Zoo Wars~Ringling Brothers Rant-Shocker-It’s Not My Rant

As everyone likely knows by now-Ringling Brothers Circus/Feld Corporation pulled the elephants from the show…It’s a decision they made due to Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist helping to create so many laws; the demonstrations against the circus and the suit filed against the circus but HSUS settled out of court for more than 15 million dollars of their donations because Ringling turned the tables and proved that they were set up by HSUS and the other Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists organizations that were involved; also settling out of court-ALL were involved in a very serious criminal offense/FELONOUS OFFENSE.

15 million dollars doesn’t make up for the stress and hardship of dealing with AR fanatics Hell bent on destroying their business so they decided to pull the elephants from the shows and keep them home at their elephant sanctuary in Florida.

Is anyone doing anything about it -NO!!! The FBI has done nothing to investigate those acts of terrorism -AETA (Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act) and RICO; well planned and orchestrated, done by Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist organizations who broke the law and  should be charged as criminals…!!!

So, acts terrorism continues focused on ALL American circuses that still have performing animal acts taking center ring.

Animal trainers are extremely upset with Ringling’s decision to pull the elephants and feel betrayed as the elephants have officially left center ring. Elephants and other animals are an intricate part of traditional circuses as are the dog acts, horse acts and other animal performances and grand displays. How long before others remove the elephants from center ring…??? How long before the other animals are no longer part of the circus…???

No one has given much thought to how the general public feels about all this but one man is angered and published his rant on u-tube…My message to him is blame the FBI and other government agencies that are doing nothing about the terrorism that exists within.

I love this guy!!!

My soap box political rant-Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are deeply embedded with the Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists (see their websites) -Remember, Silence is Consent-If you do not support HSUS, PETA or any other Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist organization, then you can not support the Democrat Party. You can not support candidates like John Kasich either and need to start looking else where for who you will vote for as the person best suited who will be representative of what you want and expect of your next president which includes the issue of Animal Welfare.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned -B


~ by topcatsroar on May 12, 2016.

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