Zoo Wars~It’s Just a Roadside Zoo

BCR Watch poster

Carole Baskin, CEO for Big Cat Rescue is desperate to be known as an animal sanctuary for the sake of continued donations. Both zoos and sanctuaries have IRS -Not for Profit status however, to gain support from easy marks such as Fanatical Animal Rights Supporters who do not support zoos, in fact; they want to shut-down all zoos and only place animals in ‘sanctuary’.

Animals in sanctuary are not subjected to a constant stream of people day and night, photo ops, private parties, etc. Sanctuaries are a place of refuge with minimum human contact beyond the people who provide for the animals with care that the animals are accustom which might include human contact if that is what the animals are accustom. Maybe Carole Baskin figures that ALL the animals at BCR are accustom to deplorable conditions, photo ops, people gawking at them day and night, and therefore should remain in deplorable conditions rather than placed in superior conditions with proper drainage, shelter and care with her worped ideas to hold onto the money to be able to continue providing herself and her family with high dollar salaries. FYI, not all the animals now housed at BCR are accustom to deplorable conditions…actually there was no reason to place a single animal at that facility with sub-standard conditions.

BCR Watch pic BCR Watch 1 BCR Watch2What appears as a moat is actually flooding that continually occurs at BCR-Over grown weeds and plants is unacceptable as is tree over-growth, rusted caging and vines growing on the caging enclosure…it ain’t rocket science to see in a picture that caging at BCR is unacceptable-File your complaint of concern for animal health about the deplorable conditions at BCR with the USDA and FWC as Carole Baskin has an exhibitors permits with both of those government agencies. File OSHA complaint for unsafe conditions for employees,  volunteers and the general public.

BCR is NOT a sanctuaryA sanctuary would not require a USDA/APHIS permit which are only needed for exhibition, breeding and animal brokers…Big Cat Rescue has a USDA/APHIS permit for exhibition. While claiming others are exploiting their animals, private owners, zoos, sanctuaries, circuses, etc. Big Cat Rescue continues to exploit the animals themselves.

BCR Watch4

BCR has an excess of 4 million dollars collected in donations and from the THOUSANDs of visitors that go there to gawk at the animals. Bus loads of children are brought there to be indoctrinated into the Fanatical Animal Rights Mindset.

Carole Baskin owns and operates a 911 animal abuse website where nearly every big cat owner is listed as an animal abuser except Big Cat Rescue of course.

BCR remains UNVERIFIED by GFAS as an ‘approved facility’ and in fact is only a paid member in association with GFAS and HSUS. If you are against HSUS then why support Big Cat Rescue that has used money donated for animal care for paying a lobbyist to the tune of $40,000.00 to push the Big Cat Safety Act which does nothing to provide for big cats or public safety but instead would effectively put the animals in harms way. The wording of the bill has changed numerous times in an effort to get Congress to approve it as if lawmakers are really that stupid or have received enough money from lobbyists to approve it.

Baskin retirement fund

Link of Interest and photo source: http://www.bcrwatch.com/blog/big-cat-rescue-not-a-sanctuary-according-to-fwc More photos of BCR are revealed at the link.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of other…Stay tuned  -B





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