Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists~Silence is Consent

Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists can be found just about anywhere including in your child’s school, events where animals are highlighted, in lawmakers emails, in the USDA/APHIS, and teaching YOUR sheriff’s department about animal cruelty*, as well as other government agencies including locally where you live. Oddly enough, they look like anyone else however they’re vegan and never wear leather…some don’t own a single animal and never have and get this, many don’t like animals. Others will brag about their rescued pets and still others own a rescue facility and even in business selling the ‘rescued animals’.

These people have no government authority and only have the authority to push their illness on the rest of society IF  we allow them to do it…So, when sheriff’s, law makers, teachers and school principals are not educated to their illness. No matter where they are and what they do, we have a real problem-and it’s a very serious problem considering that laws are being pushed by HSUS, PETA, SPCA, humane societies, and others on the same path, over your rights to animal ownership, animal relationships, animal usage and maybe the most important, Animal Welfare as the Animal Rights BRAND of Animal Welfare has little to no effect on the welfare of animals whose sole purpose is to create new regulations and laws that effect animal ownership.*see another bloggers post below.

The gal in the following video has been brainwashed. She literally believes that milking a cow or eating eggs is doing harm to animals and causing them to severly suffer-Take a good hard look at this because as long as you sit there and do nothing, oh, maybe you laughed at her, but you are sending the wrong message to people who should be as concerned as you are! Doing nothing means that you think that this is OK-Far from being OK…

This video demonstrates a sever mental condition that needs to be shared-Silence is Consent-By staying silent you are sending as much a message as the gal and her associates in the video do more than make asses of themselves in public when they sits down and signs petitions, emails to lawmakers and shares her fanatical beliefs on the internet in social networks and blogs. Including comments in the news leading the media to focus on animal cruelty cases even when no cruelty ever existed. The Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist organizations love her-She’s a mark to bring in more donations-Just ask Carole Baskin CEO for Big Cat Rescue what it means to have acquired over 4 million from people like her-a very easy mark…

“Kelly Atlas of Direct Action Everywhere entered Bluestem Brasserie and spoke out on the plight of her chicken Snow. “I see the suffering that she faced, and I’m so happy that I took her out of there and I want the same for every animal,” Atlas said.”

“The group, with its Bay Area hub in an Oakland apartment, said it’s not their first action on the behalf of animals and it won’t be their last.”

“Direct Action Everywhere said they are always looking for new restaurants to spread their message. Members also conducted a similar action in Dallas last week.”*source:

Did Atlas just admit to STEALING a chicken!?! Is the chicken being held at an Oakland apartment? Is that really a better place for a chicken? Is it legal to have a chicken there? Will Atlas become a victim of a law or regulation they she may have helped create?


Even the USDA supports these crazy fanatics:

Watch the corruption of the USDA-The truth about GFAS-a division/partner of HSUS EXPOSED-and apparently the USDA supports these NFPs money making operations-The USDA has already stated no matter what you call the sale of an animal-‘ADOPTION’, it’s still a sale yet the IRS does nothing about all the money owed-the state does nothing about the sales tax owed-a 501-C-3 does not cover sales-Therefore, sales tax is owed to the state going back years on some of these Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorist organizations.

Here’s an example of what this GFAS speaker was really thinking about and I promise it wasn’t about animals-Watch how the actual footage was cut and presented by the USDA-The Animal Rights agenda is supported by the government-Agenda 21/2030 provides for non-government agencies to be involved with animal welfare but these people are merely a front being supported by YOU-the general public:


Regulations and laws are spreading throughout the US to limit the number of animals you will be allowed to have as an animal owner -No other property has limitations attached-so why animals and why are communities creating laws that have already been shot down and plenty of case law to support just how illegal and constitutional such laws are? Because you do nothing thinking it is of no concern to you or because you believe it doesn’t effect you-Well it can and has happened to others loosing their animals-Case in the news everyday-People being labeled as hoarders-

from Joe Exotic [Joe Exotic 2016]

“We won this same thing in Louisiana about exotics and your constitutional right. Here is you a case law on a pet limit. Go stand up and be heard to every politician before election time they are violating your constitutional rights”

Case law demonstrates they have no say in the numbers of animals you have on your property….Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists say your a hoarder…  [for the entire case follow this link]

Two higher courts have struck down ordinances limiting the amount of animals per household. This issue is crucial to rescuers and fosters conducting life-saving efforts to take abandoned animals off the streets and out of the killing pounds.
  The Minnesota Case – “An invalid exercise of police powerThe Pennsylvania Case – Court strikes down law limiting cats per residence

The American Kennel Club – It Argues Against Pet Limit Laws

[All cases have been linked]


