the way up my arms and vibrating my torso. It was the emotional tension of what was going to happen next and the physical tension of holding the Y pole in such a way to ensure that the vet wouldn’t take a bite to her face and making sure that the touch against Teisha’s neck was only feather light. She had been sedated twenty minutes earlier and appeared to be completely unconscious but you just never know when a big cat will wake with no warning or if some muscle spasm might cause them to chomp at the air. Usually this was Jamie’s roll, but she was inbound on a flight from St. Kitts, where she and Dr. Justin Boorstein, her husband and our other volunteer vet, had been lecturing to the 200 vet students there. Gale is much more experienced as a vet tech, and was assisting by holding off a vein to cause it to bulge enough so that Dr. Wynn could inject the pink liquid that would ease Teisha to whatever comes next.”

“The needle was thin, so I could see Dr. Wynn successfully struggling against the thick fluid. She was trying desperately to make this last moment that Teisha had on this planet one that was filled with peace and a feeling of being surrounded by souls who loved her. As usual, when cats are sedated, I was breathing in rhythm with her and watching every heart beat, in its tiniest movement of her thick fur and whiskers. If you have ever had to euthanize a beloved pet, or sat by the bedside of a loved one who was dying, you know that mere seconds feel like an eternity. A wash of memories flooded over me.”

Mind blowing right!?!

So the next day, Baskin get’s out of bed and decided to kill another one…Lord only knows what she was thinking!!! Two tigers in  2 days and she assisted in killing BOTH-Blood-Lust and Gluttony
“That began 2 or 3 years of negotiations between me and the circus to get these cats out of the beast wagons and into our sanctuary. I’d just lost my husband and the courts had seized our assets because we didn’t know where he’d gone, or if he’d be back. His kids by a former wife didn’t want any more of “their money” being wasted on feeding and caring for lions, tigers and the other hundred or so exotic cats at the sanctuary. I had to learn how to ask for money and help because I could only access a limited allowance, which was a third of what it cost to actually run the rescue. There was no way I could afford to take the 20 tigers from the circus when I knew that each cat would cost me 7500.00 in just food and vet care (back then).
The negotiations ended with the agreement that the circus would build the cages and supply the food and vet care costs and I would take the cats…”
That’s some tribute to Bengali-More like a tirade-Bitching and moaning about providing for them…Except Ringling paid for their care all these many years…Her meal ticket has run out…Now all that’s left to collect are the bones and the tigers fur coat to display in the BCR party room and least anyone forget the donations she picks up in memorandum…Suckers and marks are easy prey to come by for someone who has made her profession in begging for donations-much like the professional bum in the street carrying his sign and displaying his disability-Both the same when no true disability existes-BCR has millions and pays Baskin pays herself and family well-More than most people will make in a year!
[Bloggers note: Beast Wagons-An OLD term for transport cage…never mind that FL has enclosure regulations-WAIT-they ignore her violations now don’t they? I wonder if FL tourism has ever paid a visit to that Hell-Hole?]
Those were Gunther Gabel Williams cats that had been retired to Baskin’s care and she was paid dearly-Admitting how it helped her out [Bloggers note: There wasn’t a single ‘rescue’ in that facility-All animals she raised or purchased some on  loan to Wildlife on Easy Street. Once Gunther’s cats were taken to BCR there still would not be a single rescue on the property-Those animals were under contract for their RETIREMENT-She then attacked circus animals -Greed, Wrath, Sloth and Envy…Pride…It’s all wrapped up in another disgusting blog post and all done while the vet and daughter were away-now isn’t that interesting…Just call in another vet to do the deed…I want to put this old tiger down-OK, and whips out his syringe…Guess Jamie should have stayed home for the sake of those animals if …that’s if, it wasn’t planned before she and her husband left for their all expense paid vacation, errrrr lecture]
from the comments on BCR Watch about this killing:
Ringling gave her hundreds of thousands to build cages for them they pay for their vet care. Those cats belong to Gunther and know one would ever be Gunther and when he retired he and the show wanted the cats to be retired as well. They weren’t abandoned; they were at winter quarters.
She is on a killing spree, is she not? I love how she says the money is her step children’s. She made sure they received nothing too. She is scum. She is on a killing spree, is she not? I love how she says the money is her step children’s. She made sure they received nothing too. She is scum.”
“What a deal! Ringing paid for their cages, food, and vet bills and Carole Lewis Baskin bashed the circus and raised thousands in donations for her “rescued” circus cats. When Ringling found out they refused to retire anymore cats to BCR, although Carole wrote to them asking for more. More she could exploit for donations!”
She’s on a killing spree. Could she be making room for the newly seized animals in Ohio? She is doing this while her daughter is out of the country so the daughter will not take any heat but she knows she can take it. She is a scam artist.”
As a vet tech her reasoning for killing, and most likely stuffing this tiger for her “special” room is bull. It is extremely easy to put medications into water and there are plenty of ways to stimulate the appetite. This why hands on training is done with exotics everywhere so you can get them the veterinary care they need. To me it sounds like BCR has no actual veterinarian on site or even a vet tech. They’re just completely guessing what these animals need.

As usual, all that Baskin can talk about is ending all relationships with animals-Has it been so long ago that she has forgotten her history and the enjoyment for both herself, her late errrrr missing husband and the animals? 

ENVY is now what motivates Baskin to write such things knowing that private owners are enjoying their animals and the close contact relationships they have established with their animals…Knowing that she can never return to a time when she had dozens of exotic cats in her home. Least Baskin forget, a big cat circus trainer saved her fucking ass when FWC wanted to confiscate 3 tigers that were brought into the state of Florida ILLEGALLY and  possessed by herself and Don Lewis ILLEGALLY for more than a year.

No one knew what this woman would become for the lust of MONEY and big cats-She didn’t have a clue over how difficult it would become to latch on to Don’s millions after his ‘disappearance’ but as time went on, she managed to get all of it and his heirs reaped nothing…


RIP Bengali-The last of Gunther’s tigers who had suffered all these years at Big Cat Rescue.

From the spectacular to the slums…

From being treated like royalty and well protected, to living in a dump and drinking water pumped in from an old garbage pit…

Bengali was truly amazing in that he managed to survive all those years in torture in that Hell-Hole.

Although he had done no wrong, he’s left death row. 

This tiger was seen by millions of people and brought joy to everyone who watched Gunther partner with his great cat family.


Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned  -B



~ by topcatsroar on June 2, 2016.

2 Responses to “Zoo Wars~More Lies and Deceit from Carole Baskin, ceo Big Cat Rescue (BCR) ~RIP Bengali”

  1. This is just disgusting. How can people be so blind? She is a fake and a phony and should be exposed to the general public. I donated my hard earned money, as a single mom and showing my son we do give back and found out some of these fabricated”fight for the animals” crap to see she had done something similar as described. I immediately stopped the donations and was completely applaud be the actions of this woman. She is living off your donations and you look at her “Sanctuary” I would not put a mad animal in. The display of skins are disgustingly evidence of just how many animals die in her care. The rusted enclosures, the hog wire fencing and is this enough space for an animal of this size, really how can you even speak of someone else and how they operate if your own backyard is a disgusting filthy environment for your big cats? Is this why they die in your care? Why do you make donations pleas when you do nothing for the animals? Answer those questions Carole Baskin.

    • Please send your complaint to the Attorney General of the State of Florida and Charity Navigator…Because you WERE a donor, you carry clout for making a complaint. This is the only way we can get it exposed to the general public but remember, some people are really stupid and will have the truth sitting right there in front of them yet continue to believe in the lies…TY for your response…!!! -B

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