Zoo Wars~Of my opinion and the opinions of others…!!!

How many times have you come and looked over this blog and thought, crazy bitch, doesn’t know what she’s talking about? WRONG!!! I know exactly what I’m talking about and there’s been plenty reason for my screaming since 2010.

What does it take for the USDA to send me a response to my complaint with a case number?

Links of Reference and Interest: https://topcatsroar.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/zoo-wars-its-beyond-my-comprehensionwtf/


I’m not alone Joe Exotic wants some answers as well and so do his 1000’s of followers-Bet those GFAS facilities are bitching too as it diminishes their chance for receiving a tiger cub…

Where’s the chimp and the rest of those animals and where’s the paperwork allowing them to take endangered animals across state lines and placing them in someone else’s facilities?!?

Maybe I’m expecting too much from an agency that inspected and approved of INTENTIONAL ANIMAL CRUELTY…!!! Stump Hill was a far better facility that Reynoldsburg with the ODA ‘providing’ or guessing


It’s OUTRAGEOUS to see government sponsored and government supported INTENTIONAL cruelty with YOUR taxpayer dollars. Said it before and I’ll keep saying it -The government has no business with animals however in Ohio, it’s become big business…Oh, they aren’t making money-they’re spending it as fast as they can collect it from YOU…The employees for the Ohio Department of Agriculture are making their income stealing animals from Ohio residents…then there’s the people making big bucks transporting them but left out one very important issue-The issue is ownership. And if Ohio is assuming responsibility of those animals including ownership then a USDA is required and CITES permit for placing endangered species across state lines. 

Any government agency seizing animals from their rightful and legal owner needs to stop…!!! Give back the animals as it was illegal and unconstitutional to take them in the first place.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B

~ by topcatsroar on May 23, 2016.

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