And just WHY does your sheriff support Fanatical Terrorists-

NSA Partnership with the Humane Society of the United States

NSA would like to respond to a recent email message you may have received regarding the National Sheriffs’ Association’s partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  Please be advised we have looked into the writer’s allegations against the Humane Society and have found them to be misleading and inaccurate.
The lawsuit described in the email began in the early 2000s and recently reached a settlement after 14 years in the legal system. The HSUS was named in the settlement described because they merged with one of the plaintiff organizations from the original lawsuit.
There is no evidence to support the claim that HSUS has provided little to no funding to pet shelters in Oklahoma.  The HSUS has provided grants, aid and project contributions to several organizations in the state, in addition to providing training to law enforcement and assisting with the seizure, care, and placement of animals following dogfighting and cockfighting raids and in cases of neglect.
The HSUS meets the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance’s 20 standards for charitable accountability and were named by Worth Magazine as one of the ten most fiscally responsible of all charities in the country. And the experts at Guidestar’s Philanthropedia website have voted HSUS the #1 high-impact animal protection group.
Because of the nature of animal cruelty, there are some individuals and organizations that oppose efforts to stop it.  The organization affiliated with the sender of the email, the Center for Consumer Freedom, is a non-profit that is linked to a Washington, DC based lobbying and communications firm that has the reputation of going after public interest groups. Some of the organizations that have been targeted by this firm include Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
NSA and the Humane Society of the United States share the same goal of educating law enforcement on the evils of animal cruelty and its connection to violence against people. We are doing important work and the email you received reinforces the need to continue it and help put a stop to animal cruelty and educate our men and women on the streets.
huh?!? Animal Cruelty is considered a soft crime-Interesting spin on the cruelty issue especially when there are no criminal charges and when actual cruelty never existed!
So why hasn’t NSA done any research concerning HSUS and published their message which is far from truthful-Because Silence is Consent-Will you send them the information about HSUS?!?
HSUS has a WARNING attached to their donations-Guess the NSA is to busy with animal cruelty issues to see exactly who they are supporting and the truth about a charity that’s NOT a charity-Apparently, the NSA isn’t concerned about protecting you from real crime including allowing for HSUS to falsely advertise their ‘charity’ <cough> and not protecting you from real crimes…supporting illegal and unconstitutional charges against animal owners -Theft under ‘color of law’
They are busy going after soft crime-most cases aren’t demonstrating intentional animal cruelty and nor are they demonstrating that any animal was without shelter, food or water…Animal owners are an easy target and rarely requires much thought or research or chasing someone down to arrest them and steal their property…and that’s exactly what animal seizures represent when the owners are innocent or no criminal charges are pressed with the sole purpose to take the animals from rightful, longstanding legal owners…Ask your sheriff if he’s a member of the National Sheriff’s Association…I won’t say I told you so OK!!!
from HumaneWatch: -Dated July 31,2014 [full article can be found at the link]
*from another blogger:

“A travesty – but one that plays out over and over in the United States when TAXPAYER-FUNDED animal controls and DONATION-FUNDED animal “rescues” (in other words, the people that do this kind of crap aren’t even using their own money to do it and are being PAID BY THE PUBLIC to do it) are “into” power and control, and are money hungry.”

“They work their evil black magic AGAINST animal owners when THEY swarm them on a “rescue raid” that isn’t rescue at all in many cases, they literally steal animals from people, they incite mobs of people on the Internet to attack the animal owners, they charge USURY impound fees so the owners often cannot afford to pay the ransom to get their animals back, and they always USE the animals as bait to get the media involved and to bring in thousands upon thousands of dollars from the animal loving public to “save” animals that aren’t being abused, neglected, treated cruelly, etc.”

“Only the animal loving can stop this BS by asking pertinent questions of the AC’s and “rescues” and getting answers BEFORE they support, participate, and donate to what could be a bogus “rescue” operation.”

“Their are animal casualties when these “rescues” are run as illustrated in the story being shared.”
“However, with many animal controls and un-regulated donation-funded “rescues” many animals go to their facility and then “POOF” they disappear like smoke up a chimney.”

“People NEED to ask where every animal that has been seized by animal control, and also attained with donation money ARE when it’s a “rescue” supposedly “rescuing” the animal.”

“Otherwise, animals are KILLED and disappearing to who-knows-where and THAT IS NOT RESCUE.”

“The public should sink their teeth into the issue of “the disappearing animals” and like a dog with a bone, don’t stop chewing until they get the answers pertaining to the well being of ALL of the animals and not just the animals that can make the grossly evil ones MONEY (called “selective rescue”).”


from Joe Exotic:

“When are lawmakers ever going to catch on that this is a money making process taking animals away from one home and sending them to another home just to be put right back in another cage just to raise money saying they took it away from a private owner? All Sanctuaries are private owners that just got a 501c3 and got the public to fund their hobby. And yes You know that’s true, there are no government ran facilities.”

“…if we had a tiger problem in America why does Carole Baskin and Pat Craig keep bringing them in?…I want to confront both of them about on National TV”…it’s big money telling lies.”


Lawmakers are suckers and marks to HSUS-or is it that YOUR legislatures aren’t in formed-One thing for sure is that they are gaining control of YOUR animals and YOUR way or life -Remember this is a Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists organization wanting YOU to be vegan!!! “One generation and out”-Wayne Pacelle, ceo HSUS

HSUS forms national ag advisory council

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has announced the formation of a national agriculture advisory council.

