Zoo Wars~Intentional Killing at BCR

Last thing that I thought I would be doing today is bitching on my blog-If I seem crabbier than usual, it’s because I am and totally allowed at this point in my life and what’s going on that further crumbles the freedoms of US citizens are afoot destroying what our country stands for-It seems that those who are being abused are the ones who have been quietly going about their day and enjoying their lives; abused with the making of more illegal and unconstitutional laws to interfere in their lives which is always looming. Then, there are those people reaping in rewards that just don’t deserve any reward and to top it off, are allowed to continue with business as usual so they can write more useless blog posts in an attempt to cover for their incredibly immoral actions and at the same time push for more laws that will destroy more lives; both animal and human.

Of course I am referring to Carole Baskin and her most recent blog post about how she assisted in killing yet another animal following the collection of donations to help her with the expense of caring for a tiger she received due to the writing of more bad laws. Now that tiger no longer serves a purpose and reason she accepted him has gotten to the end of the money flow of donations has run out she killed her.  Teisha was no longer of use to her and now dead. Baskin has gone beyond what would have been expected and instead, euthanized a tiger that came from Ohio following another ODA seizure.

She writes in detail, step by step, about the killing as if it really mattered to her-just another dead tiger to add to the list and use for the collection of more donations in Memorial…Instead of writing about the animal, her account is over where she came from and the entire disgusting accounting of how they killed this her-

Blow by Blow writing in detail about her experience -Poor me, this is Jamie’s job (Is Jamie a trained vet tech!?!) not mine and she’s not here and couldn’t wait to do this procedure….But I also see who her daughter married and realize that Jamie sought out for a marriage as yet another political move for both the facility and the veterinarian she married-Of course it was mentioned in this article-Bragging rights you know and so he too is on the payroll-BCR does not pay for vet care…HER DAUGHTERED IS MARRIED TO A VET for crying out loud the cycle will continue of free vet care and Baskin will continue spend next to nothing if anything for vet care-All well and good but her plea for donations for what it ‘costs to care for a tiger of 10 grand a year is an outright LIE!!! BCR even gets FREE meat for the animals…the BULLSHIT is so incredible and so many drinking people are drinking the Kool-Aid…just incredible!!!

Featured Image -- 8919Her blog post makes me cringe-Not because I’m too damn sensitive to it but she’s put down NUMEROUS animals-At this point more than 168 animals have died at BCR…That I am sensitive too…

So does this vet or the other vets that have been providing stink or is it the facility? Well care for big cats is about the same as the little guys…Can’t be the vets although he did make the choice to marry into  ‘THAT’ -Guess he wanted in on the payroll…imagine that-Wonder what Baskin paid her son-in-law or managed to secure for him for his ‘speaking engagement’ and what she’ll get out of it…sounds more like a big party rather than a business trip -At the end will he throw down his hat, take out his harmonica and beg for tips and donations-After all, he’s now in the family and has to become a ‘PROFESSIONAL BEGGAR’…Oh boy…


Seems her blog post has pissed off a large number of people especially Joe Exotic-

BCR-Breaking News

message from Joe:
“I told you when she took this Tiger and was raising $100,000.00 for her she would be dead in less than a year. Well they did it, she is dead and now all that money is in Caroles pocket and the tiger is dead with a heart wrenching story to raise even more money.
When is the fucking news going to expose this shit. 6.4 million out of tax payer money by Kasich in Ohio, money given to his friends and tigers taken from homes, money raised on them and then they are dead in less than a year.
Put them all on the fucking news and lets take a stand and shut this bitch down. If you do anything in your life, share this and expose this corruption #CNNiReport

Final Report on Teisha Tiger

BCR Teicha the tiger-Mike Stapleton

My hands were shaking, all the way up my arms and vibrating my torso. It was the emotional tension of what was going to happen next and the physical tension of holding the Y pole in such a way to ensure that the vet wouldn’t take a bite to her face and making sure that the touch against Teisha’s neck was only feather light. She had been sedated twenty minutes earlier and appeared to be completely unconscious but you just never know when a big cat will wake with no warning or if some muscle spasm might cause them to chomp at the air. Usually this was Jamie’s roll, but she was inbound on a flight from St. Kitts, where she and Dr. Justin Boorstein, her husband and our other volunteer vet, had been lecturing to the 200 vet students there. Gale is much more experienced as a vet tech, and was assisting by holding off a vein to cause it to bulge enough so that Dr. Wynn could inject the pink liquid that would ease Teisha to whatever comes next.
The needle was thin, so I could see Dr. Wynn successfully struggling against the thick fluid. She was trying desperately to make this last moment that Teisha had on this planet one that was filled with peace and a feeling of being surrounded by souls who loved her. As usual, when cats are sedated, I was breathing in rhythm with her and watching every heart beat, in its tiniest movement of her thick fur and whiskers. If you have ever had to euthanize a beloved pet, or sat by the bedside of a loved one who was dying, you know that mere seconds feel like an eternity. A wash of memories flooded over me.
FOLLOW THE LINK ~ YOU NEED TO SEE THIS SHIT FOR YOURSELVES-I won’t waste anymore blog space and your time…First of all, she complains that other private owners are providing or assisting vets and isn’t that what she’s bragging on?!? Un-trained, obviously no hands on to even sooth the tiger before her execution…A blow by blow description of what it feels like to kill a tiger-FUCK this bitch has no morals but exactly what you’d expect from a street walking whore-They never change…That post appears as a detailed account with bragging rights…GAG ME…Of course the plug about daughter and son-in-law …no mention of her training or anyone else’s as a vet tech now is there?!? I want to see credentials!!!…
Baskin’s post is not what you or I or any NORMAL human being who cares about an animal would write.
I’d write about the tiger and how hard it was to make that decision and maybe how many vets I consulted-How sorry I felt for such a great loss…A normal person would write about normal thinks more about the tiger than the killing of it…Sounds like Baskin has become the hunter at that facility lusting after yet another kill…Of course she is  and reason the killing of a yet another tiger leads you to her Big Cat Safety Act that does nothing for big cats-It’s a mis-nomer…Then again, it’s an Animal Rights Bill and Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists are after ending all human contact with animals-even if it means eliminating animals all together…Baskin would benefit from the creation of such a bill at her <cough> facility.
BCR Watch posterDisclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B
12043044_490716691097139_8037731929218129351_nAnd they believe every word that comes out of my mouth.


~ by topcatsroar on May 31, 2016.

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