Zoo Wars~Breaking News-The REAL Reason the ODA Had to Rush to Take Stump Hill Animals

I didn’t think the truth would surface so quickly, not that I knew that there was an expectant tiger but seemed odd with a suit ongoing with Tiger Ridge that the state would rush to take more animals from another facility unless there was a reason and now we know…GFAS facilities are not allowed to breed -Animals coming from Ohio would be altered as owners attempt to comply but then there’s Stump Hill who thought they weren’t required to obtain a special permit and says they were exempt from the Ohio regulations to neuter the animals. Huntsman says she didn’t know the tiger was pregnant-really?!? Seems like someone knew something was up, this is far too coincidental considering…


The Stump Hill animals had previously been placed in quarantine-why and what changed…? Why the rush…??? Gee, ya think because the ODA knew that one of the tigers was due to give birth at anytime -Well of course they did-Writing on the wall with this one!!!-Hello…GFAS facilities all want cubs especially Carole Baskin, CEO-Big Cat Rescue…OMG!!! Of course she does and already has Tiger Ridge animals…!!! FOUR CUBS are now added to the mix. As if taking an extremely valuable and expensive chimpanzee wasn’t bad enough…


The USDA/APHIS an agency concerned with Animal Welfare-An agency created to protect animals from abuse does and has done nothing to help Ohio animals at a facility that has already abused the Tiger Ridge animals. Ohio has already broken several laws when the Ohio Department of Agriculture sent seized animals out of the county they were taken from to their exotic animal PENITENTIARY and then out of the state after abusing those animals with the Tiger Ridge case pending. The USDA/APHIS has done nothing for the welfare of a single animal taken by the ODA.

The illegal and unconstitutional Ohio law, being challenged, should have prevented another seizure from occurring…The conditions at the facility are far less than what is required from any animal owner at private facilities located in Ohio-Now has FOUR tiger cubs in Reynoldsburg…!!! GFAS facilities lusting for them…

Not sure how much of this article I really believe…


Tiger seized from Stump Hill gives birth to four cubs

The owner of the Perry Township animal sanctuary says she didn’t know one of her tiger’s was pregnant.

by Amy Knapp

A tiger seized by the state last week from a Perry Township animal sanctuary has given birth to cubs.

The tiger, Angel, gave birth to four cubs — two on May 6 and the other two on May 7, state Department of Agriculture Communications Director Erica Hawkins said Friday.

The cubs, she said, are doing well and thriving.

Angel was among 10 animals — five tigers, two pumas, two baboons and one chimpanzee — removed by state officials May 4 from Stump Hill per an administrative order from the agriculture department director. The state said Stump Hill owner Cyndi Huntsman does not have a permit required by the state’s new dangerous wild animal law.

Huntsman believes a permit issued by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources allows her to keep the animals. The matter is tied up in a legal fight.

Huntsman told The Independent Friday that she was unaware the animal was pregnant and was not informed about the birth of the cubs.

According to SeaWorld.org, it is difficult to identify a pregnant tiger because they do not begin to show a bulge until the last 10 to 12 days of pregnancy. The gestation period is about three and half months.

On average, litters consist of three cubs but can be as many as seven, the website shows. Tiger cubs are born blind and are completely dependent on the mother. They weigh about 1.75 to 3.5 pounds at birth.

The tiger cubs’ eyes will open sometime between six to 12 days. However, they do not have full vision for a couple of weeks.

Huntsman said she tried to keep the tigers separate at Stump Hill. This was not Angel’s first pregnancy, she said.


A veterinarian for the state physically examined the animals before they were sedated and transported to a facility in Reynoldsburg. During the exam of Angel, the veterinarian identified “multiple firm masses consistent with late term pregnancy,” according to the state’s anesthesia record for the pregnant tiger dated May 4. Two days later, two of the cubs were born and two more came the next day, Hawkins said.

Huntsman questions whether Angel should have been sedated.

A veterinarian at the Akron Zoo’s animal hospital could not speak to the specific case but said a number of factors would have to be considered before sedating a pregnant tiger, including the overall health of the mother and the type and amount of sedatives used.

The examination record indicates that mild sedation and muscle relaxers were given to the tiger.

This is not the first time an animal from Stump Hill gave birth at the state facility. Hawkins said a black bear voluntarily turned over by Hunstman to the state also gave birth while in the state’s care.

A day after Angel and the other animals were taken from Stump Hill, Stark County Common Pleas Judge Frank Forchione ordered the state to return the animals to Huntsman. Forchione, who signed a search warrant for Huntsman’s farm, said the state did not provide complete information to him before he approved the warrant.

The state has filed a legal challenge with the Ohio Supreme Court seeking to block Forchione’s order.


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Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned  -B


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