The announcement came Friday afternoon at a news conference in Lincoln. Nebraska rancher Kevin Fulton, who will serve as chairman of the council, says they want to build alliances with other farmers and ranchers who oppose what Fulton calls “inhumane factory farming practices”.

“There’s billions of farm animals in this country—millions right here in Nebraska—that are so severely confined that they can’t even turn around. They can’t spread their limbs.  They lead their entire lives this way,” Fulton said. “That’s wrong and it’s unacceptable. These archaic, inhumane practices are truly a disgrace to the industry and they need to go away.”

Observing the HSUS event on Friday was Ansley Mick, executive director of We Support Agriculture, a coalition of Nebraska ag groups formed to combat HSUS initiatives.

“The Humane Society web site encourages folks to eat less meat—and, in fact, it encourages switching to a plant-based diet—to eat less meat, eat fewer animal-based products,” Mick said. “I just don’t understand how you can necessarily partner with an organization who is interested in putting you out of business.”

But Fulton says HSUS is not out to eliminate animal agriculture.

“That is something that has been propagated by the opposition to demonize us, because they cannot defend the practices,” he says.

Other members of the national ag council include Chris Petersen of Iowa, Mike Callicrate of Colorado, Pete Eshelman of Indiana, Paul Muegge of Oklahoma, Carrie Balkcom of Colorado, Will Harris of Georgia and Joe Logan of Ohio.


No one is demonizing HSUS, no one has to but this is a common statement from Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists and organizations-Proof in the harm of what they have already done is all anyone needs to understand this fanatical organization is pure evil and after money…

One of the best examples of a GFAS/HSUS facility and NFP organization is Carole Baskin/Big Cat Rescue-She has only changed what she is doing with those animals <EXPLOITATION> as a Florida Attraction even facilities that are not part of the GFAS organizations, Jeff Kozlowski/Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue-Claiming animals that are NOT a rescue and is a LIE by these facilities and others who have jumped on that bandwagon…Key word-When you see the word RESCUE either in the name or their promotional materials-

Zoos and Sanctuaries are all the same-Both will ‘rescue’ animals.

The main difference is that one seeks contributions to promote itself as a rescue, or claims to have those animals as only a rescue-The other promotes Animal Welfare and seeks for the well-being for the animals in their care.

Jeff Kozlowski is a convicted felon and found a very easy way to get the general public to CONTINUE to support him and his family…Baskin couldn’t turn a buck as a breeder as she wasn’t well liked and within an brief period of time after having her missing husband declared dead, sought out Fanatical Animal Rights Extremists as suckers and her mark for support; even enjoying the contributions she is able to pick-up from their conventions, owning an exotic 911 site with nearly every big cat owner in the US and elsewhere listed as an abuser, helping to create bans and bring animals into her facility from other countries due to the shortage of animals being available in the US requiring actual rescue. Baskin helped create the bans in US to reap the benefits-Kozlowski is seeking and promoting a ban in Wisconsin with Wisconsin legislatures fraternizing with a convicted felon and actually listening to this guy…Don’t be fooled into providing contributions to places claiming rescue! Give to facilities promoting Animal Welfare and demonstrate that the welfare of the animals at their facility is REAL…look at their mission

Wayne Pacelle, ceo for HSUS has a 4 million dollar home and is maybe the highest paid NFP ceo in the country.


I leave it up to you to share this information and educate the uninformed-Share this post with your child’s teachers, school principal and certainly the PTA. Share this post with NAS and your local police and sheriff’s department, by all means your mayor and/or city and county commissioners of your town and/or county…Share it with your city and/or county prosecutors-Let them know you know what’s up. Most importantly, share this with your state and federal lawmakers…Spread this message far and wide-Only YOU can make a difference-Silence means Consent.

Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog -B



~ by topcatsroar on May 10, 2016.

2 Responses to “Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists~Silence is Consent”

  1. Word from a usually reliable source, speaking anonymously due to not being authorized and all that, is that Wayne Pacelle wears the same underwear for weeks at a time, even after suffering embarrassments. Either his washer/drier is on the fritz, or he’s run out of quarters for the laundromat. Perhaps if he had not squirreled away so much in his Cayman Islands offshore secret account, he’d have a few spare quarters and could keep his undies from bunching up. Tight underwear causes double-speak and what he says in his public speeches conflicts with the tales he filled the National Sheriff’s Association with. Whoever wrote that bit about the HSUS-NSA partnership must have accidentally pinned their badge to their chest and it’s affecting a lateral nerve to the hypothalamus. They actually believe, without corroboration, the tales that Pacelle has pumped into them. Sadly, this is typical of so many government people and legislators today. Rather than actually doing what we taxpayers pay them to do, writing and researching laws, they take the easy and lazy route of accepting bill proposals from PACs and people with nefarious agendas, and blindly push them through as their own. Of course, they read the bills’ descriptions -which are supposedly condensed versions of the contents of the bills. But these so-called descriptions are deliberately misleading and omit most of what’s actually contained within the doublespeak and gobbledygook of the bills themselves. And an anonymous source at NASA reports that pigs have been spotted flying over Washington DC.

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